How to Reset Safari on Apple Devices – Reset Safari on Apple iPhone and iPad

Why You Need to Reset Safari

If you use a Mac computer, iPhone or iPad then you must be using the Safari browser. Safari is the default browser for Apple products. You may need to know how to reset safari on mac. There are multiple reasons to reset safari browser. There may be performance issues with safari. Resetting the browser can speed up the performance of the browser. If you have not reset browser for a very long time then it can become slow in loading web pages. You also may need to clear passwords save in the Safari browser. For this, a reset is required. Read the below guide to know how to reset safari on mac. This guide also tells you how to reset safari on iPhone and how to reset safari on iPad.


How to Reset Safari – First Step in the Process

If you want to reset safari or any other browser, than you have to delete the history of the browser. Deleting history is the first step towards resetting safari. When you delete history, you delete all websites from the memory of the browser which you have visited. This information is supposed to help browsers with speeding up the browsing process. However, a bulk of such information turns in to a load from the browser which slows down the safari. Now you know how to reset safari. Perform the following steps to complete the process

  1. Select the History option from the menu on the top
  2. Take the mouse to the bottom of the menu that opens
  3. Click on the ‘Cleat History’ button from the last option

Alternatively, you can also clear the history by following the below-given steps and know how to reset safari

  1. Click on the ‘History’ option from the menu
  2. Select the ‘Show History’ option from the pop-up menu
  3. Press Cmd-A on your keyboard simultaneously

This will clear all history from the browser but save the website data like passwords, cookies, and cache.

How to Reset Safari – Clear Cache to Reset Safari

The cache is a very important section of the browser. It stores information related to the website. Cache auto-completes the previously stored information to speed up the browser performance. It is like a memory of the browser which lets the browser find things easily and effectively. You need to clear cache in order to reset the safari browser. You need to know about the cache before you can know how to reset safari. Follow the below-given steps to clear the cache

  1. Click on the first menu option ‘Safari’
  2. Select the ‘Preferences’ option in the menu
  3. From the Window that opens switch to the advance section
  4. Enable the ‘Show Develop Menu in the Menu Bar’ option from the bottom of the window
  5. Now you will see the Develop menu in the menu section. Do the following
  6. Click on the ‘Develop’ menu item from the menu bar
  7. Now click on the ‘Empty Caches’ option from the menu

Manage Plugins to Reset Safari

How to Reset Safari? The answer also lies in managing the plugins. Plugins are installed on the safari browser by the user of browser. Some plugins are automatically installed on the safari by the web pages. These plugins help in the proper display of such websites. You have to disable plugins in order to reset safari. Follow the below steps

  1. Go to Safari security preference from the menu bar
  2. Uncheck the checkbox which says ‘Allow Plugins’

Uninstalling the Extensions

Extensions are important part of a safari browser. Extensions also have some memory. This memory needs to be wiped out in order to reset the browser. Since there is no way to delete memory of an extension, thus you have to remove or uninstall the extensions. You can always reinstall them when you need them.

  1. Click on the ‘Safari’ option from the menu
  2. Go to the preferences option
  3. Now choose the ‘Extensions’ menu option
  4. Select all extensions from the window
  5. Click on the uninstall button

When you have followed all the steps given above then you will be able to reset safari. Now your browser is good as new. It has no memory and it will also be faster. This is the complete and proper reset for safari browser on Mac computer. You can also take Mac support help to reset the browser more easily.

How to Reset Safari on iPhone

How to reset safari on iPhone has a bit different procedure for iPhone. This is a relatively simple task. All you have to do is to touch few buttons and your safari browser will be reset. Just follow the below given guide and reset your iPhone safari browser.

  1. Go to the main screen of iPhone by pressing the home button
  2. Select the option which says ‘settings’
  3. Scroll down the window and find Safari
  4. Touch the ‘Safari’ option to launch its options
  5. Now touch the ‘clear history’ button and let it delete history
  6. After that touch the ‘clear cookies’ button
  7. Last select the ‘clear cache’ button
  8. Now your Safari browser on iPhone has been reset.

How to Reset Safari on iPad

If you are using Safari then you may need to know how to reset safari on iPad. The process of resetting the safari to default factory settings is very similar to the process of iPhone. It is also equally simple. Read the below-given guide to reset safari on iPad.

  1. Go to the home of the main screen
  2. Find the settings option and tap on it
  3. Scroll down the window to find safari settings
  4. There look for Clear History, Clear Cache and Clear Cookies
  5. Tap all the options one by one

Mac Support to Help You with How to Reset Safari

The above guide is able to help you reset the safari browser. However, if you are facing difficulties in resetting the safari then you can also take the support of our browser support and get your issue fixed. You can also get help with any other issue that you might be facing with your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Just dial our toll free number 1877-231-7587 and help will be available to you.

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