Fix CPU Fan Error ASUS

CPU Fan Error ASUS

Have you encountered the CPU Fan Error on your ASUS device? Want to make the CPU Fan spin properly without any breaks? Then fix it with the workarounds given in this post.

ASUS is one of the world’s top multinational companies. It manufactures various hardware peripherals, such as Smartphones, PCs, laptops, accessories, etc.

We use cooling fans to cool down the laptop and avoid overheating. It doesn’t matter if these cooling fans work or not, but the CPU fan has to work correctly.

But there are some cases where users face CPU Fan Error on their ASUS laptops. It might be due to improper installation of the fan or outdated BIOS version.

In this article, we provided full information about this issue and how to resolve it on your ASUS device.


Problem Overview: CPU Fan Error ASUS

Millions of users all over the world are using ASUS PCs and laptops. It provides a qualitative service to all the customers. Since it builds the devices by taking utmost care, the lifetime of those products is comparatively more than other devices.

Even though there are advantages, these ASUS products also trouble their users. The CPU Fan Error ASUS is one such problem that many users face while using their laptops.

When the CPU fan doesn’t run as it should be, you can’t work on your ASUS device. So, you need to act quickly and fix the problem as soon as possible.

First of all, let’s know the reasons that cause this CPU fan error on your ASUS laptop. They might be one or more reasons from the below list.

  • The CPU fan might be misplaced or installed incorrectly on the motherboard.
  • Faulty CPU fan cable or wrong installation of this cable.
  • Using cheap or low branded CPU fan.
  • Even outdated BIOS is also one of the reasons for this problem.
  • Other hardware issues.

Once you know why this problem occurs, it becomes easy for you to pick the right method and fix it within no time.


Related Problems: CPU Fan Error ASUS

There are some more errors that you may encounter with the ASUS CPU Fan. Some of them are shown below with their solutions to fix them.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps: CPU Fan Error ASUS

The basic methods that allow you to fix the CPU Fan Error ASUS are given below. Carefully read the instructions and execute them on your ASUS laptop.

  • Clean the CPU Fans

Most users will not clean their computers regularly so that the inside of your CPU totally accumulated with dust. If the CPU fan and radiator are filled with dust, then it will not spin and gets overheated quickly.

To fix this issue, you need to open the cabinet or case. Take a soft cloth and clean the motherboard carefully. Make sure the screws of the CPU fan are not loosened.

  • Keep your Laptop Cool

Another way to overcome this CPU Fan Error ASUS is cooling down the computer. You have to clean the air vents to flow the hot air easily. For that, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, place your computer in such a place where the ventilation is good.


Steps To Fix CPU Fan Error ASUS Issue

Now, it’s to time to use the advanced methods that will definitely resolve the CPU Fan Error ASUS.


  • Step 1

Update BIOS

Outdated or older versions of BIOS is also one of the major reasons for not detecting CPU fan on your ASUS device. Check for the latest BIOS version and install it on your computer.

After upgrading BIOS, you can check whether your system is detecting the CPU fan or not.


  • Step 2

Lower the Default Fan RPM in BIOS

Sometimes, lowering the default value of CPU fan RPM can fix this CPU Fan error on your ASUS device. To do that, you can use the below steps.

  1. First of all, enter into the boot menu on your ASUS computer.
  2. Go to the CPU Fan Settings under the Advanced Settings menu.
  3. Find the settings that regulate the RPM warnings. The default value is 600 RPM.
  4. Now, you have to decrease the value to 300 RPM.
  5. Save and exit the BIOS.

Restart your ASUS system and check the CPU fan error is fixed.


  • Step 3

Disable CPU Fan Speed Monitoring in BIOS

In addition to the above, disabling the CPU fan speed monitoring in BIOS settings can make your system detect the CPU fan. Go through the below procedure and apply them to your system.

  1. Restart your system -> Press Del to boot the PC into BIOS.
  2. Go to the Advanced settings -> Locate the Monitoring section.
  3. Now, disable the CPU fan speed by setting it to Ignore.
  4. If there is any confirmation window, then click yes to confirm.
  5. Save the settings and exit from the BIOS menu.

Reboot the PC and check the CPU Fan Error ASUS is resolved or still persists.


  • Step 4

Stop Overclocking

Overclocking is used to run the computer faster than it should be. It improves the CPU performance, but at the same time, it causes issues while booting or working on our system.

CPU Fan Error ASUS is also caused due to Overclocking. So, you need to stop Overclocking by changing the BIOS settings. After turning off Overclocking option, see the device is detecting CPU fan or not.


  • Step 5

Check your CPU Fan

Is the CPU fan on your computer positioned correctly? Why because when you open your PC, the fan might get misplaced. If the fan screws are loosened or come out of its place, you can face this problem.

That’s why take a screwdriver and tighten the screws of your CPU fan. Also, apply the glue to stop falling it from its place.


  • Step 6

Check the Fan’s Location

Do you disassembled and assembled your computer recently? Have you installed the CPU fan in the correct place or not? If the fan position is wrongly installed and connected somewhere else, it will not cool down the CPU.

Therefore, open the case again and install the fan correctly to cool the system while working on it.


  • Step 7

Change the CPU Fan’s Settings

Apart from the above methods, some users suggested that changing the fan settings in BIOS as mentioned below can fix this CPU Fan Error.

  1. Firstly, boot the Windows PC into the BIOS screen.
  2. When you see the blue screen or BIOS menu, navigate to the Advanced Settings.
  3. Select the Hardware Monitor section -> Choose CPU Fan.
  4. Now, you have to enable the Active Heat Sink and Fan Duct with Fan options.
  5. Simultaneously, turn off the Passive Heat Sink and Fan Duct without Fan options.
  6. Once you’ve done with the above steps, save the changes and exit the BIOS menu.

Check the ASUS system is detecting the CPU fan of the motherboard or not.


  • Step 8

Replace the CPU Fan

There are maximum possibilities of fixing the CPU Fan Error ASUS with the above methods. If none of the tricks didn’t solve the issue, you have one and only way, and that is replacing the CPU fan.

The CPU fan on your motherboard might be damaged, so purchase a new one and install it correctly.


Tips To Avoid CPU Fan Error ASUS

  • Once or twice a week, clean the device to remove the dust so that the CPU fan will spin without any issues.
  • To avoid these errors, you have to place the ASUS laptop in such an area where the ventilation is good. By this, the device will not overheat and spin the CPU fan freely.
  • Once got to know that you’re using an outdated version of BIOS, download and install the latest versions to avoid all these errors.
  • If you don’t know how to disassemble the laptop, then never do it because misplacement of the CPU fan can cause this error.


Contact Official Support

Mostly, the CPU Fan Error ASUS occurs due to the given reasons. To tackle this issue, the above methods are much enough. Some may fix with our tricks, but a few people still face it on their ASUS laptops.

If you are the one who engages with the same issue, you need to visit the nearest ASUS store. The expert technician of the ASUS authorized store can find and fix the problem.

In case if no one can find the root of this error, then contact the ASUS support team. If your ASUS laptop is brand new, replace it with a new one.


Final Words: Conclusion

To sum up everything, ASUS CPU Fan Error needs to be fixed immediately with the given troubleshooting methods. If you don’t understand any instructions, simply contact us. We will clarify your doubts through the comment section.

You can also share your suggestions that will enhance our services. Want to know any other information or fix the problematic PC and gaming issues?

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