Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself

Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself

Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself

Xbox One is a famous video gaming console developed by Microsoft. There are millions of customers all over the world who purchased this console to play their favorite games.

But there are such times where Xbox One turns on by itself without our intervention. It repeatedly causes this problem, and that frustrates the Xbox One user.

Fixing this issue is not a difficult task, but before that, you have to question yourself that why does my Xbox One turn on by itself?. So, you have to find the possible reasons that cause this trouble. After that, apply the best solutions to use your gaming console without any headaches.

Don’t worry! We will clearly explain to you the reasons, including the troubleshooting methods, in the coming sections.


Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself: Problem Overview

Earlier, gamers used to play on their desktop computers, laptops, mobiles, and Smartphones. But manufacturers are developed different kinds of video gaming consoles.

Sony designed PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and other consoles. In the same manner, we have some other gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, etc.

Microsoft also manufactured these gaming consoles, such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox Series X | S. There are many benefits of using Xbox One consoles, such as playing music, watching videos, TV, installing games, etc.

In some cases, the Xbox One console trouble the user by turning on by itself. It troubles us a lot even by turning it on at night times (when we are in a deep sleep).

Want to know the answer to your question – Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself? Then go through the following reasons that cause this issue.

  • The power button of your Xbox One is very sensitive.
  • Damaged video gaming console
  • HDMI control
  • It might be due to the console that is updating the system automatically.
  • Issues with the instant-on mode
  • When Xbox One is checking the voice assistants, your console turns on by itself.
  • In addition to that, Xbox One turns on without our commands when it checks the controller.
  • If the Cortana doesn’t understand your commands or misunderstands, then you can see this problem.

Check out the following paragraphs to get in touch with the troubleshooting methods that fix it.


Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself: Related Problems


Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The first and foremost thing that you have to do when your Xbox One turns on by itself is using the basic methods. Below are a few primary troubleshooting steps to overcome this issue.

  • Power Cycle your Xbox One

When we face any problem on our Windows PCs, we do restarting the device. And when it comes to Xbox One gaming console, we have to power cycle it to fix the issue.

The users have to power cycle their video game console when it turns on its own.

  1. First of all, shut down your Xbox One console by pressing and holding the power button for more than 10 seconds.
  2. By doing so, it will turn off your gaming console. After that, turn on your Xbox One by pressing the same power button.

Now, you will see the lights on your Xbox One. If you again face the same problem, then move to the below methods.

  • Check for Power Issues

Sometimes, the power fluctuations in your workplace where you have connected your console may cause this problem. Check whether the main power supply unit is working correctly or not.

If you found any malfunctions with your PSU, then repair them to run your Xbox One without any of these issues.

  • Check your Console for any Malfunction or Faults

Before moving to further sections, it’s better to check whether your console has malfunctioned with the below issues.

  1. Some users have said that their Xbox One turns on by itself when they continuously use it for several hours. So, take little breaks to avoid the occurrence of these issues.
  2. Make sure that you have provided proper ventilation to your console to keep it away from heating problems.
  3. Regularly clean the console with a soft cloth and use the console with utmost care to escape from these troubles.

If the problem occurs even after following all these guidelines, then use the following steps without wasting time.


Steps To Fix Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself Issue

Don’t feel tense if you haven’t fixed the Xbox One Turn On By Itself issue with the above steps. You have several other ways to fix it.


  • Step 1

Check your Xbox One Power Button

The power button of the Xbox One is very sensitive. In case if you accidentally touch on it, then it will turn on the console. Even in the worst cases, the dust on it also starts the Xbox One.

The best way to fix it is to clean the console and making our console free from the dust. By doing so, your gaming console will not start on its own.


  • Step 2

Check the Xbox One Controller

A controller is a key to operate the Xbox One consoles. It helps in turning on and off our gaming consoles. Even we can use it to play our desired games on our consoles.

In order to know whether the controller is causing this issue or not. Remove the batteries from the controller and see the console is turning on by itself or not.

If you still encounter the problem, then it means your controller is causing the issue. So, take your controller to the Microsoft service center and get it repaired.


  • Step 3

Check for Any Automatic System Updates on your Console

Updates are the best way to keep our devices free from various bugs and security issues. If you didn’t update your console for a long time, then your Xbox One might turn on and off without our intervention.

Even the automatic update process is the reason for this issue. You have to update your console and allow it to turn on and turn off automatically at the time of the update process.

Once the system update process is finished successfully, check the Xbox One Turning On by Itself issue is fixed or not.


  • Step 4

Turn Off Instant-On Mode

Instant-On feature on our Xbox One console helps in turning on it quickly even after you shut it down. In addition to that, it allows Xbox One users to turn their consoles on through voice commands.

Therefore, disable this Instant-On feature to fix the Xbox One Turn On By Itself issue.

  1. In the first step, you have to press the Guide button on your controller.
  2. After that, head towards the System and open the Settings.
  3. Now, you need to go with the Power & Startup section.
  4. Under the Power Mode & Startup tab, select the Power Mode feature.
  5. Choose Energy Saving and reboot your Xbox One to check the problem is fixed or not.


  • Step 5

Fix the Cortana Issues

We are well aware of Cortana Search Console on our Windows 10 PCs. Even the Xbox One gaming consoles also contain Cortana. By using Cortana, along with the Kinect, we can start our console by providing voice commands.

Sometimes, Cortana might not understand what you said, and thus, cause your console to turn it on by itself. In this situation, simply disconnect the Kinect from your controller to turn off this voice command feature.


  • Step 6

Disable HDMI-CEC on your TV

Is your TV contains the HDMI CEC feature? Then it makes your console turn on automatically.

HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is such a feature that controls remote devices, such as Xbox One, etc. If you find HDMI CEC enabled on your TV, then disable it from the TV Settings.

If you don’t know how to disable the HDMI CEC feature, then read the user manual to do so. By this, you can stop Xbox One console to turn on by itself.


Tips To Avoid Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself

  • You have to handle the Xbox One carefully because improper maintenance of your device can cause many issues, and even it stops functioning permanently.
  • Dust filled into the power button also causes this issue. So, to avoid these problems, we have to clean the console thoroughly with a wet cloth.
  • Regularly update the system by installing the latest versions before it shows errors while playing the games.


Contact Official Support

Xbox One allows game lovers to play their favorite video games. Even after shutting it down, if it turns on by itself, then you can use the given troubleshooting methods.

Sometimes, the problem again occurs after using all the provided steps. If you are in that situation, then search nearby Microsoft’s authorized service center.

Take your console to the technicians and ask them to fix the problem that you are facing. Never try to repair on your own if you are not a professional.

If it still turns on by itself, then it means that your Xbox One is damaged. Thus, purchase a new console or replace it with a new Xbox One system if it has the warranty card.


Final Words: Conclusion

To sum up everything, Microsoft’s Xbox One is a  popular gaming console compared to other consoles. Developers provide required troubleshooting steps for all the issues that we encounter with the Xbox One gaming console.

If you cracked this issue with your own hacks, then feel free to share those tricks with us. It will help many Xbox One users to resolve this issue.

Earlier, we have discussed many troubleshooting guides related to Xbox One. If you want to get in touch with those articles, simply subscribe to our blog.

Hopefully, you got valuable information in fixing the Xbox One Turning On by Itself issue.

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