YouTube Full Screen Not Working: ISSUE FIXED (Easy & Tested Fix)

YouTube Full Screen Not Working

Are you unable to switch Full-Screen mode while watching videos on YouTube? Want to fix the YouTube Full Screen Not Working error? Then, you’ve landed in the correct post. Here, we offer useful tips that can easily solve this YouTube Full Screen Not Working issue.

Nowadays, everyone is using YouTube to watch videos related to different categories. Some of them are Entertainment, Education, News, DIY (Do It Yourself), etc.

The users are using Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, and other devices for streaming YouTube videos.

Apart from that, they are using various browsers for watching videos on their systems. Thus, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and other browsers allow users to open & watch YouTube videos on PCs.

YouTube offers different modes to watch videos on desktop computers. You can view the online YouTube videos in Miniplayer (i), Theatre (t), and Full-Screen(f) modes.

But due to different reasons, it blocks the user watch the videos in full-screen mode. The outdated browser, cache data, and faulty browser extensions are some of the causes of this YouTube Full Screen Not Working error.

In this post, we will help you in resolving this issue and allows you to watch YouTube videos on a full-screen. Here, we are going to discuss the methods that will solve YouTube Full Screen Not Working in Chrome.


YouTube Full Screen Not Working: Problem Overview

YouTube is the world’s best online-video sharing platform, which came into existence in the year 2005. Now, it works under Google, like other applications, Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Photos, etc.

Millions of users all over the globe are using YouTube as their default video streaming app. It provides its service in both free and premium subscriptions. YouTube includes different channels, such as Fashion & Beauty, Learning, Gaming, Movies, etc.

Moreover, the user can create their own YouTube channels to add the videos to it. Many people are earning a huge amount of money by creating and posting videos on their channels.

Though there are benefits, it also irritates the user in a few cases, like loading the videos slowly. Another such issue that faces most of the users is YouTube Full Screen Not Working.

Sometimes, the full-screen button or option does not work properly. Thus, we cannot watch the videos in our favorite full-screen mode. Since it also provides Miniplayer and Theatre mode, we generally prefer to watch YouTube videos in full-screen.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of this YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. They are:

  • Insufficient Settings in Chrome
  • Enabled Hardware Acceleration
  • Corrupted Addons or Extensions
  • Expired Chrome Web Browser
  • Background programs running on your PC

If the problem is on our side, in the Chrome Browser, we can fix the issue without any doubt. Sometimes, the YouTube application will not function correctly. At that time, it is not in our hands, except lodging a complaint regarding the issue.

Follow the below section to know all those problems that are related to this YouTube Full Screen Not Working issue.


YouTube Full Screen Not Working: Related Problems

YouTube is the top best video streaming program. The Windows PC, Android Smartphone, iPhone, and other users use it to watch the online videos. So, in their lifetime, they can face at least one issue with the YouTube app.

Here, we shortlisted a few related problems of YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. Go through them and fix the issue with the provided technique.


Basic Troubleshooting

When you face network errors, driver issues, hardware, and others, you can fix them with the basic troubleshooting methods.

In case if the problems still exist, then we move to the advanced mechanisms. But first, we have to use simple tips & tricks to overcome the error.

Similarly, you have to go with the following primary methods to fix this YouTube Full Screen Not Working on your Chrome.

  • Reload or Refresh the Page

We listed several reasons for the occurrence of YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. It resolves with a simple trick that is reloading or refreshing the webpage.

Due to network issues or stopping the loading process all of a sudden, we encounter this error on our Chrome. Thinking to overcome the issue, then reload the page (if you haven’t done it).

In most cases, refreshing the webpages will solve these types of issues on any web browser. For reloading the webpage,

  1. Click the “Reload the Page” option located beside the Address Bar of your Chrome browser.
  2. Also, you can F5 key on your keyboard to refresh the page. But wait until the webpage loads fully.

By doing so, you might fix the YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. If the result is negative, go through the following steps.

  • Use Google Chrome in Full Screen

By clicking the Full Screen (f) icon on your YouTube, you did not see any changes. All those users who want to fix this issue have to open their Chrome in full-screen.

In order to switch your Chrome window in full-screen mode, click the F11 key on your keyboard.

Apart from that, the user can also open Chrome in the Full-Screen window by following the below steps.

  1. Open the Drive where you have installed your Google Chrome. Locate Chrome and choose the Create Shortcut option from the right-click context menu.
  2. A pop-up window appears on your screen so click the Yes button to create the shortcut on your desktop.
  3. Choose the created Chrome shortcut on your desktop, right-click on it, and select Properties.
    Right click on google chrome and select Porperties
  4. Now, you have to navigate to the Shortcut tab.
  5. Locate the Target field and type the following command at the end by giving one space.


By this, Chrome will always open the window in the full-screen mode. Thus, you can watch YouTube videos that fix the desktop size.


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  • Switch YouTube Full-Screen Mode after Unmaximizing Chrome Window

Even we provide another basic tip that will solve the YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. Enable the Full-Screen mode after Unmaximizing the Chrome window.

By default, Chrome opens the new window in such a way that you can’t expand even more than that. But whenever the YouTube full-screen mode is not working, you have to unmaximize the Chrome window.

