Surface Pro Won’t Turn On: ISSUE FIXED (Easy Troubleshooting Guide)

Surface Pro Won't Turn on

Many users are working using Microsoft Surface Pro. Some of them have reported that their “Surface Pro won’t turn on” when they are trying to switch it on.

In this rising curve of COVID-19, we can understand the need for a laptop to do work from home. Microsoft’s Surface Pro is one of the reliable products in the market. This issue has shaken customers day to day utility, especially the ones who are doing remote work. Here, the issue is not limited to a specific surface pro model. Users of Surface Pro 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, X almost all have reported such error.

There can be various reasons behind this, a power glitch or external damage. We have included a range of resolves to help you out. You can use the methods mentioned in this article for any surface pro model.

So, let’s start with a deep closure on the issue and the possible causes. As it is essential to know the cause before getting a fix.


Surface Pro Won’t Turn On: Problem Overview

The surface Pro won’t turn on has become the reason of headache for many. Many users are unable to turn on their surface pro. As per the reports after turning off their surface pro, when they again tried to access it. It randomly shows no response.

According to some users, after putting their surface in sleep mode this issue started to happen. The keyboard light turns on but there is no response on the screen. Well, this is quite uncertain and updates can only fix it.

Here, the reason can be your surface pro’s battery. There are many more possible causes that can impact your surface pro’s functionality as enclosed below.

  • Faulty Battery or Charging port
  • Faulty Power toggle
  • Hidden hardware issue
  • Overheating or glitched system


Surface Pro Won’t Turn On: Related Problems

Microsoft’s Surface pro includes various related issues on the ground of power. As sometimes it doesn’t turn on which is quite irritating for heavy users. We have included all kinds of related and possible issues below. Do use the methods mentioned in this article for the same.


Basic Troubleshooting

On the fundamental level, there can be various causes as displayed in the previous section. Overheating is a common cause that prevents systems from turning on. There can be hardware issues too which needs to be inspected as well. But before that, we need to put our hands on some minor things which might be the culprit here. So, let’s begin!

  • Restart your Microsoft Pro forcefully

Force restarting your Surface pro can fix this issue. To do that just tap on the power toggle for the next 30 seconds then leave it. Now after 60 seconds again press the power toggle to turn on your device.

Now, check if your surface pro is turning on or not. In case it is not working then there are chances that your Surface pro power button is damaged.

We advise you to check on it and replace it with a new one. As a faulty power toggle gets disconnected automatically causing such kind of issue.

Note: We advise you to press the “Windows logo key” with the alphabet “P” on your surface pro. There are chances that your surface pro is stuck with some other project. After pressing it for 2 or 3 times, your surface pro should wake up.


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  • Check on your Battery

If above doesn’t work there might be an issue with your Microsoft surface pro’s battery. Check if it is charging properly or not. In case it is unable to hold the charge and suddenly becomes low that means it has got damaged.

In case, after connecting the battery to the power source you get an error message “Plugged in, Not Charging”. It means there is an issue with your battery or the charging device, do check on both.

Many users are getting the error message “Battery not detected”. In this case, it is obvious that the battery is faulty and needs to be replaced with a new one. Once you replace it, check if the issue got fixed or not. If not then go for the “Advanced troubleshooting” section.

Note: In case even now it is not then the reason can be the terminals of the space provided for the battery. Go for expert help to check if that is fine or not.


Steps To Fix Surface Pro Won’t Turn On Issue

Above to fixes are simple but effective but only for the minor flaw. In case you are still struggling with the question how do I fix my surface pro that won’t turn on? This section is going to answer all your questions.

There are some major hidden culprits behind “Surface Pro won’t turn on” issue. So, follow the methods mentioned in this section. Make sure you are following in the order it has been written.


  • Step 1

Go for Two-button reset

Microsoft has launched various solutions to deal with wake-up issues. Two-button reset feature of surface pro has helped many users in fixing “Surface pro won’t turn on” issue. We hope that this will be helpful to you too.

Go for the following steps to perform this two-button reset:

  1. Tap on the Power toggle, hold it for 30 seconds.
  2. Once the surface pro turns off. Tap on the volume-up toggle and power toggle together till the next 15 seconds. You may see the surface logo after pressing, just do not release it, hold it.
    Power Volume rocker button
  3. Once you released the toggles just wait for the next 20 seconds. Afterward, tap on the power toggle again to turn on your Microsoft surface pro.

Once it turns on, check if the issue “Surface Pro won’t turn on” got fixed or not. If not then move on to our next method.


