Fix Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up

Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up

Is Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up for your friends on the community list? It is a fixable problem and can be solved with the techniques listed in this blog.

You can use the tricks one by one and get rid of the server issues while playing the Valheim game. Let’s talk about this game in detail.

Valheim is a wonderful survival and sandbox video game developed by the Swedish designer Iron Gate AB. It was published in the year 2021 by Coffee Stain Studios.

It is considered one of the best multiplayer games because 10 players connect to it and play it on their PCs. Sometimes, the players are unable to find the servers listed under Valheim’s menu.

And without servers, they are unable to play it on their devices. Don’t worry! We are here to help you in fixing the Valheim Dedicated Servers Not Showing Up issue on your Windows 10.


Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up: Problem Overview

Steam offers marvelous and gamer’s choice video games. Some of the top-selling games from the Steam Store are Fallout 4, Skyrim, Battlegrounds, Soundfall, We Are Here Forever, etc.

Apart from these, Valheim is one of the survival and exploration video game developed by Iron Gate Studio. It is designed in the sandbox technology for Windows and Linux users.

Since it is a multiplayer game, we can connect with our friends and play together on our desktops. Even we can create our dedicated servers and play in multiplayer mode.

But there are several people who face problems while connecting to the servers. It will not show the dedicated servers of Valheim.

Don’t worry! There are some particular reasons that trigger this Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up issue. They are:

  • The network you’re using might have some issues.
  • Outdated network drivers
  • Third-party security softwares, like antiviruses and firewalls, can also cause these errors.
  • Improper set up of the network on your computer
  • Corrupted game files of Valheim also cause these issues

When you don’t connect to the servers, you cannot play the Valheim game with your friends. So, you need to act quickly and resolve this server issue by using the best workarounds given in the following sections.


Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up: Related Problems

Now, move to the following paragraphs to know the problems that are related to Valheim servers.

Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Before going to use any advanced tricks, try the following basic methods that may resolve the Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up issue on your Windows 11/10.

  • Restart Steam Client

Due to simple glitches, we have these server problems while trying to connect on our PCs. In this case, restart the Steam Client running on the device.

There are a few gamers who were shocked by fixing this server problem after restarting the Steam. If you’re lucky, then you may also get rid of it on your device.

In case if the problem repeats after rebooting the Steam, then move to the next step.

  • Reboot your Network Devices

Network devices play an important role in connecting to dedicated servers. If your router and modem stop working or has some other issue, it shows these error messages.

To overcome the servers not showing up issue, restart your network components, as shown below.

  1. Take your modem and router in your hands and remove the power cables attached to them.
  2. Now, you have to wait for at least 2 minutes and then reconnect the cords disconnected from them.
  3. Power on the devices and see the indicator lights are blinking.
  4. Launch your default browser and check whether there are any connection issues.

Once the connection is established, launch Valheim and find the dedicated server that you want to connect to.


Steps To Fix Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up Issue

Don’t waste your time! Check out the following advanced troubleshooting methods that allow you to fix the Valheim Dedicated Servers Not Showing Up problem.


  • Step 1

Upgrade Network Drivers

Network devices work only when the network drivers are upgraded. Valheim Dedicated Servers are Not Working or Not Showing problem may be due to the expired network drivers on your Windows 10.

Thus, download and install the latest drivers from its official manufacturer site to turn the network adapters up to date. Or else follow the below instructions to upgrade the drivers.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type devmgmt.msc -> Click OK.
  2. Expand Network Adapters -> Right-click the network device that you want to update -> Select Properties.
  3. In the next step, click on the Search automatically for the updated driver software option.
  4. Complete the update process by going through some on-screen instructions.

Once finished, reboot your Windows computer and check the issue that you’re currently facing is solved.


  • Step 2

Enable Network Discovery

According to some gamers, the Network Discovery option on your Windows 10 must be turned ON in order to avoid these server issues.

So, check whether the network discovery is disabled or enabled on your PC. If it is turned off, then use the below steps to turn it ON.

  1. Go to the bottom-right corner of your desktop screen -> Click on the Network/Computer icon placed on the Taskbar.
  2. Locate the Advanced Network Settings section and click on the Network & Sharing Center option.
  3. On the left-side panel, choose the Change Advanced Sharing Settings tab.
  4. Double-click on the Private section to expand it -> Tick the box next to the Network Discovery to turn it ON.
  5. In the next step, apply the same settings in the Public or Guest Mode section.

