Fix Division 2 Crashing

Division 2 Crashing

Division 2 Crashing

Is Division 2 Crashing while playing it on your Windows 10? Don’t frustrate because many users have faced it. You can easily fix this issue with this troubleshooting guide.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is an action video game. The developers of Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft Milan have developed this Division 2 issue.

Users always prefer to play action-sequence games, and for those, it is the best one. But many users are reporting that they are facing problems while playing it.

It simply crashes and freezes in the middle of the gameplay. Gamers are requesting ways that can solve it. That’s why we came up with this post to offer the available workarounds.

Let’s move to the following paragraphs to grab more information about this issue.


Problem Overview

Ubisoft published Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 game is the best action role-playing video game for multiple users. Gamers can play it on their desired platform, such as Windows PCs, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, etc.

They prefer to download it on their desktops to play it with the ultimate experience. Either you can purchase it from the Ubisoft Store or Steam Store.

It is very easy to buy it from Steam. So open the Steam Official Site and log in with your credentials to purchase it. If all goes well, users can enjoy it a lot while playing it.

But a few gamers report that Division 2 is crashing in the middle of the gameplay. There are some reasons for the occurrence of this Division 2 Crashing error. They are:

  • PC specifications are not compatible with the game configurations
  • Higher in-game graphics settings
  • Corrupted and missing game files
  • Outdated GPU card drivers
  • Incompatibility of your Windows version
  • If you still using the older game version even though the new patches are released, then the game will crash.
  • Faulty Page File Settings

The Division 2 Crashing on your Windows computer might be any one of the above ones. Read the below paragraphs to know more about it.


Related Problems

Division 2 Crashing occurs in multiple situations, and a few of them are explained in this section, with their fixes.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

The basic methods that will assist you in fixing the Division 2 Crashing issue are given below. Read the instructions and apply them without any mistakes.

  • Check your PC and Division 2 Requirements

Is your PC configurations are compatible with the game requirements? If your answer is No, then you will surely encounter these kinds of crashing and freezing issues.

So, we recommend the gamers to check out the PC configurations. If your computer satisfies the following game specifications, then move to the next method.

To install the Division 2 game, your PC must be configured with the following specifications.

  1. Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (64-bit)
  2. Processor: AMD FX-6350 or Intel Core i5-2500K
  3. RAM: 8 GB or Above
  4. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 280X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780
  5. DirectX: DirectX 11 or DirectX 12
  • Modify the Compatibility Settings

Some users have reported that after changing the compatibility settings, the Division 2 Crashing is fixed on their PCs. Why can’t you try your luck by applying this method?

  1. Double-click This PC -> Open the installation folder of The Division 2.
  2. Locate and right-click the TheDivision.exe file -> Choose Properties.
  3. Navigate to the Compatibility tab.
  4. At the bottom, you will find Change High DPI Settings, so click on it.
  5. In the new wizard, enable the Override high DPI scaling behavior by checking its checkbox.
  6. Under the scaling performed for section, select Application.
  7. Click the OK button to save.
  8. You will see the Properties window, and in that, enable the Disable Full-Screen Optimization option.
  9. Finally, click the Ok button to save the modified settings.

Once you reboot the computer, check the game is running properly or crashing again.


Steps To Fix Division 2 Crashing Issue

If the basic ones didn’t solve the issue, then you can use the advanced methods discussed below.


  • Step 1

Verify the Game Files

The first main thing that causes this Division 2 Crashing issue is corrupted game files. We thought the same might happens on your Windows PC. To know whether Tom Clancy’s Division 2 game files are corrupted, execute the below guidelines.

  1. Launch Steam Client on your Windows 10.
  2. Open the Library -> Locate the Division 2 game from the list.
  3. Right-click on the game -> Select Properties.
  4. Under the Properties page, go to the Local Files tab.
  5. Finally, click the Verify the Integrity of the Game Files option.
  6. Now, it starts scanning for the corrupted game files as well as repair them.

Restart the PC and launch the Division 2 game to know the crashing issue is fixed or not.


  • Step 2

Update Graphics Card Drivers

As we already said in the previous posts, device drivers are essential for working your PC with optimum performance. If they are corrupted or outdated, then the hardware components will damage.

