Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2

SIM Not Provisioned MM#2

Are you facing SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 problem on your phone? Then you have landed in the right place. Today, we are going to offer tips and tricks that troubleshoot this SIM issue.

When we purchase a new SIM card or transfer our mobile number to a new SIM card, we come across this problem on our phones. Don’t panic! You are not the only person who faces this issue because many people are already familiar with these kinds of errors.

Sometimes, removing and re-inserting the SIM card will resolve the problem. But if the error appears again and again, then there could be some other reasons that trigger this issue.

To know what are those causes and how to stop them, you can scroll down and read the below sections carefully.


SIM Not Provisioned MM#2: Problem Overview

On our mobile phones, we insert the SIM card to call, message, browse the web, register to any app/software with our number, etc.

Without a SIM card, we cannot perform calls except the emergency number (911). In some cases, we see an error message stating SIM Not Provisioned MM#2.

It mainly happens when we insert the SIM card improperly or purchase a new SIM card. Sometimes, we switch to other networks when we don’t want to continue with our present service provider.

At that time, we need to transfer our phone number to another SIM card. In this situation also, the SIM Not Provisioned MSS#2 problem occurs.

When this problem occurs, we neither call any of our contacts nor message them from our phone. But it allows us to call the emergency number or use all other features like watching videos, listening to music, etc.

Some of the reasons that cause this problem are given below, so have a look at them.

  • The SIM card that you’re using might be deactivated by your service provider.
  • Your SIM card is not compatible with your mobile phone.
  • If it is a new SIM card, it might be not activated by the network provider.
  • Sometimes, this problem happens with the older SIM cards (when it turns inactive).
  • The SIM slot is not working properly
  • You might not have inserted the SIM card correctly.
  • The servers of your network providers are completely down.

Once you find the reason for this SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 issue on your phone, check out the best-suitable method given below to fix it.


SIM Not Provisioned MM#2: Related Problems

Now, it’s time to check out a few more problems that are completely similar to this SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 issue.


SIM Not Provisioned MM#2: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Before taking any extreme steps, let’s start using the primary methods to tackle this SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 issue.

  • Reboot your Mobile Phone

The basic trick that may help you in fixing the SIM card issue that you’re facing is restarting your mobile phone. If the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 happens due to any software or hardware glitch on your mobile, then rebooting it will resolve the issue. So,

  1. Close all the applications opened on your mobile.
  2. Long press the Power button on your phone and tap on the Restart.

Once the phone is restarted, check if you can make calls or still face the same error.

  • Insert the SIM Card Properly

Have you removed the back cover of your phone recently? Or removed and inserted the SIM card on your mobile phone? Then you might have to insert the SIM improperly, and that’s why you might be facing this issue.

To overcome this problem, remove the back cover again and check the SIM card is placed properly. If you have any doubts, then we suggest removing and reinserting the SIM card.

After that, check if the SIM card on your phone is working or shows the problem again.


Steps To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Issue

Don’t worry! If the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 problem still occurs even after using the above tricks because we have several other methods to fix it.


  • Step 1

Update Carrier Services

This problem occurs even though you didn’t transfer the SIM Card to another network or use the new SIM card. It can happen when there is an issue with your carrier service.

Carrier Services are very important in order to establish proper communication between your phone and mobile networks. And it can happen only through the Carrier Services app installed on your Android mobile.

Install the latest updates of this application by executing the below steps to get rid of this issue.

  1. Firstly, open the Google Play Store on your mobile.
  2. Open the menu -> Tap on the Manage Apps and Device option -> Go to the Updates and select the See Details option.
  3. Locate the Carrier Services app and tap on the Update option.
  4. It starts downloading and installing the latest updates of this app on your mobile phone.

After completing, see if the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 problem is solved.


  • Step 2

Turn On & Turn Off Airplane Mode

One of the simplest tricks that will work in fixing this SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 is enabling and disabling Airplane Mode. If we turn On the Airplane Mode, you can’t do anything on your mobile, including calls and internet browsing through the cellular network.

