How To Fix Canon Printer Error 5100 (Easy Guide)

Are you in looking for a solution for your Canon printer error 5100? Let’s check out this post to troubleshoot your canon printer error


Canon is the most trusted brand for printers. Canon printers are bought and used by millions of people worldwide for both home and office use. Its printers are well equipped with best technologies. The printers manufactured for office & home use are bundled with loads of features.

just like any other printer or machine, sometimes you may get error or Problems with your Canon printers. Canon Printer Error code 5100 is one of those errors which is common & reported by many users worldwide.

  • Canon printer error 5100: Problem overview

The Canon Support Code 5100 starts to show on the computer screen for various reasons.  It can be easily resolved by a few troubleshooting steps. We will explain to you all possible reason & solution to fix this error in a very easy manner. You will be able to fix this yourself, just by reading & following the guide.


Which Canon printer type has this problem?

Canon Printer Error code 5100 has been problem with most of the canon printer. As we talk specifically that what type of printer is encountered by Canon Error Code 5100 then we can easily say as per our research that almost all type of printer has this problem but canon All-in-one inkjet printers (Multifunction printer) has this problem mostly.

There are other types of printers as well which run into this error sometimes like Canon Professional inkjet printers, canon Photo inkjet printers & Megatank inkjet printers.


Which Canon printer Model has this problem?

As I have explained that mostly All-in-one printers (Multifunction printer) has this error issue but there are one specific model series has this issue mostly. It has been seen that PIXMA model series printer encounters Canon printer error 5100 mostly.

There are few printers model for which users search for solution frequently to fix Canon error 5100. You will be able to resolve the issue for all these below-listed models and other models too.

E410 IP2770 MP258 MX410
E500 IP2772 MP280 MX430
E510 IP2870 MP287 MX432
E610 IX6560 MP450 MX439
G2000 JX210P MP470 MX452
IP1300 MG2570 MP490 MX472
IP1700 MG4250 MP600 MX490
IP1800 MP145 MX310 MX492
IP1880 MP160 MX340 MX497
IP1900 MP230 MX360 MX535
IP1980 MP237 MX377 MX870
IP2700 MP250 MX397 MX922


Solution: Canon printer error 5100

Let’s hop up to solve Canon printer error 5100. But before start we need to understand, what situation you are stuck in like if you have just bought a printer & while first time setting it up you get this error 5100. It means it might be just because of you have left some protective material or tape inside the printer. This could be the most obvious reason to show canon printer error code 5100.

In this situation you need to just open paper output cover and need to ensure that there is no protective materials or tapes are still attached with the ink cartridge holder. Now just close the printer paper output cover as it was earlier & check this error has been fixed or not.

If you still getting this error message then follow below-mentioned step by step guide to fix it. Canon error 5100 is basically error related to cartridge only.

Note: while performing any of the troubleshooting steps, make sure to turn your printer off unplugged the power cable.

Be gentle with your approach


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Step to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100

If your printer was running fine & suddenly you get this error, Perform the Below troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Canon Printer Error 5100


  • Step 1

Check for Paper Jam Inside the Printer

If you were printing something and the Canon Printer Error 5100 showed up while printing then it is possible that the paper is jammed. You need to clear the paper jam inside the printer.

  1. First, check for paper jam in sheet feeder tray. If you see any paper stuck there then gently pull the paper out with both hand otherwise paper could be tear apart.
  2. Open canon Printer Output Cover & Ensure There Is No Piece Of Paper Inside
  3. Open printer output cover & ensure there is no piece of paper inside.
  4. Open printer back panel and check whether the paper is stuck inside or not.
  5. Now load the paper again in the feeder tray
  6. Back the power on & turn on the printer, if still there would be paper jam inside then it will come out automatically.


  • Step 2

Check printer Cartridge Fitting

The ink cartridge inside the printer can cause the Canon Printer Error 5100. Sometimes improperly set ink cartridge to stop the printer from functioning properly and it may trigger error 5100. You need to reseat the printer cartridge properly to resolve this error. To reseat the cartridge, keep your printer on & follow the below steps.

