YouTube Crashing Chrome: ERROR FIXED (Easy troubleshooting Guide)

Fix YouTube Crashing Chrome

Are the YouTube Videos crashing while playing on your Google Chrome? Want to watch high-definition YouTube videos without any freezing issues? Then this post is made for you people.

Today, we came up with the best techniques that can solve the YouTube Crashing Chrome issue.

YouTube is a wonderful application with millions of videos that covers all kinds of categories. You can play videos related to education, entertainment, DIY, and many more.

From the low-quality to HD level, you can play any video on YouTube. But because of some reasons, YouTube crashes while playing the videos on Chrome.

Due to network issues or out-of-date Chrome browser or others, the users face problems with YouTube. The basic, as well as advanced troubleshooting methods, will solve this issue completely.


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Problem Overview

In our free time or whenever required, we used to watch videos on YouTube. We can access this application on our Smartphones, desktops, and other devices.

If we are using Android Smartphones, directly we open the YouTube app and watch the videos. Coming to the desktops and laptops, we need web browsers, like Chrome, Opera, etc.

Most of the time, we will not face any issues like freezing or crashing while watching YouTube videos. In some cases, the issue arises while trying to open Youtube on Google Chrome.

The YouTube crashes or will not open due to some internal or external reasons. Some of them are:

  • Outdated and Corrupted Google Chrome Browser
  • Bulk storage of web history and cache
  • Enabled Hardware Acceleration
  • Extensions or Add-Ons
  • Expired Graphics Card Driver

You got to know why the YouTube Crashing Chrome issue occurs. When this problem happens on your Windows computer, you will not see any quality videos, such as 240p or 1080p.

The user can go through the following sections to get in touch with those techniques that can resolve this issue.


Related Problems

Apart from this YouTube Crashing Chrome, the user also faces many other similar problems. Some of those related issues are discussed in this section.


Basic Troubleshooting Problems

The basic troubleshooting methods that will help you to fix the YouTube Crashing Chrome are listed below. Be careful while executing the given steps.

  • Reload the Page

When the webpage that you are trying to open on your Chrome is showing any issue, then the best tip to fix it is reloading that page.

In the same manner, the users who face YouTube Crashing Chrome can also try this method to make the issue disappear.

Click the “Reload this page” icon placed left-side of the address bar. If you can’t solve the problem, then go through the following ones.


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  • Close & Re-open the Chrome

Due to the several apps running on your Windows 10 computer, the user might encounter this YouTube Crashing Chrome issue.

The simple technique that solves this problem is closing the Chrome windows completely. After that, freshly loading the YouTube videos on your web browser. By this, you will not see any troubles while watching the videos.

  • Restart the Computer

Everyone knows that restarting the PC helps you in fixing many system errors. We suggest the user go with this trick whenever YouTube keeps crashing Chrome on your computer.

Just click the Start Menu and select the Restart option. Check whether the YouTube Crashing Chrome gets resolved on the PC or not.

  • Open YouTube in Other Browsers

What if Google Chrome won’t work properly on your Windows computer? It creates many issues whenever we load different sites, including YouTube.

If you want to know that Chrome is running without errors, open another web browser on your PC, and load YouTube videos. We recommend the Opera Web Browser for your Windows 10 PC.

Suppose YouTube plays the video without crashing the browser? Then there is an issue with Chrome.


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Steps To Fix YouTube Crashing Chrome Issue

The user who can’t fix the YouTube Crashing Chrome with the above methods can use the below-advanced techniques.


  • Step 1

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Most of the users have resolved this problem by turning off the hardware acceleration on their Chrome browser. Execute the following guidelines to do so.

  1. First of all, click the Customize and Control Google Chrome icon placed at the top-right corner.
    Click on the Chrome Menu
  2. After that, you have to select the Settings from the menu.
    Select the settings options from the menu
  3. Scroll down the page till the end and click the Advanced option to view more settings.
  4. Under the System section, you will find the “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available” setting.
  5. By default, it is in the enabled state. So, click the toggle button to disable/turn-off it.
    Turn off Use Hardware Acceleration when available
  6. Now, load your favorite YouTube videos and see the Chrome crashes or not.


  • Step 2

Update Graphics Drivers

  1. Press Windows + X and select the Device Manager.
  2. After that, find out the Display Adapters and expand it by double-clicking.
  3. Select the Graphics Card that you installed on your PC and right-click on it.
  4. Select the Update Driver option from the context menu.
  5. Now, click the search automatically for the updated driver software option in the new window.
  6. To complete the process, you have to execute a few on-screen instructions.
  7. Reboot the computer, and see the YouTube Crashing Chrome is resolved.


  • Step 3

Remove Chrome Cache

  1. In the first step, you have to choose the Menu or Customize and Control Google Chrome.
  2. Now, you have to select Settings.
    Select the settings options from the menu
  3. Under the Privacy and Security section, click the Clear Browsing Data.
    Click on the Clear Browsing data option from the left pane
  4. Immediately a new window appears on your PC. In that, you have to set the Time Range as All Time.
  5. Enable the Browsing History, Cookies & Other Site Data, and Cached Images & Files options.
    Set the time range and click the clear data button
  6. Finally, click the Clear Data button. Thus, it removes the entire browsing data from your Chrome.

