Fix Discord JavaScript Error

Discord JavaScript Error

Discord JavaScript Error

Are you facing problems while trying to installing Discord on your PC? Is the error related to JavaScript? Then you are not the one who faces this issue.

Many users have complained about this issue. And for that sake, we are listing out several methods that can fix this Discord JavaScript Error on your Windows 10.

Discord is the well-known and most popular application used by gamers while playing games on their PCs. Since it includes many features, gamers love to install it to use it on Windows systems.

But while they install it from the official site of Discord, they are seeing this JavaScript error message on their desktops. To know why this error and how to fix it, you may go through the following sections.


Discord JavaScript Error: Problem Overview

Discord is the best digital distribution platform that allows us to communicate with other people. Mostly, gamers install this VoIP and instant messaging software on their computers.

It became the best source to talk to the players while gaming on the devices. That’s why downloads of Discord all over the world have drastically increased.

Though the majority of people won’t indulge in any issues while installing Discord on their PCs, a few users have encountering problems with it.

After downloading it on the system, we usually start the installation process. At that moment, Discord shows the JavaScript Error on the desktop screen.

Since no one has discovered particular reasons for causing Discord JavaScript Error, we have found a few of them. They are:

  • Your Antivirus Software is blocking Discord to install it on your PC.
  • Running Discord with Admin permissions also cause this problem
  • Installation files of the Discord app may be corrupted
  • Windows Audio Video Experience service is not running on your PC.

When this Discord JavaScript Error occurs, we cannot communicate with others. So, it is necessary to fix this problem as soon as possible.

The following sections will help you in getting a clear idea of fixing the JavaScript error of the Discord app.


Discord JavaScript Error: Related Problems

Here are a few problems that are related to the Discord JavaScript Error. Whenever you encounter them on your PC, use the given solutions to fix them.


Discord JavaScript Error: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

When Discord shows a JavaScript error message with a pop-up window on your screen, immediately perform the below basic methods to fix it.

  • Restart your Windows PC

Whenever you see any hardware or software failure on your Windows, restart the computer. Though it sounds routine, most of the PC issues can be resolved with this simple trick.

That’s why we suggest you reboot your Windows system when this Discord JavaScript Error occurs. After starting up the device, try to install the Discord and check the app is launching perfectly or shows the same issue.

  • Run Discord Without Admin Rights

Some applications are developed in such a way that it needs administrator rights to launch it on our desktops. But a few other programs will show an error message when it has been running with the Admin user.

You might be running Discord as an administrator, and that’s the reason why this JavaScript error has occurred. To fix it, stop launching Discord as admin, and run it normally.

  1. Go to the desktop -> Right-click the Discord desktop shortcut/icon -> Click Properties.
  2. It opens the Discord Properties window on your computer. In that, open the Compatibility tab.
  3. Now, disable the Run this program as an administrator option by unchecking its checkbox.
  4. Click Apply and OK to save.

Restart your Windows PC and see the Discord JavaScript Error is solved or not.


Steps To Fix Discord JavaScript Error Issue

Still, are you seeing JavaScript Error while installing Discord? Don’t panic! You have multiple methods to use to fix it on your Windows 10.


  • Step 1

Remove Discord Files

Due to corrupted App files, the JavaScript error is occurring on your computer. Whenever you install any program, including Discord, it stores the temp files on your PC to run it properly.

If these App files are corrupted, then the program will show many issues. Now, you have to remove the folders in both AppData and LocalAppData directories to fix this Discord JavaScript Error.

  1. Close Discord on your PC.
  2. After that, terminate all the Discord processes running on your computer through Task Manager.
  3. Press Windows + E -> Go to the installation folder of Discord.
  4. Locate the AppData folder under the Discord and delete it by pressing the Del key on your keyboard.
  5. Press Windows + R -> Type %localappdata% -> Hit Enter.
  6. Find the Discord folder -> Press the Del key to delete it from the PC.

After deleting these files, try to launch Discord on your Windows and see the JavaScript error is occurring or not.


  • Step 2

Add Discord to Exception List of your Antivirus

Antivirus software protects our important files, secures privacy, optimize PC performance, and many others. It also blocks virus infections from third-party applications.

By default, the antivirus will not allow any new program to launch on our desktops. We have to add that application to the Whitelist in order to run it error-freely.

