ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn ON: ISSUE FIXED (Step-By-Step-Guide)


Asus Laptop Wont't Turn On

Is your ASUS Laptop is not turning on? Don’t worry! You are not alone because we here to help you in fixing it.

Today, we came up with the best solutions that can solve the ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On error.

ASUS is a branded technology company that manufactures laptops, Smartphones, tablets, desktops, motherboards, and other items.

Millions of users all over the globe use different ASUS products. It offers the best service to consumers. Though there are many advantages of using these ASUS devices, the user faces several errors.

One such problem that the user comes across is ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On issue. In this bothering situation, the methods listed in this post will allow you to fix the issue.

Read the entire article carefully and apply the basic and advanced troubleshooting tricks as per the guidelines.


ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn ON: Problem Overview

AsusTek Computer Inc., shortly known as ASUS, is a multinational company. It deals with the manufacturing of computer hardware, software, and electronics. It is based in Taiwan and one of the best computer companies worldwide.

As we said in the earlier section, ASUS, in some cases, bothers the users a lot. Due to some reasons, your ASUS Laptop will not turn on sometimes.

Are you thinking why ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On issue occurs? First of all, find out the causes that fall you under this problem.

If you ask us, then we say that the below are some reasons that make your system not to turn on. They are:

  • Discharged or Damaged Battery
  • No Charging
  • Power issues like fluctuations and insufficient power supply
  • Broken Laptop Screen
  • External peripherals plugged into the Laptop
  • Hardware or software issues

Now, you got to know why your Laptop is not turning on. But the problem is classified into two different types.

  • ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On, but Power Light is On
  • ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On No Lights

When the Laptop does not turn on, the user will not see any image or graphics on their screen. So, it is very important to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Follow the below sections and get more information regarding this ASUS problem.


ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn ON: Related Problems

The users who are using ASUS Laptops can encounter different problems. Some of them are provided in this section, along with the solutions.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

For solving the ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On, we are listing a few best fixes in this section. Just go through them and apply to overcome the problem.

  • Check the Battery

Whenever the ASUS Laptop is not turning on, the first thing you have to do is checking its battery. If there are any issues, your laptop will not start at all.

Is your ASUS Laptop’s battery is removable? Then remove it and insert it into another laptop. See if it is working or not. In case if the system is working well, the problem is not with the battery.

The users have to visit the nearest service center if the battery is irremovable. If you are a technical professional, then you can do it on your own.

  • Check the Laptop Charging

If the first method does not fix your problem, then check whether the laptop is charging perfectly or not.

When you connect the charging cable to the laptop if you see the light, then it means the charger is working. Also, the laptop is charging without any issues.

Did you find any issues with the charging adapter? Then replace it with the new one.

Even though the laptop is charging, sometimes, it won’t turn on. In such a case, go through the below troubleshooting methods.

  • Check for Power Fluctuations

Is there are any power fluctuations where your laptop is plugged? Why because the power issues can cause the ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On problem.

So, make sure that you don’t have any power on and off problems while turning on your laptop.

  • Verify any Hardware Issues

Due to some hardware and software issues, the user can face troubles while turning on the laptop. The corrupted or damaged hardware devices lead to the occurrence of ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On error.

At the same time, identify and remove all those virus-infected applications that exist on your Windows laptop.

When these basic troubleshooting methods will not help you in fixing the problem, scroll down to the next sections.


Steps To Fix ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn ON Issue

There are some situations where the ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On can be fixed by using the below-advanced methods. Read the steps and execute them as we said.


  • Step 1

Remove All External Peripherals

The users connect several external devices to their laptops. They use removable keyboards, printers, scanners, USBs, Mouse, and many more.

Though these peripherals help you a lot, they trouble you while starting or working. One such problem is ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On.

To resolve the issue, we recommend you unplug or remove the connected peripherals. After that, check if you turn on your ASUS laptop or not.


  • Step 2

Hard Reboot your ASUS Laptop

Hard rebooting the laptop might turn on your ASUS laptop. For that, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. In the first step, restart the laptop and immediately hit the F9 key when you see the ASUS logo.
  2. After seeing the Windows Boot Manager, press Enter.
  3. Now, you have to select the language and various other preferences according to your wish. Click the Next button to continue further.
  4. You need to choose one from the three listed options and go with the Next button.
  5. Follow the basic on-screen instructions to finish the hard rebooting process.


