Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Bee

Destiny 2 Error Code BeeDestiny 2 Error Code Bee

Did you see Error Code Bee while playing the Destiny 2 game? Want to play this shooting video game error-freely on your PCs and consoles? Then follow this post until the end to get the best methods to fix it.

Destiny 2 is one of the best multiplayer games developed by Bungie Inc. All game lovers can play this online game for free of cost from its official website.

This first-person shooter video game was released into the market in the year 2017. Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, and Xbox One users can play this game without any compatibility issues.

Though it thrills the gamers a lot, it causes some troubles while playing it. Several users have reported that they are encountering the Destiny 2 Error Code Bee.

That’s the reason why we have researched and included the following methods that can easily fix the issue. Follow the below sections and get more knowledge on this error code.


Problem Overview

Many of us want to play games on our desktops, video game consoles, Smartphones, etc. Different kinds of people love different games, such as adventure, shooting, racing, etc.

Moreover, games are designed in both single-player and multiplayer. If you want to suggest the best multiple-player shooting video game, then we include Destiny 2 in that list.

You will enjoy a lot while playing this first-person shooter video game on your PCs. By comparing desktops and PlayStations, the gamers play with thrilling experiences while playing on their computers.

There are some instances where users can come across various error codes while dealing with this Destiny 2. You might see error codes like Bee, Lion, and Fly. One such problem that we discuss in this post is Destiny 2 Error Code Bee.

Want to know why this Error Code Bee occurs? Then read the following steps.

  • Internet Connection issues
  • Corrupted Game Files
  • Bungie’s servers are down
  • Damaged Router/Modem
  • Insufficient Bandwidth due to the running of several other apps on your PC

These are the top-listed reasons that cause the Destiny 2 Error Code Bee issue. Now, you need to move to the following sections and apply the troubleshooting methods to resolve it.


Related Problems

We already said that Destiny 2 troubles the gamers with several issues. Some of those error codes are discussed in this section. Go through this section and fix the errors whenever you encounter them.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The basic troubleshooting methods that we will provide in fixing the Destiny 2 Error Code Bee are as follows. Read the guidelines carefully and apply them to fix the issue.

  • Check your Modem/Router

Most of the time, the error codes Bee, Anteater, Beet, and others occur due to bad internet connections. One of the major reasons for this is not working your router or modem correctly.

So, we recommend the user check their router thoroughly and make sure that it is working or not. For that, you need to connect it to any other device and see that it provides uninterrupted internet or not.

If your router is perfect, then the reason might be some other else. Move to the following sections to get in touch with more methods.

  • Check Bungie Servers

Experts of Bungie developed Destiny 2 as the best shooter video game. It is not a weird thing when we see the Error Code Bee while playing it on our PCs or consoles.

Don’t panic! You have several methods to resolve this problem. If you are currently facing this error, then once check the Bungie servers.

Sometimes, the Bungie servers unable to provide the services due to server down issues. And these server problems cause the Destiny 2 Error Code Bee.

The only thing you have to do is waiting until the Bungie servers work perfectly. Still, you can’t fix the problem? Then check out the advanced methods given below.


Steps To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Bee Issue

If you are browsing this section, then it means the basic ones will not help you in fixing the issue. Any one of the following four advanced methods will surely work in resolving the Destiny 2 Error Code Bee.


  • Step 1

Restart your Console/PC and Clear the Game Cache

One of the reasons for this issue is the corrupted game cache. Thus, the corrupted game files will not allow the user to access the game. And we come across Destiny 2 Error Code Bee on our console.

In this situation, we request you reboot the Console quickly. Instead of going with the normal restart process, better to use the hard reboot of the device. After that, remove the cache from the console’s memory.

By following this method, several users have resolved the problem. So, execute the below steps and get rid of this issue on your Xbox One.

  1. Press the power button on your video game console and hold it until it shuts down fully.
  2. Remove all the power cables from the console. Again press the power button and hold it to drain the power completely.
  3. By this, the entire cache is deleted and also formats the Xbox.
  4. Now, replug the disconnected power cables. You need to wait until the light on the console turns from white to orange.
  5. Switch on the console and check the error code Bee is fixed or not.


  • Step 2

Use Wired (Ethernet) Network Connection

For easy and quick access to the internet, we use wireless network connections. Compared to a standard or wired network, there are more risks in using a Wi-Fi network.

