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PS4 Controller Flashing Blue

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Is the blue light flashing on your PS4 DualShock Controller? Don’t worry! You are not the only person who faced this issue. There are so many people who come across this PS4 Controller Flashing Blue issue.

Today, we are going to provide a complete guide that helps you in troubleshooting the blinking or flashing blue light on your PS4 Controller.

When any light is flashing on the Controller, it is an indication of the current state of that device. Different colors (yellow, white, blue, and orange) flash at different times and indicate a certain state.

If the blue light is flashing on the DualShock Controller, then the device is trying to pair with your PS4 console. If you see the blue light continuously, then there could be some problem in establishing the connection between your Controller and console.

Earlier, we have given the best troubleshooting methods to fix the PS4 Controller Flashing White issue. Now, you are going to see the solutions that resolve the PS4 Controller Flashing Blue.


PS4 Controller Flashing Blue: Problem Overview

Sony developed PlayStation 4 console with high standards. Nowadays, users are showing much interest in playing games on PS4 consoles instead of PCs & laptops.

That’s the reason why the demand for PlayStation consoles is increasing day by day. We can download and install any video game and play it without any hassle.

But in order to operate the game, we need the DualShock 4 Controller. By connecting this Controller to our console, we can start playing the games.

What if the Controller is unable to pair or sync with the PS4 console? Yes, it happens several times due to some glitches. Until and unless we fix the problem, it didn’t allow us to play the game.

There are some gamers who see the blue light flashing on the Controller. It simply states that the Controller is attempting to sync with the console, but not connecting.

We found a few major reasons that will trigger this PS4 Controller Flashing Blue issue. They are:

  • Faulty power cables
  • There could be some incompatible software installed on your console.
  • Hard drive issues
  • If you’ve connected any incompatible devices to your console, it will show the flashing blue light error.
  • Connectivity problems.

Once you get to know why this PS4 Controller Flashing Blue issue occurs, it becomes easy to fix it by applying the best solution.


PS4 Controller Flashing Blue: Related Problems

Want to know the different areas where you can face this flashing blue light on your PS4 Controller? Then go through this section carefully.


PS4 Controller Flashing Blue: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Now, let’s start with the primary solutions that troubleshoot the PS4 Controller Flashing Blue issue.

  • Restart your Controller

The first and foremost thing when you observe these kinds of problems is restarting your DualShock 4 Controller. Your Controller might find issues establishing a good connection with the console.

In this situation, you have to reboot the PS4 Controller. To do so, you have to press the PS button on your Controller and hold it for at least 10 seconds.

  • Check your DualShock Controller

If the blue light still flashes on your DualShock Controller, you need to check whether your device is properly working or not. Why because when the Controller is slipped from your hands or falls down accidentally, the internal hardware components will get damaged.

In order to confirm that, you have to connect your Controller to another console. Now, check the same problem (flashing blue) repeats when pairing with a different console or not.

If so, then you have to replace or repair your damaged Controller. In case if your Controller works on another console, then try the below fixes to solve the issue.


Steps To Fix PS4 Controller Flashing Blue Issue

There are a few more troubleshooting methods that allow you to resolve the PS4 Controller Flashing Blue problem.


[ps2id id=’Step-1-Reset-your-PS4-Controller’ target=”/]

  • Step 1

Reset your PS4 Controller

Due to certain bugs or issues, it starts blinking the blue light on your Controller. Mostly, restarting the PS4 Controller will resolve these issues.

If rebooting the device didn’t help you, then try resetting the DualShock 4 Controller by executing the below instructions.

  1. If your PS4 Controller is turned on, then turn it off completely by pressing and holding the PS button for 10 seconds.
  2. Flip the Controller to its backside -> Take a toothpick or Sim ejector tool and press the reset button (a small hole).
  3. You have to press and hold it at least for 3 seconds.

If the reset process is successful, you’ll hear two beep sounds. After resetting, check whether the blue light is still blinking or not.


[ps2id id=’Step-2-Charge-the-Battery’ target=”/]

  • Step 2

Charge the Battery

Sometimes, the discharged or dying battery becomes the reason for this PS4 Controller Flashing Blue issue. So, before moving to other tricks, see if the battery is full or going to discharge soon.

Plug the adapter and charge the battery of your Controller and check the problem is fixed. If you still see the same issue, use the following steps.


[ps2id id=’Step-3-Pair-in-Bluetooth-Mode’ target=”/]

  • Step 3

Pair in Bluetooth Mode

We already said that the blue light flashes when your Controller is not paired with the console. If you’ve failed to connect these two devices, then try pairing them in the Bluetooth Mode. For that,

  1. You have to press the PS button and Share button at once on your DualShock Controller.

After establishing the connection between your Controller and PS4, the blue light flashing automatically gets stopped.


