Fix Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2

Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2

Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2

Users of the Titanfall 2 game encounter a few common problems while playing it on our PCs. One such issue that troubles the users is Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2.

Several gamers from all over the world are requesting to solve this frustrating error to play it error-freely. Based on their requests, we came here to offer the techniques that can easily fix the issue.

Titanfall 2 is the first-person shooting video game, which is the sequel to the Titanfall game. Respawn Entertainment developed this best shooter game for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

It shows this unusual issue due to some simple reasons, such as Origin Cache, improper installation of Origin Client, software conflicts, etc.

You can get complete information about the causes and how to fix the issue in the following sections. Read the paragraphs carefully and get rid of the issue as soon as possible.


Problem Overview

Electronic Arts publishes the top-best video games for game lovers. Both Titanfall and its sequel, Titanfall 2, are published by Electronic Arts.

Like Steam Client, Origin is also one of the best gaming platforms that offer Electronic Arts (EA) games. We can get many EA video games through Origin, namely Battlefield, FIFA, and many more.

Origin is uploading almost all the newly released games so that users can purchase and download them on their PCs and consoles.

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 are also available on the Origin platform. So, open the Origin store and buy them on your PC. Though Titanfall 2 is released in the year 2016, the craze for it is not decreased. The fandom for this Titanfall 2 is in millions.

But it shows some common problems while playing it on the devices. Even though the Origin is enabled, it shows disabled when we are playing the Titanfall 2 game.

The Origin Overlay allows us to talk, chat, and do a lot more things at the time of gaming. Due to this problem, we unable to do all these things. That’s why it is very urgent to solve the Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 issue.

Let’s go through the below reasons that cause this error message.

  • Some users thought that they have enabled Origin Overlay, but in reality, it is disabled.
  • Origin Cache may also lead to this issue.
  • Antivirus software on your Windows computer blocks Origin to run on your PC.
  • Outdated or incompatible graphics card drivers
  • Improper installation of Origin
  • Running useless applications on our devices can generate this problem.

Now, apply the given troubleshooting methods to resolve the Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 issue.


Related Problems

Check out the list of those problems that you might encounter while using Origin Overlay on your Windows PC. Don’t worry! We have provided the solutions too to fix them.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

There are a limited number of basic troubleshooting methods that can fix this Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 issue.

  • Perform a Clean Boot on your Windows 10

Clean Boot of the Windows PC is the first thing you have to do in order to fix the Origin Overlay Disabled error while playing the Titanfall 2 game.

Follow the step-by-step procedure to complete the clean booting of the desktop computer.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type msconfig -> Hit Enter.
    Type ‘Msconfig’ In The Box That Appears
  2. Under the General tab, enable the Selective Startup tab by checking its radio button.
  3. After that, click the Load System Services and Use Original Boot Configuration options.
  4. Uncheck the Load Startup Items option.
  5. Go to the Services tab, enable the Hide All Microsoft Services option by checking its box.
    Mark “Hide all Microsoft services” option.
  6. In the next step, click the Disable All button.
    Now click on the Disable All button.
  7. Go with the Apply and OK buttons to save the settings.
  8. If you see any pop-up window with the Restart option, then click on it.

Now, check the Origin Overlay Disabled issue still persists or not.


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  • Kill Background Processes

We install a huge number of programs to complete our tasks. But due to some third-party software conflicts, we face various errors.

This Origin Overlay Disabled also occurs because of the programs that are not compatible with your Origin app. That’s why you have to close all those processes running in the background to eliminate this issue.

  1. Launch the Task Manager by using Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time.
    Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc buttons
  2. Once you see the Task Manager window, right-click the process that you want to kill and choose the End Task option.
  3. In the same manner, you can close all those problematic processes from your computer.

Finally, launch Titanfall 2 through Origin Client and check the Origin Overlay is disabling again or not.



Steps To Fix Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 Issue

Not all the time the problem can be fixed with the basic methods. In some cases, you have to apply the advanced tricks to get rid of this Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 issue.


  • Step 1

Re-Enable Origin In-Game Overlay

What if the Origin Overlay is disabled on your PC? If that’s the case, you will see these kinds of errors. Some users forgot to enable it before they start playing the game.

Even though it is enabled, we face these issues. So, we recommend the users to disable and re-enable it again on the Origin Client. Use the below steps to do so.

  1. Launch Origin Client on your computer.
  2. Go to the Origin Menu located at the top-left corner and click Application Settings.
  3. Now, choose the Origin In-Game.
  4. You have to find the Enable Origin In-Game option on the top menu.
  5. Now click the toggle button to turn it off (if it is enabled). Again, click the toggle button to turn it on.

