Fix HP Envy Won’t Turn On

HP Envy Won't Turn OnIs your HP Envy not turning on when you press the power button? Is this problem repeatedly happening with your HP laptop? Don’t worry! It is a simple issue and can be resolved with the methods explained in this post.

HP (Hewlett Packard) is a multinational company that provides software and hardware components. It manufactures a variety of peripherals, such as desktops, personal laptops, printers, monitors, etc.

HP Envy is a slim and budget-friendly personal laptop. It comes along with the Windows 10 Home Edition and Windows 11 Operating System.

You can find different models with a variety of configurations, such as screen size, processor, HDD capacity, etc. Though users can finish their tasks hassle-freely, it troubles us a few times.

Due to some issues, it will not turn on even after pressing the power button repeatedly. To find out the cause of it and fix the problem, we came up with this troubleshooting guide.

You are not the only person who faces this HP Envy Won’t Turn On issue, so there is no need to worry at all. Just go through the following sections and use the tricks given below.


HP Envy Won’t Turn On: Problem Overview

HP is the world’s top MNC, where millions of users are using its products. It does not compromise on its quality while manufacturing the hardware components.

If you’re looking for the best personal laptop under your budget, then we recommend the HP Envy. Depending upon the configurations, you can see changes in the price.

Fans of this personal laptop are increasing day by day. But there are some people who complain about this HP Envy device.

In their words, they can’t see any indicator lights or display when they switch on their laptop. Sometimes, they are confused about whether the laptop is turned on or not.

To help those users in fixing the HP Envy Won’t Turn On, we are listing out the best troubleshooting methods in the following sections.

First of all, we will let you know the reasons for this issue. They could be any of the below ones.

  • The battery on your laptop might be discharged completely.
  • The power button is not working
  • There could be power issues, such as the wall outlet where you’ve connected the charger is not working.
  • Issues with the CMOS battery
  • The HP Envy’s screen is broken
  • External devices that are connected to your laptop also cause these kinds of problems.
  • Other hardware failures on your HP laptop.

Now, move to the next sections to know more about this problem.


HP Envy Won’t Turn On: Related Problems

Before going to the actual methods, we will let you know the different areas where you can face this issue.


HP Envy Won’t Turn On: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

There is no need to frustrate or irritate when your HP Envy Won’t Turn On because there are a few basic tricks that can resolve it. Try executing the following methods and see the laptop is turning on or not.

  • Check the Battery Condition

If the battery on your HP Envy is not working properly, then it won’t charge. And the discharged battery will not turns on your laptop.

To know whether the problem is with your battery or not, connect the AC adapter and see the battery is charging. If you didn’t see any such indications, then use some other AC Adapter.

Why because there might be a chance that your adapter is not working. If the battery is not charging with any adapter, it confirms that the life time of it is expired.

In this situation, you need to purchase a new battery and install it on your personal laptop. If the laptop still not turns on, move to the next method.

  • Check the Power Supply

Even without the battery also, we can use our laptop. But we have to plug our laptop into the power outlet continuously. In case if your HP Envy does not have battery and trying to use it by connecting it to the power outlet, then you can see these issues due to faulty power outlet.

First of all, you have to make sure that the main power supply is functioning properly or not. To check that, you have to connect any other device to the outlet and see whether it is working or not.

In case if it working finely, then the HP Envy Won’t Turn On is not due to your power outlet.


 Steps To Fix HP Envy Won’t Turn On Issue

If the basic methods explained above didn’t turn on your HP Envy laptop, use several other techniques given below.


  • Step 1

Check your Laptop Screen

Is your HP Envy laptop fell down from the height? Then there could be a chance of internal screen damage issues. That’s the reason why you’re not seeing anything on your screen when you press the power button.

If you want to know whether your laptop has screen problems, press the power button. In case if the fans are running or hear any noises in your laptop but didn’t see any image, then it means that there are screen problems.

In this case, you need to visit the nearest HP Store and take the help of any technician to repair your laptop.

Note: Make sure that the brightness of your HP Envy is high.


  • Step 2

Remove External Devices

Have you connected any external drive to your HP Envy laptop? Then those devices are responsible for causing this problem.

When you connect a memory card, pen drive, or any other USB drive, the BIOS tries to boot from that removable device. If the removable drives are empty, then it will be stuck in the booting process.

Therefore, remove all those USB drives from your personal laptop and turn it on to check the issue is solved.


  • Step 3

Hard Reset your HP Envy

According to some people, hard resetting the laptop is the best step to overcome this issue. So, let’s start executing the below instructions to hard reset your HP Envy system.

  1. Make sure that your laptop is turned off.
  2. After that, eject all the external storage devices from your laptop.
  3. Now, you have to remove the power cables as well as battery.
  4. In the next step, press the power button and hold it for at least 30 seconds.
  5. Now, reconnect the power cables and press the power button to switch on your device.
  6. After that, reinstall the battery properly.

In most cases, this method will solve the HP Envy Won’t Turn On issue. If you could make it, then move to the following techniques.


  • Step 4

Check for Windows Updates

As we all know, keeping the operating system is mandatory to run the device without any issues. If you didn’t upgrade your Windows 10 or Windows 11 even though Microsoft released the latest patches, then the bugs and errors in the older versions can damage your hardware and won’t let your device turn on.

Therefore, upgrade the Windows OS on your HP Envy. And this can happen only through the rescue disc. Along with that, the rescue disk will find and remove the viruses & malware that trigger these problems.


  • Step 5

Boot in Safe Mode

In case if the above methods didn’t turn on your laptop, you can get your HP Envy laptop working via the Safe Mode. Once you boot your laptop in the Safe Mode, you can find those malicious programs that cause these issues and uninstall them from your device.

If you face this HP Envy Won’t Turn On after installing any new drivers, then restore the previous drivers to fix it. Moreover, you can create a new user account when you find that the existing one is corrupted.


  • Step 6

Check for other Hardware Issues

Apart from the above, there could be some hardware issues that stop turning on your HP laptop. It mostly happens when you install a new RAM, GPU Card, etc.

To confirm, remove the newly installed hardware components and see the laptop is turning on. If nothing seems to work, move to the contact official support section to check out some other steps.


Tips To Avoid HP Envy Won’t Turn On

  • Handle your HP Envy carefully and smoothly because any physical damage to it can cause these problems.
  • If you found any issues with the battery or battery life is expired, then replace it to avoid this kind of issue.
  • Don’t connect malicious hardware peripherals to your laptop in order to stay away from several issues.
  • You have to upgrade the system drivers and operating system regularly to run the device error-freely.
  • Connect the charger properly to your laptop; if you’ve plugged improperly, it will not charge and won’t turn on the device.


Contact Official Support

From the above troubleshooting methods, you can easily solve the HP Envy Won’t Turn On issue on your Windows 10/11 laptops.

But there are some users who still face the same problem after using all those tips and tricks. For them, we suggest to visit some popular forums like Reddit, HP Communities.

You can definitely different instructions that help you in fixing the issue. If nothing helps you, visit the nearest HP store and get your laptop repaired by any professional.

In case if this problem happens with the newly purchased HP Envy, then ask the authorized persons to replace it with another product.


Final Words: Conclusion

To sum up everything, HP Envy is a wonderful personal laptop where you can play, work, and do a lot more things on it. If it troubles you by not turning on when pressing the power button, quickly follow the steps given in this article.

For any compliments or complaints on this post, go to the comment box and leave a message. You can contact us at any time to clarify your doubts.

If you’re facing any other technical issue on your HP laptop, share it with us. We will approach you with the best workarounds that fix the problem.

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