Fix PS4 Fan Loud

PS4 Fan Loud

Is the Sony’s PS4 fan making a loud noise? Are you getting irritated with the unbearable sound coming out from the fan? Then you came to the right place.

PlayStation 4 is the best home video game console designed by Sony manufacturers. It gives a thrilling experience to the gamers while playing the games on it.

But while sitting to play the video games on this PS4 console, it generates continuous beep sounds from the fan. It resembles that an airplane is taking off from your room.

In most cases, the dust-filled in the fan cause these sound issues on our PlayStation 4. If you want to know more about this PS4 Fan Loud, then scroll down to the below sections.


PS4 Fan Loud: Problem Overview

Sony developed multiple models of video game consoles, such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Among all, PlayStation 4 is one of the most-used consoles all over the globe.

PlayStation 4 allows the user to play a variety of video games, such as Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls V: The Skyrim, etc. It offers attractive graphics, DualShock Controller, and many other advanced features.

Every PlayStation 4 contains a fan base and produces a little sound while running it. If there are any hardware failures, then the fan will make a huge sound. In case if you do carelessness in repairing the issue, then the fan will damage completely.

To fix this loud fan on your PlayStation 4, we investigated thoroughly and concluded the following reasons that cause this issue.

  • Dust or dirt particles filled around the PS4 fan
  • Issues with PlayStation 4 hard drive
  • Cooling fans
  • Users who use the older PS4 can frequently face this issue
  • In some cases, the high-quality or HD video games can result in PS4 fan loud errors.

After finding out the correct reason, select the appropriate method from the below and use it to resolve the problem.

When you didn’t care about this issue, the loudness will gradually increase. At one point, you can’t bear the sound and even can’t concentrate on your gameplay.

So, before it’s too late, troubleshoot the PS4 Fan Loud issue with our techniques.


PS4 Fan Loud: Related Problems


PS4 Fan Loud: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Let’s start with the basic steps that we are offering you to resolve the PS4 Fan Loud issue.

  • Restart your PS4 Console

Like other PCs, tablets, and Smartphones, the problems that occurred in the consoles will be fixed in some cases. So, whenever you listen to more noise from the console fan, immediately restart the console.

After rebooting the PS4, start playing the games to check the loudness is coming out from the fan or not. If the error still persists, then move to the next methods.

  • Clean your Sony’s PS4

If the console is filled with dust, then the fans spin harder and make more noise/sound. Therefore, open the console and clean it with a neat cloth.

Note: You can follow this method only when your console doesn’t have a warranty. If you open it, then the warranty won’t work at all.

  1. Use the appropriate screw driving tools and open the console carefully.
  2. After that, clean each corner of the PS4, including the fan surroundings, with a smooth fiber cloth.
  3. Once you finish cleaning, fix all the screws and turn on the console.

Now, launch the games and see the fan is generating any louder sounds or not.


PS4 Fan Loud: Steps To Fix PS4 Fan Loud Issue

If the above troubleshooting methods won’t help you, you have several other tricks given in this section.


  • Step 1

Provide Proper Ventilation

You know very well that the fan starts spinning when the PlayStation 4 gets heated. If the console overheats, then the fans accelerate speedily.

In case if you continue to use the console for long hours, then the fan starts making sounds. To control these loud sounds, place the console in the open area.

Make sure the ventilation to your PlayStation 4 console is much enough. At the same time, airflow from in and out of the console is good to avoid overheating issues.

If there are any objects covering your console, remove all of them to flow the air comfortably.


  • Step 2

Place your PS4 in Vertical Direction

Most users lay down their console in the horizontal direction. According to some reports, the console gets overheated when we place it horizontally compared to the vertical direction.

So, flip your PlayStation 4 vertically and control the overheating problem to run the fan without making any extra noise.


  • Step 3

Replace the Thermal Paste

In addition to the above, experts suggested that replacing the thermal paste is also one of the best tricks to fix this PS4 Fan Loud.

When the above troubleshooting methods didn’t help you in solving the problem, you can try out this technique. Once you replace the thermal paste, the CPU will not overheat like before.

If you listen to more noise from the fan even after following this technique, then without any late move to the next methods.


  • Step 4

Use Cooling Stand

The cooling fan of the PlayStation 4 is placed underneath the console. If we lift the PS4, then air will flow easily, and thus, the device does not get overheated.

The manufacturers are providing the cooling stand to place it under the console to cool down the device. By doing so, the device will not overheat and increase the life of the system.

Now, see the fan is spinning without any loud noise on your console or not.


  • Step 5

Repair the System Issues

If the hard drive of your console gets damaged, then the CPU starts overheating. In the same way, the games that are installed incorrectly cause the same problem.

Once the device overheats, it puts a lot of pressure on the fan. By this, it starts accelerating faster and faster. To come out of this situation, repair the hard drive or else reinstall the system program.


  • Step 6

Use Compressed Air Can

If the PS4 Fan Loud issue is not solved even after applying the above troubleshooting methods, then you can use the compressed air can.

Using this compressed air can, one can easily remove the dust-filled in the vents without opening the console. Before using this method, turn off the PlayStation 4 console.

Compared to other tricks, it is the best way to clean the video game console. Follow this method once for every month to keep your console clean.


  • Step 7

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Though many people advise not to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the console, we suggest it if your vacuum cleaner contains a small nozzle.

Takedown your vacuum cleaner and place it near the vents and sides of the console. By doing so, your PlayStation 4 gets cleaned completely without disassembling it.

After cleaning the console with your vacuum cleaner, test the fan is making loud sounds or not.


Tips To Avoid PS4 Fan Loud

To help people who want to avoid these kinds of sound issues with the PS4 fan, we are providing the tips that you need to follow strictly.

  • Place the PlayStation 4 console in that area where the ventilation is good enough.
  • Give small breaks to your Sony’s console while playing the games and never use it continuously for long hours.
  • If you are using the PS4 for several years, then it is better to replace the fan with a new one to avoid these problems.
  • Regularly clean the fan to remove the dust. Also, pour oil on the bearings of your PS4 fan to spin it smoothly.


Contact Official Support

To provide our best, we researched this issue deeply and offered workable methods. Many users have successfully resolved the loud fan problem on their PS4 consoles.

If the fan still makes more noise even after using all the steps, then there are a few alternatives to fix it. One such is searching for some other steps on the official PlayStation forums.

Experts or technical people who come across this PS4 Fan Loud issue post their tricks on these forums. You can use them on your console and get rid of the error.

If none of them helps you, then communicate with the technical team of PlayStation  and ask them to provide steps to fix this issue. Or else visit the authorized Sony store to get your PS4 repaired.


Final Words: Conclusion

On the whole, gamers can play the games with more excitement on their PlayStation 4 consoles. If any problem occurs while playing the game, then Sony offers several steps to fix it.

Similarly, the PS4 Fan Loud problem can be tackled with the methods listed in the above paragraphs. If any of you have fixed it with your own methods, then share them with us through this blog.

Share the details of those steps that are helped in solving this trouble. For any complaints or compliments, type the message in the below comment box. We hope the troubleshooting guide helped you in solving the PS4 Fan Loud issue.

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