Wacom No Device Connected Windows 10: ISSUE FIXED (Easy Guide)


Are you facing the Wacom no device connected Windows 10 issue? No need to worry as we are here with some amazing hacks to fix the Wacom No device connected issue.

The Wacom device converts the artistic approach in digitalized form. It is an essential device for graphics related career. The one who loves design and other visual related work. We can understand the section of users getting this issue.

Generally, this error occurs when your system is unable to recognize the Wacom tablet. As per users, their windows 10 is unable to detect the Wacom tablet.  This is a common issue and a fixable one. It can be fixed by reinstalling or rolling back the driver and so on. Also, the issue can be related to hardware. Make sure to follow basic troubleshooting steps to fix the hardware glitch.

Follow our blog till the end to fix the “Wacom no device connected Windows 10” issue. Do not panic as this is going to be easy. Yeah, please follow the order to get a good result.


Wacom No Device Connected Windows 10: Problem Overview

According to users, when they try to connect Wacom tablets in their windows 10 computer, it doesn’t get connected. It shows that “No device connected”. This is being faced by various windows 10 users. There can be various reasons for this issue. It can be a hardware fault or a software glitch.

Some of the possible causes have been mentioned below:

  • An outdated Driver
  • An incompatible driver version
  • A malfunctioned related driver
  • Connected via incompatible port


Wacom No Device Connected Windows 10: Related Problems

As every issue takes a lot more issues with itself in the technical world. The “Wacom no device connected Windows 10” also includes various levels. Like, it doesn’t get registered or recognized by the windows 10 system. We advise you to follow the same methods for the following related problems as well.


Basic Troubleshooting

First things first, here we can’t forget the hardware. As it is equally important to check on your Wacom hardware as it is in the case of software. Sometimes simply a power cycle fixes up such issues. Follow the below methods to fix minor bugs.

  • Check on your hardware related issue

At first, check if the chord is in proper condition. There should not be any breaking point. Look after is it properly attached to your Windows 10 system or not.

Secondly, check if you have connected it via its compatible port. This is very important, as the wrong port can get you through various issues. Like improper functionality of Wacom tablet, crashing in between, etc.

Also, consider changing the port to check if the port is not faulty. Connect Wacom device in other port.

Note: Don’t use any USB hub or external thing to connect. Make a direct connection with your system. Also, remove all other devices connected via USB like keyboard, etc temporarily to check if Wacom starts working.

  • Power Cycle your system

There are chances that the glitch is due to some other application or some background app. The power cycle simply refreshes the whole system to give a fresh start.

Step: Just remove all the external devices including Wacom tablet. Remove the plug out of the socket and disconnect other things like Wi-Fi, Printers, etc. now leave it for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, plug in the power cable and start your system. Simply attach your Wacom tablet and check whether it gets connected or not.


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Steps To Fix Wacom No Device Connected Windows 10

Now you must be clear that the internal glitch is the cause of the “No device connected” issue. Let’s start with our first solution to fix the “Wacom no device connected Windows 10” issue.


  • Step 1

Restart the Wacom Service

As per users after restarting their Wacom service the issue “Wacom no device connected Windows 10” got fixed. This hack will restart the whole process including refreshing the configurations. Let’s do this to check if your Wacom tablet becomes detectable or not.

Follow the below steps to restart your Wacom tablets services:

  1. Launch the RUN box by pressing the Windows logo key with the alphabet “R”.
    Press the Windows logo and R button together
  2. Now just type “services.msc” in the box and press the Enter key.
    Type “Services
  3. Look for the “TabletServiceWacom” service, right-click on it and choose “Restart”.

Once it is done, check if the issue with your Wacom tablet got fixed or not. In case it doesn’t then go for our next method.


  • Step 2

Go for Reinstallation of your Wacom driver

According to some users, reinstalling the driver worked for them. As we will install the latest driver so it will be up to date. This act will fix any configuration related issue if there. Also, your system will recognize Wacom like it has been connected for the first time with your system.

Firstly, we will uninstall the Wacom related driver. Then we will perform a manual installation.

Follow the below steps to Uninstall:

  1. Follow step 1 of Method 1.
  2. Now just type “devmgmt.msc” in the box and press the Enter key to open the Device Manager.
    Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box
  3. Look for the “Human Interface Devices” option and tap on it to expand. Now choose “Wacom Tablet”, right tap on it and choose “Uninstall Device”.
  4. Again, repeat Step 1. Then type “appwiz.cpl” in the RUN box followed by the “Enter” key. A window will open up containing a list of installed programs.
  5. Find the program related to the Wacom device. Right-tap on it and choose “Uninstall”. In case find more than 1 Wacom related programs then uninstall them also.
  6. Once done, now tap on the Windows logo key with alphabet “S” to open the search box. Type “cmd”, then choose “Command Prompt” from the search result. Right-tap on it and choose “Run as Administrator”.
  7. Now just type following command line and press Enter to execute: mklink /j “E:\Program Files\Tablet” “C:\Program Files\Tablet”


    Note: Choose the drive letter according to the location, as here it is “E”. Like in case your Wacom files are in F drive then use “F:\” instead of E.

