Laptop Touchpad Not Working: TOUCHPAD FIXED (Easy Guide)

If you are facing Laptop Touchpad Not Working Problem With Any Brands Of Laptop, Read This Troubleshooting Guide To Fix It Right Away Easily.


It Seems Laptop touchpad not working is a very common problem. Many laptop users of major brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Surface laptop users have reported about touchpad problems in various forums and community websites. That is why we decided to write this post to help users like you who are not able to find a proper solution to this problem. Even though fixing a laptop touchpad is not very complicated. let’s get straight to the answer

We have mentioned all the possible fixes of laptop touchpad not working problem along with the fix suggested above. If one fix does not work try other methods mentioned in this post. Read the complete blog to fix your problem.

If your Microsoft surface touchpad is not working then we have written an exclusive blog.


Laptop Touchpad Not Working: Problem Overview

A laptop touchpad not working issue arises because of several technical flaws. Sometimes, the function keys get accidentally press and toggle of the touchpad. External USB mouse or any other USB device can create problems for the touchpad. Any third party software can also alter mouse settings and cause the laptop touchpad not working issue.

We will help you fix laptop touchpad not working issue with any laptop brand. you will be able to fix the problem as mentioned below.

  • Laptop touchpad not working windows 10
  • HP laptop touchpad not working
  • Lenovo laptop touchpad not working
  • Touchpad not working windows 7
  • Toshiba laptop touchpad not working
  • Asus laptop touchpad not working
  • Dell laptop touchpad not working
  • Touchpad not working windows 8
  • Acer laptop touchpad not working
Note:All the Screenshots used in this post are of Windows 10 but this solution will work for Windows 7 & Windows 8 as well.

We will start with some simple troubleshooting in the next section.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Let’s start with some basic troubleshooting. Here we will perform some simple methods which are time-saving but they can easily fix touchpad. It is seen that sometimes a simple restart can solve touchpad. Like this, there are some other easy fixes too which we will try in this section.

  • Refresh the computer
  • Remove any USB cable
  • Disconnect printers and other devices
  • Restart your laptop

These steps can solve laptop touchpad not working issue. If still your laptop is not fixed then try more advance methods given in this blog.


Steps To Fix Laptop Touchpad Not Working

  • Step 1

Toggle On Touchpad

A laptop touchpad not working Windows 10 problem can be caused by disabling the touchpad. Sometimes the touchpad gets disabled because of changes in settings by some other application. Follow these steps given below to enable or toggle on the touchpad.

  1. Click on the start menu
  2. Select the Settings option
  3. Now click on Devices
  4. Select the Touchpad
  5. Turn on the button below the touchpad

Now the laptop touchpad not working problem should be fixed and touchpad should start to work fine. If the touchpad is still not working then try the method in the next paragraph.

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  • Step 2

Mouse Settings in Device Manager

If the touchpad is already enabled in the touchpad menu then it may be disabled in the device manager causing the laptop touchpad not working issue. Check to see if the mouse or touchpad is disabled in the settings there. Follow these steps given here to set the device manager.

  1. Type ‘device manager’ in the box.
    Search Device Manager
  2. Expand the Mouse and other pointing devices option.
    Click on Mice and other pointing devices
  3. Right-click on HID-Compliant Mouse.
  4. Now choose the enable option.
    Right-click on HID Compliant Mouse and choose enable option.

See if the touchpad starts to work. This method works for all major windows 10 laptops including HP, Dell, Surface, and Asus laptops. If these steps still cannot fix the laptop mouse read the next paragraph.


  • Step 3

Enable Touchpad with Function Keys

The combination of function and keyboard keys can also disable the touchpad. This can happen accidentally especially when the user is typing very fast. It is very irritating as the user doesn’t even know what went wrong. Try the below-given combination to fix the laptop touchpad not working in dell and other laptops.

  1. Press the Fn and F7 keys together
  2. If this combination does not work for your laptop then try the alternates given below one by one.
  3. Fn + F5
  4. Fn + F6
  5. Try Fn + F9
  6.  try Fn + F12

This is the short cut key to fix the laptop touchpad not working Windows 10 and Windows 7 operating systems. If touchpad on your laptop was disabled by keys on the keyboard then now it should work fine. Otherwise, move on to the next section.

