Fix Printer Driver Unavailable Windows 10: Easy Troubleshooting Guide

Complete Solution with Detail Instructions on How to Fix Printer Driver Unavailable Error on Windows 10

Yesterday, I was using my Canon printer PIXMA 8320 when suddenly I faced the printer driver unavailable Windows 10 error on my Windows PC. I was shocked as the printer was working fine just before the error shown up. Anyways, I researched this topic and tried a few methods which helped me solved the printer driver unavailable problem. In this blog, I am writing those methods to help you fix your printer. If you are also eager to know how do I fix my printer driver is unavailable? This post is surely going to help you resolve this problem on your own.

Canon is a world-renowned brand that manufactures printers and scanners. These printers are best in class and provide the most advanced features and optimum performance. Sometimes, there can be some problems with printers. Printer driver unavailable Windows 10 is one such problem. However, this problem is also faced by HP Printer, Epson Printer, Brother Printer, Ricoh Printer and other printer users. This printer driver unavailable Windows 10 is a rare problem. This error is mostly seen with canon printer MAXIFY MB5420, PIXMA Mega Tank G2200, HP 310, HP 3121 and Brothersoft DCP 710W models.

Let us take a look at the reason behind this problem with various printers.


Printer Driver Unavailable Windows 10 : Problem Overview

The printer driver unavailable Windows 10 error occurs after the prolonged use of printers. Sometimes a new software installation also results in printer driver unavailable error. Some missing or corrupt files can also cause this issue. The printer is unable to print any documents when this error occurs. whatever is the reason, we will try to fix each one of them. This problem can occur with any printer so these troubleshooting steps are applicable to every printer brand & model. Users of a few of the Brands mentioned below which are searching frequently for the Printer driver is unavailable windows 10.  we would like to mention below.

  • Brother printer driver is unavailable
  • HP printer driver unavailable
  • Epson printer driver unavailable
  • Canon printer driver unavailable
  • Ricoh printer driver unavailable
  • Toshiba printer driver unavailable
  • Lexmark printer driver unavailable

Don’t worry, If your printer brand is not listed here still this guide can help you fix your printer issue. Read further to fix this problem.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Printer Driver Unavailable Windows 10

First of all, we will do some basic troubleshooting to fix the Printer driver unavailable Windows 10 error. These simple but effective steps may solve the printer driver error and enable the printer to print documents and work fine. Try these steps given below.

  • Disconnect the printer from the computer then reconnect it
  • Power off then power on your printer
  • Restart the computer and printer simultaneously
  • Try a different USB port on your computer

Hopefully, these steps should fix the issue. But don’t worry if your printer driver unavailable error is not fixed. Try the different methods given below until your printer starts to work fine.


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Methods to fix Printer Driver Unavailable Windows 10


Update Your Printer Drivers

The printer driver unavailable error may occur due to an outdated printer driver. Printer drivers can be easily updated on your computer. Follow these steps given below to fix the printer error on your computer.

  1. Click on the Start menu
  2. Type in Device manager and press Enter.
    Search Device Manager
  3. Expand the printers menu and right click on your printer.
    Select your printer and right-click on it
  4. Select the Update Driver option.
    Select Update driver from the small menu
  5. Now choose the Search automatically for updated driver option

Let the Windows 10 search and install the latest drivers for your printer. You will be notified upon the successful installation. Restart your computer when prompted. Now the printer driver unavailable Windows 10 error should be fixed on your Windows PC. If the error is not fixed then try the next method.

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Update Windows 10 on Computer

Some updates can become the reason for Printer driver unavailable Windows 10 error. Though Windows 10 OS can take care of update through automatic updates option, sometimes we need to manually update the system. Automatic update can fail due to some technical factors. If your internet connection is interrupted while the automatic updating process or disk space is low while installing the update then such updates are kept in a queue for updating later.

Such updates do not have priority over the other new updates hence they may be left without updating. Such updates are required to be updated manually. Follow the below given updates to perform the manual update on Windows 10 computer.

