Fix Sea Of Thieves Not Launching

Sea Of Thieves Not LaunchingSea Of Thieves Not Launching

Are you feeling down because the Sea Of Thieves is not launching on your Windows computer? Then use the following tips tricks to resolve the problem and play your most-loved game.

In 2018, the developers of Rare designed this wonderful action-adventure video game for game lovers. The top-best Xbox Game Studios published this Sea Of Thieves.

Windows and Xbox One users can download and play it on their PCs and consoles, respectively. Millions of users from different countries are downloading this action + adventure video game.

In some cases, the users are facing problems whenever they try to launch it. The game will not launch on your PC or console even after repeatedly trying to open it.

When your operating system is outdated, or your PC does not meet minimum game requirements or others, it will show this error message. The reasons that cause this Sea Of Thieves Not Launching are listed below.

You can go through the below sections and try to apply the workable methods to fix it.


Problem Overview

We have hundreds and hundreds of video games to play on our consoles and computers. But the gamers look for a new and interesting game.

For those users, the Sea Of Thieves is the perfect game. It is a mix of both action & adventure. You have to play the \pirate role and want to become a legendary pirate.

Professional gamers are always willing to play this video game on their Windows desktops to enjoy the gaming experience. That’s why the number of users who are playing on their PCs is more than players playing on the consoles.

Though it becomes a more popular game, the players come across various problems while launching or playing it on their PCs. One such issue that most users are facing is Sea Of Thieves Not Launching.

It means that the game is not launching on your Windows computer. Want to know why this problem occurs? Then here are the reasons for the issue.

  • Incompatible applications
  • Expired Graphics Card Drivers
  • Insufficient permissions
  • Out-of-date Windows OS
  • Your PC does not meet the game requirements
  • Corrupted game files
  • Improper Time and Region Settings on your PC
  • Windows Store Apps
  • Improper or corrupted installation of Sea Of Thieves
  • Network Restrictions

If you have encountered this problem, it might be due to one or more reasons listed above. You can check out the following sections to gain more knowledge on this issue.


Related Problems

The users might encounter various other issues related to this Sea Of Thieves on their PCs and consoles. We are providing some of those problems with the solutions.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The following are the basic methods that you can use to resolve the Sea Of Thieves Not Launching issue.

  • Check for Windows Updates

To work smoothly and without any interruptions, we need to update our Windows OS to the latest versions. Due to security issues and bugs, it will not allow running some applications, including games, on our computers.

With the help of the latest patches only, we can remove all these bugs and security blockages. And you know what! The outdated Windows is one of the reasons for your Sea Of Thieves Not Launching issue.

So, better to update your Windows as soon as possible by executing the below steps.

  1. Open Settings by clicking the Start Menu (Windows logo) and choosing the Gear icon.
  2. To upgrade the operating system, you have to open Update & Security.
    Choose The ‘Update And Security’ Option
  3. Stay in the Windows Update tab itself and click the Check for Updates.
    Check For Update
  4. Thus, it contacts the Microsoft servers and checks for any latest patches. If there are any such updates, then it automatically installs them on your PC.
  5. After that, reboot the system and check the game is launching without showing any errors or not.
  • Check your PC & Game Specifications

What if your desktop configurations are not compatible with the recommended requirements of Sea Of Thieves? Simply it shows the error messages. Even it won’t launch whenever you try to open it.

Before going to launch, make sure that your PC satisfies the whole requirements of the game or not. Here are the minimum specifications of the Sea Of Thieves game.

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel i3 @2.9GHz / AMD FX-6300 @3.5GHz
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 650 / AMD Radeon 7750
  • RAM: 4 GB or Above
  • DirectX: 11
  • VRAM: 1 GB or Higher
  • Hard-Disk Drive: 60 GB or More
  • Disable Incompatible Programs:

When your computer contains any problematic applications, some of the games will not launch. Sea Of Thieves belongs to that list. That’s why we recommend the user to disable all those programs on their PCs.

Some of the applications that make nuisances are antiviruses, firewalls, proxy servers, etc. After disabling them, try to open the game and see the error is resolved or still appears.



Steps To Fix Sea Of Thieves Not Launching Issue

If you can’t get benefit from the above techniques, then let’s try these advanced tricks that will surely resolve the issue. Execute the methods carefully in order to get rid of the problem on your PC.


  • Step 1

Run Sea Of Thieves with Admin Rights

Most users generally do a mistake that is launching the game without reading its instructions. Some games are designed in such a way that they need full access rights on your PC.

When you log in to your computer with a user account, you might see this Sea Of Thieves Not Launching issue. Why can’t you try launching the game with an admin account? Or else run the Sea Of Thieves as an administrator by following the below procedure.

  1. Go to the game folder where you installed it on your PC.
  2. Select the .exe file of Sea Of Thieves -> Right-click on it -> Click Properties.
  3. Under the Properties window, navigate to the Compatibility Mode.
  4. You can find the Run this program as an administrator option. Enable it by checking its checkbox placed beside it.
  5. Click the OK button to save the modifications.

