Fix DNS Server Not Authoritative For Zone

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DNS server not authoritative for zoneDNS Server Not Authoritative For Zone

Command Prompt is one of the best things the windows system includes. As nothing is error free, the DNS server not authoritative for zone is troubling command prompt users. This usually occurs while using a specific command.

It includes an issue with python commands too. Many users are unable to execute them because of this error. Most of the time users get this when they are running a command which includes external or third-party programs. In many cases, it is not occurring with default system focused files.

Various possible solutions are ranging from system scan to resetting your windows to fix DNS server not authoritative for zone issue. In a serious case, the user may need to completely re-install their windows operating system. The good thing is it is fixable in some or the other way.

Many users are getting this issue, so we come up with a set of methods. Just go with these carefully, this will help you out with the “DNS server not authoritative for zone” issue in your Windows system.


Problem Overview

Here when a user tried to execute a command line open a directory. It just showed an error “DNS server not authoritative for zone”. Some users are facing this only with few commands. Others are getting it with the maximum command line.

If the registry of your system has got disturbed or the system got corrupt this is the obvious issue you will get. Other things like glitched disk driver can also cause these kinds of issues. Misconfigured DNS settings can be the reason behind the DNS server not authoritative for zone python.

Various forms of possible causes are been included below for your reference.

  • Corrupt Hard Drive
  • Corrupt System Files
  • Wrong command input
  • Misconfiguration in DNS


Related Problems

There are a lot of related similar issues available with DNS Server Not Authoritative for Zone. We have included many of them below in this section with explanations. Like, conditional forwarder the server with this IP is not authoritative, the server with this IP is not authoritative for the required zone, DNS server not authoritative for zone windows 7 cmd, among many more. Others are shown below, just follow the same methods to fix these as well.


Basic Troubleshooting

This section includes a mild approach for the DNS server not authoritative for zone fix. Sometimes simply restarting a system fixes the whole issue. Other services interfere with each other causing such issues. Let’s proceed with the most basic thing.

  • Reboot your System

Please “Restart” your system and remove all the external peripheral. Then turn it on to check if the command prompt started working or not for that specific command line. This has worked for many, if the cause is minor it will work for you too.

  • Try to Run Command Prompt directly from Directory

If you are running command prompt directly using the shortcut link available on your desktop. Sometimes, indirect directories get unauthorized or corrupt. So, opening directly from the original location can fix it. This has worked for many windows users.

  1. Go to the start search bar or tap on the Windows logo key with “S” to open it. Now write Command and let the result come.
  2. Now right tap on “Command Prompt” and choose “Open file location”.
  3. The directory will open a screen containing “Command Prompt”. Just right tap on it and choose “Run as administrator” to open.
  4. Once it opens, try to execute commands.

Now, observe if the issue “DNS server not authorities for zone” got fixed or not. If it persists, go to the next section Advanced Troubleshooting.


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Step to Fix DNS Server Not Authoritative For Zone

If the above doesn’t work, no need to worry one of the following methods will surely work for you. In minor cases system file checker is enough to fix “DNS server not authorities for zone”. Moreover, the re-installation of the window may have to be done to fix it. Make sure, you follow the order of solutions provided here. Let’s start with our first method.

Note: In case the command prompt has got a severe impact. You can go with PowerShell, as it almost runs most of the commands. This is an alternative to the Windows command prompt available in Windows OS. You can try running commands using PowerShell (Admin) too. Using similar steps, search for it at the place of the command prompt in the coming methods if you require.


  • Step 1

Run the DISM and SFC

System corruption is the most common cause of the “DNS server not authorities for zone” issue. Windows utilities like system file checker and Deployment image servicing and management are capable of fixing it. File corruption usually gets fixed by this.

Sfc basically replaces the corrupt files using its previous image from the cache. In this way, the system gets back in a healthy state.

However, DISM requires windows update to fix the corrupt system files. So here one requires the internet, make sure you are connected with a good network. We will run both to
inspect failed with error 9009 (DNS server not authoritative for the zone).

  1. Go to the start search bar or tap on the Windows logo key with “S” to open it. Now write Cmd and let the result come.
  2. Now right tap on “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as administrator” option. You may get a prompt from, just tap “Yes”.
    Right click on the Command prompt (2)
  3. Now type “sfc /scannow” and tap ENTER. This will start executing the command line.
    In The Command Prompt Type sfc scannow. (1)
  4. Now just wait till it finishes, as it may take a long time.
  5. Once it gets finished, just “Restart” your system.