For that, you have to click the Box icon next to the Close (X) option situated at the top-right corner. After that, click the full-screen mode icon to watch the videos on your entire desktop screen.


Steps To Fix YouTube Full Screen Not Working Issue

The following are the most advanced steps to fix YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. When you did not solve the error with the above troubleshooting tips, you can try these methods.


  • Step 1

Check Chrome Content Settings

Due to the lack of Content Settings, you will face YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. So, follow the below guidelines to modify the settings.

  1. Open Chrome browser and type “chrome://settings/content” in the Address Bar and hit Enter
  2. Scroll down and click the drop-down icon of Additional Content Settings.
    Additional content settings
  3. After that, choose the Protected Content option.
  4. You will see two options. One is Allow Sites To Play Protected Content (Recommended). And another is Allow Identifiers for Protected Content (Computer Restart May Be Required). Enable these settings by clicking the toggle button.
    protected content
  5. Finally, reboot the Windows 10 PC after closing all windows.

By this, you can fix the YouTube Full Screen Not Working error on your Chrome.


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  • Step 2

Disable/Remove Extensions

By disabling the extensions or add-ons, we can solve most of the errors in Chrome. So, try to execute the following steps to open YouTube videos in full-screen mode.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and click the three-dots placed at the top-right corner.
  2. Now, select the More Tools option and then click Extensions from the drop-down menu.
    Select the More Tools option & Click on Clear Browser data
  3. It opens the Extensions page to display all those installed add-ons on your browser.
  4. Click the toggle button to disable the faulty or corrupted or unwanted extensions.
    Click on drop-down menu and select Disabled
  5. If the error still exists, then delete the extensions completely from the browser by hitting the Remove button.


  • Step 3

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

According to the reviews we got, most of the users will fix the YouTube Full Screen Not Working by turning off the hardware acceleration. If you want to do so, perform the below steps.

  1. Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome (Menu or Three-dots) placed at the top-right corner of your Chrome window.
  2. Now, choose the Settings option from the menu.
    Click on the settings icon in the window
  3. Come to the end of the page to click the Advanced option.
    Click on Advanced tab
  4. Under the System section, you will see Use Hardware Acceleration When Available option. Disable it by clicking the toggle button.
    Turn off Use Hardware Acceleration when available
  5. Now, close the window and check whether the error is fixed or not.


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  • Step 4

Terminate Background Running Apps & Programs

Chrome executes any number of pages on your desktop computer. Sometimes, these many webpages cause problems, such as YouTube Full Screen Not Working.

In that case, we suggest the user stop all those background running processes to fix this issue. To do so,

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons.
    Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc buttons
  2. Select the Google Chrome processes, right-click on it, and choose the End Task option.
    select the google chrome from the list and click on end task
  3. Repeat the second step until you close all the background apps or programs running on your Chrome.
  4. Thus, the user can now watch their favorite YouTube videos in full-screen mode.


  • Step 5

Update Chrome

Suppose the above methods will not fix the YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. The ultimate solution that can resolve this issue is updating the Chrome browser.

By upgrading the browser to the latest versions, the error might disappear. Execute the following guidelines to update Chrome.

  1. Click the Menu option or three-dots located at the top-right corner.
    Click on the Chrome Menu
  2. Now, select Help and then About Chrome from the drop-down list.
    Go to help option
  3. Thus, it automatically checks and installs the new updates. After completing the entire installation process, restart your computer.

With these valuable steps, you can make YouTube work in the full-screen mode.


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  • Step 6

Uninstall & Reinstall Chrome Browser

Most probably, you will not see the error by using the above-provided methods. In case if the problem still appears, then the last and final method to fix the issue is uninstalling & reinstalling the Chrome browser.

  1. Open the Control Panel on your computer through the Start Menu.
  2. Click Uninstall a Program under the Programs category.
  3. Now, select the Google Chrome from the list, and hit the Uninstall option.
    Select the google chrome from the list and click on uninstall

By this, Chrome gets uninstalled from the PC completely. Now, you have to visit the official website of Google Chrome to download it. Follow the basic installation steps to finish the Setup process.

At last, open any of your desired videos on YouTube and watch them in the full-screen mode.


Tips To Avoid YouTube Full Screen Not Working

  • Keep your Chrome Web Browser up-to-date to escape from all these types of errors.
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable to avoid the occurrence of the YouTube Full Screen Not Working issue.
  • Don’t install unnecessary and corrupt extensions or plugins on your Chrome.


Contact Official Support

The above-listed methods are much enough to fix the YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. Even after reinstalling the Chrome browser, you will see this error message. Then we suggest them to contact the Google Support Team. You may also visit YouTube Help Page.

To fix the issue quickly, you have to communicate with the YouTube service providers. They will assist you either through live chat or telephone. We hope they will rectify the problem sooner as they are much aware of these types of errors.


Final Words: Conclusion

In my final words, I wish to say that Chrome users encounter a variety of issues while working on it. One such error is YouTube Full Screen Not Working. Hopefully, you get valuable information through the methods to fix this issue.

If you developed any other technique that can solve this YouTube Full Screen Not Working error. Spare your precious time to share that method with us. It will help many other Chrome users to fix it.

Whenever needed, you can contact us to solve any other technical-related errors through the below comment section. To enhance our services and reward us, leave a message by filling in your particulars.


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