Now, launch the Sea Of Thieves game and see the error is disappeared or not.


  • Step 2

Modify the Time & Region on your PC

In case if the Time and Region settings are wrongly configured on your device, then you can face these kinds of problems. Whenever you run this game, it verifies the date and time automatically with the internet.

If it identifies that your PC’s time zone is not matching with your region, then it will not launch the game. That’s why you have to correct them on your PC to avoid these problems.

  1. Press Windows + I to open the Settings page on your screen.
  2. Click Time & Language.
    Choose the Region and Language settings option
  3. Now, click the toggle button under the Set Time Automatically to enable it.
  4. You have to check the time zone and date of your current location.
  5. On the left side, click the Region tab and see the region is corrected or not.
  6. Finally, restart the computer and launch the game without any issues.


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  • Step 3

Run PowerShell

If the above methods will not resolve the problem, then use PowerShell to fix it. You have to follow the below-given guidelines to complete this method successfully.

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R.
  2. Type PowerShell and click the OK button.
    Type powershell in the box & check the box creates this task with administrtive privileges
  3. Now, it opens the PowerShell wizard on your desktop screen. In that, copy and paste the following command and hit Enter.
    1. Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  4. After executing the command, rerun Sea Of Thieves on your PC and see the issue is fixed.


  • Step 4

Update GPU Drivers

We know very well that computer peripherals and removable devices work correctly only when we use the matchable and the latest drivers on our PCs.

If the drivers are corrupted or expired, then it won’t work according to their design. In the same way, Sea Of Thieves needs the graphics card. So, if its drivers are outdated, then it will not function at all. Thus, it leads to the Sea Of Thieves Not Launching issue.

That’s why we have to act quickly and update the GPU drivers with the latest ones.

  1. Press Windows + X -> Click Device Manager.
    Right-click on the start menu and select device manager
  2. Select Display Adapters and expand it by clicking the “>” icon.
  3. Now, choose the graphics card from the list, such as NVIDIA or AMD -> Right-click on it -> Click the Update Driver option.
    Look for the NVIDIA graphics driver and select the Update Driver option
  4. Follow the instructions displayed on your PC and complete the process smoothly.
  5. After updating, run the game and check the error is still troubling you or not.


  • Step 5

Reset Sea Of Thieves Game

If you are unable to launch the game normally, then reset it completely by following the below guidelines.

  1. Press Windows + I -> Click the Apps section.
    Select Apps
  2. Now, locate the Sea Of Thieves game and click on it.
  3. Click the Uninstall button to remove it from the PC.

After uninstalling the game successfully, execute the next steps.

  1. Press Windows logo on your keyboard -> Type wsreset -> Select it from the results and run it as administrator.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. After that, click here to download Sea Of Thieves on your PC and install it.
  4. Again open the Apps from the Settings and locate the Sea Of Thieves.
  5. Select Advanced Options -> Go to the Reset section -> Click the Reset button.
  6. Thus, it completely roll back its settings to the default ones. Now, launch the game without any issues.


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  • Step 6

Clear Additional Windows 10 Store Accounts

One such technique that might help you in resolving the problem is signing out of all the Microsoft Windows 10. But you have to sign in to that account that you have used to buy the game.

In order to clear all other Windows 10 Store accounts, execute the below steps.

  1. Press Windows logo -> Type Microsoft Store -> Select the best-matched one from the results.
    Open Microsoft store in windows 10.png
  2. Once the Windows Store page opens, go to the top-right corner and right-click on your Profile Image.
  3. Click the sign-out option.
  4. Repeat the step until you logout from all the accounts. (Keep in mind that make sure the email ID used in purchasing the game has to sign in).
  5. Now, download any free application on your PC.
  6. Launch the Sea Of Thieves game without engaging with any issues.


Tips To Avoid Sea Of Thieves Not Launching

  • The users who want to launch the game without any issues have to upgrade their OS and all device drivers with the latest ones.
  • Make sure that your computer is fully compatible with the recommended specifications of Sea Of Thieves.
  • When you are installing this game, be careful and follow each step correctly to avoid corrupt installation.
  • Before going to launch or start the game, check whether your network connection is perfect or not.


Contact Official Support

The above-provided methods are much enough in resolving the Sea Of Thieves Not Launching issue. Most users reported that they have fixed the problem with the given tricks.

If you didn’t solve it even after applying all the techniques, then remove the game by uninstalling it completely. After that, freshly reinstall it again on your computer without any mistakes.

Still showing the same error after reinstalling it? Then the best way is to contact the official support team of Sea Of Thieves. Explain the issue clearly and get the perfect fixes to resolve it.


Final Words: Conclusion

Therefore, I can say that the Sea Of Thieves players enjoy playing it on their desktops without any issues. By executing the steps, I listed above, you will not encounter the Sea Of Thieves Not Launching issue.

If you hack this problem with any other method, then share it with us as it will help other players to fix it. For any queries or suggestions, you can contact us at any time.

To comment on this post, check out the below box and leave your message in that. We are very much thankful for your support.


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