Display Driver Keeps Crashing: ISSUE FIXED (Easy & Effective Guide)

Fix Display Driver Keeps Crashing

Most of the users have encountered this Display Driver Keeps Crashing problem. It is not hard to fix the issue, so just go through the solutions listed in this post.

Drivers allow the hardware components to accomplish their functioning. When the drivers are corrupted or outdated, or incompatible, the devices will not work.

We have to install the suitable drivers to each and every device we are using on our computer. Some of them are Motherboard, Printer, Graphics Card, Mouse, Keyboard, etc.

In some cases, you can’t see anything on your display or monitor. One of the reasons might be its drivers. If the Display Driver Keeps Crashing on your Windows 10, then use this guide to solve the issue.

The workable troubleshooting methods will make your display or graphics card run without any issues. Check-out the following sections to get more information about it.


Display Driver Keeps Crashing: Problem Overview

Drivers play a crucial role in working the devices properly. Our Windows 10 PC contains several peripherals, including removable ones. All these works only after installing the matched drivers from the manufacturer site.

When the installation process goes wrong or installed from third-party sites, it won’t work at all. And we all know that the out-of-date and infected drivers damage our systems badly.

We use different branded graphics cards, such as NVIDIA and AMD, on our devices. To play the highly-animated games or experience a better visual effects, we install these graphics cards.

It only works when we install the compatible graphics card drivers. Or else you won’t see anything on your screen. Due to some reasons, the user face Display Driver Keeps Crashing problem. They are:

  • Outdated, missing, and incompatible Graphics Card Driver
  • Corrupted Display Drivers
  • Overheating
  • Several Programs Running on your Windows 10 PC
  • Conflict Antivirus or Anti-Malware
  • Other Hardware Issues

In addition to the above, by taking more time, GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) will not show any image on your screen or monitor.

Thus, the user cannot do tasks, including playing games, on their desktops or laptops. Until and unless you fix the issue, the display is blank or black.

Read and understand the offered techniques and resolve the issue on your system.


Display Driver Keeps Crashing: Related Problems

Apart from crashing problems, display drivers trouble you in different areas. We are providing a few issues that are related to this Display Driver Keeps Crashing.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Follow the basic troubleshooting tricks that solve the Display Driver Keeps Crashing problem.

  • Restart the PC

Let’s out the simplest technique that overcomes the crashing issue of the display drivers that is restarting the PC.

When the user faces any non-difficult issue related to drivers or other hardware components, we can fix it by restarting the device.

So, try to reboot the computer/laptop whenever the Display Driver Keeps Crashing occurs.

  1. Click the Start Menu and choose power options.
  2. From that, click the Restart icon to reboot the PC immediately.
    Restart windows 10 computer

But before that, close all the running apps and open windows on your system.

  • Check the Hardware Issues

Is the Graphics Card installed on your system is older? Then you can’t see images or graphics on your display. Thus, neither you work nor play the games until you fix it.

First of all, remove the graphics card and install it on another device. See whether it is working correctly or not. If it is working, then the reason might be any other.

At the same time, verify whether your computer is free from other kinds of hardware issues.

  • Clean the Graphics Card

The dust on the graphics card leads to the occurrence of the Display Driver Keeps Crashing problem. In order to quickly fix the issue, clean the graphics card thoroughly.

Install it properly after cleaning and check whether the error still persists on your Windows 10 or not. If so, go to the next section to apply the advanced methods.


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Steps To Fix Display Driver Keeps Crashing Issue

In some cases, the users who encountered this issue will not fix it by applying the basic methods. That’s the reason why we came up with advanced tips and tricks. Carefully execute the methods step-by-step.


  • Step 1

Update Display Drivers

  1. Press Windows + R to see the Run dialog.
    Press the windows key & Letter R both
  2. Type devmgmt.msc command and click the OK button.
    Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box
  3. The device manager window appears with a list of drivers.
  4. Select the Display Adapter and expand it.
  5. Choose the Graphics Driver and right-click on it.
  6. Click the Update Driver option.
  7. In the new window, select the search automatically for the updated driver software.
  8. It immediately starts updating the graphics drivers with the latest versions.

Apart from the above manual process, you can update the drivers in automatic using the Driver Updater, such as IObit Driver Booster. It finds the expired drivers and installs the latest ones from the manufacturer site.


  • Step 2

Remove & Re-install Graphics Drivers

  1. Open the Search Console by using Windows and S keys.
  2. Type Device Manager in the search box and click the best match.
    Select Device Manager
  3. After seeing the Device Manager on your PC, select the display drivers.
  4. Right-click on it and select the uninstall driver option.
    Now right-click on the NVIDIA adapter from the list and select Uninstall
  5. It completely removes the Graphics Drivers from the desktop computer.
  6. After that, restart the PC. It automatically starts installing the latest graphics driver from the official site.

Now, see the Display Driver Keeps Crashing issue is solved. If you are still facing the problem, don’t worry! Use the below methods.


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  • Step 3

Uninstall Antivirus/Anti-Malware Software

Though the antivirus or anti-malware software cleans the desktops by removing the viruses, it creates some issues. One such is Display Driver Keeps Crashing problem.

The user who wants to fix this problem and make the display driver to work correctly has to uninstall those security suites. For that,

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click the Programs category.
  3. Now, go with the Programs and Features.
    Click on the Programs and Features
  4. Select the Antivirus or Anti-Malware from the list.
  5. Finally, click the Uninstall option to remove the application permanently.

