VRChat Keeps Crashing: PROBLEM FIXED (Quick and Easy Solution)


Many users are facing VRChat keeps crashing problem. Recently I also encountered the same problem. Most annoying part is that it was crashing every few minutes. While searching out about this issue I found that many VRChat users  have this issue of crashing/freezing/not launching/ memory crash etc.

So I decided to write a post on this topic as i could resolve my issue with a few simple steps.Before going further there are few basic troubleshooting steps that we should check.


Basic troubleshooting

Before going further there are few basic troubleshooting steps that we should check.

  • If you are using WiFi then try switching to ethernet as it provides better network stability.
  • Make sure that the internet has not any problem and it is not dropping out.
  • You can ask your ISP that your connection is not being throttled or filtered.
  • If you are using any firewall then disable it temporarily.

Check if your problem has resolved, if not then continue following this post to resolve this issue.


Steps to fix VRChat keeps crashing



Update Windows

Update your Windows if you have not updated it recently. Outdated operating systems could be one of the main reasons for VRChat crashing. Windows regularly release updates to the system flawlessly. Each update contains system vulnerability patches, security patches, and enhanced features to support allied programs.

If there is a problem in any windows core system files then it may make other programs unstable. So it is very important to keep your windows updated. To update the Windows follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the start menu and go to the settings (Gare icon).
    Select The Settings Option
  2. Tap on “Update & Security”.
  3. now Click on “check for updates”.
    Check For Update


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Update Display driver

Display driver is one of the important components of a pc for gaming. If your VRChat is crashing or unstable then Display / Graphic driver may be the cause for this problem. Outdated display drivers could be one the most obvious reason for your VRChat crashing.

If you have not updated your display drive from the last couple of weeks then you should consider updating your display driver. Most of the time only updating to the latest version of driver can resolve any problems of game crashing. To update the  Display / Graphic / GPU driver, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Windows key + letter R together
  2. type “devmgmt.msc”  in the run box.
    Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box
  3. Look for the “Display Driver” click to expand it.
  4. Under the display, driver right-clicks on your display driver and select update driver.
    Right Click on your Display Adapter and click on update driver



Uninstall / disable third-party software

If you are using any third-party software to enhance audio or video then it could be the reason for your VRChat crashing. When you use software like Clownfish, VoiceMod, VoiceMeeter etc. then like any other software these software also install drivers. Drivers of this software interfere with system files and create serious performance lag.

These software not only hamper performance of VRChat and make it unstable which leads to VRChat crashing but it may also create performance issues with Windows.



Check game program files

If VRchat is continuously crashing, it means it is mandatory to check the game program file. We need to be sure that the game program file is intact because a corrupted game file will not run correctly and lead to VRChat crashing. To Verify game files follow the step below.

  1. Go to the steam library.
  2. Right-click on VRChat.
  3. Click on properties.
  4. Under the local files tab, Choose Verify Integrity of games Files.


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Reset your avatar to default

We have observed that Your avatar can create VRChat crashing issues.  You can get rid of crashing issues by just resetting your avatar to default. We have seen in many cases it resolves the issue. To reset your avatar to default, Just go to VRChat website: https://vrchat.com/home/avatars and go to the avatar section and click on reset to default avatar.

Alternatively, you can use a keyboard shortcut to reset your avatar to default. Press CTRL and \ (Backslash) together, it will change/reset your avatar to gray robot avatar (default avatar).



Change screen resolution

Changing screen/display resolution has helped many users as reported by them. We have also found that changing screen resolution may help this issue fix. You just need to change screen resolution lower than what you are using right now.

To change screen resolution, go to the desktop. Right-click on Desktop and select Display settings. A Display setting window will open. Under scale and layout, you will find “Display Resolution”. Chahe it to lower resolution. Now restart the VRChat and check if it has resolved your issue. If you want you can now change your screen resolution back again.




Using VPN could easily resolve your VRChat crashing issue as reported by many users. VPNs are very useful in masking your location and identity while streaming or surfing online and at the same time it may help you skip faulty routes that your ISP may be using. VPNs use another server to transmit your data online.