And disabling this mode will re-establish the connection to make calls and do regular activities on our mobiles. So, try this technique to overcome the problem that you’re facing right now.

  1. On your Android Smartphone, swipe on your screen from top to down.
  2. You will see the Quick Settings screen, and in that, tap on the Airplane Mode option.
  3. After some seconds, swipe down from the top of your mobile screen.
  4. Finally, tap on the Airplane Mode to disable it.

After establishing the connection, try calling your friends and family members to check the issue is fixed.


  • Step 3

Activate your SIM Card

Have you purchased a new mobile or a new SIM card? Then the SIM card will get activated automatically within 24 hours. In case if the SIM is not activated, then follow the below steps to get it activated.

  1. Call the automated number and ask them to activate your SIM card.
  2. Even you can send the SMS or message to the network provider in order to activate it.
  3. Another option is to get the SIM card activated through your Network Carrier’s website.

If none of the steps help you in fixing the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2, then use some more tricks given below.


  • Step 4

Check your SIM Card

If you’re still unable to resolve this issue, then once check your SIM card. Why because the damaged or broken SIM cards will show these kinds of problems.

There are many users whose SIM card is activated but showing this error message. And they find the problem is occurring due to the broken SIM card.

To confirm whether your SIM card is in good condition, follow the below procedure.

  1. Take the SIM ejector tool (thin needle) and insert it into the hole beside the SIM tray to pull it out.
  2. Now, take off the SIM card and check if it is damaged partially or totally.
  3. If the SIM card contains scratches and is broken, then you must replace it with a new one. For that, contact your network provider and ask them to provide a new SIM card.

In case if there are no issues with your SIM card, then move to the next method to fix it.


  • Step 5

Insert the SIM in Another Slot

Almost all Android and other mobile phones have dual SIM slots to use two numbers at a time. The SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 also occurs when the slot on which your SIM card is inserted is not working.

To confirm that, remove and replace your SIM card in another slot. If your SIM works fine on a different slot, then the first SIM slot has some issues.

So, you need to visit the nearest mobile repair store and get it repaired to avoid these problems.


  • Step 6

Try a New SIM Card

Still, the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 issue is not fixed? Then the best way to come out of this problem is to request your carrier provider for a new SIM card.

To get the SIM card quickly, it is best to head to a mobile store where you can get the SIM of whichever network you want.

In case if you’re facing this problem with the new SIM card, then go to the Contact Official Support section to find some other solutions to fix it.


Tips To Avoid SIM Not Provisioned MM#2

  • Properly and smoothly insert the SIM card into the slot because improper and incorrect insertion can cause these issues.
  • Get your new SIM card activated by the service providers immediately after purchasing it from the stores.
  • Handle your mobile phone carefully because if the SIM slots are damaged, they won’t detect the SIM cards.
  • Check whether the network is good or not before you’re going to purchase any new SIM card.
  • Buy portable SIM cards that are completely compatible with your phones to avoid these errors.


Contact Official Support

Before reaching this section, everyone will definitely solve the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 issue with our basic and advanced methods.

We hope that you’ve resolved the problem with your mobile phone. But if you didn’t fix it, try some other tricks. One such is visiting some popular communities and forums (like Reddit) to find other steps.

Even you can visit the mobile phone repair store located at your place and ask the technicians to find and fix the problem.

If there are no ways left to you, contact your network service provider and ask for the inconvenience that you’re facing right now with your SIM card.


Final Words: Conclusion

In conclusion, I conclude that the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 is a common problem faced by mobile users. By following the best troubleshooting methods, one can easily and effortlessly fix the issue.

Don’t you understand any instructions given in this article? Then leave a message in the comment box. Within a short time, we will clarify all your doubts.

You can feel free to share your own techniques that will fix this SIM Not Provisioned MM2 problem. You can comment on this troubleshooting guide as well as share it with your friends & others.

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