Black Desert Online Black Screen

Fix Black Desert Online Black Screen

Black Desert Online Black Screen

Black Desert Online Black Screen

Black Desert Online Black Screen problem stops you from playing it effectively on your Windows PC. Did you try several methods to fix this issue?

Don’t frustrate! We are here to help you in resolving this problem with our best tricks. This guide will offer the tips and tricks that vanish the black screen and crashing issues.

We know that most players love to play Black Desert Online games on their desktops. As many users are complaining about this problem, it became one of the big issues for them.

Whatever the reason might be, like out-of-date video drivers, corrupted game files, and others, you can solve it within seconds.


Black Desert Online Black Screen: Problem Overview

Black Desert Online is the best Korean game designed in sandbox technology by Pearl Abyss. Users can play this video game on their Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Android, etc.

To play this video game, the major resource is a stable and reliable (uninterrupted) internet on our desktops. If there are any fluctuations, then the game will crash.

Black Desert Online users also suffer from black screen problems. Due to the older graphics drivers, the game will not run properly and show this black screen issue.

Apart from that, there are several reasons for the Black Desert Online Black Screen problem. Some of them are:

  • Game files of this Black Desert Online (BDO) may be corrupted.
  • Outdated Windows OS is also causing this black screen issue.
  • Users didn’t own sufficient permissions to run this BDO game on their computers.
  • Sometimes, even the game resolution acts as the reason for this problem.
  • Issues with the Black Desert Online Servers
  • The apps that are running on your PC might be conflicting with the Black Desert Online game.
  •  You may be installed this sandbox video game improperly.

Now, you have well aware of why Black Desert Online shows the black screens while playing it. Let’s crack this problem by applying the best methods on your Windows 10.


Black Desert Online Black Screen: Related Problems

Black Screen errors with Black Desert Online are shown in different forms. Some of them are listed in this section with the fixes to solve them.


Black Desert Online Black Screen: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The basic troubleshooting methods that will help the BDO users to fix the black screen issues are given below. Read the steps carefully and execute them on your PC.

  • Check the BDO Servers

Every day, millions of users worldwide play this Black Desert Online game on their Windows computers. Due to this, the traffic of BDO increases, and thus, result in the black screen issue.

In order to fix the Black Desert Online Black Screen, you have to choose some other server location. This simple trick can solve crashing, freezing, and black screen issues of the Black Desert Online game.

  • Close Conflicting Processes

Is your PC loading multiple processes all the time while playing Black Desert Online? One or another program might conflict with the sandbox video game on your PC.

If you terminate these software conflicts, then the black screen will not be shown while gaming the Black Desert Online game. For that,

  1. Right-click on the empty area of the Taskbar -> Click Task Manager.
    Select task manager from the list
  2. Now, right-click the Process that you want to kill -> Choose End Task.
  3. Click the OK or continue option if you see any pop-up window on your screen.

Now, run the Black Desert Online and check the black screen issue will occur again or not.



Steps To Fix Black Desert Online Black Screen Issue

Don’t panic if the Black Desert Online Black Screen error will not fix with the basic methods. You have the following advanced steps to solve it.


[ps2id id=’Step-1-Run-this-Black-Desert-Online-as-Administrator’ target=”/]

  • Step 1

Run this Black Desert Online as Administrator

Lack of permissions becomes the major reason for causing black screen issues for this Black Desert Online game. You have to run this BDO as an administrator.

  1. Press Windows + E to open the File Explorer and navigate to the installation folder of Black Desert Online.
  2. Right-click the .exe file of the BDO game -> Click Properties.
  3. From the Compatibility tab, choose Run this program as an administrator.
  4. Save the changes and relaunch Black Desert Online to test the black screen problem is fixed or not.

If you are launching this sandbox game through Steam, then running it with the admin permissions solves the problem.


[ps2id id=’Step-2-Update-Video-Drivers’ target=”/]

  • Step 2

Update Video Drivers

Install the latest graphics drivers on your Windows computer to solve this Black Desert Online Black Screen issue. You can choose either a manual method or an automatic one to upgrade the video drivers.

  1. If you are using NVIDIA Graphics Card, then open the official website of NVIDIA. (Open AMD’s official website if you use its GPU drivers).
  2. From that, check out the compatible and the latest drivers and install them on your PC.
  3. Wait for a while until the update process is completed.
  4. Finally, restart your PC.

Relaunch Steam and Black Desert Online to check the black screen error is resolved or not.

The users who opt for the automatic update method can use DriverFix. Within seconds, it checks for the latest video drivers and updates them on your PC.


