YouTube not Playing on Chrome: PROBLEM FIXED (Easy Guide)

Fix YouTube not Playing on Chrome Browser Problem With The Help Of This Easy Troubleshooting Guide.


I was working on my Google Chrome browser and watching a very important video on YouTube. Suddenly, the video stopped playing. There was no error message. I checked my internet connection, tried other videos on YouTube, and even played YouTube in other browsers too. The internet was fine, other videos were not playing too, but YouTube was playing on the other browser. So clearly, the problem was with the Chrome browser.

After trying all the methods that can fix the issue, I am writing this blog to help people like you who are facing, YouTube not playing on Chrome browser. Being an expert myself with years of working experience with browsers, I know a lot about fixing browser issues. I assure you that whatever is the reason, I have got a solution in this blog. Let’s start with an overview of this issue.


YouTube Not Playing on chrome: Problem Overview

Youtube not playing on Chrome is a rare issue with the Chrome browser. Technical reasons can cause this issue. Other than that, problems with your internet connection, browser settings, proxy connection, third party application interference can also cause this issue.

Sometimes there can be an issue from the server side from youtube. The browser can also become unable to connect to Youtube. There can also be login issues from the server-side of Youtube. Issues with cookies, cache, browser update, and signing-in with multiple accounts can also cause Youtube not playing on Chrome browser issues. Let’s start fixing your Chrome browser with some basic troubleshooting steps first.


Basic Troubleshooting

Before trying the technical methods which are also complicated for fixing Youtube not playing on Chrome issue, we should try some basic steps first to make sure that there is nothing left. As it happens with computers and its various applications, a small issue can lead to big problems. Fixing such issues is not only time saving but it is also important because if they are the cause then no matter how hard we try, the problem will still exist. So try these basic troubleshooting steps first.

  • Check with your internet connection
  • Disconnect then connect again with your network
  • Restart the Chrome browser
  • Try playing the video in Incognito mode

If one of these methods can fix your Youtube not playing on Chrome browser problem then it’s great. However, if you are still stuck with this issue then start troubleshooting with all the steps given in this blog.

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Steps To Fix YouTube Not Playing On Chrome



Remove Unknown Extensions from Chrome

Extensions are tools that empower the browser by integrating itself into the browser. But, extensions can also cause problems for browsers. Extensions can interfere with the working of the browse and some extensions literally do so. It is important to remove such extensions from your Chrome browser to fix the Youtube not playing in Chrome matter. Follow these steps as they are given below.

  1. Click on the Chrome menu icon.
  2. Go to the Settings menu.
    Click on the settings icon in the window
  3. Click on Extensions in the left-hand side.
    Go to extensions
  4. Remove any unknown or less useful extension.
    Select the extensions Click on the Remove button

Now when you will restart the Chrome browser, you should be able to play video on Youtube. This means that you have fixed the Youtube videos not playing on Chrome issue. If not, then don’t worry and try the next method.


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Is Everything Okay with Proxy Settings

Incorrect proxy settings on the Chrome browser can prevent video player from loading properly and hence lead to Youtube not playing on Chrome issue. You must check and make sure that all proxy settings are right. Follow these steps to open proxy settings in Chrome and check those settings.

  1. Click the Chrome menu.
  2. Select the settings option.
    Select the settings options from the menu
  3. Click on Show Advanced Settings option from the left menu options and select system.
    Click on Show Advanced Settings option from the left menu options and select system
  4. Now select Change Proxy Settings button.
    Now select Change Proxy Settings button
  5. Make sure you have entered the correct IP address.
  6. Set the port to 80 in case it is not.
    Make sure to uncheck the automatically detect settings button
  7. Make sure to uncheck the automatically detect settings button.

Now when you will restart the Chrome browser, you must get rid of Youtube not playing on Chrome matter. In case proxy settings were alright or you are still facing the issue, read the next segment of this blog.



Check for Blocked Sites List

Some websites and extensions can make changes to certain browser settings. These settings are reflected in the performance of the browser. One of these sites or extensions may have added the Youtube to blocked sites list causing the Youtube not playing on Chrome browser error. Follow these steps to check if Youtube is added to the blocked sites list.

  1. Type internet options in the search box.
  2. Select the same from the results.
  3. Go to Security Tab.
    Go to the security tab
  4. Select the Restricted Sites option.
    assus router default ip address
  5. See in the box under websites.
  6. If you find the Youtube site then.
    If you find the Youtube site then
  7. Click on the URL then click the Remove button.

Now you have successfully removed the Youtube website from the list of blocked sites. Youtube not playing in Chrome issue should be fixed now. If you are still not able to play video in the Chrome browser then try the next method.


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Clear the History Cookies and Cache from Chrome

Where cookies and cache play a key role in loading webpages faster, they can also cause problems for the Chrome browser. If you have not clear cookies and cache on the system then they can adversely affect browser performance. This may cause Youtube not playing on Chrome issue. Just make sure that you have cleared your caches and cookies from the Chrome browser. Follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Chrome menu
  2. Mouse over more tools and select clear browsing data.
    Select the More Tools option & Click on Clear Browser data
  3. In the window that opens
  4. Set time range to all times.
  5. Click the box next to Cookies and Cache.
  6. Click the Clear data button.
    Set the time range and click the clear data button

Now you have cleared cookies and cache from Chrome browser. Restart the browser and visit the Youtube site. the problem should be solved now. If not, then read the next paragraph to try another method.