Reboot your computer and check the problem that you are facing is solved or not.


  • Step 2

Add Origin to Ignore List of Your Antivirus

Antiviruses always help us in safeguarding desktops from viruses, malware, and cyber-attacks. But these antiviruses can prevent running a few applications on our desktops.

One of the major reasons for Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 is your antivirus software. It might block your Origin application on your computer.

Therefore, open your antivirus and add this Origin program to the exception list. By this, you can run the Origin client without any of these problems.

If you can’t solve it, then either disable the antivirus temporarily and uninstall it completely from your computer.


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  • Step 3

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Are the video card drivers expired on your PC? Have you installed incompatible display drivers on your Windows? Then it causes severe issues, including Origin Overlay Disabled.

To overcome this problem, it is mandatory to check whether your GPU drivers are upgraded or not. If not, you have to install the latest drivers to keep it up-to-date.

  1. Open the Device Manager by executing devmgmt.msc in the run box.
    Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box
  2. Double-click the Display Adapters to list the available graphics cards.
  3. Choose the one that you are currently using -> Right-click on it -> Click the Update Driver option.
  4. It displays a pop-up window, and in that, click Search automatically for the updated driver software option.
  5. Thus, it starts checking the latest drivers on its manufacturer website and installs them on your PC.

Once the update task is completed, see the Origin Overlay is again disabling while playing Titanfall 2 or not.


  • Step 4

Uninstall & Reinstall Display Adapters

If the error is not solved with the above methods, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the GPU drivers on your Windows 10. It might fix the issue and stops Origin Overlay to disable while gaming the Titanfall 2 game.

  1. In the Device Manager, expand the Display Adapters.
  2. Right-click the GPU card and choose the Uninstall a Device option.
    Now right-click on the NVIDIA adapter from the list and select Uninstall
  3. Click the Uninstall option in the pop-up window shown on your screen.
  4. Once the uninstallation process is finished, restart your Windows PC.
  5. Thus, it checks whether there are any hardware changes or not. If it finds any such modifications, then it will install them on your PC.


  • Step 5

Clear Origin Cache

Clearing the Origin Cache is one of the best methods to fix the Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 game. Apply the steps given below to clear the Origin cache.

  1. First of all, close all the Origin Processes running on your PC through Task Manager.
  2. At the same time, remove all the items under the Temp folder.
  3. Next, open the Run dialog and execute the %ProgramData%/Origin.
  4. By leaving the LocalContent folder, remove all other files and folders under this location.
  5. Again, open the Run dialog and execute %AppData%.
    type %appdata% in the run box
  6. Locate the Origin folder and click the Del key on your keyboard to remove it.
  7. In the address bar of the window, click the AppData.
  8. Double-click the Local Folder -> Select the Origin folder -> Tap Del key to delete it.

Finally, restart the PC to apply the changes and check the error message is disappeared or not.


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  • Step 6

Uninstall & Reinstall Origin Client

The final method to fix the Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 issue is uninstalling and reinstalling the Origin Client.

Mostly, this technique will completely resolve the problem on your Windows PC.

From the control panel, you can uninstall Origin Client from the desktop computer. After that, click here to download Origin again on your device.

Once the download process is finished, run it as an administrator and execute the on-screen steps to complete the installation process.

Launch Origin on your Windows and check the Origin Overlay is working properly or not.


Tips To Avoid Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2

  • We can escape this error message by installing the latest as well as the compatible GPU card drivers on our PCs regularly.
  • Those gamers who want to play without issues have to complete the installation of Origin correctly.
  • It is the best way to follow this tip to overcome these problems that is adding the Origin to the antivirus’s ignore list.


Contact Official Support

As we said earlier, Origin Overlay Disabled Titanfall 2 error is the most commonly occurring problem. The basic and advanced methods discussed in this post are much enough to fix this issue.

Many users have resolved it with our troubleshooting steps. If you are still facing the issue, then you can browse the forums of Titanfall 2. Even you can go through Origin’s official communities to check out any other tricks.

If none of the methods help you, then the only option left to you is to contact the customer support team of Titanfall 2. By telling them the problem you are currently facing, they will assist you in fixing it.


Final Words: Conclusion

In conclusion, I conclude that Titanfall 2 is the best shooting video game, where gamers play with a wonderful experience. Origin Overlay helps in text chatting, web browsing, and use other apps while playing it.

If it keeps on disabling, you can use apply the above techniques. We welcome those enthusiastic users who crack it with their own methods. Those tricks can help many gamers fix this issue.

To clarify any doubts or provide suggestions on this guide, you can simply leave the instructions in the following comment box.

Moreover, share the details of which method helped you in resolving this issue on your PC.


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