Games Minimizing to Desktop Windows 10

Games Minimizing To Desktop Windows 10: ISSUE FIXED (Easy Guide)

Games Minimizing to Desktop Windows 10

Stuck with, why does my game keep minimizing windows 10? Well, you are at the right place to fix the “Games minimizing to desktop windows 10” issue.

As per users, their computer keeps minimizing to desktop randomly. Sometimes in the span of 30 minutes or 40 minutes, this happens and keeps the retardation. In this issue, the game has a small role instead System is the actual culprit. Because the issue is happening with every game user is trying to play.

For gamers, it is disheartening to see their full-screen Game minimizing to desktop randomly in windows 10 2020. Windows 10 is famous for various features like its notification system, Gaming mode, Cortana, etc. Many users have found these culprits more than a savior. These can be the cause including other deep glitch covered in the Problem Overview section behind games automatically minimize windows 10.

No Probs! As we are here with the bunch of hacks to fix the “Games minimizing to desktop Windows 10” issue.

Let’s get started!


Games Minimizing To Desktop Windows 10: Problem Overview

Many users out there are facing bad gaming experience in Windows 10. While playing any game, it gets minimized by itself. Both kinds of gamers i.e. steamer and non-steamer application users are getting this game minimization to desktop, 2020 issue.

Users have reported that a flashing command prompt screen starts appearing after the minimization of the game. This shows that there is some background execution going on which forces “games automatically minimize windows 10” issue.

Well, there can be several reasons behind the “Games minimizing to desktop windows 10” issue.

  • Malfunctioned System file
  • Driver incompatibility or mismatch
  • Background applications
  • Notifications via Action center

The cause can be a third-party application or windows related services. We have picked out the most observed culprits for your reference.


Games Minimizing To Desktop Windows 10: Related Problems

Every issue included various other things like Games minimizing to desktop has. Many user’s pc games minimize themselves. Some users have reported that their game automatically minimizes while playing on their Windows 10.


Basic Troubleshooting

First things first! So, let’s have a glance over basic things which can cause “Games minimizing to desktop Windows 10” issue. Go for the below-mentioned methods to get a basic touch
before Advanced.

  • Make your system virus free

There are chances that a hidden malfunctioned application is overlapping with your game. Or it is running in the background causing your games to automatically minimize windows 10. We advise you to fully scan your system using authentic antimalware software like Bitdefender, Quick heal, etc. this will scan and repair the corrupt files if available.

Windows Defender is a good option but, it is not that effective on the strong malware. Please scan your system before trying anything else to fix “Games minimizing to desktop windows 10”.


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  • Update Windows

An outdated Windows can cause “windows 10 keeps minimizing my games” issue.  Updating fixes up the minor conflicting bugs. We advise you to update your system using below given

  1. Tap on the Windows logo key with alphabet “I” to get the Settings window.
    Press Windows key + I to open the Settings app
  2. Now, tap on the “Update & Security” and tap on “Check for updates” option.
    Check For Update
  3. Let it check and download it. Once it installs, reboot your system.

Now, check if the issue “Gaming minimizing to desktop windows 10” got fixed or not. If not then move to the next solution.


Step To Fix Games Minimizing To Desktop Windows 10 Problem

As you are here that means the cause is a little deeper. We have included solutions based on common ground. This issue depends on the kind of system you have. Hardware, software, and other related configurations are different for different systems.

That’s why maybe something will work for you which doesn’t for someone else. So, we advise you to follow all the methods to the very end.


[ps2id id=’Step-1-Go-for-Disabling-Game-Mode’ target=”/]

  • Step 1

Go for Disabling Game Mode

If you are using a streaming application, then the Windows 10 Gaming mode feature can conflict with it. Eventually taking you to “Games minimizing to desktop windows 10” issue. Many Windows 10 users have fixed pc games to minimize themselves by disabling this feature.

Go for the following steps to disable Gaming Mode:

  1. Open the Settings windows by pressing the Windows logo key with alphabet “I”.
  2. Tap on the “Gaming” option and go for “Game Mode” available in the left pane.
    Check the game mode on
  3. Turn off the “Use Game mode” feature.

Once you are done, check if the “Games minimizing to desktop windows 10” issue got fixed or not. In case it is not then move to our next method.


[ps2id id=’Step-2-End-the-Background-Applications-and-Set-the-Priority’ target=”/]

  • Step 2

End the Background Applications and Set the Priority

Useless background process interferes with the currently active programs so, the game automatically minimizes. Your game may catch into such a trap resulting in full-screen games minimizing to desktop randomly in windows 10. In some cases, even this gets exited automatically. It instigates or interrupts the whole experience.

