Fix Chromebook Not Connecting to WiFi in Simple and Easy Steps

If you are wondering: Why is my Chromebook not connecting to WiFi? This post can help you resolve this problem in a very easy troubleshooting step.

Chromebook not Connecting to Wifi


Chromebook is one of the most preferred laptops among students & educators. As per Google, 30 Million Chromebook are being used in education. It is one of the most elegant & stylish devices but It is really very frustrating when sometimes Chromebook starts a problem while connecting to WIFI. Most of the time you will be required internet as Chromebook runs app from Chrome app store and cannot run without an internet connection. Though in Chromebook you can implement offline enabled app. Read this post to know – how to fix Chromebook laptop not connecting to WIFI problem.


Chromebook not Connecting to Wifi: Problem Overview

Numerous reasons can cause Chromebook not connecting to wifi problems on a Chromebook laptop. The reason could be as simple as that wifi is not turn on of your Chromebook or something which is a little bit technical. You do not need to worry, most of these issues can be fixed by yourself through this step by step guide. Read this blog to troubleshoot Chromebook not connecting to wifi issue. If you are facing this problem with any brand of Chromebook like Google Chromebook, Acer Chromebook, HP Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook, Lenovo Chromebook, Asus Chromebook, Dell Chromebook, etc. you will be able to fix it along with problems mentioned below if your Chromebook:

  • Won’t connect to wifi
  • Chromebook wifi won’t turn on
  • Says connected but no internet
  • Chromebook won’t connect to the school wifi
  • Chromebook wifi won’t stay on


Before Troubleshooting Chromebook not connecting to wifi problem


Before we start troubleshooting for problem, there are few things that you need to be sure. Sometimes we miss very common reasons for a particular issue. We would like you to be sure these things before going for troubleshooting steps.  It is possible that these common things causing a problem. Make sure the following

  • See if the wifi is turn-on on Chromebook
  • Reset the Wireless button on wifi router
  • Make sure your router has an internet connection
  • Make sure you have entered right wifi password to connect your Chromebook


Steps to Fix Chromebook Not Connecting To Wifi


using a Chromebook and unable to connect to wifi or internet then it is really frustrating. Why won’t my Chromebook connect to wifi will become the most important question because Chromebook is useless without internet connection. Try these steps to fix Chromebook not connecting to wifi.


Check if wifi is not disconnected

Go to the status area at the bottom left of your Chromebook and select the connection. Make sure that Chromebook is not disconnected from the network. If it is simply do this

  1. Click on the Wifi icon.
    Click on wifi icon on Chromebook to connect to wifi
  2. Click on the network name.
    Click on the network name on Chromebook
  3. Now click on connect.


This should fix Chromebook not connecting to wifi. If you are still having problems with Chromebook then read the next paragraph.


Restart Chromebook and Wifi Router

When there is some technical problem with Chromebook then it may be fixed with a restart. In the case of Chromebook Chromebook not connecting to wifi we should also restart the router. Perform the following steps


  1. Turn off the router first
  2. Close all apps on Chromebook
  3. Now turn off the Chromebook
  4. Wait for two minutes
  5. Now turn on the Chromebook
  6. Turn on the router


Try connecting to the network once again. Your Chromebook not connecting to wifi problem should be now fixed. If your problem is not solved, try re-enabling the network. Read the next paragraph for more information.


Disable then Enable the Network

Disable the network so that the connection can become fresh. Follow these steps


  1. Go to the Status area.
  2. Click on your picture.
    Click Status Area on Chromebook
  3. Select the wifi network from the top.
    Select the wifi network from the settings panel on checkbook
  4. Click on the blue button on the top right corner.
    Click on the wifi slider button on the Chromebook
  5. Wait for a minute.
  6. Now again click on the top right button to enable the network.
    click on Slider to enable the network to fix Chromebook not connecting to wifi


Now your Chromebook should be able to connect to the network. If not then try removing any preferred networks from the settings. Read the next paragraph for steps.


