Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning

GPU Fans Not SpinningGPU Fans Not Spinning

GPU Fans Aren’t Working on your Windows computer? Then there is no need to worry at all. We have solutions to fix this problem in an easy way.

Today, in this post, we are going to discuss how to fix the GPU Fans Not Working issue. The techniques given in the following section are much enough to make the GPU fans spin as usual.

Every GPU Card or Video Card contains an inbuilt fan in order to expel the heat from the video card processor. These fans avoid heating your graphics card, and thus, it allows the GPU to work without any issues.

But sometimes, these fans make too much sound and even it stops spinning completely. Many users have experienced the same problem, and that’s why we came up with this technical guide.


Problem Overview

On our Windows PCs, we install extra graphics cards of various brands, such as NVIDIA and AMD Radeon. For playing games and graphics-related videos, we use video cards.

Since the video cards run continuously with your processor, the heat generated by them has to be pulled out. For that, a fan is attached to them.

Without GPU fans, we face many issues, such as heating up the video card processor. It causes many issues, including damaging video cards.

What if the GPU Fans Not Spinning? It is possible that the GPU Fans stops spinning on our computers. There are several reasons for this issue, and they are:

  • The cooling mode of GPU Fans in the newly installed computer stops spinning for some time.
  • PCI Express Expansion Card is not plugged.
  • Issues with other power cables of your PC.
  • Dusty Graphics Card
  • Problems with the GPU Fan’s Bearings
  • Outdated GPU Drivers
  • Damaged GPU Fan

If you face the problem, then the reason might be one or more of the above-listed ones. Until you clear this issue, you can’t use the graphics card. Thus, you cannot play the games or run any graphics applications on your PC.

That’s why find out the perfect solution from the below sections to fix the GPU Fan Not Spinning issue.


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Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The immediate methods that you have to use after facing this GPU Fans Not Spinning issue are given in this section. Carefully read the instructions and apply them to fix the issue.

  • Restart the PC

Restarting the computer is the basic method that anyone can suggest to resolve the Windows issues. If you are currently facing the GPU Fans Not Spinning problem, then we recommend you reboot the PC.

Many users have reported that the fans start working correctly immediately after restarting the system. So, try this trick and see the problem is fixed or not.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys on your keyboard.
  2. On the blue screen displayed on your desktop, click the Restart icon placed at the bottom-right corner.
    Restart windows 10 computer
  • Heat up the Video Card Temperature

The GPU Fans of a newly purchased PC are in cooling mode. So until it reaches a certain temperature, it will not spin. But without knowing that, the users can use it for some time. If you observe that the GPU Fans are not spinning, then you thought there is something with the fan.

The fans will not spin until the temperature of the processor exceeds 60 Degrees. To attain that temperature, you have to run high-quality applications or games on your PC.

After some time, check the GPU Fans are spinning or not. If you still face the issue, then the reason might be some other else.

  • Test It on Other PCs

How come you know that your Video Card is working or damaged? For that, you have to install your video card on another computer.

In case if the video card fan is spinning perfectly, then the fault is with your PC. If the problem still revolves around even after installing the GPU on other PCs, then you need to move to the next sections to use the advanced methods.



Steps To Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning Issue

The advanced methodologies that will resolve the GPU Fans Not Spinning problem are given below. You can apply those tricks one-by-one carefully.


  • Step 1

Check the PCIe is Plugged In

If you are a beginner and have less knowledge in assembling the PC components, then you might do simple mistakes. One such is not connecting the cables between the peripherals.

Don’t worry! You are not alone because several users do the same. So, we would like to say that check the power cables on your computer whether they are properly connected or not.

The GPU fans will not spin when the PCIe power cables are not plugged from your PSU into the GPU. If there any issues with the power connectors, then plug it properly.

Finally, check the video card’s fans are spinning or still showing the problem.

Note:When you observe a few branded graphics cards, such as GTX 1050 Ti, it will not contain any PCIe power connectors. In that case, you have to check out the following methods.


