Fix Xbox One Overheating

Xbox One OverheatingXbox One Overheating

Earlier, we used desktops and laptops for playing video games. At present, we have many other ways to play our favorite games, such as Smartphones, video gaming consoles, etc.

PlayStation, Switch Nintendo, and Xbox are some of the most-used gaming consoles all over the world. But these devices cause issues while playing games on them.

Today, we came here to discuss one such problem that is Xbox One Overheating. The users whose Xbox One turns overheated even though it is used for a few minutes can follow this post till the end.

There are various reasons for overheating your Xbox One console. Here, you can get all those information, along with the tips and tricks to get rid of the issue.


Problem Overview

Xbox One is one of the best home video game consoles developed by Microsoft. It is the third console released by this Microsoft Company. Several users have purchased this gaming console and installed their lovable games to play whenever they want.

Compared to other brands of Xbox, such as Xbox 360, it is quite simple to set up. The battery in the controller is awesome so that we will play for long hours, even with the cheap batteries.

Moreover, the users can effortlessly connect their TVs, cable Boxes, and Xbox 360 to this Xbox One. Gamers play their games with advanced graphics.

Like this, there are many other benefits of the Xbox One Gaming Console. But in some cases, it irritates the user by showing a few issues, such as overheating.

Want to know what causes this Xbox One Overheating issue? Then read the below reasons.

  • If the Exhaust Grills are blocked, then the console will overheats.
  • Thermal Paste on the CPU might be one of the reasons for this issue.
  • If there is no ventilation to your Xbox One, then it might create these kinds of problems.
  •  Improper maintenance of your console
  • Dust on the cooling fans

One or more of the above list might cause this overheating issue on your Xbox One. Don’t waste your time! Just go through the below sections and resolve the problem easily and quickly.


Related Problems

You know what! Xbox One generates different kinds of errors. We have listed the top six problems and are providing them in this section with their fixes.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The basic troubleshooting methods are provided for the sake of resolving the Xbox One Overheating issue. Please follow the step-by-step procedure given below and get rid of the issue.

  • Check the Cooling Fans

Does the cooling fans on your Xbox One console are working? If there are not spinning perfectly, then the system gets overheated. So, before going further, you need to see the working condition of the fans.

If the cooling fans are entirely surrounded by dust, clean them with a soft fiber cloth. Sometimes, the fans will not work when the device getting older.

In that case, simply replace the old cooling fans with the new ones. By this, it will spin correctly, and thus, the Xbox One will not overheat.

  • Reset or Replace the Power Supply

Overheating mainly causes unintimated turning off of the console. Even it shows other issues, like freezing, not loading of games, etc.

That’s the reason why we suggest the user to follow this basic troubleshooting method that is resetting or replacing the power supply.

If the main power supply connected to your console is fluctuating repeatedly, then this problem will occur. So, execute the below steps.

  1. First of all, you need to remove the power cables from your console.
  2. After waiting a couple of minutes, replug the cables to your Xbox One.
  3. Now, turn on the console and check whether it is overheating or not.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

One of the basic techniques or tricks to resolve this overheating problem is keeping your console away from the sunlight.

If the sun rays directly fall on your console, then the console will definitely overheat. By this, the device will not work smoothly and shows various issues.

That’s why you need to change the position of your Xbox One console so that the sunlight will never fall directly on it.


Steps To Fix Xbox One Overheating Issue

Most of the time, users will not resolve the Xbox One Overheating error with the basic steps. Don’t worry! You have some other advanced methods to try to fix this issue. Execute those steps carefully and solve the problem in minutes.


  • Step 1

Add Thermal Paste into Processor

Developers will manufacture the device by thinking about all the possibilities. That’s why Xbox One contains its own cooling system. The Thermal Paste on the processor is for protecting the device from overheating issues. Due to dust particles, it will not function its task which means it fails in preventing overheating.

In such a situation, you have to remove the dust as well as replace the Thermal Paste with a new one. After replacing it, turn on the device and see whether it works without overheating or not.


