Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost

Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost

Did you see the black screen suddenly while playing the Overwatch game? Are you unable to proceed further on your gameplay? Don’t panic! It is a simple issue and can be fixed with the easiest methods.

Today, in this troubleshooting guide, we are going to discuss Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost issue.

Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment’s best shooting video game. While playing this game, the screen goes black and shows the following error message:

“Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost! Application Closing!”

It might be due to power issues or insufficient RAM on your PC or some other else. Whatever the reason is, you can fix this error with the techniques given in this post.

Apart from the tricks, we also provide some additional information, such as tips to avoid this issue and some related problems.


Problem Overview

Blizzard Entertainment is the world’s best game developing company. Till now, it developed hundreds of video games for game lovers all over the globe.

One such game that has huge fandom is Overwatch. It is a multiplayer game that was mainly designed for shooting-interested gamers. Publishers released it in the year 2016 for Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Some users are complaining about the screen black-out issues while playing this Overwatch game. If the problem occurs, then we can’t play it anymore until we solve it.

Want to know the reasons for the Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost issue? Then read the following steps.

  • Fluctuations on your Power Supply Unit or else the power supply is not sufficient to run your PC.
  • Faulty Overclocking of the RAM
  • The programs running on your PC occupies more RAM
  • Antivirus Software might block the Overwatch app
  • Incompatible or expired drivers
  • Disabled GPU scaling
  • Corrupted Windows System Files
  • If the Superfetch service is disabled, then you might encounter this problem.

There might be anyone or multiple reasons for showing the error message on your Windows PC. Thus, move to the following sections to get in touch with the troubleshooting methods.


Related Problems

Below are some of those problems that you may see while playing or launching Overwatch on your Windows PC.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Now, it’s time to check out the basic troubleshooting methods that will help you in fixing the Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost issue.

  • Check the Power Supply Unit

In our home, we use several electronic devices, such as air conditioners, lamps, Television, laptops, computers, etc. To run all these devices, we need more amount of power supply.

If the power supply unit is weak and fluctuates, then it leads to many issues. The devices may damage and do not work at all.

The computer device will not run properly when the main power supply unit is faulty. Even it causes a complete crash of the system or improper running of the applications.

Thus, we can say that Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost issue while playing Overwatch might be due to this faulty power supply. So, make sure that there are no issues with your PSU.


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  • Check Your PC is Overheating

Many users say that whenever the system gets overheated, it causes black screen errors while playing the Overwatch game. Due to the heavy load on the PC, the overheating problem arises.

Therefore, avoid running multiple programs at a time in order to escape these overheating issues. By doing so, you will not encounter any of these error messages while playing the games.

  • Run System File Checker

We will encounter Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost issue if the Windows system files are corrupted.

In order to check whether your Windows contains any corrupted system files and repair them (if any), follow the below instructions.

  1. Press Windows + X -> Select Command Prompt (Admin).
    Select command prompt as an admin
  2. Now, type the sfc /scannow command and press Enter.
    In The Command Line Type SFC/Scannow And Tap Enter
  3. It will check for the corrupted files on your Windows system and correct all those with the original files.
  4. After completing the task, you need to reboot the PC.

Now, launch Overwatch and see the problem gets resolved or still occurs.


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Steps To Fix Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost Issue

Check out the advanced troubleshooting tricks if the basic ones didn’t solve it.


  • Step 1

Disable Memory Consuming/Unwanted Apps

Usually, we run different kinds of applications, such as Google Chrome, social media apps, games, etc. CPU or RAM memory consumes a lot when we load these many programs at a time on our PC.

So, if we see the black screen with the error message “Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost! Application Closed”, then it might be due to these unnecessary processes on your PC.

Therefore, we recommend the gamers to close those apps immediately to resolve this error. You can do that with the help of the below steps.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open the Task Manager.
    Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc buttons
  2. Now, select those apps that you no longer use on your PC -> Right-click on it -> Select End Task.
  3. Repeat the above step to close all those processes.

After that, check the problem gets fixed by starting Overwatch on your device.


  • Step 2

Disable Antivirus Software

Are you using any third-party antivirus on your Windows? If so, then it might block the Overwatch app to run on the system.