[ps2id id=’Step-4-Update-Firmware’ target=”/]

  • Step 4

Update Firmware

If your TV is unable to sync with your console or faces connectivity problems, you will see the blinking blue light errors. It is all because of the outdated firmware of your TV. So, upgrade the firmware by using the following steps.

  1. First of all, turn on your TV and go to the Settings.
  2. Choose the Setup option or Customer Support -> Select the Software Update option and tap on the OK.
  3. It takes a few minutes to install the latest firmware, so wait until it gets finished and restart it.

There are several users who successfully solved the PS4 Controller Flashing Blue issue by updating the TV firmware.


[ps2id id=’Step-5-Check-the-Hard-Drive’ target=”/]

  • Step 5

Check the Hard Drive

Issues with your Hard Drive are also one of the reasons for causing blue light to blink on your DualShock Controller. If the seating of the hard drive is misplaced or wrongly aligned, then you will see these problems.

Therefore, disassemble your PlayStation 4 console and check the hard drive is correctly placed. Also, check whether there are any issues with the CMOS chip. If so, remove and replace it with a new one.

At the same time, plug all the cables that are loosely connected to avoid further issues. After everything is done, check the blue light flashing is stopped.

Note: Disassemble the console only when you know how to do it, or take the help of any professional.


[ps2id id=’Step-6-Check-the-Power-Supply’ target=”/]

  • Step 6

Check the Power Supply

If the power supply that you’re using is insufficient or inadequate, then you are unable to pair both your Controller and PS4 console. And this will lead to flashing the blue light on your DualShock Controller.

To overcome this situation, you have to shut down the console and unplug it from the power supply. Now, check whether the power cables are loosely connected. If so, then connect the cables correctly.

In case if you find any broken power cables, then replace them with brand new ones. After resolving the power issues, restart the console and check the issue is fixed.


[ps2id id=’Step-7-Troubleshoot-Software’ target=”/]

  • Step 7

Troubleshoot Software

The final solution that left to you to resolve this PS4 Controller Flashing Blue is troubleshooting the software through Safe Mode. By doing so, all the software-related issues are fixed that cause this blinking blue light issue.

You have two different ways to troubleshoot the software, Rebuild the Database and Restore Default Settings.


[ps2id id=’Step-8-Rebuilding-the-Database’ target=”/]

  • Step 8

Rebuilding the Database

  1. First of all, connect both your PS4 Controller and console correctly.
  2. Press the power button and hold it until you hear the beep sounds two times.
  3. Thus, it will enter into the Safe Mode. Now, choose the Rebuild Database option from the list that you’ve seen on the display.
  4. Now, press x from your DualShock Controller and let the console reboot once the rebuilding process is finished.


[ps2id id=’Step-9-Restore-Default-Settings’ target=”/]

  • Step 9

Restore Default Settings

  1. Connect the PlayStation 4 console and DualShock Controller and enter into the safe mode.
  2. When you see the list of options on the screen, choose the Restore Default Settings option.
  3. Finally, press x through your Controller. The console gets restarted after restoring the default settings.

Once you’ve executed the above steps, check the blue light flashing is stopped on your PS4 Controller.


Tips To Avoid PS4 Controller Flashing Blue

  • If you find any damaged power cables, then immediately purchase the new set and replace them with the older ones to avoid power issues.
  • Before installing any new software, check twice whether it is compatible with your PS4 console or not.
  • When you’re trying to pair the connection between the console and Controller, make sure that there are no objects between them.
  • Don’t make any mistakes while connecting the cables because loosely plugged devices will not work and show these kinds of errors.


Contact Official Support

We have browsed several sources and picked up the above techniques that troubleshoot the PS4 Controller Flashing Blue issue.

We strongly believe that the given methods will solve your problem completely. If anyone sees the blue light flashing on their Controller, then change the Controller.

In case if the PS4 Controller Flashing Blue repeats with the new one also, visit the nearest Sony Customer Care Center. Mostly, the technician will find the cause of it and fix the issue.

When no one helps you out of this situation, contact the PlayStation Support Team. Give a brief explanation of this problem and get instructions from them to fix it.


Final Words: Conclusion

In conclusion, I can say that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are the best home video game consoles developed by Sony. Whenever the DualShock 4 Controller troubles you by not connecting to the console, start using the methods given in this post.

If you don’t understand anything, directly contact us through the comment box. We will approach you within a short period and clear all your queries.

Want to fix any other technical issue with your PlayStation 4 console? If so, let us know because we are here to provide our full support to fix the problem.

Hopefully, this troubleshooting guide solved the PS4 Controller Flashing Blue Light issue.

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