Guide to Troubleshoot Epson Projector Common Problems

Troubleshoot Epson Projector Problems

Epson Projectors are among the best Projectors device available in the market, there are some common problems with Epson Projector which is reported often by the users. Reading this Post, will make you troubleshoot & fix Epson common Projector Problems.

The projector is one of the devices which helps you from home entertainment to business. We can use it at the home to watch movies or in the office to give your client a presentation. Having a projector will help your business perform better, as you can offer what to deliver to your customers. Projectors are used not only in home & offices but there are many places like school, college & club, etc. There are many brands of projectors that are actually noticeable among competitors. Epson is one of the best brands for the projector.

Epson projector can be connected through the computer, laptop, television & other input devices also can be easily displayed on a wall or screen which can be visualized by viewers. Epson projectors are generally very reliable and give the best experience to the user but sometimes you may get some problem with your Epson projector like any other device.

In this Blog we will try to cover complete list of common problems with Epson Projector & how to resolve it. We will try to explain problems and solution instruction in very easy & explanatory way so that you can follow & resolve the issue on your own. It is important for business owners to know the best way to solve problems when they are in trouble.

You will be able to fix the problems of all types of Epson Projector i.e. both home series and Works series projector

List of EPSON Projector Series.

 PowerLite 90 / 900 Series
BrightLink   PowerLite L Series
BrightLink Pro  PowerLite S-Series
EX Series  PowerLite U Series
LightScene  PowerLite W16 Series
PowerLite 100 Series  PowerLite W-Series
PowerLite 1200 Series  PowerLite X-Series
PowerLite 1700 Series  Pro G-Series
PowerLite 1900 Series  Pro L-Series
PowerLite 2000 Series  Pro Z-Series
PowerLite 500 Series  VS Series
PowerLite 5000 Series
PowerLite 600 Series  Home Cinema
PowerLite 700 Series  Pro Cinema

Fix Your Epson Projector Problems

We will start with list common problems but now you don’t have to worry because now we are going to discuss and even solve all your Epson projector related issues. The only thing you have to do is go through all the below steps thoroughly as per problem-related to your projector.

Before starting it is important to understand the meaning of different lights on the projector which indicates when some problem occurs. There is mainly four indicator light on the projector – power light, status light, lamp Light and temperature light. Below Picture, you can easily understand the meaning of that lights and their related problems.

EPSON Projector Light Status Details

Now Start with List of Epson projector common problems & their solution


  • Step-1

Problem: Epson Projector Overheating Problem

Projector heating is very common due to the lamp inside the projector. If you are using a projector from a very long time then it may get hot. Normally, If the warning message is not displayed and the projector does not shutdown itself, it is not overheated. So, make sure that your projector is really getting overheated. If it is overheating then the main reason could be the air vent of the projector is not clear.

  • Just make sure that fan inside the projector is running
  • First, turn off the projector and cool it down. Empty the space around the projector which may prevent air ventilation openings.
Note: never keep anything near air vent of the projector

Clean the air vent & fan of the projector

Air vent or fan inside the projector has been clogged with dust or dirt particles.  Air vent & fan of the projector is meant for circulating the air to keep it cool. To clean the air vent & fan you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner or compressed air duster.

Clean Air Filter of the projector

We should clean Air Filter every 2-3 months. It is tended to get clogged because the air filter prevents dust & dirt particles to get into the internal part of the projector. When an air filter is clogged, it may lead to the overheating of the projector. Take out the filter. generally, it is placed on the underside of the projector. Clean it with a handheld vacuum cleaner or compressed air duster properly. Make sure it is clean & not damaged. If you cannot clean it or it is damaged due to long use replace it. You can easily find on Amazon as per your Epson projector model.

Always try to switch off the projector when it is not in use as it may extend the life of the projector lamp.


  • Stip-2

Problem: projector Image Is Blurry or Fuzzy

Solution: Image focus adjustment may be required

Need to clean the lens of the projector. To clean the lens, gently wipe out the dust with lens cleaning paper you can use a lint-free cloth with lens cleaner as well. A lint-free cloth is best for electronics equipment. Never spray any liquid directly on the lens.

  1. Turn on the automatic keystone adjustment setting.
  2. Sharpness setting also could be the reason, so adjust the sharpness setting to improve the quality of the image.
  3. Placing the distance of the projector from the screen should be close enough
  4. Adjust to the default setting of the position, tracking, and sync, press the auto button on the remote.
  5. Try using the lower resolution to match projector native resolution


  • Step-3

Problem: Image is too dark or light or getting incorrect/different Color.

Solution :

  1. First, check all the cable connected properly from the video device to the projector.
  2. Inspect the pins on both ends of the VGA cable. If the pin is bent, it may be the cause. replace the VGA cable.
  3. Place the projector from screen close enough
  4. Try different color mode by pressing the color mode button on the remote
  5. Verify video source setting as well
  6. Try to adjust brightness, contrast, color saturation, tint, etc. from the setting of the Image menu.
  7. Check you have selected correct Input/video source signal setting in the signal menu
  8. If the red color appears to be black – try a different VGA cable. You may need to replace the VGA cable.
  9. If outputs are purple – the input setting can be set as a component instead of RGB. Press the Menu button and select the Advanced tab. Then set the color adjustment to RGB.
  10. If the image is pink, multiple colors, stripes, etc. then you may need to Adjust synchronization and tracking settings. If it does not work try to Adjust to the default setting of the position, tracking, and sync, press the auto button on the remote.
Note: if the image is gradually darkening it means you may need to replace the projector lamp soon.


