Epson Printer in Error State: FIXED ( Easy Troubleshooting Guide)


Do you want to fix the “Epson Printer in error state”? Well, you are in the right place. Let’s have a sneak-peek into Epson’s devices.

Epson is a renowned brand for its multifunctional product range. Like Printers, Projectors, scanners, etc. Epson printers are multifunctional printing devices i.e. all in one product. This attracts users towards Epson.

But nowadays many users are complaining about issues with Epson’s Printer. When they try to use their Epson printer, it simply gets into the error state. This unbales users from working on their data, as they can’t print it. There can be various reasons associated with this, discussed under the Problem Overview section.

Do not worry, as this is a fixable issue. We have included various methods in this article. Be with us till the end to fix the “Epson Printer in Error state” issue


Epson Printer in Error State: Problem Overview

Under this users cannot print using their Epson Printer. When they input any paper and taps on the printing button. It shows up an error message “Epson Printer in error state”. This simply prevents users from getting the desired result. We can understand this is an upsetting situation. But no need to worry, have a look at the various possible reasons behind this error.

  • Hardware related issue
  • Printers Software glitch
  • An outdated or corrupt Driver


Epson Printer in Error State: Related Problems

The printing Error state is a common issue seen in many printers like Brother, Canon, Epson, etc. As here we are dealing majorly with the “Epson Printer in Error state” issue. But all the related issues with Printing can be fixed using the methods mentioned in this blog.

We advise you to follow our methods for the below-mentioned Related Problems as well.


Basic Troubleshooting

Before going for anything else, check on these basic troubleshooting methods. As there are chances that, there might be some connectivity issues. Sometimes power fault happens resulting in the “Epson Printer in error state” issue. Follow the below methods to get a fix.

  • Fix Hardware related issues

Many users have reported that hardware related issues were the reason behind the “Epson printer not working” issue. To fix it, you need to have a deep check on the connecting ports, cables, etc. Turn off your system and detach the power supplies including any external peripherals. Also, turn off your Epson printer to check on its hardware utility.

Follow below steps one by one:

  • Check on your Power socket to ensure that it is in good condition and it is properly connected via Epson Printers power cable.
  • Inspect the USB cable to ensure that it is properly connected with your Windows laptops USB port.
  • Check on the ink levels, make sure it is not low. Also, make sure you are using the original Ink Cartridges in the recommended manner. Using any other Ink cartridges can cause your Epson printer in the error state.
  • In case, you are using wireless Epson Printer, check on the wireless network’s connectivity. To do so just turn on your system now. Here the issue can be with wireless networks, perform troubleshooting to fix it.

Once finished, continue with our next method to fix the “Epson printer in error state” issue.


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  • Look for Printhead Blockage and Clean it

As you are done with hardware related findings. Printhead blockage has been found as the culprit by many users. In this, we are going to detect and clean the Epson Printer. Make sure your Printer is turned off and the power cable is out of the socket.

Follow the below steps to perform this:

  1. Here you have to open the Printers cover to check on the Printhead. Slide it to open then check if there is any leftover blockage.
  2. Now just turn on your Epson Printer by connecting to the power supply. Print a blank page to test its working or not. Also, observe the affected colors.
  3. Now locate “Tools” and tap on it, available under your Epson Printers Control Panel.
  4. Now tap on the “Print Quality” option available there. Some error report will prompt just fix it and tap on “Ok”.
  5. Now go for the “Menu” section, choose the “Settings” option then tap on “Ok”.
  6. Now again from “Tools”, choose “Clean Printhead” and tap on “Ok” toggle. This will take time, wait till it finishes the cleaning process.

Once it is done, print a test page to check if the printer is out of the error state or not. In case it is still not fixed then go for our Advanced Troubleshooting steps.


Step To Fix Epson Printer in Error State

In case basic troubleshooting doesn’t work for you, then follow this section. Till now you know the issue is with software, not the hardware. Follow all these methods orderly and carefully to fix the “Epson Printer in error state” issue.


  • Step 1

Go Windows troubleshooter to fix Spooler service

Windows has an in-built troubleshooter, which can be used to fix minor bugs related to Printer. This will check on your Printers Spooler service and other bugs if there.

Follow the below steps to run this troubleshooter in Windows 10.

  1. Tap on the Windows logo key combined with alphabet “I” to access the “Settings” window. Tap on the “Devices” option available there.
    Then Click on devices.
  2. Now, tap on the “Printers & Scanners” option.
  3. Select your Printer and click on the “manage” button.
  4. Now Click on “Run the Troubleshooter” option, present in the right-side.
    Click on Run the Troubleshooter
  5. It will start detecting, choose your “Epson Printer” from the list.
  6. It will automatically detect and fix the issue.

