VictSing Mouse Not Working: MOUSE FIXED (Easy Helpful Guide)

Victsing Mouse Not Working

Many users are disappointed due to the Victsing mouse not working issue. Are you one of them? If yes, just be with us to get a fix. VicTsing is known for its vast range of desktop related accessories. The mouse is one of the categories they are admired for especially by gamers.

But as everything has a flaw same with VicTsing mouse. As per users report their Victsing mouse not connecting. We have included various fixes ranging from clean re-installation to turning off the fast startup in your windows system. These will surely take back your Victsing wireless or wired mouse in working condition. According to user’s report, there can be various reasons behind the occurrence of the Victsing mouse not connecting and not working issues as discussed ahead in this article.

Do not panic, as we are here for you with authentic approaches to get rid of Victising mouse not working issue.

Let’s get started!


VictSing Mouse Not Working: Problem Overview

In this, when a user tries to use their VicTsing mouse while doing any task, it doesn’t work. Some are unable to use it in specific applications only. Gamers are also getting offended by VicTsing mouse not working issue. Victsing mm057 2.4g wireless mouse not working is one of the models rolling over the internet.

No-doubt vicTsing mouse is reliable and easy to use, either it is wireless or wired. And its cost-effective features made it more popular among youngsters. So, the cause of such error needs to be inspected. As per our research, it can be the driver issue or a hardware glitch. Some of the possible causes are mentioned below.

  • Mismatched code
  • Outdated or corrupt Driver
  • Windows fast startup feature
  • Faulty Hardware


VictSing Mouse Not Working: Related Problems

VicTsing mouse not working includes various related troubles. We have included the most related issues to discuss on. All these below given related problems are fixable using the methods provided in this article.


Basic Troubleshooting

What so ever is the issue, there is always a basic level to start with. Sometimes a minor glitch creates a major impact. Few things need to be inspected before heading for anything major.

  • Check on the external factors

Replace your Victsing mouse battery with a new one, as the battery can be the culprit here.

  • Check on the USB cable to make sure it is not damaged. Also look after your computers USB ports, if that is working fine with other peripherals or not.
  • Disconnect other USB based peripherals including the wireless devices. Take them out including your router for some time to check if the VicTsing mouse started working or not. Also do not keep any wifi signal metal object nearby.
  • You can also try switching the VicTsing mouse USB between other USB ports. Do not distance your mouse from the USB receiver, keep it closed.
  • Look for the Count per inch (CPI) toggle on your VicTsing mouse. This is provided to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse. So, in case its value is not convenient then you might struggle with your VicTsing mouse. Just tap on the CPI button to lower the count or character per inch value. This will decrease the sensitivity, as sometimes this conflict with the configuration of the system causing such issues.
  • Go for cleaning up the bottom lens of your VivTsing mouse. in case it has any dust, particle clogged, you will get this issue. Also, go for re-adjusting the VicTsing mouse bottom lens.


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  • Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

Before going for anything just go for windows inbuilt troubleshooting utility. The minor system flaw can be fixed using it. This can fix the “VicTsing mouse not working” issue. Make sure you have connected the VicTsing mouse with your system.

Go with the below steps to run the troubleshooter in Windows 10:

  1. Type control panel in the search box on the taskbar.
  2. tap on the control panel from the Search Result.
  3. On the top Right set View by Category and select Hardware and Sound.
    Set View by category and click on hardware and sound.
  4. now tap on devices and printers.
  5. right-click on your VicTsing mouse and click on Troubleshoot.
    Right Click on victsing mouse and select troubleshoot
  6. Follow the on-screen instruction.

This will detect and fix the issue by itself. Once done, try using your VicTsing mouse. if it started working, you are done here. If not then go for the next method.

Note: Wireless i.e. Bluetooth based VicTsing mouse users. Put your laptop in Airplane mode then “Restart” it. After a few minutes turn off the Airplane mode and try using your VicTsing mouse over Bluetooth to check if it is working or not. Sometimes there is a disturbance in the connected line causing VicTsing Mouse not working issue.


Step To Fix VictSing Mouse Not Working

If basic fixes don’t work for you then you might need an advanced approach. There might be some major issue among your systems files are VicTSing mouse. just go as the instructions are provided to fix the “Victsing mouse not working” issue.

Note: Use any other external mouse if that works with your system to perform methods if mouse clicks are required. Or you can also use the keyboards navigation keys to choose options.


  • Step 1

Rematch the code using new Battery

In case your mouse is infused with an external battery then that might be the culprit here. A fluctuating power supply can cause the VicTsing mouse not working issue. We advise you to get a new battery according to your mouse model before starting this method.

  1. Remove the USB receiver and battery out of your VicTsing mouse.
  2. Insert the new battery you have brought.
  3. Now, attach your VicTsing mouse USB receiver again.  And keep your Victsing mouse closer to the USB receiver.
  4. Now, just press the right button of your mouse and the scroll toggle simultaneously for log time i.e. until the light flashes in your Victsing mouse.

