Fix Chrome Crashes When Printing

Chrome Crashes When Printing

Chrome Crashes When Printing

Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser developed by Google. Though millions of users use it for surfing & many other online activities, it troubles us by throwing some error messages.

One of the irritating problems faced by Chrome users is the crashing issue while trying to print. As it looks simple, some users got frustrated with this error.

Don’t worry! We offer multiple troubleshooting methods that can fix the Chrome Crashes When Printing. Apart from that, we also provide tips that can completely avoid these kinds of Chrome issues.


Chrome Crashes When Printing Problem Overview

For browsing the internet, streaming video platforms, banking, and other online activities, we use web browsers on Windows PCs. There are several popular browsers worldwide, such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Compared to all those browsers, Chrome occupies the first place in the most-used browser all over the globe. Like other Google products, Chrome is also designed with numerous features.

One can browse the web faster, smoother, and in a secure manner. It provides ultimate security to the user’s privacy. Regularly Google comes with the latest versions to offer new features.

But there are some drawbacks, or we come across issues while using Chrome. Today, we are going to discuss one such problem that is Chrome Crashes When Printing.

Chrome users want to take the print-out of the webpage while surfing itself. That’s the reason why it includes the Print option under its menu.

Some people are complaining that the browser is crashing while trying to take the printouts of the web copies. Chrome is showing the print preview without any issues but causing crashing problems whenever we click the Print button.

There are some particular reasons for crashing Chrome on your PC. It might be anyone given in the following list.

  • Sometimes, the tabs opened on the window, and the Plugins installed on your Chrome cause this error.
  • Virus infections or malicious websites can also result in this issue.
  • Faulty Network Connection
  • Outdated Chrome Browser
  • Browser History & Cache on your Chrome

Let’s follow the below steps to fix the Chrome Crashes When Printing on your Windows PC.


Chrome Crashes When Printing Related Problems

Chrome will crash or freeze while printing on our desktops. Some of those errors that are related to it are given below. Just have a look and fix them whenever you face them.


Chrome Crashes When Printing Basic Troubleshooting Steps

It’s time to check the basic methods that can solve the Chrome Crashes When Printing issues on your Windows 10.

If you face any problems or don’t understand any instructions, feel free to contact us via the comment section.

  • Restart your PC and Chrome

One of the oldest and simple techniques that may solve the Chrome Crashes When Printing is rebooting your Windows 10.

  1. First of all, close all the applications running on the device.
  2. Press the power button and hold it until the lights of it are off.
  3. Restart your computer again and launch Chrome by double-clicking its desktop shortcut.
  4. Now, try printing the webpage on your Chrome browser and see the crashing happens or not.
  • Check your Network Connection

The users who connected their PC to a Wi-Fi network are facing these crashing problems compared to the users who use a wired internet connection. Because the internet connection is not stable and reliable when we use the Wi-Fi network.

If you are using a wireless network, then immediately switch to the wired internet connection. By doing so, you will not encounter any Chrome crashing problems while printing.



Steps To Fix Chrome Crashes When Printing Issue

The users who tried the above solutions but failed to fix the Chrome Crashes When Printing can use the following tricks.


  • Step 1

Perform Antivirus Scan your Computer

Do you run antivirus scans regularly on your Windows PC? If you don’t have that habit, then the files and apps get corrupted with viruses and malware.

Malicious applications and virus infections are also one of the reasons for the Chrome Crashes When Printing. Therefore, we recommend Chrome users install the best antivirus software, like BullGuard Antivirus.

After that, perform a full scan of your computer to find out the corrupted items and remove them to overcome these problems. Once you complete the scanning process, restart your PC and try printing on your Chrome to test for a crashing issue.


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  • Step 2

Disable Problematic Extensions

Is your Chrome Web Browser contains numerous extensions? Have to install those Plugins from unknown sources? Then these extensions may turn rogue and cause crashing issues while printing the web page on your Chrome.

To know which extension is creating this non-sense, you have to disable all the extensions at once. After that, start enabling the plugins one after the other and check the issue is fixed or not.

Once you find the culprit extension, uninstall it fully from your Chrome to solve the issue on your PC.

  1. Go to the Chrome menu located in the top right corner.
    Click on the Chrome Menu
  2. go to the more tools and click on the extension.
    then click on the more tools option and select the Extensions option
  3. now find the problematic extensions and disable them by clicking disable to
    Now disable extensions one by one.


  • Step 3

Close Unwanted Tabs

Sometimes, a simple trick can solve your Chrome issue. That is closing all other tabs opened on the window. After closing the tab, go to the menu and click the print option. Now, you can see the print preview and tap the print button.

See the Chrome crashes while printing the webpage or completes its task successfully.


