Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working: KEYBOARD FIXED (Tested solutions)


Are you dealing with the Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working Issue? We can understand the stiffness of this situation. Many users are going through this issue. They are unable to use their inbuilt keyboard. Using an external keyboard is an alternative here but this limits the eases of laptops.

A problematic Acer laptop keyboard can be because of various reasons like an outdated driver, minor bugs, or malfunctioned system, etc. In this case, reason can’t be specific.

We know you must be stuck with a thought that “I am unable to access my Acer laptop without keyboard then how will I fix this issue with a not working keyboard?”

But no need to panic, as we are going to help you out in all the possible ways. At first, there is an on-screen keyboard provided in your system so you can use that if needed. Apart from this our most of the solution will only require a touchpad input. So, this won’t be so difficult for you.

So, let’s fix the Acer laptop keyboard not working issue using the methods provided under troubleshooting.


Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working: Problem Overview

Under this issue, Acer laptop users are unable to use their inbuilt keyboard. Some users have reported that some keys are not working. Others are complaining about the whole keyboard is stuck. As per our observation the reason behind this issue can be:

  • An outdated dated driver and system
  • External damage
  • Corrupt system files


Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working: Related Problems

There are many related problems with Acer laptop keyboard not working issue. Some of them are mentioned below, you can use the same solutions for each of them.


Basic Troubleshooting

Before going for any advanced troubleshooting steps go for our basic steps. Sometimes just minor bugs can create such issues with your Acer laptops keyboard.

  • Check whether the issue is due to Hardware or Software

Before going for anything else just find out the real culprit behind your Acer laptops problematic keyboard.

  1. Turn on your system, as it started turning on just press any one of these keys F2, F8, F12, or Delete continuously to enter the BIOS screen.
  2. If the BIOS screen doesn’t get boot or open, that means the reason is hardware. In this case, you should contact the official support of Acer or an expert to get rid of the Problematic Acer laptop keyboard.
  3. If you can enter the BIOS menu and can navigate using the arrow keys. Then the problematic keyboard is because of some software glitches. In this case, you need to follow our methods to get rid of it.


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Methods To Fix Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Once you found the actual reason behind the Acer laptops keyboard not working issue. Try these methods one by one, mostly you will require the touchpad input. In case keyboard input is required then simply use the on-screen keyboard. Now follow the below steps to fix your problematic Acer laptops keyboard.



Complete System Reboot including removing the battery

Sometimes just rebooting can fix the Acer laptop keyboard not working issue. Sometimes third-party applications prevent other applications from using the keyboard.

This is a normal thing which often happens due to the incorrect way of operating a laptop. Like an improper way of shutting down or shutting down without closing a particular program etc. Many users have found that after rebooting their keyboards started working.

Follow the below steps to perform a system reboot:

  1. Press the power toggle present on your Acer laptop, just keep holding until the system gets completely turned off.
  2. Now just detach all the connections like power cable, external devices if connected. Also, remove the battery of your Acer laptop from its backside.
  3. Now just leave the laptop aside for 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Now just put the battery back and connect it with the power supply.
  5. Once it is done just turn on your system by pressing the power button once.

Once it is turned on, check whether your keyboard is working or not. In case you have a password-protected laptop, check whether you can input the password or not. In case the issue is not fixed, go for our next method.

Note: In this situation, to input password use the onscreen keyboard option available there on the screen of your system.



Try Pinhole Reset

As per the user’s experience, many have found their issue got fixed just by this simple hack. First, you need to find the location of the pinhole on your Acer laptop. In some Acer laptops, it is present in the backside with the picture of the battery.

In some cases, it is simply present as a normal button, just find it according to the model you are using. You can also check it out on the website where design specification is provided.

FIX: Once you found it, just press it and hold for 5 seconds. This will reset the battery of your laptop internally.

Once it is done check whether the keyboard of your laptop started function or not. This hack has worked for many users.

Note: There is some model of Acer laptop which do not have a pinhole reset button. So, in case you are one of them just do not worry go for our next method.


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Prefer Reinstalling the Keyboard Driver

As after checking it by BIOS, you found that it’s software related issue. In this case, reinstallation is the most important thing you need to do. Reinstallation will simply fix any compatibility or corrupt file issue if there. In this method, you are going to first uninstall the keyboard driver and then we will install it.

Follow the below steps to perform this method:

  1. Turn on your system and input the password using the on-screen keyboard of your system.
  2. right-click on the windows logo present in the bottom left of your screen. Choose “Device Manager” from the popped-up list.
    Right-click on the start menu and select device manager
  3. look for your keyboard (For Example Standard PS/2 keyboard) present under the “Keyboards” option. Right-click on it and choose “Uninstall” option.
    Right click on the PS2 keyboard and Select the Uninstall option
    Note: In case you are not sure which is your keyboard, just uninstall all the things one by one present under “Keyboards” option.
  4. once the uninstallation is finished just restart your system by tapping on the power button.
  5. Once your system gets restarted, the keyboard driver will get installed automatically. In case it is not installed automatically, go for the next step.
  6. Again, open the Device Manager using step 2. Then right tap on “Keyboards” and choose “Scan for hardware changes” this will automatically scan and install the driver.
    open Device Manager and click on scan for hardware changes icon top of the options

Once it is done try using your keyboard to check if it works or not. In case the Acer Laptop keyboard not working issue is still not fixed go for our next method.



