How to Reset Google Chromecast

Simple Guide with Easy Steps on How to Reset Google ChromecastHow-to-Reset-Google-Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a device from Google which is supported by LED non-smart and smart TVs. It is a smart way to turn your non-smart LED TV in to a smart TV. This device contains streaming services apps. Netflix, Amazon prime time, Youtube and Hulu are some of the apps you can find on a Chromecast device. Some of these apps may require you to sign in and may be purchase a subscription plan. Chromecast is connected to TV with a USB port where Chromecast ultra is connected via HDMI port.

Sometimes there can be a problem with Chromecast device. It may become non responsive due to some technical reasons. The apps may not open or the videos won’t stream. This situation requires to reset chrome device. Read this blog to know how to reset Google Chromecast.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps to Reset Google Chromecast

If you want to know how to reset Google Chromecast then read this blog completely. But first you should take a look at these basic troubleshooting steps first. They can also solve the problem in some cases. Not only they are time saving, they are also easy to perform.

  • Remove and reinsert Chromecast
  • Restart the TV while Chromecast is plugged in
  • Remove the Chromecast and turn off the TV
  • Turn on the TV and reinsert the Chromecast

These steps have reset the Google Chromecast devices in some cases. These methods work when we do not have the


Problem Overview | The Need to Reset Chromecast

Chromecast is a wonderful device. Even on a smart TV, this device can give you access to apps which are not installed in it. Generally, this device functions smoothly. But sometimes there can be problems in using this device. The device may stop responding or it may become unable to open apps. Chromecast may stop streaming videos. There can be difficulties in connecting to the wifi network. Though, such problem occurs rarely you will need to reset Chromecast to fix them.


How to Reset Chromecast

When you are facing issues with Chromecast you will need to reset the device. There are few ways to reset the device. We will take a look at the major ways. For first method we will use Chromecast app on the smartphone. If Chromecast is installed on TV then giving the parallel app installed on the smartphone a run can reset Chromecast and fix it. Follow the steps given below to reset the device.

  1. Go to the smartphone
  2. Tap on the Chromecast app
  3. Watch few movies or videos
  4. Now play the app on the TV

Chromecast should work now. If the device is still having issues then try the next method given below.

  1. Unlock Your Smartphone
  2. Open the Chromecast app
  3. Go to settings
  4. Tap on more than factory reset menu
  5. Now click on the factory reset option

This will reset the chrome device on your TV. All apps will be restored. You may need to sign in to your account on each app. But the device will be fixed.


Reinstall Chromecast on Android

If you will uninstall and reinstall the Chromecast on your smartphone then it can fix the issues with Chromecast. Chromecast can lag on TV if there is some problem with the app on smartphone as they are connected with each other. This is another method to reset this device. Follow these below given steps on your smartphone.

  1. Start and unlock your smartphone
  2. Tap on the Play store icon
  3. Tap on the menu icon on top left
  4. Select My apps and games
  5. Now go to the installed section
  6. Scroll down select Chromecast
  7. Tap on the uninstall option
  8. Exit the play store
  9. Reboot the android device
  10. Launch the play store
  11. Search for Chromecast
  12. Install Chromecast app

You have reset the Chromecast device. Now when you will run the app on the TV it should work fine. In case, Chromecast is still not working you can try another method. Read the next section.


Physical Reset for Chromecast

Let us take a look at the physical method to reset Chromecast to factory settings. Follow these steps given below.

    1. Turn on the TV
    2. Plug in the Chromecast device
    3. Wait for few minutes
    4. Now locate a button on the device
    5. It should be either on the backside or at the lower end of the device
    6. Press the button for 25 seconds
    7. Wait for the LED light to flash
    8. You can leave the button if LED flashes before 25 seconds

Now the Chromecast device is reset. Now the device should function normally without any problem.


Tips to Avoid Problems with Chromecast

Chromecast is a useful and powerful device but having the need to reset chromecast should not arise. You can avoid problems with Chromecast in future if you follow our advice. Taking care of some things can prevent the need for resetting the Chromecast device. Take care of these suggestions.

  1. Plug in Chromecast device before turning on the TV
  2. Plug out the Chromecast after Turning off the TV
  3. Keep the device up to date
  4. Always exit the app from smartphone when not in use

If you can take care of these small things then you can maintain Chromecast and save the device from being non responsive. This will eradicate the need to reset device in future.


Official Support for Chromecast

The methods given in this blog are tested and work to fix the Chromecast device. If you are unable to reset Chromecast with these instructions then there is some serious technical fault with the device. You should contact the Official Chromecast Website for help. If your device is still in the warranty period then they will replace it. Otherwise a technician will take care of your device.


Final Words : Conclusion

The blog on how to reset chromecast is written with tested methods. All the steps given here will help you reset chromecast device on your LED TV. We welcome if you have any suggestions regarding this blog. Please let us know in the comment section below. You can ask us any questions regarding the steps mentioned above. We will be happy to help.

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