Gmail not Sending Emails – Causes and Fixes


Gmail is one of the most preferred email services used by many people around the world. You will be amazed to know that currently, around 1.5 Billion people using Gmail worldwide. In general, Gmail is an excellent product, you hardly get any problem with it. Gmail not sending emails is one of those few problems which is not very common. In this post, we will help you fix this issue easily.

To fix Gmail not sending emails problem, you need to configure POP/IMAP and SMTP server correctly if you are using email clients. Especially double-check ports are configured correctly. Change in your email client for incoming mail port will be 995 & for Outgoing mail port Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587.

We have explained this fix in detailed instructions further in this post. if this fix does not resolve your issue then you need to follow other methods mentioned in this post. We have covered all the possible fixes for this issue, you will be able to fix this issue.


Gmail Not Sending Emails Problem Overview

As mentioned Gmail not sending emails is a rare problem that is not often faced by the users of the Gmail account. This problem has various forms. There can be multiple reasons for this problem to occur. Similarly, there is a different fix for all types of issues. It is possible that Gmail failed to send to non-Gmail recipients. Sometimes emails not sending to Gmail email users. There can also be server related issues behind Gmail not sending emails.

Whatever is your problem we have a fix for the issue. Read the below guide to solve Gmail not sending emails issue. We start with a few basic troubleshooting.

There can be several issues responsible for Gmail not sending emails. From issues with an internet connection to problems with server settings, many issues can cause Gmail to stop sending emails or working properly. Here is a list of such problems.


Gmail not Sending Emails: Basic Troubleshooting

Make sure recipient address is correct

Sometimes we miss something very small things, A small mistake in the recipient address can lead to this problem, your email can be stuck in outbox forever. check not only the recipient name but domain name as well, Such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. If you sure it is correct then wait for some time as in rare case due to technical glitch your emails stuck in the outbox for some time.


Try Sending emails through the web browser

if you are using an email client like Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. and finding difficulty sending emails through Gmail then the first thing you should try sending emails through the web browser. Most of the time it can solve your problem which could be due to the wrong configuration of your email client. Try login to your Gmail account on a web browser because of preconfigured Gmail settings make you able to send emails. if it works check email client configuration settings, we have discussed in this post further.

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Disable VPN

If you are using any Virtual Private Network(VPN) then it could be the reason for this problem.  VPN server could be blocked by Gmail server or vice versa. Temporarily disabling VPN and try to send your email. If you can send emails now it means VPN is creating the problem.


Steps to Fix Gmail Not Sending Emails Problem


  • Step 1

Check Internet Status

Sometimes, as it happens, a problem arises with our internet connection. We do not realize this and keep doing our work. This can also happen when we are sending emails through our Gmail account and cause the Gmail not sending emails problem. Before you proceed further to fix the issue, you should check your internet connection. To check the internet connection, do the following

  1. Check the status of internet connection at the bottom right of the desktop
  2. Mouse hover over the status area to see “internet access” or “No internet access” message
  3. Open a new tab in the browser and see whether it loads any new pages
  4. Try reloading the webpage you are already viewing


  • Step 2

Verify Gmail Storage Space

Gmail not sending emails can also happen due to a lack of storage space. If you are using more than 90 percent of Gmail space then Gmail could cause some problems. You will not be able to send any emails at all if your storage space is more than 99 percent. So check the amount of storage you are using on Gmail and clear space by deleting old and useless email messages.
To check the storage space of your Gmail account, Scroll down to the bottom in the bottom left you will find storage space left in your account. Click on Manage to see the details.

Note:Google Space used Drive  & Google photos also count in your 15 GB allowed storage space of Gmail. To know how to clear google space read here. If you want you can upgrade to Google one for more storage space.

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  • Step 3

Check Email Sending Limits

Many people do not know this that Gmail has a per-day limit of sending emails. This is because the sending limit is already very high. Seldom, one may reach that number in a day. It could be the reason for Gmail not sending emails. Broadly The limit to send emails is 2000 emails per day. If you have reached that limit then you will not be able to send emails until the next day. To know the Limit detail check here.