  • Step 4

Try to Print on Other Browsers

We already said that there are many other best web browsers in the market, such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox, etc. If you still engage with this issue, then download & install the best alternative of Chrome browser on your computer.

After finishing the installation process, try to print the webpage and check for any errors. When you didn’t face any problem on another browser, move to the following tricks to fix the problem on your Chrome.


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  • Step 5

Clear Browser History & Cache

Moreover, the browser history and cache on your Chrome lead to many issues, such as slow loading of web pages, crashes while printing, freezes, etc.

With a simple procedure on your Chrome, you can completely avoid these issues. Follow the steps given below to fix Chrome Crashes When Printing on your PC.

  1. Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome placed at the left-side corner of Chrome -> Click More Tools -> Select the Clear Browsing Data option.
    Select the More Tools option & Click on Clear Browser data
  2. Now, choose All Time from the drop-down menu beside the Time Range section.
    Set the time range and click the clear data button
  3. Check the checkboxes of Browser History, Cookies and other site data, and others.
  4. Finally, click the Clear Data button.

Within a few seconds, it removes the entire data, cache, and cookies from your Chrome browser. We hope that you will not face any more issues when printing on your Chrome.


  • Step 6

Stop Running Other Apps/Programs

Several users perform multi-tasking on their computers, such as playing, listening to music, browsing, etc. Though you are capable of doing all these tasks, just think about your PC.

It may or may not handle all these activities at once. That’s why it throws the error messages while working on our devices. Running multiple applications at a time may be the reason for Chrome Crashes When Printing.

To confirm that, stop all the processes except Chrome from where you want to print the web pages. After that, try to print on your Chrome and check for the crashing issue.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time on your keyboard.
    Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc buttons
  2. It immediately shows the Task Manager on the desktop screen.
  3. From the Processes tab, right-click the program that you want to close and choose End Task.
  4. Like the same, you have to close all other unnecessary apps.

If you still face the same Chrome crashing issue, use the following methods to get rid of it.


  • Step 7

Reset Chrome

Resetting your Chrome also helps in fixing the crashing issues when printing the web page. To do so, execute the below instructions on your Windows 10.

  1. Type chrome://settings in Chrome’s address bar and press Enter.
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click Advanced.
    Click on Advanced tab
  3. In the end, you will see the Reset and Clean-up section.
    Scroll down and click on the Reset and clean up option
  4. Click the Restore Settings to their original defaults option.
    restore settings to there original defaults
  5. You will see a pop window, and in that, click the Reset Settings button to continue.

It reverts back the Chrome to the default settings within no time. Now, relaunch Chrome and check the printing problems are fixed or not.


  • Step 8

Uninstall & Clean Reinstall Chrome

If the above methods failed to fix the Chrome Crashes When Printing, then uninstall and reinstall Chrome on your Windows computer.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type appwiz.cpl -> Hit Enter.
  2. Select Google Chrome and click Uninstall.
    Select the google chrome from the list and click on uninstall
  3. After uninstalling Chrome, remove the files and folders from your directory.

Now, open the official website of Google Chrome and download the latest version. Follow the basic installation steps and finish the process. Once you are done, start using Chrome and its features without facing any errors.


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Tips To Avoid Chrome Crashes When Printing

  • Regularly check for the latest updates and install them on your Chrome browser to avoid these kinds of simple issues.
  • Never install unnecessary extensions or Plugins from unknown sources so that we can use Chrome features without any problems.
  • Scan the computer with the best antivirus software to clean the malicious files and apps.
  • If you are using wireless or free/public Wi-Fi hotspots, then immediately switch to a wired network.


Contact Official Support

By reaching the last method, you will fix the Chrome Crashes When Printing issue. In the future, you can easily deal with this problem while taking prints from Chrome webpages.

We took the above methods from different sources, including forums like Reddit. But we suggest the users who didn’t fix the issue yet have to go through the Chrome official forums.

Mostly, the methods discussed in this guide are much enough to resolve the crashing problem while trying to print. If nothing helps you, then simply contact the Google Customer Support team. Describe your issue in the search box and get answers from the experts of Google.


Final Words: Conclusion

On the whole, Google Chrome is the secure and fastest web browser for Windows and other platforms. Like editing the webpage, bookmark, and others, we can take prints to keep the hard copy of the web pages.

Since most users see crashing problems with their Chrome when printing, we have given the workable tricks in this post. If you have solved it with your own methods, then share them with us via this guide.

Subscribe to our blog to solve many other PC and gaming issues that you come across while working/playing on your system. We hope that Chrome users have solved this crashing issue while printing on their devices. details about which method had helped in fixing this issue. We glad so much for your love and support.

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