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  • Step 2

Drain the Battery without connecting Power source

Sometimes the issue is due to some glitch due to power. Many users have fixed Surface pro won’t turn on the issue just by draining their battery completely. Do follow it, this might be a fix for you as well.

Now, disconnect your Power adapter and let it discharged by itself. This might take 24 hours. Wait patiently till it gets drained completely.

Once it is done, just connect your Microsoft surface pro to the power source to charge it. Wait till it gets fully charged. Once it is done check if it turns on or not by pressing the power toggle.

In case still, it persists, just go for the next method to fix “Surface Pro won’t turn on” issue.


  • Step 3

Remove all the external peripherals

There are chances that some external device is preventing your surface pro from turning on. Many users have noticed that after disconnecting specific peripherals their tablet turned on.

This can work for you too, please remove all the external peripherals like keyboards, power adapters, etc. Also, disconnect wireless devices or connections.

Once it is done, tap on the power toggle of your surface for 1 or 2 minutes. Then release it, after 30 seconds again press it for 5 to 10 seconds. After this, your Microsoft surface should turn on. If it doesn’t then go for the next method.


  • Step 4

Connect your Surface Pro to another Power outlet

Many users have reported that they were unable to turn on their surface pro when it was connected via extension board. There are chances that if the outlet has other devices connected too then that might be the cause here.

Just connect your Surface pro with another power outlet or socket. This might fix this issue. In case this doesn’t make any difference, use another power adapter for your surface pro.

This weird but for some users, this has worked. If you want you can try it otherwise go for the next method.


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  • Step 5

Try to turn it on using hot-keys

Sometimes the surface pro is on but there is no indication. Or the screen is not awakened yet. If this is the case with your Surface Pro then hotkeys can be the savior for you. There are specific hotkeys that can awaken the surface pro device.

  1. Just tap on the “Windows logo key”, “Ctrl” key, “Shift” key and alphabet “B” together (at the same time) on the keyboard.
  2. In case you are using your Microsoft surface pro in tablet mode then tap on the Volume up and Volume down toggles together at least 3 times. Do it quickly.
    Surface pro Volume button
  3. For many users above both tricks have worked. Try it to get rid of “Surface Pro won’t turn on” issue. Even now it is unfixed then moves to our next fix.


  • Step 6

Make sure the room temperature is Surface Pro friendly

Temperature is affecting criteria when it comes to electronic devices. Any laptop or computer requires a cold temperature for long life and smooth process.

Overheating causes such an issue in surface pro. Just put it in the cold room for the next 1 hour. Make sure the coldness is not too much, just a little less than the normal room temperature. Afterward, just take it under normal temperature or in your room. After 30 minutes turn it on by pressing power toggle.

Sometimes overheating shuts various functions till the temperature gets to normal. In some cases, even after normal temperature, it doesn’t come in the functioning state. In that case, you can try this cooling method.

This sounds a little silly but for many users, this has worked. After performing this they were able to turn on there Microsoft’s Surface Pro. You might be lucky here.

Attention, you are doing this at your own risk. As in case you put it under a very cold environment, there are chances of damage.

In case even now you are unable to turn on your Microsoft surface pro. Then there might be some deeper fault which needs a technical inspection. We advise you to switch to our Contact official support section for further assistance.


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Tips To Avoid Surface Pro Won’t Turn On Issue

  • Make sure you are using it at the right place i.e. Temperature friendly while doing heavy work. This will cause heating, which requires good cooling conditions.
  • Use a good system protection tool to avoid any malfunctioning. That can also cause such issues by impacting the startup.
  • Let your Microsoft surface pro charged properly. Do not use an adapter other than the one you have got with your surface pro. This can damage the battery as well as cause abnormal functioning in your surface pro.


Contact Official Support

In case even now the issue “Surface pro won’t turn on” doesn’t get fixed. Then go for the Microsoft official website for Surface Pro Support. In case the online methods don’t work for you then you can visit the nearest repair center.

Make sure your surface pro is under warranty. Do carry the required documents in their favor. Their technical assistant team will help you out with the issue. In case it is under warranty then it might get replaced if the issue is due to a manufacturing defect. Do not worry! This won’t last too long.


Final Words: Conclusion

As we are done here, we hope you are too with the issue. Do you have any question in your mind? Or do you have any suggestions regarding methods? Well, in any of these cases feel free to contact us via the comment section given below for our readers. We would love to hear your views and ideas regarding our resolve.

Don’t panic, as we have included some tips for you to avoid such issues in the coming future. Do go through all the points carefully. We hope we managed to put an upside curve on your face.

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