If you want to clean uninstall the antivirus software, then install the best uninstaller, namely IObit Uninstaller.


  • Step 4

Close Unwanted Apps

Even the running applications on your Windows 10 PC cause many issues, including Display Driver Keeps Crashing.

According to some users, they resolve this issue by simply closing the applications and windows. So, just try out this technique to get rid of the issue.

If you didn’t see any changes, then follow the next troubleshooting method.


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  • Step 5

Remove Problematic Drivers

As we already told, we connect different kinds of hardware devices. Some of them are a printer, scanner, USB devices, router, etc.

In order to function all these components, we have to download & install the matchable drivers. But installing unnecessary drivers falls you under risks. It makes your display or screen black, which means you can’t see anything on it.

To know which driver is causing this Display Driver Keeps Crashing problem, uninstall the drivers one-by-one. By this, you can solve the issue from further damages.


  • Step 6

Stop Automatic Driver Updates

  1. Open the Control Panel and choose the System and Security category.
    Click on system and security category
  2. From that, you have to go with the System section.
  3. Come to the left-side panel and click the Advanced System Settings option.
    click on advance systeam settings
  4. The System Properties window opens on your PC. Navigate to the Hardware tab.
  5. After that, click the Device Installation Settings button.
    Click on device installation settings
  6. A new window appears on the screen. In that, you have to click the radio button beside the NO (your device might not work as expected) option.
    Select no and then click on save changes
  7. Click the Save Changes button.


  • Step 7

Reset Visual Effects

  1. First of all, press the Windows key and type System.
  2. Select the correct matched keyword in the results.
  3. Now, you have to select the Advanced System Settings located in the left-side panel.
    click on advance systeam settings
  4. After seeing the System Properties, go with the Advanced tab.
  5. You can find the Settings button under the Performance.
    Select the Settings button
  6. In the next step, you have two options; choose either Adjust for best performance or Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer option.
  7. Finally, click the Apply and OK buttons to save the modifications.

Thus, the Display Driver Keeps Crashing problem will never come back again.


  • Step 8

Increase GPU Processing Time

  1. Go to the Start Menu and type regedit.
  2. Select the Registry Editor from the results section.
    type the regedit in the search box on the taskbar
  3. Open the following path in the left-side pane,

    1. Identify the TdrDelay DWORD at the right-side pane.
  4. In case if you didn’t find it, then create it by doing the following step.
    1. Right-click on the empty space -> Choose New -> DWORD -> Name it as TdrDelay.
    2. Double-click on the TdrDelay. Come to the value section and type 8.
    3. At last, restart the computer and check the problem is disappeared.


  • Step 9

Check the GPU is Overheating

Continuously using the computer or running heavily designed video games cause overheating of the GPU. If it gets overheated (more than 80 Degree Celsius), then you will see this Display Driver Keeps Crashing issue.

To avoid overheating problems, you can use the Temperature Monitor Programs. It will help you in knowing the current GPU temperature.

Moreover, you can fix the issue by cleaning the GPU radiator. So, turn off the PC and remove the radiator carefully. Clean it smoothly and install it on your system.


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  • Step 10

Disable ATKFUSService

In case if you are using NVIDIA Graphics Card, then ATKFUSService will cause the Display Driver Keeps Crashing problem. That’s why disable the service by following the below guidelines.

  1. Open the Run dialog -> Type services.msc -> Hit Enter.
  2. The Services window opens on your desktop. Now, find out the ATKFUSService in the list and double-click on it.
  3. Under the Startup type section, choose either Manual or Disable from the drop-down list.
  4. Finally, go with the Apply and Ok buttons.


  • Step 11

Re-install Windows OS

Still, the display drivers are not working or crashing suddenly? Then the final method to fix it is reinstalling Windows OS.

The corrupted operating system or missing essential registry files cause this issue. According to some user reviews, they have encountered this problem after updating Windows to the latest versions.

But before reinstalling your Windows 10, backup the data that exists on the computer.


Tips To Avoid Display Driver Keeps Crashing Problem

  • The first main thing you need to do for proper functioning of graphics card is installing the latest drivers from the manufacturer website.
  • Avoid using the unnecessary applications that stops other devices to run smoother.
  • Regularly clean the graphics card to avoid overheating problems so that we can escape from the display driver crashing issue.
  • Apart from the above, the best tip to not fall under this Display Driver Keeps Crashing issue is uninstalling troublesome antivirus software.


Contact Official Support

Overall, the user whose display drivers are not responding or keeps crashing can fix it via this post. The basic and advanced troubleshooting methods will resume your graphics card work without any issues.

Windows 10 or other users can apply the above-listed solutions carefully. As it is not a difficult problem, the beginners or non-technical users can easily fix it.

By chance, if the error still persists on your desktop, then we recommend the user to go through the official forums.

Lastly, you can also take help of the manufacturer like NVIDIA or AMD, to resolve the Display Driver Keeps Crashing issue.


Final Words: Conclusion

In conclusion, I conclude that the graphics card or video card is an important hardware utility on the desktops. Without the proper working of the graphics cards, we can’t execute our tasks.

That’s why resolve the Display Driver Keeps Crashing immediately after facing it. If none of the methods solve the issue, then purchase a new graphics card and replace it.

Other than the above, if you own any best technique that can fix this issue, mention it in the below comment box.

Share this valuable tech guide or give your precious suggestions to enhance our services by leaving a message below.


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