Go for Disabling the Filter Keys

To ignore repeated keystrokes, the filter key feature is provided. Sometimes because of this feature laptops, a particular key or whole keyboard starts not working. In this case, simply disabling this feature can help you.

Many users have reported that after disabling their filter keys Acer laptop keyboard, not working issue got fixed.

Follow the below steps to disable the filter keys:

  1. Just right click on the windows logo present in the bottom left of your screen. Choose “Settings” from the popped-up list in windows 10. If you have other versions of windows then choose “Control Panel”.
    Select The Settings Option
  2. Now look for the “Ease of Access” option and tap on it to open.
    Click On Ease Of Access Icon
  3. Now in Windows 10, tap on the “Keyboard” option present in the left pane. In other version windows like 7 etc, tap on “Make the keyboard easier to type” option.
  4. Now look for the “Use Filter Keys” option or it can be with a little different name in other versions of windows. Just switch it off by un-marking or disabling.
    Turn off the Filter key functions

Mow just check whether your Acer laptops keyboard is working or not. In case it is still not working then go for our next method.


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Go for the windows inbuilt troubleshooting tool

Windows inbuilt troubleshooting tools can be useful here. So just run it to fetch the reason behind the problematic keyboard. This automatically fixes the minor bugs. Here we will run this troubleshooter for keyboards only.

Follow the below steps to fix all the general issues related to audio automatically:

  1. Click on the start menu and go to the settings options.
    Select The Settings Option
  2. Now tap on “Update & Security” option. Choose “Troubleshoot” option from the left pane.
    Click on The Troubleshoot Option from The Left Pane.
  3. Now in Right pane tap on the “Additional Troubleshooters” option present in the end.
  4. Now a window will open up, find the “Keyboard” option there, and tap on it to expand. You will see “Run the troubleshooter” toggle, just click on it.

This will start detecting the issue, just wait for some minutes. In case it finds any error, it will get fixed up automatically. Make sure you are connected to the internet while performing this.

Note: Any one of the above methods should work for case nothings worked for you then the issue might be severe. So, you should contact your manufacturer to fix it.


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FAQ: Fix Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working

  • How do I fix unresponsive keyboard keys?

This is a minor issue. It can happen due to unwanted dust clog in your keyboard. Simply removing those dust particles will fix it. To do it by yourself just turn your laptop or external keyboard in a downward direction and shake it slowly. This will take out the dust particles outside. Your keys will become dust-free making its function properly.

  • Why keys are not working in Acer laptop?

Sometimes a few keys do not work, this issue can be fixed using the above methods. Specifically, we advise you to detach the power cable from your Acer laptop. You will need to perform the internal battery reset.

To perform this just follow our Method 2, present under the Advanced Troubleshooting section. Remember this pinhole reset is only applicable in Acer laptops.

In case even after doing this keyboard is not working then it can be due to some mechanical failure. Hardware issues cannot be fixed by pinhole reset. In this case, you should simply replace the keyboard by visiting Acer’s official service center.

  • How to open the On-Screen Keyboard?

The on-screen keyboard is the choice here. By using the below-mentioned steps you will be able to input through an on-screen keyboard.

  1. Just right click on the windows logo present in the bottom left of your screen. Windows 10 users, choose “Settings” from the popped-up list.
    Note: In case you have other versions of windows like 7 etc then choose “Control Panel”.
  2. Find the “Ease of Access” option and tap on it.
  3. Look for the “Keyboard” option in the left pane and tap on it to open.
  4. Now in right pane find “Use the on-screen Keyboard” and turn it on.


Tips To Avoid Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working Problem

  • Make sure you have enabled the keyboard in your system.
  • Check on your system’s file by performing a full scan to avoid any malfunctioning.
  • Have an up to date keyboard driver.


Contact Officials Support

In case after performing all the methods to fix the Acer Laptop keyboard not working issue, still, it persists. We advise you to go to Acer’s official support. Here most probably you have to go for offline help.

Because issues can be related to mechanical failure. In this case, maybe a keyboard replacement might be the only choice. So, make sure you have all the required details and warranty card if it is applicable.


Final words: Conclusion

All the mentioned methods in this blog post have been pre examined by our experts. Perform all the steps carefully and if you stuck anywhere let us know. We advise you to go for Basic troubleshooting at first to determine the culprit of your problematic keyboard.

Once your “Acer laptop keyboard not working” issue got fixed. Let us know your feedback via the comment section below. This will encourage us towards developing more productive ideas.


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