Remove All Preferred Networks

Selecting a preferred network can cause conflict in connecting with any other network. It can cause Chromebook Chromebook not connecting to wifi issue. Follow these steps below to remove any or all preferred networks from your network.

  1. Go to the Status area & click anywhere.
  2. Click on Settings.
    Click on Settings on Chromebook
  3. Go to the Wifi network under internet connections.
    Wifi network under internet connections on Chromebook
  4. Now click on preferred networks.
    Click on preferred networks on Chromembook
  5. In the small window that opens.
  6. Hover the mouse over the network name and click on the x icon in the right.
    click on the X icon to remove preferred network to fix Chromebook not connecting to wifi
  7. Remove all connections from this list.


Now try connecting with your network once again. You should be prompted to enter the password this time. Enter your password and Chromebook should be able to connect with the internet.

Still not connecting then read the next paragraph.


Run Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics App

The Chromebook comes with an inbuilt diagnostics app. You can use this app to troubleshoot technical issues with your Chromebook. Here we will use the diagnostic app to fix Chromebook Chromebook not connecting to wifi issue.

  1. Click on the app launcher icon.
    Click on the app launcher icon on Chromebook
  2. Choose the get help app from the window.
    Choose the get help app from list of App on Chromebook
  3. Select the Getting Online option from the left pane.
    Select the Getting Online option from the left panel on Chromebook
  4. Now Click on the troubleshoot button.
    Click on the troubleshoot button on Chromebook
  5. In the next window select the Run Diagnostics button.
    Select the Run Diagnostics button to fix Chromebook not connecting to wifi


Let the Chromebook run the diagnostics and automatically fix any serious technical issues on your laptop. If not then you should try the cable as written in the next paragraph.


Connect Network with Cable

You can also try to connect to the network with the Ethernet cable. This will help you determine if the problem is with the router or receiving ports on Chromebook. If the Chromebook is connected to the internet then problem might be with your Chromebook WiFi receiver. To make sure that there is some problem with WiFi receiver, If you have additional USB WiFi adapter then you can  plug it & check if it works.


Reset your Chromebook

Sometimes due to some wrong configuration, settings or system file error, you are not able to connect your Chromebook to wifi.  You may need to reset the Chromebook to bring it to factory default settings. This resetting process called powerwash. To powerwash follow the below steps.

Note: To start this process You will have to signed out.

  1. Now press CTRL + Alt + Shift + r simultaneously
  2. Select Restart
  3. A box will appear, select powerwash then continue.
    Click on Powerwash to Reset the Chromeook
  4. Follow on-screen instructions


Note: while following screen instruction you need to sign in, the google account you will use to login will become owner / admin account


You need to take back up of all your data & files before resetting your chrome because all the data, files including files in the download folder & all accounts will be deleted in this process.


Contact Your Internet Service Provider

If none of the above steps are able to fix your Chromebook Chromebook not connecting to wifi issue then you should check with your internet service provider. A technical setting may cause problems in a laptop connecting to the wifi.


Tips to Avoid Wifi Connection Problems in Future

Wifi connection problems can happen with Chromebook. You can take care of some things to avoid such problems in future. Take care of these things to avoid Chromebook not connecting to wifi in the future


  • Avoid using multiple network connections for Chromebook
  • Do not add every connection to the preferred connection list
  • Use at least WPA2 security options for wifi connection
  • Add Chromebook to the wifi with MAC address filtering


Contact Authorized Google Service Center

We have explained all the possible solution,but If still your  Chromebook is not able to connect to WiFI even after performing the above steps then you It is possible that there is some hardware malfunction causing the Chromebook not connecting to WiFi issue.

You should contact your Chromebook manufacturer Like Acer Suport, HP Customer Support – Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook Support to fix this issue as your Chromebook comes along with one year warranty as standard or you may have bought  extended warranty for additional support.  You can also visit the Google support website for Chromebook.


Final Words: Conclusion

Hopefully this post helps you  Fix Chromebook not connecting to WiFi problem. This post contains all the necessary steps so that you can fix this issue on your own. . Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments. You can also ask if you need to know something about the steps in this blog.

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