Alienware Command Center Not Working: ISSUE FIXED (Guide)

Alienware Command Center Not Working

Alienware Command Center Not Working error appears on your Windows 10? Then you came to the right place. We will help you in fixing this issue using the best techniques listed in the post.

Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila developed this Alienware in 1996. It is the American Computer Hardware mainly designed for Gaming purposes. The game lovers can easily and smoothly play their favorite video games on their PCs.

Alienware is the subsidiary of the Dell Company. You can identify a huge number of Alien-Themed designs on this hardware. This Alienware Command Center is a software that integrates different applications in a single user interface. All these applications will control features of the Alienware Computer.

You can get this Alienware Command Center along with your system. If you want to download the compatible version on the PC, you can visit Dell’s official website.

Due to various reasons, the user will encounter errors with this Alienware. One such is Alienware Command Center Not Working error.

Try the best practices provided in this article to resolve this issue and access it smoothly on your Windows 10.


Alienware Command Center Not Working: Problem Overview

Dell manufactures the best gaming computers called Alienware. With the help of these gaming systems, one can play any animated, adventurous, racing, and other types of games with ultimate effects.

If the user has a habit of playing games daily, then the normal computers will not support some kind of graphics. Thus, you will never play high-level animated games on these regular systems.

That’s the reason why Dell came up with the Alienware Computer. It contains a user-friendly interface that can handle by novice & professionals.

The interface controls the various features of this Alienware system. When coming to talk about the Command Center, it comes in several versions. Different versions enable a variety of features based on the model of your computer.

But there are some instances where user can face errors while working with this Alienware computers. The Alienware Command Control Not Working error occurs due to various causes. They are:

  • Some users reported that they see this error after upgrading the Windows to the latest updates.
  • Failed Hardware.
  • Alienware Command Center gets corrupted.

So, whenever you see this Alienware Command Center problem, the reason might be one of the above ones. Go through this post until the bottom to solve it successfully.


Alienware Command Center Not Working: Related Problems

The users who use this Alienware Computer will encounter different errors. Along with the solutions to fix Alienware Command Center Not Working, we are also providing its related problems. Check-out them and resolve them easily on your Windows 10.


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Basic Troubleshooting Steps

In this section, we are providing basic troubleshooting methods. Using them, you can fix this Alienware Command Center Not Working error. Carefully execute the steps to get rid of this Windows 10 issue.

  • Restart the Computer

The Alienware Computers comes with the inbuilt Command Center to use various features on its interface. We can add color effects and FX to the keyboards, mouse, etc.

Due to multiple reasons, the error message that is Alienware Command Center Not Working appears on your PC. We all know that a simple rebooting will solves many system errors.

In the same manner, the user can try out this restart option to fix this Alienware Command Center Not Working issue. As it is not a simple problem, but restarting the PC will take less than a minute.

  1. Click the Windows Icon located bottom-left corner of your desktop. From that, choose the Restart from the Power options.

Before going to reboot, close all the running applications to avoid hardware issues. In case if you didn’t fix the issue, then go with the below technique.

  • Check for Corrupted Hardware

System Hardware plays a key role in working the internal and external components properly. If the hardware gets failed or corrupted, then we can’t use the devices as we want.

So, we recommend the user to check the hardware whenever they encounter any problem. Similarly, the Alienware Computer users also verify whether the hardware is working correctly or not.

Check the hardware performance when you see this Alienware Command Center Not Working error.

By this, you will get to know the issues that occurred in the hardware. If there are no such issues with the hardware, then the error might be caused due to other reasons.

Scroll down the page and go through the advanced methods given below. You can fix the error with any one of those tricks to work with the Alienware Command Center without issues.


Steps To Fix Alienware Command Center Not Working Issue

Some Windows 10 errors can’t solve with the basic troubleshooting methods. That’s why we came up with the best-advanced techniques.  They are:


  • Step 1

Uninstall & Re-install the Alienware Command Center

In order to fix the Alienware Command Center Not Working error, the best way is to uninstall and re-install it entirely.

Most of the Alienware Computer users fixed it by uninstalling the Command Center. After that, installing the updated version freshly on the devices.