  • Step 3

Re-install the RAM

If you are not satisfied with the above methods, then follow this technique. When the RAM gets failed or corrupted, your laptop will not turn on.

In case the RAM is working perfectly, the other task you have to do is checking the RAM slot. Sometimes, due to improper installation, the RAM slot gets damaged. So, once check the slot whether it is not broken.

Also, remove and re-install the RAM to make sure that its placement is correct.


  • Step 4

Connect to External Monitor

Are you sure that your ASUS Laptop screen is working correctly? Why we are asking this means that the user will not know whether the system is turning on or off when the screen gets damaged.

So, check whether the screen or laptop panel is performing well or not. For that, you have to connect your laptop to the external monitor.

When you see the image or anything on that connected monitor screen, the issue is with the laptop screen. If you did not see any graphics or ASUS logo while turning, then the problem is within your laptop and not with the screen.


  • Step 5

Repair the ASUS Won’t Turn On with Third-party Software

If none of the above methods solve the ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On, we recommend you install the third-party application.

Windows Boot Genius is one of the best applications that solve these types of errors.

It will scan the device and check why the system is unable to turn on. Click here to download the Windows Boot Genius on your ASUS system. After that, complete the installation process and launch it on your system.

Now, you need to perform a few steps to identify and fix this issue. By the end, the ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On issue gets resolved successfully.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Do I Force Restart My ASUS Laptop?

  1. The first step is to remove the battery from your laptop.
  2. Now, wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes and insert the battery properly.
  3. Start your laptop by pressing the power button.
  4. Thus, the ASUS Laptop will restart without any issues. But perform the force restart only after saving all the files.
  • Why is My Laptop On but Screen Black?

There are many reasons for seeing the black screen even after turning on the laptop. Some of them are laptop overheating, low brightness, corrupted system files, operating system issues, booting problems, etc.

To fix the problem, we need to identify the perfect cause and resolve it. Like, increasing the brightness, repairing the system files, and many more.

  • When I press Power button on Laptop nothing happens?

One of the best ways to fix this problem is by charging the battery until it gets recharge completely. Now, you have to remove the adapter from the laptop and start the system.

Even after that, you can’t see anything on your laptop, simply replace the battery with a brand new one. If there is no fault with the battery, check the adapter. If needed, buy a new AC adapter to turn on the laptop properly.

  • Why a Laptop suddenly Shut down?

Using the system for more number of hours, it will get overheated. By this, it automatically shuts down. At the same time, the power supply problems like fluctuations and damaged power cables can cause this error.

That’s why we suggest the user use the SpeedFan software to monitor the system temperature. It also helps in changing the speed of the fan according to the temperature of various hardware components.

Also, replace the power cables when they won’t work correctly and ensure there are no power supply issues.


Tips To Avoid ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn ON Issue

  • The best tip that can avoid the ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On problem is charging it while working or playing or doing other works.
  • Regularly check the PC and remove the corrupted hardware or software whenever identified.
  • Make sure that the power supply has no fluctuations and the cables of the laptop are in good condition.


Contact Official Support

As it is not a difficult problem & many users have encountered it, they can solve the issue with the above solutions.

The readers of this post must remember that the ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On can be fixed with either basic or advanced mechanisms.

In an extreme situation, a few people can’t overcome this problem and still face the issue even after using all the tricks.

It means the reason might be related to the motherboard or laptop screen. Only the professional technicians and authorized service providers can solve the issue.

Tell them the problem clearly and get the best service to fix the ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On issue.


Final Words: Conclusion

My final opinion towards this ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On issue is the user has to identify the reason perfectly. Then only the users can apply the best method to fix it.

From our side, we have listed the workable techniques that help in turning on your laptop. If you have solved this problem other than the given methods, share it with us. It will help many ASUS users to resolve the error.

We request the readers to offer their valuable comments or suggestions regarding this post. If you find any difficulty in understanding the methods, simply leave a message in the below comment section.

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