Fix Discord Can’t Unmute

Discord Can’t Unmute

Discord Can't Unmute

Is Discord won’t allowing you to unmute while talking to other users? Want to make a smooth and uninterrupted communication with your friends and family members through Discord? Then you have landed in the right place.

Discord is one of the popular and most-used VOIP applications for Windows users. While using voice chat or video calling feature, we mute for a while.

When we want to start the conversation, Discord can’t allow us to unmute. By this, we cannot talk to whomever we want. There are several reasons for it, but the major one is using the Push To Talk feature.

If you want to know more details about this Discord Can’t Unmute issue and fix it on your Windows 10, then read this article until the last sentence.


Problem Overview Discord Can’t Unmute

Gamers play different games, like single-player, multi-player, etc. Based on the video game, multiple players communicate with each other.

Some users use inbuilt features to talk to other gamers. But the majority of gamers love to use the Discord application for voice chat, video call, file sharing, etc.

Discord is bundled with a lot of features to provide its best service to the users. We can download it on our Windows devices, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Not only that, we can directly use the Discord app through our web browsers. There are some problems that we encounter while using Discord on our PCs.

Discord won’t unmute even we try several times. Due to this, we cannot talk to the players while gaming. We have thoroughly studied this issue and came to a conclusion that the following are the reasons for it.

  • Outdated web browser
  • Incorrect settings of your audio input device
  • If you are using Push To Talk, then you will face this issue.
  • You might be muted on your own
  • Your microphone might be muted
  • Selecting the wrong output device also result in this problem
  • Faulty website settings

Once you know why this Discord Can’t Unmute issue occurs, select the suitable method from below to overcome it.


Related Problems Discord Can’t Unmute

Go through this section to know some of the problems that are related to this Discord Won’t Unmute issue.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps Discord Can’t Unmute

Before heading towards any of the below methods, reboot the Windows computer. Once the system gets booted, launch Discord and try to unmute.

If you still can’t unmute Discord, then troubleshoot it with the help of the following techniques.

  • Check your Microphone

If you can’t unmute Discord, then your device might not be allowing the app to access your microphone. To overcome this issue, you need to execute the below steps on your computer.

  1. First of all, go to the Start menu -> Click Gear wheel or Settings.
  2. Now, click the Privacy category.
  3. On the left side panel, go with the Microphone tab.
  4. Click the toggle button to turn on the Allow apps to access your microphone.
  5. Move to the following section, Choose which apps can access your microphone. Find the Discord app from the list and select it.

Finally, reboot the desktop computer and check Discord is allowing you to unmute or not.

  • Use Discord on Other Browsers

Are you using the Discord app on your Google Chrome browser? Is your default web browser up-to-date? If not, try to install the latest version of your browser.

After upgrading, check the Discord Can’t Unmute issue is fixed or not. If you still face the same problem, then install any other web browsers, such as Opera, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Once you finish the setup process, launch Discord on the newly installed browser. Now, try to unmute to test the issue is solved or not.


Steps To Fix Discord Can’t Unmute Issue

There are some instances where people are unable to fix the Discord Can’t Unmute after using the basic methods. In that case, you have several other techniques to troubleshoot the issue.


  • Step 1

Check If you’re using Push To Talk

Is Push To Talk option activated on the Discord app? Then it might be the main reason for causing the Discord Can’t Unmute issue.

In order to unmute without any fail, you have to follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly, open Discord by clicking its desktop shortcut.
  2. Go to the Username -> Click Settings.
  3. Under the App Settings, click Voice & Video tab.
  4. Check whether the Push To Talk option is enabled. If the option is ticked, then see the shortcut given below that allows you to unmute the Discord app.

After knowing, launch Discord and press the unmute shortcut to check the issue is fixed.


  • Step 2

Use Correct Output Device

Have you selected the right output device on your Windows 10? There are several reports where incorrect output devices cause Discord Can’t Unmute issue.

You can solve this problem simply by executing the below instructions on your computer.

  1. Press Windows + E -> Go to the Discord installation folder -> Double-click the .exe file of Discord to launch it. (Or else double-click the Discord desktop shortcut).
  2. In the next step, open Discord Settings by clicking the Settings icon placed beside the Username.
  3. Go to the Voice & Video tab -> Scroll down to the Output Device section.
  4. From the list, choose the correct Output Device. At the same time, you have to move the volume slider to high to increase the volume.

Finally, open Discord and check the problem gets disappeared on your PC.


  • Step 3

Check the Website Settings

Your site settings are not allowing Discord to unmute, and that’s the reason why you are still facing this issue. So, you need to change the settings on your browser as mentioned below.

  1. Launch Google Chrome (or any other browser you are using).
  2. Go to the three dots (Customize and Control Google Chrome) or Menu -> Click Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page -> Locate the Privacy and Security section.
  4. From the Site Settings, choose Microphone.
  5. You can see different applications, and in that, select Discord.
  6. In the next step, click the Transchan button to remove Discord from the menu.
  7. Go to the Discord and unmute the Microphone.
  8. If you see any confirmation prompts, then click the Allow button.

In case if you still see the Discord Can’t Unmute issue, then move to the next methods.


  • Step 4

Use Discord on Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is one of the best features provided by Google Chrome. Since it doesn’t save the site cookies and cache, the website will load faster and error-freely.

In case if the above steps didn’t fix the Discord Can’t Unmute, then browse Discord on Incognito Mode.

  1. Launch Chrome -> Click Menu icon -> Select New Incognito Window.
  2. Type the Official website of Discord (URL) in the address bar -> Hit Enter.
  3. Login to your Discord account by providing the credentials.
  4. Now, try to unmute the microphone.

In case if the problem is solved, then open the normal window and clear the cookies and cache to use Discord without any of these issues.


  • Step 5

Update Discord App

Some users say that using Discord through the web browser can throw this kind of issue. Due to the voice encoder issues, it can’t allow us to unmute the Discord.

Therefore, install the Discord application on your Windows 10. If the problem appears even though you’re using the Discord app, then check whether it is updated or not.

If there are any newer versions of Discord, then install them on your computer. Once you update Discord, then try to unmute to check the issue is fixed or not.


Tips To Avoid Discord Can’t Unmute

  • The users who want to avoid this unmute issue on Discord have to keep their web browser up-to-date. If you’re using the Discord app, then make sure that it is the latest version.
  • Keep the volume to the maximum, and don’t mute it whenever you want to perform any voice-related activities on your computer.
  • Connect the working microphone to your Windows PC so that it doesn’t show these kinds of problems while using Discord.


Contact Official Support

Users will successfully solve the Discord Won’t Unmute issue with the methods given in this article. What if the techniques can’t fix the problem? In such a case, you have a few alternatives.

One such step to get rid of this issue is uninstalling and reinstalling Discord on your Windows PC. After uninstalling, delete the leftovers of Discord from the device and then reinstall it.

In case if Discord can’t let the users unmute it even after freshly reinstalling, then contact the support team of Discord. Through live text chat or email, make contact with them and get proper instructions that can fix it.


Final Words: Conclusion

To sum up everything, Discord is a popular Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or instant messaging app. Using this Discord, we can perform voice chat for free of cost.

Gamers use it as their default application to communicate with other players. If you can’t unmute, then fix it with either basic or advanced methods.

For any compliments or complaints on this troubleshooting guide, comment in the below box. Share the details of those methods that helped you in fixing it.

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