Fix PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End

PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End

Is PayPal issuing an error message while trying to log in to your account? Want to change the passwords on your PayPal account without any trouble? Then here are the best ways to fix this issue.

We know that PayPal is one of the world’s popular online payment applications. With this, we can do payments online, such as transferring money to others, etc.

In order to access the PayPal services, we have to create our own account by providing the bank credentials. Most users regularly use their PayPal account to perform online transactions.

A few people are coming across PayPal Something Went Wrong on our End issue. When they try to change the passwords or sign in to the PayPal account, they encounter this error message.

Don’t panic! It is a very simple issue and can be resolved with the following methods.


Problem Overview: PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End

Presently, there are numerous online payment applications, such as Paytm, PhonePe, GPay, etc. Apart from this, PayPal is also one of the leading online payment services.

It is an American multinational financial technology company that allows the user to make online transactions. In addition to that, we can do online shopping, transferring and receive money, and use it as a merchant account.

To use its services, we have to set up a PayPal account by giving our personal and bank details. It is easy to create and log in to our PayPal account.

Due to security reasons, it suggests resetting the password after a few months. PayPal Something Went Wrong on our End is the problem that occurs while trying to reset the password or sign in to your account.

Mainly, this error happens due to the following reasons.

  • Browser cache and cookies
  • Outdated Web Browser
  • PayPal servers are down
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • If there are multiple passwords and pages saved on your web browser, you can face this issue.
  • If your browser is not effective to use the PayPal services, then this issue might trigger.

You can find the root cause easily and apply the best method to resolve it on your Windows PCs.


Related Problems: PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End

You may encounter Something Went Wrong issue in PayPal in different situations. Some of them are shown below with their solutions.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps: PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End

We have given a couple of basic techniques to fix this PayPal Something Went Wrong on our End issue. But before going to use them, restart your Windows PC.

Some issues will never appear after rebooting the device. After restarting, open the PayPal site and try logging in to your account or change the password to test the error occurs again or not.

If it doesn’t throw any error, then use PayPal services hassle-freely on your computer; otherwise, go through the following methods & fix the issue.

  • Check your Internet Connection

Due to network glitches, PayPal might not be allowing you to sign in to your account and reset the password. Some users have said that they solved this issue simply by changing the network.

Connect your desktop computer or laptop to some other network and check the PayPal Something Went on our End issue is fixed or not.

  • Use PayPal on Different PC

Why can’t you try loading PayPal on some other computer? When you frequently encounter PayPal Something Went Wrong on our End issue, you have to load it on other devices.

It might be your Smartphone or tablet, or laptop, just open your browser and load PayPal. Now, type your username and password and click the sign-in button.

See whether it redirects to the homepage of your PayPal account or throws the same error message.


Steps To Fix PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End Issue

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s move to further methods that will help in fixing the PayPal Something Went Wrong on our End error.


  • Step 1

Wait and Retry After Sometime

Most of the online applications, like Facebook, Gmail, PhonePe, and others, recommend users to change their login passwords for security purposes.

In the same way, PayPal also shows the notification to reset the passwords. When they try to create a new password, users are facing this PayPal Something Went Wrong on our End issue.

It doesn’t allow the users to modify their passwords. In this case, you have to wait for a moment and refresh the page. Now, again try to change the password.

If you still face the same error, try repeating the above step multiple times. If nothing changes, then move to the next method.


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  • Step 2

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Didn’t you clean the cache, cookies, passwords, and other browsing data on your browser? Then this Something Went Wrong on PayPal End is quite common.

To get rid of this error, you have to clear the browser history completely. For that,

  1. Launch Google Chrome on your Windows PC.
  2. Go to the Chrome menu (three vertical dots on the top-right corner) -> Click Settings.
    Click on the settings icon in the window
  3. Navigate to the Privacy and Security section -> Click on the Clear Browsing Data option.
  4. Select Advanced -> Change the Time Range to All-Time.
  5. Tick all the boxes, such as Browsing History, Download History, Cookies, and other site data, Cached images and files, and Passwords & other sign-in data.
  6. Finally, click the Clear Data button.

Thus, it removes the browsing data within seconds. After that, try resetting the passwords and logging in to your PayPal account without any issues.


  • Step 3

Update your Web Browser

We all know that outdated or older versions of programs cause many problems. To surf the internet faster and error-freely, our browser has to be up-to-date.

PayPal Something Went Wrong on our End occurs when you load it on the expired web browser. Therefore, you have to check whether there are any browser updates or not. If so, install them on your PC to avoid these errors.

  1. Open Chrome -> Click on the Customize and Control Google Chrome (Menu) -> Select Help -> Click on the About Google Chrome.
  2. With this, it automatically checks for the latest releases of Chrome. If there are any such new developments, then it will install them to turn your browser up-to-date.

After upgrading the browser, check the PayPal issue is solved on your PC. If you encounter the same problem, then use some other tricks mentioned below.


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  • Step 4

Use Another Browser

According to some users and forums, this kind of problem can be disappeared after switching to another web browser. If you’re browsing PayPal on your Chrome and facing problems, then use some other browsers.

A few users have didn’t notice any issues while resetting the password on a different web browser. We suggest you to download and install the best alternatives of Chrome, such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Though Chrome is the world’s best web browser, it causes these types of issues. So, get either Firefox or Opera and start using PayPal to check the problem occurs or not.


  • Step 5

Use Alternatives to PayPal

If none of the above solutions didn’t solve the PayPal Something Went Wrong on our End issue, then it is best to check out the alternatives of PayPal.

To perform your online transactions or online shopping, you have to log in to your PayPal account. If you’re unable to log in to it, you need to find some other apps to perform these online transactions.

Some of the best alternatives to PayPal are Skrill, Payoneer, Google Pay Send, and Stripe. You can use these services and complete your electronic banking activities with your fingertips.

Moreover, you can avail benefits of using these apps by transferring money online to your friends and other users. Even you can pay all your monthly expenses using these services.


Tips To Avoid PayPal Something Went Wrong On Our End

  • Before you’re going to surf the internet or access PayPal, make sure that you cleared the browser history completely.
  • Don’t save the passwords on your web browser because it will lead to many security issues.
  • Use the best web browser (like Chrome) to load the PayPal site faster and use its services without facing any errors.
  • Make use of a reliable network that provides speedier internet to log in and perform the activities on your PayPal account.


Contact Official Support

PayPal Something Went Wrong on our End issue can be fixed with the above troubleshooting steps. Are you still engaging the same error and don’t know what to do?

In this situation, the only solution left to you is to contact PayPal support. Open the contact page of PayPal and message them by describing your problem.

Moreover, you can ask your query on the largest community of PayPal. Users or experts who already come across this issue can share their instructions with you to fix it.


Final Words: Conclusion

In conclusion, I conclude that PayPal is a one-stop platform where we can do money transfers quickly and shop online by linking our bank accounts.

If you face this issue, upgrade your web browser or use some other browser to get rid of it. Sometimes, waiting a few minutes and retrying it will solve the error.

When nothing makes you come out of this problem, contact its customer support. If you have any doubts about this post, ask us by leaving a message.

Want to fix any other technical issue on your Windows PC? Then post the query in the comment section. We will reply to you with the best troubleshooting methods.

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