You might be forgotten to Whitelist Discord on your antivirus software, and thus causing this JavaScript error. Don’t worry! Now, you can open your antivirus and add Discord to it.

  1. Launch your Antivirus on your Windows PC
  2. Go to the Settings
  3. Select Exception List or Whitelist
  4. Click Add – Choose the .exe file of Discord to add it.

After adding Discord to the exception list, run the application to test the JavaScript error is fixed or not.


  • Step 3

Make Changes to Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service

Some users have said that by changing the startup type from manual to automatic of the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service, they have resolved this Discord JavaScript Error.

We would like you to follow the below guidelines to proceed with this method.

  1. First of all, open the Run box by pressing Windows + R -> Type services.msc -> Press Enter.
  2. You can see the list of services running on your Windows PC. From that list, locate the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service -> Right-click on it to choose Properties.
  3. Under the Properties, go to the Startup type section and select Automatic from the drop-down list.
  4. After that, click the Start button to start running the service on your computer.

You will see an error message stating Windows could not start the service on the Local Computer. To overcome it, follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Log On tab -> Click the Browse button.
  3. Type the account name under the Enter the object name to select section.
  4. Now, click the Check Names to view the available names.
  5. Click OK. If it asks for any password, then provide the password to run the service without any issues.


  • Step 4

Terminate Discord Processes

If the above methods failed to install or launch Discord on your PC, then terminate all the processes related to Discord. After that, try to install it error-freely.

It could not install the Discord when its related processes are running on the background of your PC. That’s why you have to close all of them and start installing it again on your system.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open the Task Manager.
  2. Right-click the Discord Process -> Click End Task.
  3. Repeat the above step until you kill all the Discord processes from your system.

Now, start installing Discord and see the JavaScript Error is solved or still occurring.

Sometimes, we are unable to close all the Discord processes through Task Manager. At that time, terminate the processes through the command prompt.

  1. Press Windows + X -> Click Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. Type taskkill /f /im discord.exe and press Enter.

It will close all those Discord processes running on your desktop. Now, check the Discord JavaScript Error is fixed or not.


  • Step 5

Clean Reinstall Discord App

If none of the above steps fixes the Discord JavaScript Error, then uninstall it completely from your device. After that, clean reinstall it again on your computer.

The majority of the time, reinstalling Discord will not cause any JavaScript issues on our desktops. So, execute the below steps.

  1. Log in to your computer with the administrator account.
  2. Press Windows logo -> Type control -> Choose Control Panel and click on it.
  3. Now, click the Uninstall a Program under the Programs category.
  4. Select Discord from the list and click Uninstall.
  5. If it shows any on-screen steps, follow them to complete the uninstallation process.
  6. After completing the task, it asks to click the Finish button.
  7. Now, open the official website of Discord and download the latest version on your PC by hitting the download button.
  8. Start the installation process by double-clicking on it. Follow the basic steps on your screen to finish the installation task.

After completing successfully, launch Discord without any JavaScript errors.


Tips To Avoid Discord JavaScript Error

  • One has to check the specifications of the Discord app before going to install it so that we can provide whatever it requires on our PCs to avoid these issues.
  • We have to connect our computer to an uninterrupted internet in order to install the Discord software error-freely.
  • Before you are going to start the installation process, close all background apps, especially antivirus & firewall programs, to finish the process successfully.


Contact Official Support

Now, the users can install the Discord app on their computers without any issues. Even though they see any JavaScript errors, they can resolve them through the above methods.

Don’t worry! If you still engage with the same JavaScript error because you some more ways to fix it. Like, check out the Discord Communities or forums to search for any other solutions.

Or else you can create a new post and get instructions from experts to resolve this Discord JavaScript Error. Finally, contact the official support team of Discord to ask for their assistance in solving it.


Final Words: Conclusion

On the whole, I would like to say Discord is a fantastic application designed for multiple platforms, such as Windows, Android, etc. To voice talk, video call, text message, and other tasks, we use Discord on our systems.

A huge number of game lovers are using Discord overlay to communicate with the players while playing video games. That’s why this article will help you in fixing the errors while installing it on our PCs.

After fixing this Discord JavaScript Error, let us know which method helped you. If you found any difficulties while using the tricks, then contact us by leaving a message.

We hope that this troubleshooting guide on Discord JavaScript error helped you a lot in solving it.

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