Nox Keyboard Not Working: ISSUE FIXED (Easy Troubleshooting Guide)


Are you facing the “NOX Keyboard not Working” issue? Let’s have a deep take on it. NOX is a well-known emulator that allows android based apps to run in your system. Many users love its feature as this allows them to download games from play store in their PC as well. Its features made it popular among youngsters. NOX emulator has a very good synchronization history with windows but still, some users found it lagging in some cases.

Sometimes it creates unwanted issues like Keyboard not working. NOX has the in-built keyboard, which allows users to use NOX. Sometimes the keyboard doesn’t work as expected. The reason can be configuration or compatibility issues. As the emulator performance is dependent on systems efficiency.

Well, no need to worry as we are here with some effecting troubleshooting hacks to fix the NOX Keyboard not working issue. Stay tuned with us till the very end of this article.


Nox Keyboard Not Working: Problem Overview

Under this when the user opens up NOX, they find that the keyboard doesn’t respond. They are unable to use any key and other features on their keyboard. Here soft and physical both keyboards are included. Some users are facing issues with the soft keyboard, Some are having issues with the physical keyboard and Some are unable to use keyboard mapping, shortcuts, etc.

Whichever is your case, the reason behind this issue is similar so the fix will be. Some of the main reasons have been mentioned below for your reference.

  • Misconfiguration between NOX and System
  • Non-compatible environment
  • Availability of Unwanted Cache
  • Corrupt NOX emulator installation file


Nox Keyboard Not Working: Related Problems

There are enough related problems based on NOX Player is rolling around on the internet. We have included all those related issues as well to help out our viewers. We advise you to follow the same method to fix all these related issues as well.


Basic Troubleshooting

There can be various reasons behind this as the issue can be with a soft or physical keyboard. For the physical keyboard user, the issue can be external as well, like connectivity issues.

  • Check on your Physical Keyboards Connectivity

The ones who are facing issues with their Physical keyboard can follow this method. The issue can be in connection as well. Look after it to make sure that there is no issue with USB port and connecting wire.

Also, make sure the keyboards driver is up to date to avoid any compatibility issue with NOX player. To do this go for our next method.


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  • Update your Systems Keyboard

An outdated keyboard can cause the compatibility issue with the NOX emulator. So, to fix the “NOX Keyboard not working” issue just perform the keyboard driver up-gradation.

Follow the below steps to fix it:

  1. Open the RUN box by tapping on the “Windows logo key” with the alphabet “R”.
  2. Write “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter key. A device manager window will be there on your screen.
    Enter devmgmt.msc in the Run box
  3. Go for the “Keyboard” option, tap on it to expand. Then right tap on the driver available there (E.g. Standard PS/2 Keyboard) and choose “Update Driver”.
    Right-click on your keyboard and select the Update Drivers option (1)

Once it is done, check if the issue with your keyboard got fixed or not. In case it doesn’t then go for our Advanced Troubleshooting section.


Steps To Fix Nox Keyboard Not Working Problem

Let’s go on some interesting and a tech-savvy journey to fix the “Nox Keyboard not working” issue. We recommend you to follow every step in the order it has been written.


  • Step 1

Go for Windows Repair

In case this issue is because of any system’s missing or misconfigured file. Windows repair will detect it and fix it for you. Issues like not able to use keyboard shortcuts, keyboard mappings, etc will get fixed in this if there.

Also, in case the “NOX keyboard not working” issue is due to any systems bug file, it will get removed.

Follow the below steps to use Windows repair:

  1. Right Tap on the NOX player icon and choose “Run as administrator” option to open it.
  2. Now follow this link, to download the Windows Repair file. Once it is downloaded just tap on it to run & click on next.
    Run the file and click on the Next
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions as per your requirement till the end. After detecting it will ask you to “Allow the open program to be closed to complete this fix”. Just tap on it and let it finish. In the end, this will require a “Restart”.
Make sure you have saved the opened program data before allowing for fixing.

Now check if the issue “NOX Keyboard not working” got fixed or not. In case it persists go for our next method.


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  • Step 2

Go for Enabling the Virtual Technology

As virtual technology has an essential role in emulators. Nox emulator is one of them which functions abnormally when Virtual Technology is disabled. This setting is available in your system.

So, to have a good experience on your NOX players features like keyboards, fast response, etc. you should enable it. Sometimes a glitch in one feature creates a disturbance in other things.

Virtual Technology is embedded in BIOS, so to change the setting you will need to head into BIOS of your system.