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[ps2id id=’Step-3-Verify-the-Game-Integrity’ target=”/]

  • Step 3

Verify the Game Integrity

Steam users can easily solve this BDO Black Screen problem by validating the game files. If the black screen is caused by corrupted game files, then it will help you a lot.

  1. Launch Steam -> Go to Library -> Right-click Black Desert Online -> Choose Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Local Files tab and select Verify the Integrity of the Game Files option.
  3. Now, it starts validating the game files and repair whenever it detects the corrupted ones.
  4. After completing, reboot your system.

Rerun BDO game on your Windows 10 and see the crashing or black screen issue occurs again or not.


[ps2id id=’Step-4-Change-the-Game-Resolution’ target=”/]

  • Step 4

Change the Game Resolution

Some users have said that they have resolved this black screen problem by changing the game resolution. For that, you have to open the BDO Settings and alter the resolution to play it without any black screen issues.



[ps2id id=’Step-5-Reinstall-Visual-C-Redistributables’ target=”/]

  • Step 5

Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributables

In forums and some other official sites, they posted that reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributables on our PCs can fix this issue. Before that, you have to remove the older copy of Visual C++ from your computer.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type appwiz.cpl -> Hit Enter.
  2. Select Microsoft Visual C++ Redist -> Click Uninstall.
  3. You have to select all the entries of Visual C++ Redist and remove them from the PC.

After uninstalling, open the official website of Microsoft and install the latest Visual C++ Redistributables. Once you finished the installation process, check the BDO Black Screen is fixed or not.


[ps2id id=’Step-6-Remove-the-Game-Cache’ target=”/]

  • Step 6

Remove the Game Cache

If the above methods fail to fix the Black Desert Online Black Screen problem, then delete the game cache folder from the PC.

  1. If the Steam Launcher is open, then close it.
  2. Press Windows + E to open Windows Explorer.
  3. Go to the installation folder of BDO -> Double-click the Black Desert Online folder.
  4. Click UserCache folder -> Press Del key to remove it from the PC.
  5. After that, select the Cache folder and press the Del key to delete it.

Reboot the Windows PC and relaunch Black Desert Online to test the black screen shows again on your desktop or not.


[ps2id id=’Step-7-Check-for-Windows-Updates’ target=”/]

  • Step 7

Check for Windows Updates

Didn’t you update your Windows OS even Microsoft released the latest ones? Then the bugs in the older versions might cause this black screen while playing the Black Desert Online game.

Therefore, install the latest updates of Windows from Microsoft’s official website to overcome this issue. Or else follow the below guidelines to upgrade your Windows.

  1. Press Windows + I -> Click Update & Security.
    Choose The ‘Update And Security’ Option
  2. In the Windows Update tab, click the check for updates option to check and install the latest updates automatically on your PC.
    Check For Update

After finishing the update process, rerun the BDO game to play without any black screen or crashing issues.



[ps2id id=’Step-8-Reinstall-Black-Desert-Online’ target=”/]

  • Step 8

Reinstall Black Desert Online

The final way left to you is uninstalling and reinstalling Black Desert Online on your Windows PC. Open Control Panel and uninstall BDO from the device.

After that, remove all those folders that are related to this Black Desert Online game, such as from AppData and LocalAppData folders.

Open the official website of Black Desert Online freshly and download it. After downloading, install it carefully by following the on-screen instructions.

Now, start playing your favorite sandbox video game (Black Desert Online) error-freely.



Tips To Avoid Black Desert Online Black Screen

  • The Black Screens will not be shown at any time when you use the up-to-date graphics card drivers.
  • To play the game flawlessly without these black screens, the Black Desert Online users have to turn the Automatic Windows update On to keep it up-to-date always.
  • Close all those programs and run only the BDO game to avoid these kinds of problems on your computer.


Contact Official Support

Black Screen error can be easily solved on our Windows PCs by following the perfect methods. Like other games, the users of Black Desert Online can fix the black screen whenever they see it on their PC.

If the above tips won’t work at all, click here to open the support page of Black Desert Online and log in with your credentials. Type the problem that you are facing and search for what you need.

It will provide the instructions that help in fixing this black screen issue. After fixing, you can start playing Black Desert Online smoothly on your PC.


Final Words: Conclusion

Therefore, I would like to say that the troubleshooting methods given in this post helped you in fixing the Black Desert Online Black Screen issue.

Some users face issues while executing the steps on their Windows PCs. If you have any doubts, then don’t hesitate to ask for help. Not only on this issue, but you can contact us to solve any other technical errors.

To keep you updated with our latest topics, you have to subscribe to our blogs by providing an email address & hitting the Subscribe button. Hopefully, this article provided enough information about the technical issue you are facing on your PC.

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