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  • Step 4

Improperly Installed External Devices

One of the major reasons behind laptop touchpad not working issue is the external devices attached to the laptop. Sometimes the devices are not installed properly. This can happen due to lack of space or out of date drivers or a variety of other technical reasons. An external device like printers, scanners, hard drives, and pen drives can cause this issue.

Follow the below-given steps to fix the issue.

  1. Save your work and
  2. Close all the open Windows related to the device
  3. Remove the device USB cable
  4. In case of Pen drive remove it from the USB port
  5. Wait for a few minutes
  6. Reinsert the drive or USB cable

When the device will install again then it should install properly. This time the laptop touchpad not working issue should be fixed. If not then read the next paragraph.


  • Step 5

Uninstall Unknown Software on Laptop

Unknown third party software on your computer can also cause the laptop touchpad not working issue. These programs can interfere with the normal functioning of the OS causing disturbance to the touchpad and other programs on the computer.

Such software is installed on the computer automatically with any program that you may have downloaded from the internet. Follow these steps to fix this issue.

  1. Click on the Start menu.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Click on the System icon.
  4. Select the Apps and Features from the left pane.
  5. Uninstall any unknown software from the list.

Restart your laptop once you are finished uninstalling any unknown software from the list. Now the laptop touchpad not working problem should be fixed. If the touchpad is still not working then try the next method given below.


  • Step 6

Reinstall the Touchpad Drivers

Touchpad or mouse on the laptop has drivers to communicate with the operating system. These drivers can become corrupt due to a virus infection. The drivers can also damage due to third party interference or lack of space. Follow the instructions given here to reinstall touchpad drivers.

  1. Press the Windows logo key + X together.
    Press windows + X buttons simultaneously
  2. Choose the Device Manager from the menu.
    Right-click on the start menu and select device manager
  3. Click on Mice and other pointing devices.
  4. Right-click on the HID-compliant mouse.
  5. Select the Uninstall Driver option.

Let the computer uninstall touchpad drivers. Restart the computer when done. A new set of mouse drivers will automatically install on the laptop. Now the HP laptop touchpad not working problem or any laptop touchpad should be fixed. If reinstalling touchpad drivers does not fix your touchpad then read the next section.

Note: If the new set of drivers is not installed on the computer upon restarting then the drivers must not have been uninstalled properly. Repeat the above steps and once again start your laptop.


  • Step 7

Update Mouse Device Drivers

A laptop mouse or touchpad driver may require an update. Out of drivers may have compatibility issues which may lead to laptop touchpad not working problems. To fix this issue we can update drivers on Windows 10 using the internet. Follow these steps given below to solve this issue.

  1. Press the Windows logo key with the letter R together.
    Press the Windows logo and R button together
  2. Type devmgmt.msc in the box.
    Type devmgmt
  3. Press the Enter Key.
  4. Expand Mice and Pointing Devices.
    Click on Mice and other pointing devices
  5. Right-click on the laptop mouse.
  6. Click on the update drivers.

The laptop OS will automatically install the latest touchpad drivers. Wait for a few minutes. Restart the computer after the update is finished. Now the laptop touchpad not working on Asus or any laptop touchpad should be fixed. If still, the touchpad is not working you should try the next method.


Tips:-Sometimes the computer becomes unable to download the update. This may happen because your internet connection is not working. Check the connections to make sure that you are connected to the internet and everything is fine.

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  • Step 8

Fix Touchpad with BIOS

BIOS is the micro-operating system that initializes the hardware. Touchpad or laptop mouse settings are also available in BIOS. If these settings are disabled in BIOS then laptop touchpad, not working problem will occur. Follow these steps to enable touchpad in BIOS.

  1. Restart Your Laptop
  2. Immediately press one of these keys
  3. F2, F10, F12 or Del
  4. This differs on a different laptop
  5. Navigate to the Advanced Menu
  6. Search for Mouse, Touchpad or Internal Pointing Devices
  7. Follow onscreen instructions to enable this device
  8. Press F10 to save and exit from BIOS menu

Now you have successfully enabled the touchpad in the bios and laptop touchpad not working Windows 7 and Windows 10 problem on any laptop brand should be fixed by this step.