Some users cleverly think that it might be the major reason for causing this issue. So, they try this method earlier itself.

But, if you can’t find it in the early stages, then don’t worry because you can disable the antivirus now.

If you don’t want to disable it, then add the Overwatch game to the exception list of the antivirus software. By this, your antivirus will allow the game to launch on the computer.


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  • Step 3

Install Compatible & Newest GPU Drivers

For any video game, a graphics card plays a major role. If the GPU card on your PC is corrupted, or mismatched, or outdated, then the game will not run at all.

If you still face the Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost issue, then it may be the graphics card fault.

So, immediately open the Device Manager and install the right GPU card drivers on your PC.

If you want to upgrade it automatically, then use IObit Driver Booster. Once you complete the update process, click the play button on your Overwatch main menu and see the error message again appears or not.


  • Step 4

Reset the Frequency Settings of your Hardware Peripherals

Did you modify any settings related to Overclocking on your Windows PC? If your answer is yes, then it is the reason for the error message.

Overclocking benefits in increasing the PC performance. But it also causes many issues if we Overclock the CPU or GPU or some other hardware components.

Though it temporarily enjoys an ultimate gaming experience, it shows error messages. The best solution to this problem is restoring the default settings on our Windows.

Most of the time, setting the default clock speed or the frequency solves these kinds of errors. If the issue is not fixed, then move to the following methods.


  • Step 5

Enable Superfetch Service

Whenever you see this Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost issue on your screen, quickly check the Superfetch service is enabled or disabled.

If you found it disabled, then enable it as soon as possible to overcome this problem.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type services.msc -> Hit Enter.
    Type “Services
  2. Check Superfetch service is running on your computer or not. If no, start running it.
  3. Now, click on it twice to view its Properties wizard.
  4. Under the General tab, choose Automatic in the Startup Type section.
  5. Click the Start button.
  6. Finally, save the changes by hitting the OK button.

After rebooting, relaunch Overwatch and see the error message is disappeared or not.


  • Step 6

Enable GPU Scaling

This method is specifically for AMD Graphics Card users. If you are currently facing the Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost issue while playing Overwatch, modify the graphical settings.

According to several users’ reports, they have completely fixed it by going through this method. Simply enable or turn on the GPU Scaling option.

For doing so, you have to open the AMD Radeon Settings. Locate the GPU Scaling option under the Display and turn it on.

After everything finishes successfully, start the Overwatch game to know the error again encounters or not.


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  • Step 7

Update Windows OS

Gamers, professionals, and official forums & communities say that older versions of Windows can also cause this issue. So, why can’t you check your Windows version?

If it didn’t get updated from a long time, then go and update it by installing the latest patches.

  1. Press Windows logo -> Type check for updates -> Click the matched results.
    Click on Check for update
  2. Now, it checks for the latest versions and automatically installs them on your PC.
    Check For Update

Once the update process is finished, run the Overwatch game and play it without any interruptions.


Tips To Avoid Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost

  • The best tip that can avoid the occurrence of this error is providing a sufficient power supply to run the PC properly.
  • If you want to play Overwatch without any of these issues, then avoid them by keeping the device drivers up-to-date.
  • One more hint we offer in order to avoid these kinds of problems is disabling security suites (antivirus & firewall) before starting the game.


Contact Official Support

Now, the users got to know how to handle this problem when encountered on their computers. By finding the exact reason and applying the best fix, we can solve the Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost issue of the Overwatch game.

If you resolve the error, then it’s fine. But if the error is still alive, then you have some chances. One such is visiting the Blizzard forums and searching for any other tricks to fix this issue.

None of them helps you, then simply contact the technical support team of Blizzard Entertainment. Either through live video chat or email, they will assist you in fixing it.


Final Words: Conclusion

In conclusion, I conclude that the Overwatch users frustrate very much when they see the black screen with this error message.

As we proved, the troubleshooting methods provided in this guide will completely eliminate the issue on your Windows PC.

If you have any other tricks, then we welcome you to share those instructions with us. These will help a lot of gamers to resolve the problem whenever they face it.

Feel free to contact us for any queries on this issue. Even you can subscribe to our technical blog to browse several other troubleshooting guides on various topics.


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