Windows 10 function keys not working: ISSUE FIXED (Easy Fix)

Fix Windows 10 Function Keys not Working problem easily with this troubleshooting guide.Fix-Windows-10-Function-Keys-not-Working

Are you unable to use function keys on your laptop? That’s what exactly happened to me. A few days ago I was using my Windows 10 HP laptop and when I tried the F4 function key, it didn’t work. I tried all the function keys but none of the keys working. while I researching this problem I found out that many Windows 10 users with different laptop brands like Lenovo, Dell, Acer, etc. users are facing the same problem. So I decided to write a post on this issue. Here is what I tried to fix Windows 10 function keys not working problem and recommend it to you too.

Well, there are many ways to fix this issue. Read this blog to find working methods to fix your function keys. First, let’s understand the nature of Windows 10 function keys not working in the next section.


Windows 10 Function Keys Not Working: Problem Overview

Function keys are given on laptops for special purposes and if they fail to work then many easy shortcuts can become harder to perform on the Laptop. Function keys are also available on external USB and Bluetooth enabled keyboards so that they are handy if keyboards are used with a laptop. Windows 10 function keys not working is a common issue that is faced by many Acer, Asus, and other laptop users.

In this problem, the function keys stop to respond upon pressing them on the keyboard. The function keys not working because function keys may be disabled,  function keys may become nonresponsive, keyboard drivers may get out of date, or hardware issues on a computer may be preventing function keys function. Whatever is the reason and problems related to this as mentioned below will get sorted out by the fix suggested in this blog. We have tried to answer all your queries as well.

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  • How do I use F keys without FN?

Let’s start with some simple and basic troubleshooting steps before moving on to the advanced troubleshooting steps.

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Basic Troubleshooting Steps

In this section, we give you the most simple and easiest ways to fix the Windows 10 function keys not working problem. Sometimes a simple reason can trigger the function keys not working problem. Such problems require a simple solution. These methods may solve the issue and enable the function keys on the laptop. Try the methods given in this list.

  • Restart the Laptop
  • Check the Fn toggle key
  • Try locking the function key
  • Toggle all toggle keys one by one

These methods should be able to fix the function keys on your laptop keyboard. In case they are not able to fix the keys then you should try more advanced methods given in this blog. Let’s start with these methods in the next section.


Steps To Fix the Windows 10 Function Keys Not Working Issue


[ps2id id=’Step-1-Using-the-Hardware-Troubleshooter’ target=”/]

  • Step 1

Using the Hardware Troubleshooter

When you are facing the Windows function keys not working issue then it is possible that there is some issue with the keyboard or computer hardware. We can fix this issue by running the Windows 10 hardware troubleshooter. Follow these steps given below.

  1. Click on the Start menu.
    Go To The Start Menu
  2. Select the Settings option.
    Select The Settings Option
  3. Choose the Update and Security option.
    Choose The ‘Update And Security’ Option
  4. Now Click the Troubleshoot in the left pane.
    Click on The Troubleshoot Option from The Left Pane.
  5. Select keyboard and click on the troubleshoot button.
  6. Wait for troubleshooter to complete the process

Now that you have run the hardware troubleshooter on the computer, you should be able to use the function keys once again on your computer. If no issues are find by the troubleshooter than the problem lies somewhere else. Read the next paragraph for more information.

[ps2id id=’Step-2-Update-Drivers-for-Keyboard’ target=”/]

  • Step 2

Update Drivers for Keyboard

Updating the keyboard drivers can fix the Windows 10 function keys not working problem. If keyboard drivers are not updated then they can cause various problems like problem with function keys. Hence, they should be updated regularly. Follow these steps given here.

  1. Press the Windows logo key and R together.

    Press the Windows logo and R button together

  2. Type devmgmt.msc in the run box and click on ok.
    Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box
  3. Expand the keyboards option.
    Expand the Keyboards.
  4. Right click on your keyboard and select the update driver.
    Select your Printer and Right Click on it and Go to printer properties

It will take some time but the drivers will be updated. Once the update is complete, restart your laptop.  Now the Windows 10 function keys not working issue should be solved. If no then read the next paragraph for another method to fix this problem.


[ps2id id=’Step-3-Disable-the-filter-keys’ target=”/]

  • Step 3

Disable the Filter Keys

Turning on filter keys can also cause the Windows 10 function keys not working issue. Filter keys are used to prevent multiple strokes of keys on a special keyboard. However, sometimes they can also prevent the function and other keys to stroke. Follow these steps to disable the filter keys.

  1. Go to the Start menu and go to the settings.
    Select The Settings Option
  2. click on the ease of access.
    Click On Ease Of Access Icon
  3. Now select the keyboard option.
    Now select the Keyboard option
  4. Turn off filter keys under Use Filter Keys segment.
    Turn off the Filter key functions

Now try using the function keys on your keyboard. They should work fine and the Windows 10 function keys not working issue should be fixed. In case the function keys are still not working on your laptop then read the next paragraph.