Go for the following steps:

  1. Open the “Task Manager” by right-tapping on the taskbar.
  2. Switch to the “Startup” tab, this contains startup applications.
  3. Now right- tap on the application and choose “Disable”. Repeat this one by one for all the third-party applications and heavy programs.
    select the Cloud related startup and click on disable

Now End the background process:

  1. Repeat the “Step 1” to open Task manager.
  2. Under the “Processes” tab, right-tap on the active services and choose “End Process”. Repeat this for all other suspected programs and the one which are sending out Push notifications. Like, Skype, OneDrive, Antivirus, Team-viewer, Adobe, etc.
    Look for any Microsoft edge related processes & click on the End task

Now to set the “Priority” for the particular game: Open the game in another window then continue with the next steps.

  1. Now, switch to the “Details” tab and find the game you were facing issue with. Right-tap on it and click on the “Set Priority” option.
    Right click on your game and select proprtites
  2. Then choose “High”. A dialogue box will prompt, tap “Change Priority”. Once done just Exit.
  3. Now, Restart your system.

Once you are done, play your favorite game to check if it stopped automatically minimizing to Desktop or not. If it is yet not fixed then go for our next method.

Note: If this worked for you then repeat Step 6 for every Game you are facing issue with




[ps2id id=’Step-3-Turn-off-the-Action-Center-and-Windows-Error-Reporting’ target=”/]

  • Step 3

Turn off the Action Center and Windows Error Reporting

Action center is the most suspected culprit of “why do my games keep minimizing”. Like in case you have permitted action center notifications to communicate with other programs like Facebook, outlook, my people, etc. then it will show notification anytime.

This overlapping while playing the game can minimize it to Desktop. This is the full-time procedure so; the game window keeps minimizing.

Go for the following steps to disable action center:

  1. Bring the “Settings” screen by tapping on the Windows logo key with the alphabet “I”. Tap on the “System” option.
  2. Now tap on “Notifications & action” available in the left pane.
  3. In the right pane, tap on the “Turn system icons on or off”. Now from the list of options, go for “Action Center” and Turn off the toggle. After this, now one more thing you need to disable known as “Windows Error Reporting Services”. Continue with the below steps to disable it.
  4. Tap on the Windows key with “R”. now type “services.msc” in the Run box.
  5. Services windows will appear, look for “Windows Error Reporting Service”. Right-tap on it and choose “Properties”.
    Right click on windows error reporting service and choose properties
  6. Now look for “Startup type”, drop down it, and choose “Disabled”. Now tap on “Apply” then “OK”.
    Select the startup type disabled
  7. Restart your system.

Once the system turns on, check if the issue “Games minimizing to desktop windows 10” got fixed or not. If not then go for the next method.


[ps2id id=’Step-4-Choose-the-external-graphics-For-Dual-Graphics-card-users’ target=”/]

  • Step 4

Choose the external graphics (For Dual Graphics card users)

Most of the systems have integrated graphics inbuilt in the system. Some have both integrated as well as an external graphics card. If your system is one of them which works on dual GPU.

Then there are chances that windows 10 fullscreen games keep minimizing due to conflict while switching between these two graphics cards automatically. It affects the system’s FPS resulting in abnormal behavior of the Video games.

Follow the below steps to fix computer keeps minimizing to desktop by altering Graphics:

  1. This setting can be done under the application of your respective Graphics card you are using. Like if it is NVIDIA then open the “NVIDIA Control Panel” or “ATI Catalyst” (AMD users). Go according to the Graphics card your system has. To open tap “Windows logo key” with “S” then search it.
    Note: Below written steps are according to the NVIDIA Control Panel. In other Graphics cards, these same settings must be changed. So, names may differ but steps are the same.
  2. Once it is open, tap on the “Manage 3D Settings” (Or 3D Settings) available in the left pane.
  3. No switch to the “Program Settings” tab. From the option Select the program to customize, choose the troublesome game.
  4. Now, under “Select the preferred graphics processor for this program”, choose the external graphics card i.e. NVIDIA card instead of integrated. Then tap on “Apply” toggle and exit.
  5. Restart your system.

Once it turns on, open the troublesome game to check if the “Games minimizing to desktop windows 10” got fixed or not. In case it got fixed, then do this method for all the games you use to play in your PC. In case it doesn’t work for you then move to our next hack.

Note: In case you are playing some high definition game but the graphics card chosen is not fulfilling its requirement then the games automatically minimize windows 10 or stops working. This can be fixed by choosing the specific graphic card for the game you are facing issue with (Only if you have the required Graphic card in your system).