Follow the below-given steps to enable Virtual Technology:

  1. Tap on the Windows logo key with alphabet “R” to get the RUN box on-screen.
  2. Type “Dxdiag” in the Run box bar followed by the Enter key.
  3. Systems BIOS details will be there on your windows screen. Once you bring it, you are all set to get into BIOS to enable the Virtual Technology.
  4. There might be some differences in BIOS looks as per your system. So just be careful while trying this process.
  5. Turn off your system. Then turn it on again and press “F2” (Or any other Function key according to your machine) key continuously till you see the BIOS screen.
  6. Once you are into BIOS, go to “Configuration” and look for anyone out of these: “Virtualization” or “Intel Virtual Technology” or “VT-x”. whichever option you found just “Enable” it.
  7. Once done just tap on the “F10” key to apply these changes. Then “Exit”.

Windows 8 and Windows 10 users, before enabling Virtual Technology, go for disabling the “Hyper-V” feature.

Once done, check if the issue “Nox Keyboard not Working” got fixed or not. In case it still appears to go for our next hack.


  • Step 3

Go for Clearing the Cache

There are chances that the issue might be because of the cache. Nox emulator has a chance section which impacts the speed as well as some features of the emulator. Like the “Nox Keyboard, Not working” issue can be the one here.

Many users have found that their keyboard started responding after clearing up the NOX emulator’s cache.

Follow the below-given steps to clear the NOX emulators cache:

  1. Look for the “Settings” option and tap on it in your NOX emulator.
    Click on nox setting
  2. Go for “Apps” then go for the “All” tab you can after click on “running” tab
  3. Choose the “Media Storage” option.
  4. Look for the “Clear data” icon, tap on it. in case you got a confirmation box, just tap “OK” to continue.
    Click on media storage and click on clear data

Now the cache has been cleared, your keyboard related issue in NOX player should get fixed after this. In case even now it is unresolved, go for the next method.


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  • Step 4

Uninstall your Antivirus

Sometimes the issue is because of third party application. In case your antivirus is conflicting with the NOX emulator, then it will get prevented from a smooth process. This can lead to disturbance in some features like Keyboards, mapping, etc. To fix the “NOX Keyboard not working” issue, just uninstall your antivirus.

Follow the below-given steps to uninstall the Antivirus:

  1. Tap on the Windows logo key with alphabet “R” to open Run box. Then write “appwiz.cpl” and press enter.
  2. Now the installed program list will be there on your screen. Locate your antivirus (like Quick heal, Avast, etc.), right tap on it, and choose the “Uninstall” option.
  3. Just confirm if any message box prompts. Then follow the on-screen instructions till the end.

Now check if the “NOX Keyboard not working” issue got fixed or not. In case it doesn’t then go for the next method.

You can also simply disable the Antivirus to stop it from conflicting with the NOX emulators feature. As antivirus can prevent it from running smoothly. You can also consider disabling it instead of removing it completely.


  • Step 5

Reinstall NOX

NOX is one of the widely used emulators among people to enjoy games and other features. In the case above method doesn’t work for you, just go for reinstallation. Reinstallation will fix any issue you are having with your NOX player. Issues like “NOX Keyboard not working” can be fixed by reinstalling the whole package.

Sometimes the issue is with the file it has. The file gets missing or corrupt, which can’t be recoverable. In this case, some functions stop functioning. This might be the case with your NOX emulators keyboard. This will fix the bugs available in the NOX emulator by installing the fresh recent file.

Follow this link to download the latest NOX player package for your Windows system. Once the file is downloaded, locate it then tap on it to run. Then follow the on-screen instructions until it gets installed.

Nox Installation

After installation, check if the issue “NOX Keyboard not working” got fixed or not. As per the users’ experience, their issue got fixed after performing this. Hopefully, this method worked for you as well.

In case nothing worked for you, then the issue might be a bit deep. We recommend you to go for official support to fix “NOX Keyboard not working” issue.


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Tips To Avoid Nox Keyboard Not Working Problem

  • Make sure you are cleaning up your NOX emulator regularly by clearing its cache. Also, perform disk clean-up regularly to make your system function smooth.
  • Make sure your system is not outdated. Always check for system updates, as this fixes up the minor conflicting bugs.
  • Full scan your system to avoid any kind of malfunction. As virus attack on any single thing can generate various related issues by conflicting with some features like Soft keyboard, keyboard mapping, lag, etc.


Contact Official Support

In case nothing worked for you just go for the Official Nox support website. NOX is a responsive organization; they will help you out. Make sure you have all the required details like the system’s configuration (Like, Windows 10, 64-bit), etc.

You can mail them at regarding your issue as well. Do not worry, this is a fixable issue and they will not disappoint you.


Final Words: Conclusion

We can understand the impact of the issue “NOX keyboard not working”. That’s why all the methods included in this blog post have been pre-tested by our experts. To ensure its efficiency we have provided a detailed step including the “basic Troubleshooting” section, do follow it at first.

In case you got stuck anywhere, feel free to contact us via the comment section. After fixing up this issue, leave us a comment including the method worked for you.


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