Fix Anthem Demo Not Working

Anthem Demo Not Working

Anthem is the best online action role-playing video game developed by BioWare. Electronic Arts published this stunning action game for all game lovers.

To encourage the players, the manufacturers are designed the Anthem Demo. We can download and install this Anthem Demo game on our Windows PCs.

The paid version of Anthem is usually a multiplayer game, but Anthem Demo is developed to play in the single-player mode. But, the players can enjoy a lot while gaming Anthem Demo on their PCs.

There are a few players who face problems while launching the game. They say that Anthem Demo is not working on their Microsoft Windows PCs.

If any of you encounter this problem, this article is for you. In this article, we have included all the troubleshooting methods that fix this Anthem Demo Not Working error.


Anthem Demo Not Working: Problem Overview

Electronic Arts manufactured a lot of video games in different genres, such as action, adventure, shooting, etc. Some of the top-best games designed for Windows users are Apex Legends, Battlefield, Star Wars, The Sims, etc.

Apart from these, Electronic Arts developed one of the best action video games, and that is Anthem. It is a multiplayer role-playing game.

To attract games and gain a lot of users, it came up with the Anthem Demo version. Before purchasing the full edition of Anthem, it designed the demo version in a single mode with a pack of features.

Here comes the problem while trying to load the Anthem Demo on the desktop computers. Instead of showing the main menu of the game, it stops responding when we open it.

In our investigation, we found a few reasons that trigger this problem. They could be any from the below list.

  • Since Anthem is an online video game, the internet connection has to be faster. So, it stops working due to slow internet speed.
  • Game servers are down
  • Outdated GPU card drivers
  • Incoming traffic on the website is heavy, and that’s why the game is not loading properly.
  • Incompatibility problems.
  • Low FPS is also one of the reasons for this issue.

Without wasting your time, let’s jump into the below sections to know the methods that will fix this problem.


Anthem Demo Not Working: Related Problems

Now, let’s check out the different variations of this Anthem Demo Not Working issue, along with their solutions.


Anthem Demo Not Working: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

It’s time to check out the basic steps that will help in troubleshooting the Anthem Demo Not Working issue on your Windows 11 computer.

  • Restart the Game

When the Anthem Demo stops working or does not respond, immediately close it on your computer. After a few seconds, relaunch the Anthem Demo game and see the problem occurs again or not.

Due to some glitches, it will not work at some times. If the Anthem Demo Not Working is not fixed, then move to the next method.

  • Restart your Windows 11 PC

There could be some hardware issues that are stopping the Anthem Demo game on your Windows 11 PC. In this situation, you have to close the game and all other applications running on your device.

Shut down the computer and restart it after keeping it idle for 10 minutes. Once the system reboots, relaunch Anthem Demo and see the issue still persists.

Play this action game smoothly if you didn’t see any error, or go to the next section to resolve this issue.


Steps To Fix Anthem Demo Not Working Issue

Don’t worry! There are several other techniques that will allow you to resolve the Anthem Demo Not Working issue.


  • Step 1

Check your Internet Connection

Anthem Demo is an online video game, so we have to connect our PC to faster internet. If the speed of your internet is too low, then it will not load the game properly.

Therefore, the slow and uninterrupted internet will stop the Anthem Demo from launching on your Windows computer. To play this free-action game, you should use an Ethernet network if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection.

Contact your Internet Service Provider to repair these network issues and gain a speedier internet. If the Anthem Demo Not Working problem occurs even though there are no internet issues, move to the next methods.


  • Step 2

Repeatedly

According to some users, they have successfully solved this issue by repeatedly signing into the website. Anthem Demo has millions of fans all over the world.

What if all the players try to connect to the Anthem game? Due to this, overload on the website increases. By this, a few people cannot start the game because it will not work at all.

In this situation, try to sign in to the website continuously. By doing so, the Anthem Demo will work and allow you to play it error-freely.


