Fix MSI Laptop Camera Not Working

MSI Laptop Camera Not Working

Are you using MSI Laptop Camera while using Skype or Zoom? Then it troubles you at least once by not allowing you to use the camera.

At that moment, you no need to worry at all because it can be fixed with simple techniques. We will provide those workarounds in this article.

Like Dell, HP, and Lenovo, MSI Laptops are very famous. Thousands of people are using it to complete their tasks. But problems are very common on every hardware device.

When we try to use the MSI Laptop Camera, it won’t turn on or work. Sometimes, the problem erases after rebooting the laptop.

But due to some glitches, the MSI Laptop Camera Not Working issue cannot be fixed. For those users, we are listing out the tips and tricks to solve it on their MSI laptops.


MSI Laptop Camera Not Working: Problem Overview

When we are on Skype calls, Zoom meetings, and video chat with our friends, we use the webcam of our laptops. Almost all personal laptops come up with a webcam facility, but the only difference is their quality.

Due to some issues, we face problems while using the webcam on our laptops. In this particular post, we came here to talk about the MSI Laptop Camera Not Working issue.

MSI is a multinational company that manufactures laptops for normal users and gamers. Even though it is a top MNC, its camera (or webcam) stops functioning due to multiple reasons.

Without webcam, we can’t attend the meetings, video chat with our friends, and many other activities. So, it is very important for the users to fix this issue.

By the way, the camera is disabled on MSI Laptops by default. So, check once whether the camera option is enabled or still it is disabled. If the problem occurs when it is turned on, read the following reasons that cause this issue.

  • Camera drivers on your laptop are expired.
  • The application is not granting permissions to use the webcam.
  • There could be some dust or other invisible things that covers the webcam lens.
  • Your webcam might be damaged.
  • Fn lock is disabled

Now, move to the following sections to browse the solutions that will fix this problem.


MSI Laptop Camera Not Working: Related Problems

Now, you can check out some of the problems that you can face while using the MSI Laptop Camera.


MSI Laptop Camera Not Working: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

First of all, try out the simple tricks that may resolve the camera issues on your MSI laptop. Don’t do any mistakes while executing the steps on your device.

  • Restart your MSI Laptop

Due to overheating, running multiple processes in the background, and other hardware issues, the camera might stop working.

If you’re in this situation, then close all the apps and shut down the laptop. Keep the device aside for at least 30 minutes or let it cool down completely.

After that, press the power button to restart the laptop. Now, try to use the camera/webcam to know whether it is working or not.

  • Clean the Webcam Lens

Do you have the habit of cleaning your laptop? Because the dust or tiny dust particles will damage the hardware components, such as keyboard, on your laptop.

Though the camera is covered, the lens might be covered with the dust or any invisible objects. So before using advanced tricks, it’s better to clean the surroundings of your webcam.

Once you’ve cleaned, check the MSI Laptop Camera Not Working issue is fixed. If the problem is not yet solved, quickly move to the below section.


Steps To Fix MSI Laptop Camera Not Working Issue

Now, know some more techniques that will assist you in fixing the MSI Laptop Camera Not Working on your Windows 10.


  • Step 1

Turn On the Camera

As we already said, the Camera is disabled on your MSI Laptop by default. You have to turn it on manually in order to use it for video chat, etc.

If you forgot to enable it and trying to use it, then you will face these kinds of issues. To fix it, you need to enable it either through Windows settings or the keyboard.

It is very easy for you to turn the webcam using the keyboard. Just press and hold the Fn key and then press the F6 key. By doing so, the webcam is enabled. In case if the camera still not working, move to the further methods to fix it.


  • Step 2

Update Camera Drivers

Webcam is also one of the hardware devices installed on our laptops. And it works only when we use the supported drivers; otherwise, it will show these kinds of problems.

We think that the camera drivers on your MSI laptop are outdated, and that’s why it might not be functioning properly. Therefore, use the below instructions in upgrading the camera drivers manually.