Even the applications will not run due to these expired drivers. When the Division 2 game is crashing on your system, it might be due to your graphics card drivers.

Check the video card drivers are expired or not. If you found them outdated, then install the new ones.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type devmgmt.msc -> Click the OK button.
  2. Expand Display Adapters -> Right-click the NVIDIA or AMD Drivers -> Click Update Driver option.
  3. Now, you have to click the Search automatically for the updated driver software option to continue.
  4. Follow the basic on-screen instructions to finish the driver update process.

After completing, check the Division 2 Crashing is fixed on your Windows computer.

Note:Gamers can also finish the driver update process within seconds using the IObit Driver Booster


  • Step 3

Edit the In-Game Graphics Settings

Configuring the graphics settings to high may enhance the gaming performance, but it also causes many problems. Some of them are slow loading of the game, crashing, freezing, etc.

If you encounter any of these problems, then you must lower the graphics settings.

  1. Launch Division 2 game -> Go to the Gear icon to view the game settings.
  2. Choose Graphics in the left-side panel -> Come to the right side and set the Shadow Quality to Low.
  3. Like this, you have to set all other graphics options to low, such as Spot Shadows, Contact Shadows, Reflection Quality, etc.


  • Step 4

Change the Page File Settings

Even after trying the above methods, the Division 2 game is still crashing, then change the Page File Settings on your PC.

The users who already encountered this problem have said that changing paging file settings will solve it.

  1. Press Windows + R -> Type control panel -> Hit Enter.
  2. Go to the search box in the Control Panel -> Type advanced -> Click View Advanced System Settings option.
  3. Now, you will see a pop-up window. Under the Performance section, choose Settings.
  4. In the performance wizard, click the Advanced tab.
  5. Under the Virtual Memory, click the Change button.
  6. Go with the Automatically Manage Paging File Size for all drives option.
  7. To save these settings, click OK.

If everything is done correctly, relaunch Division 2 and see the crashing problem still occurs or not.


  • Step 5

Disable CPU Overclocking

Overclocking the CPU will increase the processor and PC performance. But this feature also troubles us in showing many issues, including Division 2 Crashing.

Just try disabling or turning off the CPU Overclocking feature and check the problem is solved or not.

  1. Restart the PC -> Press the Del button while seeing the manufacturer logo -> It will enter into the BIOS screen.
  2. Go to the Advanced and then Performance option.
  3. Now, you need to find the Overclocking.
  4. If you found it enabled, then disable it.
  5. Save and exit the settings on your BIOS.

Reboot the Windows computer and run the game to play without any crashes.


  • Step 6

Install the Latest Game Patches

The last method for fixing the Division 2 Crashing issue is installing the latest game patches. Developers always come up with new game features.

But we, the users, forgot to install the latest patches. That’s the reason why we face several issues. To overcome this problem, you have to check for the latest Division 2 patches. If there are any such new ones, then install them from the official site.

By this, you can play your favorite Division 2 action video game flawlessly without any crashing problems.


Tips To Avoid Division 2 Crashing

  • The users who want to avoid this crashing problem have to check the game requirements and match them with their PC configurations before downloading the game.
  • You have to complete the installation process correctly to play the game without any errors.
  • Use third-party driver update software to automatically update the device drivers so that we can avoid these problems.


Contact Official Support

In the above sections, you have got complete knowledge of tips and tricks that help in fixing the Division 2 Crashing issue. Anyone can easily understand those simple steps and solve the error.

If the game is again crashing on your computer, then don’t lose your hope. There might be some other ways that can fix this problem. For that, you can browse the official Ubisoft forums.

Post your problem on these forums and get help from the experts or users who already faced & fixed it. Even you can also try contacting the official support team of Ubisoft. Through email, the technical team will assist you in fixing the Division 2 Crashing issue.


Final Words: Conclusion

In conclusion, I conclude that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 gamers who face the crashing issue can easily solve it through this troubleshooting guide.

We request the users to apply the steps carefully by following the given procedure. If anyone fixes it with simple methods other than the above ones, they can share them with us.

Moreover, the readers can contact us for any help or to ask queries at any time. You can also share your suggestions to improve our services. Finally, share or comment on this valuable guide by leaving a message below.

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