Even after knowing, we connect our devices to these wireless networks. Due to unstable internet, server issues, and others, we can encounter various problems while playing games.

What I meant to say is the Destiny 2 Error Code Bee occurs due to this bad wireless internet connection. That’s why connect your PlayStation or Xbox or computer to a wired network.

In case if you have faced this issue while accessing an Ethernet connection, then switch to a wireless connection. And check the Error Code Bee is resolved or not.


  • Step 3

Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is the most effective method that can resolve the Destiny 2 Error Code Bee completely. You know what! Destiny 2 generally uses the odd router ports, which are basically blocked by the routers.

You need to perform some changes, and for that, you have the right to open the ports on your router. Check out the below guidelines to complete the method successfully.

Before going further, we need to do a simple task that is assigning the static IP address to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, or other consoles.


For the users of Xbox One

  1. Turn on the console by pressing the power button.
  2. In the next step, push the Menu button on the Xbox One.
  3. Open the Settings and choose the Advanced Settings option under the Network.
  4. You can find the IP address section. Now, note down the IP Address and Mac Address.


For the users of PlayStation 4

  1. Power on the PlayStation 4.
  2. You need to navigate the following path under the Main menu.
    1. Settings -> Network -> View Connection Status.
  3. Find the IP Address and Mac Address and write it on any paper or some other else.
  4. The first part of the Port Forwarding is completed. Now, it’s time to set these static IP addresses to your consoles. For that, follow the below steps.
  5. First of all, open a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Opera, etc.
  6. In the address bar, type the default IP address provided by your Internet Service Provider and press Enter.
  7. Now, sign in to your account with your username and password.
  8. Open the Settings and find the Enable Manual Assignment option. Click the radio button beside Yes to enable it.
  9. Now, you need to enter the IP address and Mac address of your console in the respective fields and click Add icon.
  10. Now, you need to execute the following guidelines to port forwarding.
  11. If you logout from your router, again sign in to it and locate the port forwarding section. In case if you didn’t find any such section, then open the help page on your router and use the steps to locate it.
  12. In the next step, you need to provide the range of the ports that you want to open in Start and End. Or enter the ports that you want to open under Internal and External. For those gamers who are playing Destiny 2 and Destiny, enter the following ranges.
    1. 7500-17899 (TCP) Outbound
    2. 30000-40399 (TCP) Outbound
    3. 35000-35099 (UDP) Inbound and Outbound
  13. Make sure that you have to fill the protocols correctly, such as TCP or UDP under the Type of Service Type section. It allows us to open one port at a time, so repeat the step until you enter all the ranges.
  14. Now, type the static IP address that you have created in the above steps and click the Enable or OK option.
  15. Finally, reboot both your console and router to apply the changes. Check the Destiny 2 Error Code Bee is disappeared or still persists.


  • Step 4

Replace your Old Network-related Equipment

If you are still facing the Error Code Bee, then it’s better to replace the network-related equipment completely. The damaged or older power cables, routers, and other network components make the internet disconnecting frequently.

That’s why purchase the new equipment and replace them to get rid of these kinds of issues.


Tips To Avoid Destiny 2 Error Code Bee

  • Instead of using a Wi-Fi connection, better to connect your device to a wired network to avoid several issues while playing the games.
  • If you really want to play this Destiny 2 game, then don’t run any more apps on your desktop.
  • The users can easily escape from this Error Code Bee by checking whether the Bungie Servers are down or active before starting the gameplay.


Contact Official Support

Finally, the users, with the help of the above methods, can solve the Destiny Error Code Bee on their systems. We don’t know which technique will perfectly fix the issue, and that’s why we listed all workable ones in this post.

If you are still troubling with the same error, then we suggest uninstalling the video game completely. After that, remove the folders related to it and then install it again freshly.

Even though the error is not disappeared, then try to contact the official manufacturer of this Destiny 2. Explain the problem and take their assistance in order to fix it.


Final Words: Conclusion

To sum up everything, Destiny 2 is the best multiplayer shooter video game for Windows PCs. Error Code Bee is the most irritating error that is faced by several Destiny 2 gamers.

With the basic or advanced troubleshooting methods, you can definitely resolve the issue. If you benefit from this post, then share it with your friends and others who are playing the Destiny 2 game. It will help them to solve the issue whenever they encounter it.

Please connect your device to a stable internet connection so that you will never fall down these Error Code Bee issues. For any queries or clarifications, feel free to contact us by leaving a message in the following comment box.


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