  • Step 4

Virus on your computer

Sometimes a virus on the computer can make the Gmail and other applications on your computer misbehave. Most modern-day viruses are very advanced. Such viruses can cause Gmail not sending emails. A virus affected computer has below symptoms

  1. Your computer has become slow
  2. It is showing lots of ads
  3. Homepage of your browser is changed
  4. Programs do not start on the computer


How to Remove Virus from the computer

if you are using windows computer then Windows has an inbuilt antivirus program windows defender.

  1. Type virus & threat protection in the search box and open it.
  2. Click on scan options.
    Click on scan options
  3. Select the Full scan.
  4. Click on Scan Now.
    Select the Full scan and Click on Scan Now
  5. Follow the screen instructions

Alternatively, you can run your preferred antivirus as well.


  • Step 5

Email Client Server Settings

You may face Gmail not sending emails problem because of server issue. If you are using a Gmail account with a Microsoft server or another email server than it could also be the reason for not be able to send emails using the Gmail account. Gmail may not work well with email client due to technical reasons. Recently Google has blocked many servers from using the Gmail account to send emails.
You need to configure email client properly. To configure email clients first you need to click on Gmail settings and click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Now Click on Enable POP for all mail and save changes.

Now you need to configure email client settings. keep settings as below.

Incoming mail (POS) server:, Port:995

Outgoing mail (SMTP) Server:, Port for TLS: 587

Check this link for more details.

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  • Step 6

Clean Cache and app data

If you are using Gmail in your Android phone then cleaning Cache and app data can resolve Gmail not sending email problems. Whatever Application we use Cache and app data helps it to load fast as it does not load files whenever it needs. But over period app create huge Cache and app data which may lead to some technical problems like this. to resolve this situation you need to Clear Cache and app data of the Gmail App. to Clear Cache and app data follow the steps below.

  1. Go to settings of Android phone.
  2. Under Device Click on App.
    Under Device Click on App
  3. You will get a list of APP, look for  Gmail App.
    You will get a list of APP, look for  Gmail App
  4. Click on Gmail App
  5. Now Click on Storage.
    Now Click on Storage
  6. Clear Data and Clear Cache Both.
    Clear Data and Clear Cache Both
Note: Reboot your Device once.

Now you Gmail not sending emails issue should be fixed. if not continue with the next step.


  • Step 7

Uninstall Gmail App and reinstall it

If your problem persists then there could be some update or system configuration issue with your Android device, you should once uninstall the Gmail App and then again reinstall it. to uninstall and reinstall Follow the steps below.

follow the steps as mentioned above but this time instead of clear Data and Cache you need to uninstall it and reboot device

Note: In some OEM Gmail is a system App so you can not uninstall it but you can uninstall updates. So if this is the case then uninstall updates and reboot it.

To install Gmail again:

Go to the play store, find Gmail App and install it again

Check if it has resolved your issue.


  • Step 8

Remove Google Account and add it again

We have tried almost all solutions but if your problem has not been fixed then one last resolution is to remove your google account and we need to reinstall it. Most of the cases it resolves the issue. to remove your google account in your android device follow the steps.

  1. Go to Android Settings.
  2. Under personal, you will find Accounts.
    Under personal, you will find Accounts.
  3. Click on Account then click on Google.
    Click on Account then click on Google
  4. Select account
  5. Now click on three dots and remove the account.
    Now click on three dots and remove the account

After reboot add it again.


Contact Official Support

We have tried to resolve the issue with the most updated tested solutions and it has worked for many users. If you are unable to solve the issue of Gmail not sending emails with the help of the above guide then you should contact Gmail Help Center or Google community for the related thread so that you can resolve your problem.


Final Words: Conclusion

Hope this post helps you fix Gmail not sending emails problem. We have mentioned all the possible fix to resolve this issue. We have tried to provide as many troubleshooting steps details so that you can fix this issue yourself. All the methods are tried and tested so that you can resolve this issue easily.

Do let us know if this guide has helped you. You can leave your comment about your experience. Please like & share this post to help others.

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