  1. First of all, open your default web browser on your laptop.
  2. After that, go to the official website of MSI and navigate to the drivers page.
  3. Enter the model number of your laptop and find the webcam drivers.
  4. Click on the Download button to get the latest drivers of webcam on your laptop.
  5. Complete the installation process and reboot the device.

Now, check the camera on your MSI laptop is working finely or not.


  • Step 3

Reinstall Camera Drivers

If upgrading the camera drivers also didn’t help you, then uninstall the device and reinstall it through Device Manager. For that,

  1. Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
  3. You will see the Device Manager wizard on your laptop screen. In that, expand the Cameras section by double-clicking on it.
  4. Right-click on the webcam and choose Uninstall Device option.
  5. If you see any pop-up, then click on the yes button to continue.
  6. Close the Device Manager and restart your computer.

While rebooting, it will check for hardware changes and install the webcam device automatically. We hope that the camera resumes working after reinstalling it. If you’re unlucky, then you’ve some other tricks to fix it.


  • Step 4

Allow the App to Use your Camera

If the camera is not working even after using the above solutions, then it could be due to the app/game on which you want to use it.

Due to privacy and security issues, your Windows OS won’t allow you to use the camera/webcam. It means the operating system will block the webcam completely while using it on some apps.

That is the reason why the MSI Laptop Camera is not working. To get rid of this problem, you need to change the privacy settings on your Windows 10.

  1. Press the Windows logo on your keyboard to open Menu-> Click on the Gear icon.
  2. It will open the Windows Settings, and in that, click on the Privacy setting.
  3. On the left side, choose Camera tab -> Click on the Change button and click the toggle button to turn on the Camera access for this device option.
  4. Under the Allow apps to access your camera, click the toggle button to turn it on.

Now, start using the webcam on the applications to see whether it is working or not.


  • Step 5

Check your Keyboard

In rare cases, this MSI Laptop Camera Not Working problem happens due to the damaged keyboard. What if the Fn key and F6 key on your keyboard are not working? If this is case, you won’t turn on the webcam using the keyboard.

If all the keys on our keyboard are working correctly, except these two keys, then we believe that we had turn on the webcam by pressing Fn + F6 keys.

But actually, the camera will not turn on because of damaged Fn and F6 keys. So, connect the external keyboard to your laptop and use these keys on it to enable the camera.

If the camera still not works, then it could the damaged. And there are no steps to find whether the webcam is damaged or not.

You just need to visit any hardware repair store and take help of the technician to get the camera issue fixed.


Tips To Avoid MSI Laptop Camera Not Working

  • If the user wants to avoid this camera issue, then they should always keep the webcam drivers up to date on their laptops.
  • Regularly clean the webcam lens and make sure that there is no dust on it.
  • Handle your MSI laptop carefully because any damage to it will stop the functioning of internal hardware components, including the camera.


Contact Official Support

Till you reach the last method, you will resolve the MSI Laptop Camera Not Working issue. From several sources, we have shortlisted the above best techniques to fix it.

The methods which we provided will solve the issue that occurs due to any hardware or software reason. But if there is any internal damage, you will still encounter the same problem.

In this situation, you need to go to computer peripheral repair store and ask the technician to fix the issue. If this Camera Not Working issue happens with your new MSI Laptop, you need to contact the MSI Support Team and ask them to replace it.


Final Words: Conclusion

In conclusion, I conclude that the MSI Laptops offer the best working experience to all its users. It also provides the best customer service when the consumer is facing any kind of issue.

This article will help you in resolving the MSI Laptop Camera Not Working issue. If you have doubts regarding the troubleshooting process, let them clarify by contacting us.

You can feel free to share your own techniques that you’ve used in fixing it. Not only this, but we also there to provide tips and tricks on any technical issue.

Leave a message in the comment section whenever you encounter any problem with your MSI Laptop.

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