Enable the Javascript in Chrome

Javascript is a piece of code that enables the Chrome browser to perform special functions. This javascript also allows playing videos and games in a browser. If javascript gets disabled then you may face the Youtube not playing on Chrome browser problem. Follow these steps to fix the issue.

  1. Click the menu icon in Chrome.
  2. Choose the settings option.
    Click on the settings icon in the window
  3. Under Privacy and Security.
    Go to Privacy and security
  4. Click on the site settings.
    Click on the site settings
  5. Scroll down to Javascript.
  6. Click on it
  7. Turn on the button to allow Javascript.
    Turn on the button to allow Javascript

Now you have successfully enabled the Javascript option in the Chrome browser. Now you must be able to solve the problem. Still unable to play videos, read the next segment of this blog.



Disable Hardware Accelerator 

Hardware accelerator may cause youtube not playing on chrome browser. You need to disable the hardware accelerator from the chrome settings. To Disable hardware accelerator follow the step below.



Check for Flash Player

Disabled flash player can also cause Youtube not playing on Chrome issue. The flash player may be disabled accidentally. Fix this issue by enabling flash in settings. Perform the below-given steps.

  1. Click menu and go to the settings
  2. Go to Privacy and Security and click on Site settings.
  3. Click on Flash make sure it is turned on

Enabling the flash may immediately fix the issue. In case the video does not play, try the next method in the next section.



Remove recently installed software

The software which is downloaded from the internet is not always reliable until they are from an authenticated source. Some of this software can manipulate the computer system without user permission. This can cause Youtube not playing on Chrome error. To fix this issue follow these steps.

  1. Right Click on the start menu and select the apps and features.
    right click on Start menu and select the Apps and features
  2. From the list of programs in the right pane
  3. Select the programs you do not trust and uninstall them.

    select the unwanted driver and click on Uninstall>

When you have removed several programs that were correct for the system, the browser should work fine by now. You may have to restart the system once. It should solve the issue. If you are still facing the issue with Youtube then try the next method suggested in this blog.



Issues with Google account

Youtube is associated with Google and Gmail account. Youtube requires its users to log in to their accounts to like share and comment on the videos. Sometimes, when multiple users are signing in using the same browser, there can be a conflict between the accounts and may lead to Youtube not playing on Chrome issue. Follow these instructions to fix this matter.

  1. Sign out from your account
  2. Close the Chrome browser
  3. Restart the browser and visit Youtube
  4. Play the video or any other video

Now the problem should be fixed and you should be able to play the videos on Youtube. Once they start to play, you can sign-in to your account. If you are still unable to play videos on Chrome then try the next method.


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Turn-off Sync from Chrome

If the above steps do not fix the signing in issues then you need to turn-off sync from Chrome for some time. Syncing is a new feature that connects an application on the computer and android smartphone so that changes made on one device are reflected on other devices too. We need to remove sync to fix the Youtube not Playing on Chrome issue in case a login conflict triggers it. Follow these steps given her.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser
  2. Click on the menu icon.
  3. Select the Settings option.
    Select the settings options from the menu
  4. Click the Turn off Sync button in there.
    Click the Turn off Sync button in there

Now you have successfully Turn off the sync. Now there should not be any problem in fixing this issue.


Tips to Avoid Youtube Not Playing On Chrome

Chrome and Youtube are both products of Google. It’s rare that they have a problem working together. Still, Youtube not playing on Chrome issue can happen again in the future. To make sure that you do not run into this trouble again, follow these tips given in this section of the blog.

  • Keep the Cookies and Cache at minimum
  • Delete history from more than two months ago
  • Keep Chrome browser update
  • Avoid installing software from unknown sources
  • Be careful to not install third-party software with reliable software

Just take care of these small things. It is almost like maintaining your system and Chrome browser. If you properly follow our advice, most likely you will not run into Youtube not working on Chrome problem. These steps will also help the Chrome Browser to be fast and efficient.


Visit the Official Chrome Support Page

This blog covers all the methods which can help you fix the Youtube not playing on Chrome issue. We are confident that the matter will be resolved after reading the complete blog and trying all the methods given in this blog. Still, if you can’t fix the problem, then you should visit the official Google Chrome help center. There you may get help from Chrome staff. Honestly, if our blog can’t fix your problem then this is the only place to go.


Final Words: Conclusion

This blog is written with so much research that it will not disappoint you. The methods are given in this blog guarantee to fix the Youtube not playing on chrome issue. Still, if you have any problems with any methods or something is not clear then you should ask us in the comments below.

We would also like to know what you think about this blog. Please drop a word in the comments section down below. Your feedback is valuable to us. We take our reader’s suggestion very seriously and try to implement it as much as possible. Your feedback gives us energy. It not only helps us improve our blog, but it also drives us to write more blogs like this to help people facing other issues.

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