  • Step 2

Check Other Cables of your PC

If the PCIe Power Connectors are plugged without any mistakes, then you need to ensure that all other power cables are connected correctly or not.

In some cases, the GPU Fans Not Spinning problem occurs even though the power cable connections are not perfect on your PC. If everything is fine, and you still face the issue, then follow the below paragraphs.


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  • Step 3

Update Graphics Card Drivers

If the above solutions did not show any change, that means the fans are not spinning at all, then check the video card drivers.

We all know that the device or component will not work or gets damaged if its drivers are outdated. The same will apply to the graphics card. What I mean to say is if your GPU drivers are expired, then you might experience the GPU Fans Not Working issue.

If you really want to come out of this issue, then immediately install the latest graphics card drivers and update them. Follow the simple procedure to complete the process.

  1. Click the Start Menu -> Type device -> Click the Device Manager shown on the list.
    Click on the device manager from the search result.
  2. It opens the Device Manager wizard on your screen.
  3. Select the Display Adapters and click on it twice to expand it.
    Click on Display adapters and expand it
  4. Choose the graphics card you are currently using and right-click on it.
  5. Now, click the Update Driver option.
  6. Go with the Search automatically for the updated driver software option.
  7. Thus, it searches the original and the latest drivers and downloads them from the manufacturer site.
  8. After that, it installs and updates the GPU drivers within a couple of minutes.
  9. Finally, restart the PC to apply the changes and see the problem is resolved or not.

Simply Setup the IObit Driver Booster to perform the driver update process automatically on your Windows PC.


  • Step 4

Clean the Dusty GPU Fans

Are you using your desktop computers for several years? Didn’t you clean the PC and its components for several days? Then it is not a big thing that you have encountered the GPU Fans Not Spinning issue.

Yes, the common reason for a huge number of users who face this problem is not cleaning their devices. Due to dust particles, the hardware components will not work in some cases.

Similarly, if the GPU Fans are filled with dust, then they will not spin at all. That’s why remove the dust completely by cleaning it with a smooth fibre cloth.


  • Step 5

Oil the Bearings

Spinning the fans for more years will make the bearings lose. If you thought to replace it completely, then once try to pour oil in the bearings. After that, check the GPU Fans Not Spinning issue is fixed or not.

As it is not a permanent solution, but it will not show any issues for some days. In order to oil the bearings, you need to remove the graphics card or GPU from your desktop.

After that, remove the GPU fan and take off the sticker on its backside. Finally, take a limited quantity of the oil and drop it on the oil caps of the bearings.


  • Step 6

Replace the Fan

Suppose you trouble with the same issue that is GPU Fans Not Spinning. Then the only option you left is replacing the fan with a new one. You need to purchase a brand new GPU fan and install it properly.


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Tips To Avoid GPU Fans Not Spinning

  • If you use your computer daily, then it’s better to clean it, including the internal peripherals like motherboard, GPU Fans, and others, frequently.
  • Before going to turn on the system, make sure that you have connected all the power cables perfectly without any mistakes.
  • To escape from this GPU Fan Not Spinning issue, you have to upgrade the video card to the latest versions.


Contact Official Support

Every hardware device or peripheral on our computer is important. We can use the system only when all those devices run perfectly. If anything goes wrong, then the entire PC will freeze or damage.

So, when you observe the GPU Fans are not spinning, then search for the best solutions to fix it. Many users have resolved this issue through the above techniques.

If you fail to do so, then the reason might be some other else. Maybe the GPU Fan on your computer is damaged. In that case, you need to get it repaired by a professional technician.

If you own any warranty on your PC, then go to the authorized store & replace it with a new one.


Final Words: Conclusion

To sum up everything, I would like to say that it is mandatory to spin the GPU Fans on your PC. So, apply the given techniques whenever it stops spinning or not working.

According to our study, the above methods will definitely solve the GPU Fans Not Spinning issue. If you want to share your own hack, then we are most welcome to share it through this post. Fix the problem immediately to spin the fan without any issues.

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