    1. Open front panel, as you open the front panel cartridge will move automatically & stop at replacement position. In some canon model replacement position is in the middle of the printer & in some, it is the right side of the printer. If in your printer, replacement position is in the right side of the printer then a separate cartridge cover will open. Now turn off the printer.
Open Front Panel of Canon Printer
Note: Do not try to move or stop the cartridge holder forcefully.
    1. Once the cartridge holder stops at replacement position then push down the cartridge until it clicks.
canon printer once the cartridge holder stops at replacement position
    1. Now you can take out the cartridge.
Canon printer take Out The Cartridge
  1. Now again reseat the cartridge at it place and make sure it has reseated properly.
  2. Close the front cover and check if its work.


  • Step 3

Reset the Printer

if you are getting any error message then resetting printer is one of the easiest steps to get rid of the error. Sometimes after long use the printer requires to be reset. It can be needed after heavy work carried out by printer also. When we reset the printer then any invalid buffer data is cleared. It resets sensors as well which may stuck in particular mode. Whenever you stuck with some printer error you must try resetting the printer. To reset the printer, follow the below steps.

    1. Turn off the Power of the printer with power button. In some model power button may not available.
Turn off the Power canon printer
    1. detach the power cord & data cable from the printer.
Detach The Data Cable From The Canon Printer
  1. Wait for 10 minutes and plug it back.
  2. Now turn on the printer again.


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  • Step 4

Clean Dust inside the Printer

If we do not keep our printer clean and away from dust, debris & ink, it may trigger error 5100. Cleaning your printer may fix the error. You should try to clean your printer periodically. To clean printer first turn it off.
Take a slightly dump cloth and clean the outside of the printer. To clean internal side use lint-free clothes and rubbing alcohol, use with gentle hand. do not forcefully move any hardware. If you want you can use handheld vacuum cleaner or air can to clean.


  • Step 5

Clean the Printing Strip/Encoder

Printing strip is a transparent plastic material inside the printer which is just above the drive belt & behind cartridge holder. It is transparent and plays important role in printing. It communicates with printer head. If it is dirty It may also cause canon printer error 5100.

Canon Printer printing encoder strip

Check if this printing strip is clean or not. If it is smeared, then clean it. To clean it you need cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Wet a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and wipe the encoder film gently. Do not touch it with your hand and change the swab frequently if it gets dirty.

Now if your encoder film is cleaned then close the output cover and turn on the printer. Check if the error has resolved.


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  • Step 6

Look for obstacle or obstruction

Any obstacle which may prevent or hinder the movement of cartridge in its pathway may result to a printer error error 5100. Look for any obstacle which may be in the pathway of the cartridge. If you find any clear it.


  • Step 7

Reset Ink absorber

Ink absorber is meant for absorbing waist ink in the printer. sometimes ink absorber may be the reason for printer error. So, we just need to reset the ink absorber. To reset ink absorber, you need to press and hold the power button, while holding the power button reconnect the power cord. As printer get powered on then release the power button, wait for 5 seconds and again press the power button.


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Tips to avoid canon printer error 5100 & other issues

Your printer needs periodic maintenance as any other equipment to get best out of it and it make it run error-free.

  • Keep your printer clean. Always check for dust, debris & ink stains, if found clean it at fixed interval.
  • Always use genuine ink cartridge.
  • Clean printer head occasionally to get best quality print.
  • Always use paper of correct size & thickness.


Contact Canon Printer Support

The above steps should fix the Canon printer error 5100. If your problem is not solved by following the above steps then you can get help from official Canon printer Support. Canon provides service for its products which is free for the first year after the purchase. It also provides customer support for handling technical issues like Canon Printer Error.


Final words: Conclusion

Hopefully, this post helps you troubleshoot canon printer error 5100. We have explained all the solutions in detail so that you could fix the problem. Do let us know, how helpful was this post to solve your problem?

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