Now, load the YouTube videos on your Google Chrome and see they are running without any crashes or not.


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  • Step 4

Disable or Uninstall Extensions/Plugins

  1. Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome to view the menu items.
  2. From that, you have to select the More Tools.
  3. A side menu is shown with multiple options. Click on the Extensions.
    then click on the more tools option and select the Extensions option
  4. Now, you can see all those plugins or extensions installed on your Chrome.
  5. Disable all those extensions that lead to the occurrence of the YouTube Crashing Chrome issue.
  6. Click the toggle button to turn it off. If you want to delete completely, then click the Remove button.
    Select the extensions Click on the Remove button


  • Step 5

Update All Other Device Drivers

Even the users have to update all other device drivers to overcome this YouTube Crashing Chrome issue. According to the reviews, most of the users have fixed the issue by upgrading the computer drivers with the latest versions.

  1. Run the devmgmt.msc command to open Device Manager.
    Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box
  2. Identify the expired drivers and update them manually.

To update quickly and easily, you can use the IObit Driver Booster. It automatically detects and updates out-of-date drivers.


  • Step 6

Allocate More Disk Cache Size

When your Chrome browser runs out of cache space, it cannot load any other sites perfectly. That’s why we suggest you increase the disk cache size to fix the YouTube Crashing Chrome issue. For that,

  1. Open the installation folder of your Google Chrome.
  2. Right-click on the executable or .exe file and click the Send To option.
  3. After that, select Desktop (Create Shortcut).
  4. Now, you will see a new desktop shortcut of Chrome.
  5. Select the newly created shortcut and right-click on it to select the Properties.
  6. Navigate to the Target section and copy & paste the following line.
    1. –disk-cache-size=1073741824


  7.  Click the Apply button to save the changes.
  8. Now, open the browser and load YouTube videos without any crashes.


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  • Step 7

Update Google Chrome

When you are using an outdated browser, then you will face multiple issues. In order to resolve this YouTube Crashing Chrome, you need to check for the latest updates. If there are any newer versions, then quickly install them on your Windows 10.

  1. Click the three vertical dots (Customize and Control Google Chrome) at the top-right corner.
  2. Choose the Help and then About Google Chrome.
    Go to help option
  3. Thus, it automatically checks for the latest updates and installs (if any).
    The new window that opens will search for any available updates
  4. Restart the computer and check whether the still persists or not.


  • Step 8

Uninstall & Reinstall Chrome

Didn’t you fix the YouTube Crashing Chrome on your Windows PC? Then the final method that we offer is uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Chrome browser.

Either you can use the Control Panel or else uninstaller to remove the Chrome completely.

  1. Press Windows + S and type Control Panel in the search console. Now, select the best results from the list.
    Click On The Control Panel From The Search Results
  2. Select the Programs category.
  3. Click the Programs and Features section.
    Click on the Programs and Features
  4. Find out the Google Chrome in the list and click the Uninstall option.
    Select the google chrome from the list and click on uninstall

You can use the uninstaller like IObit Uninstaller to delete Google Chrome, along with the leftovers and empty files.

After that, you have to visit the official website of Google Chrome and download it on your PC. Execute the basic installation steps to complete the process.

Thus, the YouTube Crashing Chrome issue will be resolved on your Windows 10 PC.


Tips To Avoid YouTube Crashing Chrome

  • To avoid the YouTube Crashing Chrome issue on your PC, you have to keep the device driver up-to-date, including the graphics card driver.
  • Before closing the Chrome window, clean the web history, such as searches, cookies, and cache so that it loads the YouTube videos faster & smoother.
  • In case if you escape from all these crashing or freezing problems on your Chrome, update the browser with the latest versions.


Contact Official Support

By applying the methods given above, we can overcome the YouTube Crashing Chrome issue. Thus, it plays any qualitative videos without any breakdowns or freezing.

But there are some instances where the user cannot find a perfect solution to fix this problem. Even after using all these tricks, the error still persists. It means the YouTube videos crash your Google Chrome while attempt to play on your PC.

Either the problem lies in the YouTube app or the Chrome browser. You can open the Google Chrome forums to ask questions regarding your current issue. You can get several tips and tricks from professionals or users who already faced this issue.

As both applications are developed by Google, we recommend the user to contact the customer support team. They will assist you in solving this YouTube Crashing Chrome issue.


Final Words: Conclusion

On the whole, YouTube places in the top position in the video-sharing platform. Daily, millions of people are watching the videos and uploading new ones.

The users are also earning money by creating and posting interesting and useful videos on YouTube. So, it is essential for all categories of the user to work YouTube without any problems.

That’s the reason why we bought up with many advanced troubleshooting methods that can resolve the YouTube Crashing Chrome issue.

Apart from the above, if you have developed any technique to fix the problem, share it with us through this post. We hope that you gain more information about this technical issue, so please comment or on this guide.


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