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Terraria CrashingTerraria Crashing

Did the Terraria game crash suddenly while playing it on your Windows 10? Want to play this action-adventure video game without these issues?

Just be cool! We are here to help you to resolve this Terraria Crashing error. With our best tips and tricks, you will not see any of these problems in the future.

Re-Logic developed the Terraria as the best action-adventure video game. Like Minecraft, it is also one of the top sandbox games, especially concentrated on adventure.

Though it was initially released in the year 2011, the craze for it was not decreased. One of the most common issues encounters by Terraria users is crashing or freezing.

The basic reasons for this might be lack of permissions, outdated drivers, etc. For more information on the reasons and how to fix it, you need to browse the following sections.


Problem Overview

Presently, there are many sandbox video games, such as Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Elite Dangerous, etc. In the top 10 best sandbox games, you will definitely found Terraria.

The expert team of Re-Logic designed this Terraria action-cum-adventure video game in sandbox technology. Though it was first released for Windows users, later it made it compatible with Android, PS4, Xbox One, and others.

Millions of gamers all across the globe are purchasing this game to play it on their devices. If you are a Windows PC user, then you can buy it through Steam Client. Click here to get the Terraria game for your Windows 10.

When you launch the game and playing it, it crashes all of the sudden without any message. It simply can’t allow us to use the controllers of the game until we fix the issue.

Upon the majority of user’s requests, we have come up with this guide. Firstly, get to know why this Terraria Crashing issue occurred on your Windows 10.

  • Running the game or Steam Client with the normal/user account can cause this error.
  • Terraria game files may be corrupted or missing
  • Expired GPU Card Drivers
  • Installing the game improperly
  • Antivirus might be blocking the game to run on your PC
  • Your Windows version is not compatible with the game
  • OneDrive might sync the game files and deleted that file from your PC.
  • Installed Mods can also lead to this crashing issue.

Let’s move to the next paragraphs to know the methods that can fix this issue.


Related Problems

Terraria Crashing problem occurs in various conditions and different platforms, such as on startup, Xbox One, etc. Some of those issues are discussed in this section with solutions.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Basic methods that will avoid crashing problems while playing the Terraria game are given below. Carefully apply the instructions to avoid mistakes.

  • Restart your Windows PC & Steam

The first and foremost thing you have to do is closing all the Steam processes that are running on your computer. After that, restart the computer.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.
  2. Under Processes tab, select the Steam Process -> Right-click on it -> Click End Task.
  3. Like this, close all other processes and exit the Task Manager.
  4. Now, reboot your computer.

After system startup, relaunch the game and check whether it still crashes or not.

  • Run Steam or Terraria With Admin Rights

Lack of permissions to play the game is also another reason for crashing it on our devices. If you don’t have any rights to run the app, then you will see these problems.

That’s the reason why grant the permission to play without any issues. If you are launching through Steam, then open it with admin rights.

  1. Go to the Desktop -> Right-click on the Steam app -> Click Properties.
  2. Select the Compatibility tab in the Steam Properties window.
  3. Check the checkbox that is adjacent to the Run this program as an administrator.
  4. Click Apply and OK to save the changes.
  5. Now, head towards the Library and launch the Terraria game.

If the game crashes again and again, then move to the next method. Or else play the Terraria game error-freely on your PC.

  • Run Terraria/Steam in Compatibility Mode

It is mandatory to check the requirements of any software or game before you are going to get it on your PC. If you didn’t satisfy its specifications, then it won’t work at all.

We think the same may happen with the Terraria game on your computer. It might be your Windows version that is not compatible with the game.

Therefore, use the compatibility mode feature and run the game app or Steam in the Windows version that is older than the current one.

  1. Right-click the Steam and Choose Properties.
  2. Under the Compatibility tab, come to the Compatibility Mode section.
  3. Now, check the Run this program in compatibility mode for option.
  4. Select the Windows version from the list, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.
  5. Save the changes by clicking Apply and OK buttons.

Launch the Terraria through Steam and see the crashing is solved or still occurs.


Steps To Fix Terraria Crashing Issue

Didn’t the basic methods solve the Terraria Crashing issue? Don’t worry! You have multiple advanced methods that can fix it.


  • Step 1

Disable your Antivirus

Which antivirus software are you using? Is your antivirus hold a feature called Gamer Mode? If so, then go to the antivirus settings and enable it.

Gamer Mode allows the user to play the video games smoothly without any disturbances of antivirus notifications, updates, etc. And it will also avoid the occurrence of crashing issues.