  • Step-4

Problem: No Image Appears on The Screen.

Solution: Sometimes a very small thing can make a big difference

If you see no image appears on the screen then before doing anything, check lens cover is open completely.

If you see only the projected logo and the icon disappears, the computer may be in extended desktop mode. Change it to Duplicate mode so that you will be able to see the same image what you see on your video input device, to change display mode click start – Setting – System- Under display click Advance display setting – Multiple display setting – select duplicate these displays from the dropdown.

  1. It is possible that the image has been temporarily set to off, Press A/V mute button on the remote control to turn it on.
  2. If the status light is off, then the projector may be in standby or sleep mode. Press the Power button again to turn it on.
  3. The Connected Computer May Be in Sleep Mode and displaying A Black Screen Saver. Press any Key on Your Computer.
  4. Make sure cable connected properly from video device to projector and power is on.
  5. Inspect the pins on both ends of the VGA cable. If the pin is bent, it may be the cause. replace the VGA cable.
  6. You can check if the problem with cable connection, port or video source by pressing the menu button, if you see the menu on the screen then there is a problem with cable connection, port or video.
  7. Check you have selected correct Input/video source signal setting in the signal menu
  8. Adjust the Brightness Setting in The Picture Menu or High in The Brightness Adjustment Setting in The Setup Menu.
  • Problem Getting No Signal Message on the screen.


  1. Make sure the computer is turned on.
  2. You can find the source, just Press the Search Source button.
  3. Make sure that the cables are connected correctly
  4. Check cables are not damaged & pins on both ends are ok
  5. Check project display mode is set to duplicate
  6. If still you see no signal then restart both projector and video sources like a computer or laptop & try once again.


  • Step-5

Problem: Not supported message appears on the screen.


Check you have selected the correct Input/video source signal setting in the signal menu, to find the source, just Press the Search Source button.

Resolution maybe the cause, try to use the lower resolution to match projector native resolution. You can try different lower resolution of the source device to check which works.


  • Step-6

Problem: Partial Image appears on the screen.


  1. Adjust to the default setting of the position, tracking, and sync, press the auto button on the remote.
  2. Adjust the different aspect ratio of the picture by pressing the aspect button on the remote.
  3. Adjust the image position setting from the Position menu setting.
  4. It is possible that you have zoomed in or out through e-zoom, press Esc to neutralize zoom.


  • Step-7

Problem: The Image Is Not evenly rectangular.


  1. Use automatic keystone adjustment setting
  2. Use keystone button the projector for manual adjustment of image shape.
  3. Correct image by using horizontal keystone slider as well.
  4. Place the projector from screen close enough in center of the screen.
  5. Projector height may need to be adjusted; you can adjust it by using projector feet.
  6. Adjust image shape through quick corner setting.
  7. Make sure the projector faces the screen directly. Adjust the keystone setting by pressing the trapezoidal buttons above and below the input button until the image is rectangular.


  • Step-8

Problem: Image with Noise or static.


  1. Make Sure That the Cables which are Connected from video device to projector is separated from power cord to avoid interference
  2. Ideally Connected Cable should not be more than 3-meter-long without any extension.
  3. Keep your video source resolution and refresh rate as per compatibility of the projector.
  4. If noise reduction setting is available in video source device then try to adjust that.
  5. Adjust to default setting of the position, tracking and sync, press auto button on the remote
  6. adjust the sharpness setting to improve the quality of image.
  7. If you are connected with extension power cable it may cause interference which may lead to noise in image, try without it.


  • Step-9

Problem: No sound or very low or high sound.


  1. Make sure that you have selected right sound output device from your video source device and volume is turned up.
  2. Adjust projector sound & volume setting
  3. just Press the Search Source button to find correct input source
  4. it may be audio video is temporarily off unknowingly, Press A/V mute button on remote control to turn it back on
  5. Make Sure That the Cables Are Connected properly from video device to projector
  6. If you are connected through HDMI cable and not getting sound then try connecting through PCM output


  • Step-10

Problem: The Buttons On The Projector Do Not Work.

Solution: Press and hold the Enter button for 7 seconds to release the operation lock


  • Step-11

Problem: The Image On The Projector Is Cropped.

Solution: Make the screen resolution small. To do this: Right-click on the desktop and select Properties. Then select Settings and move the screen resolution bar to “Small”.


Tips to avoid Epson projector problems.

To avoid Epson projector problem, like any other equipment or device it need some periodic maintenance to take best out of it. You need to clean Air vent, projector filter & lens in every 2 months.


Contact Epson projector support

We have explained all the solutions to the Epson projector common problems. All the solutions mentioned here should fix the problems. if you are not able to fix any of the projector problems than you can contact Official Epson projector support.  You can verify your warranty status on the Epson projector website. If your product is under warranty, contact Epson technical support. If it is out of warranty, you may need to find Epson service center.


Final words: conclusion

Hopefully, this post helps you troubleshoot Epson Projector’s common Problems. All the above troubleshooting steps are tried and tested; it really works. We have tried to cover all the common problems faced by the user while using the projector. Troubleshooting steps suggested in this post, we tried to explain in the best possible details so that you can fix the issue yourself.

Do let us know, if this guide has helped you. You can leave your comment about your experience. Please like & share this post to help others.

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