[ps2id id=’Step-4-Uninstall-Multiple-Keyboards’ target=”/]

  • Step 4

Uninstall Multiple Keyboards

If you are using a laptop and you have extreme typing requirements then it is highly likely that you have an external keyboard installed on your laptop. Where this is no issue in general, sometimes, there can be a conflict between two keyboards on a laptop regarding ports or resources on the system. If this is the case then you should uninstall another keyboard from your laptop. Follow these steps to properly fix the Windows 10 function keys not working issue.

  1. Remove external keyboard wire from the USB port.
  2. Remove Bluetooth device for wireless external keyboards.
  3. Restart the laptop.
  4. Try the function keys.

Now the function keys should start working on your laptop fixing the Windows 10 function keys not working problem. If you are not using multiple keyboards or still facing the problem after this step then try the next method without attaching the external keyboard.


[ps2id id=’Step-5-Reinstall-Keyboard-Driver’ target=”/]

  • Step 5

Reinstall the Keyboard Drivers

Keyboard drivers help this piece of hardware to connect and communicate with the rest of the computer. Reinstalling the device driver for keyboard can solve the problem with function keys. Follow the step by step process given below.

  1. right-click on the start menu and select the device manager.
    Right-click on the start menu and select device manager
  2. Look for keyboards in the right pane and expand it.
    Scroll down the window to find keyboards.
  3. Right-click on your keyboard Select the uninstall driver option.
    Select your Printer and Right Click on it and Go to printer properties
  4. Restart the computer

When the computer will restart it will automatically install a fresh set of keyboard drivers in the system. Your function keys should work properly with this fresh set of drivers.


[ps2id id=’Step-6-Reset-Windows-10-on-your-laptop’ target=”/]

  • Step 6

Reset Windows 10 on your laptop

If you are still not able to fix your function keys not working problem then there is one last solution is left with us. it is possible that some of your laptop manufacturer keyboard software may have a conflict with some windows update. You need to reset your Windows 10, it will make your laptop operating system like factory default configuration.

It will not delete your personal files and folder but it will remove all third party software and application that is important to resolve this issue. To reset your Windows 10 follow the steps below.


Windows 10 Function Keys Not Working: FAQs

How to use function keys without pressing fn windows 10?

In many laptops to use function keys you need to press and hold Fn key first and then Function keys fro F1 To F12. if you want to use Function keys without pressing Fn in windows 10 then you need to change BIOS settings for that you need to enter in BIOS.

To enter BIOS different Laptop manufacturer has assigned different BIOS Key. Most Common BIOS key is F10, F2, or Esc key. Now restart your laptop and press the BIOS key (as per your laptop make and model) while your system booting up, i.e before completing the booting process.

As you see the BIOS settings, use your arrow key and navigate to the “System Configuration”. Navigate down to action keys mode and change it to enable if it is disabled and vice versa. Press F10 to save the settings.

Note: Different laptop make and model has different settings for Action key, so you need to check which works as per your need

How do I lock and unlock the Fn key?

If you want to enable/disable the function key then you can follow the above steps. But if you want to know about Fn lock key on your keyboard then you can press Fn + Fn lock key (Esc key) to toggle between standard commands and alternate commands.


Tips To Avoid Function Keys Not Working Issue

The Windows 10 function keys not working problem can catch your laptop again. You can take some action to prevent your keyboard from having issues with function keys. We have a small list of actions recommended for you which will save your keyboard from this problem in the future.

  • Avoid Installing Multiple Keyboards
  • Keep the system drivers up to date
  • Avoid putting the laptop in hibernation for long periods
  • Keep the automatic updates always turned on

These are some simple steps that will keep your laptop healthy and save you from facing issues with your keyboard. They are simple to take care of and it is just like maintaining your laptop. Follow them and we assure you that you will not face the Windows 10 function keys not working issue again.


Contact Official Help

Our blog covers all the necessary steps required to fix the Windows 10 function keys not working issue. You should be able to fix the issue by yourself using this blog. Still, if the problem is not fixed on your blog then you can also take help from official support from the website of your laptop. There you will find people who will help you whether the problem is with software or hardware. If your laptop is in warranty period then you will also get services for free of cost.


Final Words: Conclusion

This blog is written with so much hard work and dedication. The aim of writing this blog is to help people facing the Windows 10 function keys not working problem. We have introduced only those methods which work to fix this issue and we hope that your problem is solved.

We would love to hear your thoughts about this blog. Please let us know what you think about this blog in the comments below. Your valuable feedback helps us improve our work and encourage us to write more blogs like this.

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