  • Step 3

Check the Server Status

While upgrading the Anthem game or performing any other maintenance activities, the servers will go down. In case if you are trying to launch the game when the servers are not active, you will come across these problems.

So, what I meant to say is to check the server status. If they are really down, you need to wait until they work as they should be.


  • Step 4

Upgrade GPU Card Drivers

To play video games, to run graphics-related applications, and to show images or videos, we need to equip a suitable graphics card on our Windows PC.

Though our desktop comes up with an inbuilt GPU card, some high-level games require an advanced video card. Whether it is an integrated or dedicated GPU card, it works only when we install the latest and the supported drivers on our PCs.

Outdated graphics card drivers is also one of the reasons for causing the Anthem Demo Not Working issue. So, you have to check whether the video drivers are up-to-date on your PC.

If you found them expired, then follow the below steps to upgrade them.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type devmgmt.msc -> Click OK.
  2. Expand Display Adapters -> Right-click on the Video Card that you’re using -> Click Properties.
  3. Go to the Driver tab -> Click on the Update Driver option.
  4. Now, select Search automatically for the updated driver software option.
  5. Wait until the latest drivers are downloaded and installed on your Windows computer.

Finally, restart your PC and check the Anthem Demo works properly or not.


  • Step 5

Run for Compatibility Issues

Is your PC contains low-level configurations? Then it is not a big shock to face the Anthem Demo Not Working error.

If there is no sufficient RAM, processor, and video card, then the game will not load or work at all. So, before going to launch the Anthem Demo, it is best to confirm whether your PC is compatible with its requirements or not.

Get your PC equipped with the minimum specifications of the Anthem Demo to overcome these issues.


  • Step 6

Switch Windows

In addition to the above reasons, Low FPS (Frame Rate per Second) also stops the Anthem Demo to work on your PCs.

If the FPS ranges between 24 to 25, then you will face the Anthem Demo Not Working issue. To get rid of this problem, try the below steps.

  1. First of all, open a new tab on your browser or else a new window by tapping on the Alt + Tab keys.
  2. Now, you have to run other applications for at least 10 minutes. After that, rerun the Anthem Demo game.

When you do this activity, the FPS will come to the normal range. By this, the Anthem Demo starts working correctly. If none of these solutions fix it, go to the Contact Official Support section.


Tips To Avoid Anthem Demo Not Working

  • The best tip that you have to follow to play any video game without any errors is keeping the graphics card drivers up to date on your PCs.
  • Before starting the gameplay, you should be very clear that your PC is fully compatible with the Anthem game.
  • Don’t connect your computer to any free or restricted Wi-Fi network when you want to play this Anthem Demo error-freely. You must use a faster Ethernet connection to overcome these issues.
  • Before launching this online video game, stop all those web apps running in the background of your computer.


Contact Official Support

The users who are engaging with this Anthem Demo Not Working can solve it with the given troubleshooting methods. 99 out of 100 gamers fix this problem with our tricks.

If you’re still engaged in the same issue, check out some popular websites and forums. The Electronic Arts community and Reddit are some of the best destination sites for these issues.

Sometimes, you can’t find any different solution other than the above ones. In that situation, you have to contact the Electronic Arts Support Team.

Either mail your problem explaining clearly or live chat with the technical team and wait for their reply. At the end, everyone can fix the issue and play the Anthem Demo on their PCs without fail.


Final Words: Conclusion

To sum up everything, Anthem Demo is a free-to-play online action video game for Windows users. It also supports other platforms, such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

You can play this trial edition before purchasing the full version of Anthem. In case if the Anthem Demo troubles you by not working, start using the methods that were discussed in this article.

Do you have any doubts about this troubleshooting guide? If so, feel free to clarify them by contacting us. Share this article with your friends to help them in fixing it.

Post your valuable comments after fixing the Anthem Demo Not Working with our techniques. We are very thankful for your love and support.

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