  • Step 2

Provide Proper Ventilation

What happens when you place your Xbox One console under a closed desk? It simply gets overheated within a few minutes of its usage.

Whether it is a desktop computer or laptop, or video game console, it must be placed where the airflow is good. If we do not provide proper ventilation to the console, then we will surely encounter these kinds of issues.

By using it continuously in a closed space, it might get completely damaged. To avoid it, better to change the console’s placement by keeping it in an opened area.


  • Step 3

Clear the Exhaust Grills and Side Panels

The heat generated from the device has to be exhausted otherwise it gets overheated and causes various issues. Xbox One, Xbox 360, and other products of Xbox contain an inbuilt cooling system to cool the device.

The exhaust grills and side panels on the Xbox One protect from overheating issues. They will not work correctly when the dust is completely filled. That’s why quickly clean the exhaust grills as well as the side panel to make the airflow in and out.

By this, the Xbox One Overheating is fixed permanently. If you still face the problem, then move to the next solution.


  • Step 4

Replace Xbox One Heat Sink

If the above solutions didn’t solve the overheating, then check the heat sink on your Xbox One console. The heat Sink plays a major role in protecting the console from overheating issues.

Due to some problems, the heat sink will perform its functionality that is cooling down the processor. If you are troubling with the same issue, then purchase a new heat sink and replace it on your console.

After replacing the heat sink, turn on your Xbox One console and check the overheating problem is fixed or still exists.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we are providing a few questions that are mostly searching on the web.

  • How Do I Cool Down My Xbox One?

In order to cool down the Xbox One console, you need to eject the disc, unplug it from the PSU, and allow the fan to blow into the vents of the device. At the same time, you can cool the device by purchasing a cooling pad or cooling base and place your console on it.

  • Is It Bad To Leave Xbox One On All The Night?

When you enable the Instant-On mode, it will continue the downloading process even though you can’t do any activity on it. Though it turns off, it downloads in the background without any issues. Thus, there are no issues even though we keep our consoles on all the night.

  • Is Xbox One S Outdated?

Two years ago, Microsoft released this Xbox One S. This product of Xbox draws more attention compared with other products. Since the original Xbox is discontinued, Xbox One S is considered as the standard Xbox One video game console. Therefore, we can say that Xbox One S is not outdated till now..

  • Does Xbox One Download Faster Off?

If you running multiple applications, then it automatically slows down the device performance. In the same manner, the speed of the downloading process depends upon the usage of your Xbox One console.

In case if you are playing the games, then it automatically decreases the download process. That’s why keep your console idle while downloading on your Xbox One. But you will not see any increase in the download speed even though we keep it idle.


Tips To Avoid Xbox One Overheating

  • The best tip that we can offer to completely avoid this overheating problem is to place your Xbox One where no sunlight directly falls on it.
  • Regularly clean the device by removing dust on the fans so that it will work without any breakdowns.
  • In order to avoid overheating issue, then place it where the air flows easily that is providing proper ventilation.
  • Don’t place your Xbox One near to any other electronic devices.
  • Moreover, avoid placing the console on your beds, couches, and other soft furniture.
  • Your Xbox One must be far away from heat-evolving sources, such as speakers, etc.


Contact Official Support

Any device, including Xbox One, gets overheated by using it continuously. To avoid further damage and fix the overheating problem, we have to follow the above troubleshooting methods.

Those are much enough in order to solve these kinds of issues. Still, you are suffering from the overheating problem? Then search for any other best solution in Xbox One forums.

If you can’t find anything, then you can visit the Microsoft Store and get it repaired by any professional technician. Or else you can contact the official customer support team to take help from them. Both these ways will help you in fixing the Xbox One Overheating issue.


Final Words: Conclusion

In my final thoughts, I can say that Xbox One users will definitely face this overheating problem at least once while using it. At that time, avoid frustration and use the techniques listed in this post.

According to the user’s report, the above methods will definitely solve the problem without any fail. If anyone owns any other best hack, then feel free to share it with us.

For any suggestions or questions on this troubleshooting guide, contact us by leaving a message in the below box. If this article helped you, then let us know which method fixed the issue.

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