  1. Click the Start menu.
  2. Select the Settings option.
    Select The Settings Option
  3. click on update & Security menu.
    Choose The ‘Update And Security’ Option
  4. Now Click on the Check for Updates.

Now windows will instantly start downloading any pending updates from the queue. If you get the low disk space message while updating then clear some files to make some space on your computer. When you will restart the computer then the printer driver unavailable windows 10 error should be fixed. If you are still facing the error then you should try next method given here.



Run sfc scannow Utility

Corrupt or damaged system files are a major reason for printer driver unavailable Windows 10 error. Files can become damaged or corrupt due to some technical reasons. For example, a third party app can corrupt printer system files. This is where sfc utility comes in use. This utility can repair corrupt and damage files on the system.

Perform the steps given here to run the sfc scannow utility on computer.

  1. Click on the Start menu.
  2. Type in the cmd in the box.
    Search “cmd” In The Search Box On The Taskbar
  3. Right click on the Command prompt and click on run as administrator.
  4. type the sfc /scannow and hit enter key.
    In The Command Prompt Type sfc scannow

Let the system check files. If any damaged files are found then they will be repaired by this utility. Still if you are facing the error  then read next section.


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Reinstall Drivers of Printer

When the sfc utility can’t fix the corrupt printer system file then you should reinstall those drivers. First, you have to uninstall those drivers to fix printer driver unavailable Windows 10 issue. Follow the steps given below to reinstall printer drivers.

  1. Press the Windows logo and R key simultaneously.
    Press the windows key & Latter R both
  2. Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box.
    Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box
  3. Expand the Printers option.
    Expand the Printers option
  4. Right click on the drivers and click uninstall.

Now go to the your printer website and download latest drivers for your printer model. Once finished downloading then perform these steps to reinstall these drivers.

  1. Go to the start menu.
  2. Type Device Manager and press the Enter key.
    Search Device Manager
  3. Expand the Printers and locate your printer.
    Expand the Printers option
  4. Right click on it and select Update drivers option.
  5. Now click on the Choose drivers manually from computer option.
  6. Click on Browse and Locate the folder where you have downloaded the latest drivers for your printer.

Now you have reinstall printer drivers. This should definitely fix the printer driver unavailable error on the PC. Otherwise, you have to take the next big step as given in the next paragraph.

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Reinstall the Printer on Computer

When all the above steps fail then you are left with the option to reinstall the printer to fix printer driver unavailable on windows 10. A fresh printer installation is error-free. Reinstalling the printer is only way to make up for any irregularities that may have taken place during the previous installation of your printer. Follow these instructions to reinstall the printer.

  1. Disconnect the printer from the computer.
  2. Power off the printer.
  3. Go to the Start menu.
  4. Type Add or remove programs and select the Programs and Features option.
  5. Select your printer and click on uninstall.
  6. Let the system uninstall the printer.
  7. Restart the computer after the uninstallation is finished
  8. Now power on the printer and connect all cords with the computer
  9. Insert any installation disc or flash drive that comes with the printer

Let the Windows 10 PC install the printer on your system. Now the printer error should not appear and you can use your printer trouble free.


Tips to Avoid Printer Driver Unavailable Windows 10 Error

You can avoid the printer driver unavailable Windows 10 error in the future and save your precious time if you take our suggestion. Follow these tips given below to make sure your printer is away from printer driver unavailable error.

  1. Keep free hard disk space on your computer
  2. Avoid installing unknown software
  3. Install driver updates from genuine printer website only
  4. Keep the drivers up to date
  5. Keep the Windows 10 up to date

If you can do this much then most likely you will not face the printer error.


Contact Printer Authorized Support

Our blog here covers all the methods which can fix the printer driver unavailable Windows 10 problem. Still if your problem is not solved then you need expert guidance. What can be a better place than official printer support. Click on the link given here to get authorized expert support.


Final Words : Conclusion

We hope that our blog is helpful in giving you a solution for printer driver unavailable Windows 10 problem. Please let us know your thoughts about this blog in the comments below. Your appreciation encourages us and suggestions help us improve our work.

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