When the system turns on, check if the issue got fixed or not.

  1. Now, again follow Step 1.
  2. Now, type “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /restorehealth” and tap ENTER.
    DISM exe Online Cleanup-image Restorehealth and press Enter
  3. It will start the execution process. As it requires the internet, make sure your network is stable and fast. Wait until the process ends.
  4. Afterward, just “Restart” your windows system.

Once it turns on look after the issue and try using commands you were facing issue with. If even now it is not fixed, move on with a new method and run a chkdsk.


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  • Step 2

Use the CHKDSK utility

Disks are the important pillar of any system as it contains responsible files. If any disk becomes errors then you might get an issue “DNS Server Not Authoritative for Zone”. Windows chkdsk utility will find out the errors like bad sectors. It will replace those ad sectors with a healthy one. A corrupt volume hampers the integrity of your systems on various serious levels.

Go with the following steps to perform this method:

  1. Again, follow Step 1 of METHOD 1 to open Command Prompt.
  2. Now, type “chkdsk /f” and tap ENTER. This will start the procedure.
    type in command chkdsk f
  3.  This process will take time so wait for the results. Do not interrupt in between or turn off your system.
  4. Once it finishes, “Restart” your Windows system.

Once it turns on, follow up with the same command to check if the issue “DNS Server Not Authoritative for Zone” got fixed or not. If not then move on with the next method and go for a new shortcut.

Note: make sure you are connected to the power source while performing any command related fix.


  • Step 3

Go for a New CMD shortcut

Sometimes the shortcut you have created becomes unresponsive. This trick has worked for few as they had a similar issue “DNS Server Not Authoritative for Zone”. Here, we will create a new command prompt shortcut so that you can get rid of this.

Go with the following methods to create a new shortcut:

  1. Right-tap on your desktop and choose “New” then “Shortcut”.
    Right click on desktop go to the new and select the craete shortcut option
  2. Now, under Type the location, write “%COMSPEC%” and tap the “Next” toggle.
    Craete Command Prompt shortcut on desktop
  3. Now under Type a Name, write “Command Prompt” then tap the “Finish” button. This will add a shortcut for the command prompt on the desktop of your system.

Now, refresh your system then open the command prompt using this new shortcut. Try to execute those commands you were facing issue with to check if “DNS server not authoritative for zone” got fixed or not. If not then move with the next fix and reset your Windows.


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  • Step 4

Reset your Windows system

In case nothing worked this can be the option for you. This simply refreshes the whole pc and takes it back to the initial state. In case any third party application or service has caused the “DNS Server Not Authoritative for Zone” issue. It will be gets fixed after this method.

Go with the following steps to proceed with Windows reset in Win 10:

  1. Restart your system repeatedly a few times by interrupting it while it turns on by tapping on the “Power” toggle. In the 4th time, it will take you to the screen containing boot options.
  2. Just choose “Troubleshoot” and tap on it.
  3. After that tap on “Reset this PC” option. Now go with “Keep my files”.
    Click on reset this pc
  4. this will automatically use your systems restore point. In case you don’t have that just use your windows CD or USB device which contains the system image.
  5. You get some options, choose as per your requirement then tap on the “Reset” toggle. Now let t finish and wait till it gets done.

Once it turns on, check if the issue “DNS Server Not Authoritative for Zone” got fixed or not. If it is not then you need to re-install your system from scratch.

To do so you can follow Microsoft website instructions using this link. Also, do have a USB installation media, it will be required.


Tips to Avoid

  • Have a good antimalware to avoid your Windows system from corruption.
  • Do not download unwanted applications, that can hamper your system files.
  • Be careful with links, as they contain suspicious things sometimes.


Contact Official Support

If DNS Server Not Authoritative for Zone is yet unfixed. Please visit the official website of your system’s manufacturer. Like, if you are a DELL user visit it to get help regarding this DNS server issue with Command prompt.

In case online help does not work, make an offline visit to fix this issue. One of these will surely take you out of this problem.


Final Words: Conclusion

As we are at the end of the DNS Server Not Authoritative for Zone article. We hope the methods were enough to put a smile on your face. If you have any suggestions or doubts, contact us through the comment box available below.

Once the issue gets fixed, don’t forget to mention your valuable feedback. Keep visiting our blog to get troubleshooting ideas.


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