This method will fix the issue if it was because of the mismatched code. As this is capable of re-matching it by fixing the glitch. In case even now you are getting this issue then move to our next method to clean install your Mouse Driver.

Note: In case only particular toggle of your Victsing mouse is not working like the Scroll button. Then just try to use it with other applications. Sometimes it conflicts with specific programs. Check on it to be sure.

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  • Step 2

Go for Re-Installation and Upgradation of Driver

Drivers are the main connecting way among hardware and software. In case your VictSing mouse driver is corrupt then you will get the “VicTsing mouse not working” issue. In this method, we will re-install the VicTsing mouse driver to fix this issue.

Follow the give steps to re-install the VicTsing mouse Driver:

  1. Open the “Device Manager”, just tap on Windows logo key with “X” and choose it.
    Right-click on the start menu and select device manager
  2. just locate Mice and other pointing devices option, tap on it to expand. Now, look for VicTsing mouse driver and right tap on it, choose “Update Driver Software”
    Right click and mouse nad select update driver
  3. Just tap on the second option named as “Browse my computer for driver software”
  4. On the next page, tap on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer option.
  5. You will see a statement “Show compatible hardware”, just unmark it. Then a list of devices will appear, just choose one of them relevant to your VicTsing mouse. Then tap on the “Next” toggle and “Yes” to continue.
  6. Once it is finished, “Restart” your PC to make these changes apply correctly.
  7. Once the system turns on, follow the above steps again up to Step 4. This time when you see the  “Show compatible hardware”, just mark it. Now, choose the one out of the list and tap “Next” to continue with the procedure.
  8. Follow the on-screen guidance until the installation gets finished.
  9. Now again follow STEP 1 and STEP 2 of this method. After tapping on Update driver software, this time tap on the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option. This will start searching for it, let it finish the update.
  10. Once it is done “Restart” your windows system.

Note: Either your VicTsing mouse works on Wireless technology or USB. The issue can be with the Bluetooth driver or USB driver as well. In that case, we advise you to remove other wireless and USB connected devices. And then update the Wireless driver and USB driver of your system by performing above steps in the same way for “Bluetooth” (choose “Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 adapter”) and “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” (Choose “USB Root Hub” and other available options to one by one).


  • Step 3

Disable the fast startup

The fast startup feature interferes with the working of various drivers. As this only starts limited drivers at starting. As per users disabling the fast startup feature has fixed VicTsing mouse not working issue.

Follow the below-given steps to start with this fix:

  1. Tap on the  Windows logo key with alphabet “X” on your keyboard and choose “Power options”.
  2. look for “Choose what the power button does” and tap on it.
    Click on Choose what the power buttons do
  3. Tap on the Change settings that are currently unavailable option. You will see the “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” option there, just unmark it. Then tap on “Save changes” and exit.
    Uncheck the box says Turn on fast startup, and click on Save Changes
  4. Once done just “Restart” your system.

Once done try to use your VicTsing mouse to make sure it is working or not. After performing this method, your system might little delay at starting. If the issue is yet not fixed then go for the next method to update your windows system.


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  • Step 4

Check for Windows updates

Sometimes the issue with mouse starts just after updating certain items. As updates also include the bug fixes. So, we advise you to update your system one more time to get rid of this issue.

Go with the below-given steps to perform the update in windows 10:

  1. Tap on the Windows logo toggle with alphabet “I” on the keyboard.
    Press Windows key + I to open the Settings app
  2. Look for the “Update & security” option and tap on it.
  3. Now in the right pane just tap on the “Check for updates” option. Wait for it finishes the detection and downloading. Once it is done just “Restart” your system.
    Check For Update

Once the system opens, check if your “VicTsing mouse” started working or not. In case yet the issue Victsing mouse not working persists then go for official support.


Tips To Avoid VictSing Mouse Not Working

  • Be careful while tapping on the random links, as that can bring malware in your system. which can corrupt your system files and drivers causing issues with your external devices.
  • Also, do not go for installing any random .exe files. As these can be corrupted. Make sure you have well scanned it before the installation.
  • Update your system and drivers regularly to avoid any kind of issue due to incompatibility. This also helps in fixing minor bugs.


Contact Official Support

In case you are still not over with Victsing mouse not working issue. Then we advise you to go for an official approach. contact your system manufacturer as system files can be the culprit here. You can get online help as well as an offline approach if the issue is unfixed.

contact the Victsing customer Support, if it is under warranty or guarantee this might get replaced. Do not worry as this is a fixable issue. One of them will surely help you out with their deep technical approach.


Final Words: Conclusion

As we are at the end of this article, we hope that you got rid of the Victsing mouse not working issue. Yeah, do you have any doubt regarding the methods? Or do you have any better suggestions or fix? If yes, we are always eager to listen to our reader’s minds. Do let us know via the comment section available below. Make sure you have visited the “Tips to avoid” section of this article to avoid such issues in the future.

Once you are over with the Victsing mouse issue, do mention your valuable response to our efforts. This encourages us to work with great enthusiasm. Keep visiting us!


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