    Steps to Install again

  8. Now, visit the Wacom official website to download the latest available driver file. Make sure you have searched it as per your systems configuration. Download it in an accessible location.
  9. Again, repeat Step 1 and Step 2 of this method.
  10. Now go for the “Wacom tablet” available in the devices list. Right-tap on it and choose “Update Driver”.
  11. You will get two options, choose the second one “Browse my computer for driver software”. it is a manual way. Now fetch the Driver from the folder you have downloaded it in.
  12. Now Restart the Wacom and connect it with your system.
  13. Again, repeat Step 1 of this method. Type “services.msc” followed by the Enter key.
  14. Look for the “Wacom Professional Service” option. Right-tap on it and choose “Restart”.

Once finished with all the above steps check whether this fixed “Wacom no device connected Windows 10” issue or not. In case it persists again, goes for our next method.

Note: In case the latest version doesn’t work for you, we advise you to download the old version using the same procedure. Then install it by following the same process mentioned in this method. Rolling back has worked for some Wacom users.


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  • Step 3

Check on Latest Updates

The system update is not only about getting windows related updates but it also includes some crucial side updates related to drivers. In case there is any bug in system files it will get fixed up. This has worked for a few users, so it can be your fix as well.

Follow the below steps to update your System:

  1. Go for the Windows logo key and alphabet “I” together on your keyboard. Choose “Update & Security” from the available options.
  2. Now tap on the “Check for Updates” toggle. This will start an automatic search.
    Check For Update
  3. After the complete download, to install it will ask you to restart the system. Simply restart your system and wait until the installation gets finished.

Once your system is turned on, try to connect the Wacom device to check if this works or not. In case it doesn’t work, we advise you to go to our next method.


  • Step 4

Check on Visual C++ Redistributable Package version

Visual C++ Redistributable package has an important role to play in our system. To ensure the proper functionality of your system on the visual ground you should have the latest version of this. An outdated Visual C++ Redistributable package can cause the “Wacom no device connected windows 10” issue.

Follow below steps to update Visual C++ Redistributable Package:

  1. Go to the official Microsoft downloading page to get it.
  2. Choose your preferred language and tap on “Download” toggle.
  3. Choose “vredist_x64.exe” then tap on “Next” toggle. Save the downloaded file. Then open the folder and double tap on the .exe file to start the installation.
  4. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation. Once it is done “Restart” your system.

Now check if the issue “Wacom no device connected windows 10” got fixed or not. In case it is not then go for our next method.

Note: We advise you to download the compatible version for your system. For a 64-bit system, you can install both “verdict_x64.exe” and “vredist_x86.exe”.  in case you have a 32-bit system, just go for “vredist_x86.exe” version.

To know the system detail, just type open the Run dialogue box (Win + R) and type “msinfo32” in it then press Enter. There check beside “System Type”, if it is “x64 based PC” then its 64-bit.


Tips To Avoid Wacom No Device Connected Windows 10 Problem

  • Make sure your system and related drivers are up to date. Like USB driver, as this is required to connect Wacom. So, maybe it has some glitch so update it.
  • Make sure there is no recently installed program that is conflicting with it. Be careful while downloading and installing unknown sources.
  • Full scan your system to avoid any file missing issue because of a virus attack. This can cause uncertain issues like this.


Contact Official Support

It’s pretty obvious that your issue has not got fixed as you headed into this section. We advise you to contact Wacom Official Customer care support. There might be some technical fault or internal hardware glitch.

Also go for your systems official support, as the issue can be with your system as well. If your Wacom device works in another system that means there is some system fault. If you are an HP user then go for HP’s official support. You can go for online help via chat or call at your convenience. Make sure you have all the system related details as they will verify.


Final Words: Conclusion

Thank you for being with us until the very end. We hope our methods were able to fix the “Wacom no device connected Windows 10” issue. Feel free to contact us in case you faced or facing any issue while applying the steps.

These methods are the hard work of our team. It has been pre-examined to ensure its correctness. Do let us know once you get a fix including the method number worked for you. We are open to your views regarding our teamwork.


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