Once it is done check if the “Epson Printer in Error State” is fixed or not. In case it is not, go for the next method.


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  • Step 2

Go for Updating your Epson Printer Driver

Drier plays the role of a bridge between the external device and systems software. in case Driver is outdated, this can cause a compatibility issue. This further leads to unknown issues. To fix the “Epson Printer in error state” issue keep your Drivers up to date.

Follow the below steps to perform an update:

  1. Open the RUN box using “Windows logo key” and “R” at once.
  2. Write “devmgmt.msc” command and press Enter to execute.
    Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box
  3. Now look for your Printer device under Print Ques and right tap on it. then choose the “Update Driver” option.
    Right-click on your printer and select the Update Drivers option
  4. A window will open up with 2 options, go for the “Search automatically for Driver” option. Afterward, follow the on-screen options. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Once your system turns on, try to print using your Epson Printer to check if the “Epson Printer in error state” issue got fixed or not. In case it persists, go for the next method.


  • Step 3

Go for Reinstalling the Epson Printer on Windows 10

In case you have updated your Epson Printer driver but still, it is in the error state. Then we advise you to go for the fresh installation of the driver. As there can be an issue with the installation file. Or maybe some third-party thing is interrupting, this fresh installation will fix it.

Follow the below steps to perform the re-installation:

  1. Follow Method 1 up to step 2.
  2. Locate your “Epson Printer”, tap on it, and choose “Remove Device” option. In case any message prompts, tap “Yes”.
    Click on your epson printer and click on Remove device
  3. Now, connect your Epson Printer to your system and turn it on.
  4. Again, follow Step 1 and Step 2 of this method.
  5. Tap on the “Add a Printer or Scanner” option available there.
    Click on Add a printer or Scanner
  6. Now, go for the “Add Device” option and look for your Epson Printer device listed there. In case it is there choose it, Windows will automatically install it.
  7. In case you do not find your Epson, the Printer listed there. Then Go for the option “The Printer that I want is not listed”.
  8. Now tap on the “Add a Local Printer or Network Printer with Manual Settings” then tap on “Next” toggle.
  9. You will see the option “Use an existing Port”, choose it. Now go for any “Printer Port” from the navigation list then tap on “Next” toggle.
  10. Locate the “Manufacturer” option on the left side, tap on “Epson” available there.
  11. Now look for your Printing device under the “Printers” heading. In case you didn’t found it, just tap on the “Windows Update” toggle. This will refresh the device in this section. Now repeat step 10 again and then choose your device from the “Printers” option.
  12. Now tap on the “Next” toggle. Fill up the required details such as Printer’s name then tap on “Next” toggle.
  13. Now look for the “Do not share this printer” option and tap on it. then tap on “Next” toggle.
  14. Now tap on the “Print Test Page” option. Once done, tap on “Close” then “Finish”.

In case the issue “Epson Printer in error state” persists. Then go for our next method.


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  • Step 4

Go for Windows 10 latest updates

In case your system is outdated, you will encounter the “Epson Printer in error state” issue. System update downloads the required updates and also fixes up the minor bugs in Windows 10 system.

Follow the below steps to perform a system update:

  1. Open the “Settings” windows by tapping on the Windows logo key with the alphabet “I”.
    Press Windows key + I to open the Settings app
  2. Tap on “Update & Security” option. Then go for “Windows Update” in the left pane.
  3. Tap on “Check for Updates” available in the right pane.
    Check For Update
  4. Windows will start downloading the updates. Once downloading is finish, “Restart” your system.

Once it is done check if the issue “Epson Printer in error state” got fixed or not. In case it still appears then we advise you to visit Epson’s official support.


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Tips To Avoid Epson Printer in Error State Situation

  • Make sure your antivirus is working to avoid any malfunctioning in your Epson Printer.
  • Always update your system to avoid any compatibility related issue between the system and hardware.
  • Make sure the cables are handled properly so that there can be no damage due to dent.


Contact Official Support

In case the issue “Epson Printer in error state” is not fixed. We recommend you to go to Epson’s customer care support. Epson provides very attentive support they will surely fix your issue.

You might have to visit your nearest Epson’s service center. Find out the nearest service center using this link. Make sure you have all the related details with you including the warranty card if applicable. In case the issue doesn’t get fixed, you may have to replace the Epson Printer.

Note: In case the issue is fixed but still it is not working in your system. Then the issue might be with your system. In that case, approach your systems Official support. For example, if you are an HP user, go for its official support.


Final Words: Conclusion

Printing issues are common nowadays and fixable as well. One of our methods will surely work for you. Simply follow them as per given instructions. In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to approach us via comment. We hope our solution had made your day.

After fixing the “Epson Printer in error state” issue, let us know your valuable words including the method worked for you. Yeah, Keep visiting our blog for various other Troubleshooting based solutions.


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