Canon Printer Error Code B200: ERROR FIXED (Troubleshooting Guide)

Complete Guide to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200 


Recently some of my friends asked me about the Canon printer error code B200. They were seeing this error on their computer and were unable to use their Canon printer for printing purposes. This error is related to hardware. This error indicates that the printhead of the printer is faulty but sometimes the printer may give a false error and you can fix it.

This problem occurs due to the printhead issue. To fix Canon printer error code B200, you need to clean the printhead and contact thoroughly with lint-free cloths or cotton swab moistened in rubbing alcohol.  Ink stain and smudged printhead sometimes give false error code B200.

However other issues may also cause this error. In this blog, We are covering all the possible reasons and solutions to fix the canon b200 error. Let’s understand the issue before we move on.


Canon Printer Error Code B200: Problem Overview

Sometimes the printhead gets stuck and error code b200 occurs in a false sense. Damaged or misplaced ink cartridges can cause this error. even a Non-aligned printhead can also cause the b200 error. The printhead may become useless and required a replacement. This is a serious error but it is very rare. whatever is the reason for this error you would be able to fix it.

We have observed that a few Canon Pixma model user constantly searching for the solution of support code b200. The list of canon printer models is as follows.

IP7250 MG5250 MG5320 MG5420 MG5520
MG5550 MP287 MP550 MX490 MX722
MX850 MX870 MX920 MX922 MX926

Let’s begin to sort it out.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The canon printer support code b200 can be caused by some technical reasons. sometimes a simple reason could also trigger this error. Technical reasons require a more thorough approach but simple reasons can be handled by basic troubleshooting. Let us perform some basic troubleshooting steps to handle basic reasons which may be causing this error.

  • Restart the Canon Printer
  • Restart Computer or Laptop
  • Remove and Reinsert Printer Cartridges
  • Connect Printer with another Computer

Canon printer error code b200 should be fixed if a simple reason is behind the error. In case you are still facing the issue with your printer then try the advance methods in this blog.


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Advanced Troubleshooting Steps for Error B200

  • Step 1

Clean the Printhead

The printhead can get dirty for some reason causing the Canon Printer Error Code B200. There can be ink spilled on the head or dust can find its way inside the printer. Follow these steps to clean the printer head and fix the error code B200.

  1. Power Off the printer
  2. Remove all cables from the printer
  3. Open the back panel of Canon printer
  4. Take out the printhead
  5. Clean the head with a cloth dipped in alcohol

Now the Canon printer error code B200 should be fixed. The printer should be able to print documents. If you are still facing the issue then try the next method.


  • Step 2

Replace All Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridge can cause the Canon printer error code B200 in several ways. The ink cartridge may be leaking, damaged or simple it may need replacement. Replacing the old cartridge with another old cartridge or a new cartridge may solve the issue. Follow these steps given below to replace the cartridge in your Canon printer.

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Open the front panel.
    open front panel of canon printer
  3. Take out both cartridges.
    Take out both cartridges
  4. Replace them with new ones (preferred)
  5. Close the Panel

Turn on the printer and try to print a page. If the page is printed then you have fixed the Canon printer error. Otherwise, read the next segment.


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  • Step 3

Replace the Ribbon

The printhead ribbon plays a very crucial role in printing documents. Canon printer ribbon may get old or damaged. Such ribbon will become non-functional and may cause the Canon printer error code B200. To fix this issue you need to replace the ribbon. Follow these steps given below.

  1. Power off Canon Printer
  2. Take out the back panel
  3. Pull out the printhead
  4. Unscrew the Ribbon from both sides of the printhead
  5. Place new Ribbons in the place of old ones

Now when you will turn on the printer, Error should be fixed. If it is still showing the error then try the next method given below in the paragraph.


  • Step 4

Replace the Ribbon Cable Connector

The Ribbon cable connector pin for Canon printer is a 10 – 20 pin connector that connects the ribbon from the printhead. This pin connecter can cause the Canon printer error code B200. The pins can gather carbon or they can become damaged. Either way, you need to replace the Ribbon cable connector. Follow these steps.

  1. Power off the Canon Printer
  2. Open the back panel
  3. Take out the printhead
  4. Remove Ribbon Cable Connector
  5. Place the new one

Now the Canon printer error should be fixed and you should be able to print using your printer. In case the printer is still showing the error, there can be some serious issues with the printhead. Read the next paragraph for more info.

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  • Step 5

Use New Printhead

Canon printer error code B200 can occur due to a fatal problem. The printhead of Canon printer can become dead if it is old or being used for some really heavy printing work. The printhead can seize to operate and cause the Printhead error. Perform these steps as they are given below.

  1. Turn off Canon printer and remove all cables
  2. Open the back panel to take out the printhead
  3. Install the new printhead

Now you are good to go. The Canon support code B200 should be fixed and your printer should work fine. In fact, it will behave like a new printer. Now you have fixed your Canon printer.


Tips to Avoid Problems in the Future

However, Canon printer error code B200 occurs rarely, still, we can take some precautions. It is advisable to follow these steps given below to avoid Error B200 from bothering your Canon printer in the future. Follow our guide given below.

  • Keep the printhead clean
  • Service the Printer once in three months
  • Avoid bad or low-quality ink cartridges
  • Replace ink cartridges regularly

If you will follow this advice given above then you should be able to save your Canon printer from any problems in the future.


Contact Canon Printer Support

Our blog has all the necessary steps to fix the Canon printer error code B200. Still, if you are unable to fix this issue with the Canon printer then you need to contact official and authorized canon printer support. get expert opinions and help. Click this link to visit the canon official website for help.


Final Words: Conclusion

Hopefully, this post helps you fix Your Canon printer error code B200 problem. We have written this post in detail so that you can fix your printer problem with ease. following this guide easy troubleshooting steps, you can resolve your printer problem on your own.

Do let us know if this guide has helped you. You can leave your comment about your experience. Please like & share this post to help others.

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