BullGuard Antivirus is one such software that contains many advanced features, including Gamer Mode. If you didn’t find any such option, then disable your antivirus temporarily.

If the game crashes even after disabling the antivirus, then the reason is something else. So, re-enable your antivirus on your computer.


  • Step 2

Turn Off Steam Cloud

In order to back up the Steam data, it offers the Steam Cloud option. But this will cause many issues while playing the games. To fix the Terraria Crashing, turn off the Steam Cloud.

  1. Open the Steam Client as an administrator.
  2. Go to the Library and locate the Terraria game.
  3. After that, right-click on it to choose the Properties.
  4. In the left-side panel, click the Cloud tab.
  5. Disable the Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for applications that support its option by unchecking its box.
  6. After that, uncheck the Steam Cloud Option of all characters and worlds.

Relaunch the Steam and start the Terraria game to check the crashing issue is solved or not.


  • Step 3

Update GPU Card Drivers

One more fix that we provide to avoid crashing issues while gaming Terraria is updating the GPU card drivers. If there are any such updates, then install them on your PC.

You can use the IObit Driver Booster to update the device drivers automatically. For the manual update process, follow the below steps.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type devmgmt.msc -> Click OK.
  2. Expand Display Adapters -> Right-click on the NVIDIA/AMD GPU card -> Click Update Driver.
  3. Within a couple of minutes, the update process will get finished.

After updating, you can check the crashing issue after launching the Terraria game.


  • Step 4

Remove Config File

If the above methods didn’t help you, then remove the Config file. It will help many gamers in fixing the issue.

  1. Open the File Explorer or Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows + E.
  2. Now, open the folder where you have installed the Terraria game on your computer.
  3. Right-click the Terraria folder and click Properties.
  4. Under the Attributes section, uncheck the checkbox of Read-Only (Only applies to files in the folder).
  5. Click the Ok button to save.
  6. Remove all the Config files in the Terraria folder.

After rebooting, rerun the Terraria and see that it is crashing while gaming or not.


  • Step 5

Verify the Integrity of the Game Files

Check the game files of Terraria are corrupted and missing or not. For that, verify the integrity of the game files.

  1. Launch Steam -> Go to Library -> Right-click the Terraria -> Choose Properties.
  2. Click the Local Files tab and select the Verify the Integrity of the Game Files.
  3. It starts checking for the corrupted game files and repairs them if it finds any.

Once the process is over, launch Terraria and check the crashing still occurs or not.


  • Step 6

Disable Mods

Users install different kinds of mods to enhance the graphics and gaming performance. But the problem here is, these many mods will cause Terraria Crashing issue.

To resolve this problem, you have to disable all these mods of the Terraria game.


  • Step 7

Reinstall the Game

If nothing helps you in fixing the Terraria Crashing error, then the final method we offer is reinstalling both Steam and Terraria.

The users who launch the Terraria game through Steam have to uninstall the Steam Client. After that, you need to remove all those files and folders related to Steam.

Once the uninstallation is finished, you need to reinstall it again from the official website. Thus, you will never face the crashing issue while playing Terraria on your Windows PC.


Tips To Avoid Terraria Crashing

  • The best tip that we can give to avoid the crashing issue is to provide all the game requirements on our computer.
  • Turning off the antivirus or enabling the gamer mode on it can allow us to play without these errors.
  • We must install the latest Windows updates and driver updates immediately once they are released by the manufacturer.
  • Read the game manual/instructions before launching it to offer what it wants so that we cannot any troubles.


Contact Official Support

Terraria Crashing is not a severe issue, and that’s why we will definitely fix it through the above methods. By referring to several sites, official forums, and other sources, we concluded those are the best tricks to solve it.

If the result is negative even after using them on your PC, then please check whether you have done any mistakes in applying those steps or not.

As a final try, the gamers can either contact the customer support team of Steam or Terraria. Through email or text messages, they will acknowledge you with some other tips to fix it.


Final Words: Conclusion

To sum up everything, Windows users can easily and quickly solve the crashing issue while playing the Terraria game on their PCs. Since many users have resolved it successfully, we expect that you can fix it without any doubt.

The users who have cracked it with any other tricks can kindly share them with us. With your permission, we add those techniques so that many gamers can use them to fix the error.

Whenever you find any difficulties in applying the steps, you can contact us. Leave a message about your problem, and within no time, we will reply to you.

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