Restart your Windows 10 PC and check the Valheim Dedicated Servers Not Showing Up issue is solved.


  • Step 3

Turn Off Antivirus & Windows Firewall

In order to secure our privacy and protect our devices from cyber-attacks, Windows Firewall blocks us from connecting to unknown servers.

To connect to the dedicated servers and play the Valheim game error-freely, we need to turn off the firewall and antivirus software temporarily.

First of all, disable the antivirus installed on your Windows 10 using the below procedure.

  1. Go to the Taskbar -> Click on the ^ icon to view the apps running in the background -> Right-click the antivirus software -> Choose Disable the antivirus temporarily.
  2. If it shows any confirmation window, click on the Yes button to continue.

After disabling the antivirus, perform the following instructions to turn off the Windows Firewall.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type control firewall.cpl -> Click OK.
  2. You can see the Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off tab on the left panel, so click on it.
  3. Now, check the radio button next to the Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) option in both Private Network Settings and Public Network Settings.
  4. Save the changes by clicking the OK button.

In case if you still face the same server issue, then use other methods given below.


  • Step 4

Check the Network is Correctly Properly

Are you using your PC as the server? There are some people who want to share the server through the internet. In that situation, we have to configure the Port Forwarding correctly.

If we done any mistakes, then the result will be like the Valheim Dedicated Servers are Not Showing Up issue.

You must allow the ports via your PC and router firewalls when you’re using your PC as the server. And you know what! For security concerns, your Internet Service Providers block a few sensitive port ranges. To overcome this issue, you need to change the port range by giving a higher value.

Note: By default, the port range that is used by the server is 2456 – 2458.


  • Step 5

Edit Steam Client

In our investigation, several people have suggested that doing some changes to Steam Client will help you in fixing the Valheim Dedicated Servers Not Showing Up problem on our Windows 10.

  1. Firstly, launch Steam Client using its desktop shortcut.
  2. Click on the View menu -> Choose Servers in order to open the Steam Server Browser.
  3. In the next step, go to the Favorite tab and tap on the Add a Server option.
  4. You have to provide the IP address of the dedicated server. By this, you can see this dedicated server on the list.
  5. From the list, select the server and click on the Connect button -> Provide the password to connect successfully.

Now, launch Valheim and check the problem is solved on your PC or still persists.


  • Step 6

Select Community Server

In addition to the above methods, this trick will help you in fixing the problem. That is selecting the Community Server in order to allow others to join the dedicated servers.

If it is turned off, others can’t see your dedicated servers and join. Since we create the dedicated servers on Valheim, it is mandatory to turn ON the Community Server.


Tips To Avoid Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up

  • To avoid this kind of server-related problem while playing the Valheim game, you need to keep the network drivers up to date on your computer all the time.
  • Before you start the gameplay, close all the background apps, especially antivirus and Windows firewall, to stay away from these errors.
  • Once you turn on your network devices, check whether there are any issues with your ISP. If so, then wait until the problem is rectified by your service provider.
  • Be careful while setting up the network on your Windows 10 because simple mistakes will lead to difficult problems.


Contact Official Support

We hope that there is no requirement to uninstall and reinstall the Valheim game because the above methods will solve the problem undoubtedly.

In case you failed to fix it with our tricks, then go with some other sources. One such option is searching the Steam Communities for any new instructions.

At the same time, Reddit is also a popular forum that provides solutions to these kinds of errors. Other than that, you can try visiting trusted sites that you are aware of them.

If nothing helps you, then contact the technical support team of Coffee Stain Studios. Explain the issue and get steps to fix the Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up problem.


Final Words: Conclusion

On the whole, Valheim is an extraordinary survival video game developed in sandbox technology. Gamers can enjoy a lot by surviving their life between animals, monsters, and the new world.

If the dedicated servers are not showing when you’re trying to connect, use the methods provided in this post to fix it on your Windows computer.

For any compliments or complaints, you can feel free to contact us through the comment box. Also, share this useful troubleshooting guide with your friends and other gamers.

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