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[ps2id id=’Step-5-Update-or-Downgrade-your-Graphics-card-Driver’ target=”/]

  • Step 5

Update or Downgrade your Graphics card Driver

Here, the hidden culprit can be your GPU so the pc games minimize themselves. This is the most important thing while playing any game. Also, it is responsible for all kinds of things we are seeing on the desktop. In case it is outdated or corrupted then “games automatically minimize windows 10 2020” issue will occur.

Nowadays, full-screen game minimizing to desktop randomly in windows 10. This issue can occur due to an outdated driver causing mismatching issues between the hardware and software. This thing can force your system to get out of the full-screen mode and switch to desktop while gaming. Go for updating your Graphics card driver to fix windows 10 fullscreen games keep minimizing.

  1. Go to your Graphic card manufacturers’ websites like NVIDIA, AMD(ATI), INTEL, etc.
  2. Search as per your GPU model. Download it, go for the latest version of your drivers.
  3. Now, to install a tap on the Windows logo key with “X” and choose “Device Manager”.
  4. Tap on the “Display Adapters” and right tap on your Graphic card and click on update driver.
  5. Now, choose “Browse my computer for driver software” and choose the downloaded file. Now go ahead as per the on-screen instructions.
  6. Once it is done “Restart” the computer.
Note: Sometimes older version Graphics card works fine. We advise you to try an older version in case this latest version doesn’t work for you.


[ps2id id=’Step-6-Go-for-altering-the-Registry’ target=”/]

  • Step 6

Go for altering the Registry

There is a Registry value called ‘ForegroundLockTimeout’. This takes back the user to desktop without any prior notification. Maybe this feature is the culprit of “computer keeps minimizing to desktop” but the good news is this can be altered.

Follow the below steps to alter Registry value:

  1. Open the search box using the Windows key with “S”. type “Command Prompt”, right tap on it and choose “Run as Administrator”.
    Right click on the Command prompt (2)
  2. Now type or copy this statement then Press Enter to execute.:
  3. REG QUERY “HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop” /v ForegroundLockTimeout.
    Type Reg Query in the command line
  4. It will show value if it is “0x30d40” then stop here. In case it is not then follow the next step.
  5. Type or copy then press Enter:
  6. REG ADD “HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop” /v ForegroundLockTimeout /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00030d40 /f
    type reg add in the command line
  7. once done, Reboot your system.

Now, check if the issue Games minimizing to desktop windows 10 got fixed or not. If not then go for official support to fix, please switch to our Contact Official support section.


[ps2id id=’Step-7-Go-for-multi-display-setting’ target=”/]

  • Step 7

Go for multi-display setting

Looking for how to stop the game from minimizing when using second screen windows 10? Well, this method is for users who have multiple screens while playing a game.

According to users, their game works well on one screen whereas in other game windows keep minimizing. This seems to be a configuration glitch in windows 10. You just need to change a simple setting to fix the computer that keeps minimizing to desktop.

  1. Right-tap on your taskbar and choose the “Taskbar Settings” option to open.
    Right click on taskbar and choose taskbar settings
  2. Get down to locate Multiple Displays and find “Show taskbar on all displays”, turn it on.
    turn on the show taskbar on all display
  3. Once done, close it, and start your game to check if it works.

We hope this has fixed the issue with your second desktop. If that doesn’t work then go for other methods mentioned in this article.



Tips To Avoid Fix Games Minimizing To Desktop Windows 10 Problem

  • Do not use Windows 10 Gaming mode feature if you are using any game steamer app.
  • Please, use good anti-theft software to protect your system. These kinds of errors arise mostly due to malfunctioning.
  • If you have a dual Graphics card, then make settings wisely so that you can enjoy the game efficiently.
  • Yeah, most important update your Driver and system regularly. As games require the latest updates.
  • Set your Games priority as “High” in the Task Manager under the “Details” tab.


Contact Official Support

If your game yet keeps minimizing to desktop Windows 10. Then head towards your manufacturer’s website to get help regarding this issue. You can contact the support of your respective system manufacturer, like If you are a DELL user then go for its official support.

You can reach out for online as well as offline help. For offline, locate your nearest service center and take the required documents before visiting. No need to worry this will get fixed, as DELL has a very supportive executive.


Final Words: Conclusion

We hope one of these fixes have managed to make your day happy. This is the output of our hard teamwork. If you get any issue while using the above methods, do contact us via comment or mail. Ans Do not forget to follow each method orderly.

Once you are done with this issue, let us know your feedback. If you have suggestions or a solution, feel free to share it with us. Keep visiting our blog!


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