Caution:-This step is suggested for advanced users. If you have not dealt with the BIOS menu previously on your laptop and you feel hesitation then you should ask any person in your home or friend circle who is familiar with the BIOS environment.


  • Step 9

Check Disk Error

The Harddisk drive is a very important part of any laptop. Hardware provides a platform for the operating system to be installed and perform various activities on the system. A problem in the hard disk can be the reason behind laptop touchpad not working problem. The hard drive should be checked to ensure its status. Follow the step by step process given below

  1. Search File Explorer in the Search Box.
    Search File Explorer in the Search Box
  2. Click on this PC from the left options.
    Click on this PC from the left options
  3. Right-click on C: drive and select the Properties Option.
    Right-click on C drive and Select the Properties Option
  4. Go to the Tools Tab.
    Select the Properties Option
  5. Click on the Check button.

    Click on the Check Now button.

  6. Click on Scan Drive.
    click on Drive scanning
  7. Driver Scan is beginning.
    Driver Scan is beginning

This utility will generate a report upon completing the checking process. The report will tell you if any problems are found on the hard drive. The report will also tell what needs to be done to fix if any problem is found. If there are no problems with your hard drive then try the next method given below.


  • Step 10

Perform Windows System Restore

Windows system restore is a very good feature of Windows computer. when something happens like this with your computer or laptop, it allows you to restore your windows in a previously-stored point of time when your laptop was working perfectly. It undoes recent changes in the system. if you are aware that when your laptop keyboard was working perfectly then you can perform Windows System restore. To perform a system restore follow the steps below.

  1. type recovery in the search box and open it.
    Type in System Recovery and open
  2. click on the open system restore.
    Click Open System Restore
  3. now click on the next.
    Click on the Next button in System Restore Window
  4. now you select the date were your laptop touch pad working and click on next.
    Select the desired restore point (where Wi-Fi worked)


  • Step 11

Reset Your Laptop

if still your problem has not been resolved then you can reset your laptop. Sometimes, corrupted operating system files can lead to some hardware not working issue. resetting your laptop will install fresh windows. Do not worry you will get an option to keep your file and folder but all the third-party software will be uninstalled and your configuration, saved password, bookmarks, etc. will be lost. To reset your laptop follow the below steps.

  1. click on the start menu and go to the settings.
    Select The Settings Option
  2. Chose the update & security .
    Choose The ‘Update And Security’ Option
  3. now click 0n the recovery option from the left menu panel.
    Now Select The Recovery Option From The left Menu That Appears And click on it
  4. click on the get started.
    Click On ‘Get Started’ Under The Reset This PC Option
  5. choose an option keep my file.
    Choose To Keep Your Files & Apps, So That Your All Personal File Will Be Intact
  6. now click on the reset.
    click on the reset


Note:You will get the option to keep your files & folders while resetting your window, but if you want you can backup all your documents, music, photos, etc.

Contact Laptop Manufacturer Support

This blog contains all the steps that once perform to fix the laptop touchpad not working problem. If you cannot fix the touchpad with this blog then there could be a hardware fault with your laptop touchpad. You should contact the official support website of your laptop manufacturer like for Dell laptop contact Dell support, for HP laptop contact HP Support or any other laptop you may be using.

Tips to Avoid Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issues in Future

A laptop touchpad not working issue can occur in the future again. You can avoid these issues if you take proper care of some important things. Keep in mind and follow these tips given below to avoid any issues with your touchpad in the future.

  • Keep mouse drivers updated
  • Always Keep Windows 10 updated
  • Use external mouse only from trusted vendors
  • Keep your touchpad clean

Follow the advice given above to make sure that laptop touchpad not working problem does not happen.


Final Words: Conclusion

Laptop touchpad not working problem is a serious issue and we have prepared this blog to address this problem. We have to ask for expert suggestions and provided the tested methods to help you fix your touchpad. Please let us know your thoughts about this blog in the comment section.

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