All this could help you resolve this issue but most of the good VPN incur a cost to you. Yes, there are several free VPNs available but most of those VPNs lack performance or may lead to other crucial problems.


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Allow through windows firewall

Windows settings of windows could be a potential cause for your VRChat crashing issue. Although firewalls help us secure our system but in this case if you have not allowed your VRChat through windows firewall then windows may prevent their service by blocking its connection. You need to allow VRChat through the windows firewall.

To allow it follow the steps below.

  1. Search “Windows defender firewall” in the windows search box on the taskbar.
  2. Click “Allow an app or feature through windows defender firewall”
  3. Click on the “change settings”
    Click on the change settings
  4. Now click on the “Allow another app..”
    This will enable Allow another program
  5. Click on the browse button and locate the file where install the VRChat and select the VRChat.exe file.
  6. Then click on the “Add” and finally click on ok.



Allow through Antivirus

If you are using any third-party antivirus software then it may create this problem if you have not allowed VRChat in your antivirus program. You need to whitelist/put in an exception list of your antivirus program. Each antivirus program has a different way of creating an exception list.

We are providing you a general way of creating an exception list in antivirus, It may be little different in your particular antivirus program

  1. Open your antivirus program.
  2. Go to settings or firewall or firewall under settings.
  3. Look for add program to the exception list or program settings or file shield or safe file.
  4. Now browse and add the VRChat.exe file in this list.

If you are unable to perform this task then you may look for the Help section in your antivirus program for instructions or you can contact your antivirus program support team.



Clear Cache Files

Sometimes VRChat cache files could be a reason for crashing and loading problems. When cache files gradually become sizable then it may create your VRChat crashing issue, so it is important to clear the cache. To clear the cache you can follow the step below.

  1. Open VRChat on Steam and press the “Esc” button.
  2. Click on the Setting icon.
    Click on settings VRChat
  3. Go to the advanced settings.
    Click on Advance Settings VRChat
  4. Click both the buttons to reset to clear the cache.
  5. Now restart the application.


  1. Type command in the search box of windows.
  2. Click on command prompt run as administrator.
    Select “Run As Administrator” Even If You Are Logged As Admin
  3. Copy and paste below command in command prompt and hit enter.
  4. rmdir /S /Q “%AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat\Cookies” 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q “%AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat\HTTPCache” 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q “%AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat\Unity” 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q “%AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat\VRCHTTPCache” 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q “%TEMP%\VRChat” 2>nul & rmdir /S /Q “%UserProfile%\.cache\youtube-dl” 2>nul & REG DELETE HKCU\Software\VRChat\vrchat /va
  5. When prompted type Y and hit enter.


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Make a new VRChat account

If your problem has not been solved yet then the last resolution you can try is to make a new VRChat account. It is possible that you may be encountering some problem with your current account. You can try to make a new VRChat account on their official website.

After creating a new account you can link this account to steam or oculus account and check if it has resolved your problem.


Fix For Oculus Quest VRChat crashing

Many Oculus Quest users have reported about VRChat crashing. If it is the case then follow the steps mentioned above Clear Cache Files after that flow the steps from 1 to 9

Some users are not able to launch the application, In this case you should uninstall and then reinstall the application. It may resolve your problem.

Contact official support

We have provided all the possible fixes, if you have tried all the steps and still your  issue has not been resolved then you should contact the official support of VRChat. When you contact VRChat support team then you may be asked for Output logs and Crash logs.

To get the Output log, you just need to go to C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat\ OR if you want you can paste “%AppData%/../LocalLow/VRChat/vrchat” this command in the Windows explorer address bar.

You will find files name starting like output_log_

To get the Crash log, you can go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VRChat and for crash dump “%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps”. Paste this in the Windows explorer address bar.


Final Word: Conclusion

We hope this post helps you resolve the VRChat Keeps Crashing issue. We have explained steps in detail so that you can fix this problem easily. All the given troubleshooting steps are tried and tested, many users could resolve their issue.

Do let us know if this guide has helped you. You can leave your comment about your experience. Please like & share this post to help others.

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