Uninstall the Alienware Command Center

  1. Go to Start Menu (Windows icon) and right-click on it.
  2. From that, click the Run option.
    Right click on windows icon and click on run
  3. Now, you can see the Run dialog on your screen. Type %appdata% and click the OK button
  4. If you find any Alienware folder, then delete it permanently. In case there is no such folder, then continue further.
  5. After that, type %programdata% and press Enter.
  6. Here also, you have to search for the Alienware Folder and remove it. If not, just proceed to the next step.
  7. Navigate to the following path,

C:\Program Files\Alienware\

  1. If you are using older versions of Alienware Command Center, then you will see it in Program Files (x86).
  2. Next, delete the Alienware Folders.
  3. Open the Documents folder on your Windows 10 PC. (In Windows 7, it is named as My Documents).
  4. Select AlienFX and Alienware TactX folders and delete them by pressing the Shift +Del buttons.
  5. Again you have to open the Run dialog on your PC, type regedit, and hit Enter.
    Type regedit in the run box
  6. You have to open the below path,


  1. Check-out the following folders in that path and delete them if you found.
    1. AlienFXMediaPlugin
    2. Alienware AlienFX
    3. CCPlugins
    4. Command Center
  2. In the same way, search for this registry key,


  3. Now, remove the below folders.
    1. AlienFXMediaPlugin
    2. Alienware AlienFX
    3. Command Center

Finally, reboot your Windows 10 computer. By doing so, the uninstallation process of the Alienware Command Center is completed.


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  • Step 2

Installation of Alienware Command Center

Have you successfully uninstalled the Alienware Command Center? Then, follow the below guidelines to install it on your Windows 10.

  1. For downloading the Alienware Command Center, you have to open the Dell official website.
  2. After loading the Dell site, select Support from the main menu.
  3. And click View all Support in the drop-down menu.
  4.  You have to select the model number of your Alienware Computer.
  5. Click the Drivers and Downloads option to proceed further.
  6. From the Operating Systems option, you need to choose your OS version.
  7. Now, click the Download button to start the downloading process of this Alienware Command Center.
  8. Within a few minutes, it completes the entire downloading task.
  9. You can view the downloaded file at the bottom-left corner of your Chrome browser.
  10. Click on the .exe or executable file to start the installation process.
  11. Follow the basic prompts and proceed to the next steps.
  12. You have to wait until you see the Dell Update Package window on your screen. After that, click the close button.
  13. For downloading the Alienware Gaming Peripheral Driver, click the download button beside it.
  14. After completing the downloading task, install it on your PC.
  15. Whenever the installation process of this Alienware Command Center drivers completed, restart your Windows 10.

Thus, the Alienware Command Center Not Working error disappears on your Windows 10. If not, use the below methods.


  • Step 3

Remove the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017

Sometimes, the Alienware Command Center (AWCC) Not Working occurs when your Windows 10 contains Microsoft Visual C++ 2017.

If your device has the same, then uninstall it quickly to resolve this AWCC error. For that,

  1. Type Control Panel in the search box beside the Windows icon.
  2. After that, click the Control Panel from the results.
    Click On The Control Panel From The Search Results
  3. Open the Programs category. Under Programs and Features, select the Uninstall a Program option.
    Click on the Programs and Features
  4. Now, you will see all those applications installed on your Windows 10.
  5. find the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 and select.
  6. After selecting it, click the uninstall button.
    Select microsoift visual c++ 2017 and click on uninstall
  7. Thus, it starts uninstalling the Visual C++ 2017 from the desktop.
  8. Finally, restart the Windows computer after completing the uninstallation process.

Now, check if you see this Alienware Command Center Not Working error on your PC. If so, try the following technique.


  • Step 4

Use System Restore Point

System Restore is one of the most advantageous functionalities of the Windows Operating System. Using this, we can undo all the changes made on our computer.

This System Restore Point will help you in fixing the Alienware Command Center Not Working by reverting back to the previous build.

You can only use this System Restore option only when you have enabled and created it earlier. Otherwise, you cannot undo the PC modifications.

If you created System Restore Point on your Windows 10 computer, follow the below guidelines to recover the changes.

  1. Press the Windows icon on your keyboard. Type Create a Restore Point in the search box.
  2. Now, it opens the System Properties window on your desktop. Navigate to the System Protection tab.
  3. After that, find the System Restore button and click on it.
  4. Thus, the System Restore window appears on your screen, so click the Next button.
    Click on the Next button in System Restore Window
  5. Now Select the choose different restore point and click on next
  6. If there are multiple System Restore Points, select the one to revert the computer back.
    Choose any restore point and click on Scan for affected programs
  7. Now, click the Scan for Affected Programs button. By this, you will get to know all those programs that are installed after creating the Restore Point.
    Click on scan for affected programs
  8. Now, close the window by clicking the Close button.
  9. After that, click the Next button, and then click the Finish button.
  10. By this, your Windows 10 computer will revert back to the selected System Restore Point.

Finally, open the Alienware Command Center on your gaming computer and use it without any errors.


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Tips To Avoid Alienware Command Center Not Working

  • The users must use the trusted applications to avoid hardware failure so that they will not encounter Alienware Command Control Not Working issue.
  • Use the up-to-date Graphics driver to escape from these types of issues.
  • Install the Alienware Command Center properly to avoid the errors related to it.


Contact Official Support

Above, we discussed the basic and advanced methods to fix the Alienware Command Center Not Working error. Most of the users have resolved the issue with those techniques.

If anyone who can’t fix this issue, then we suggest them to take the help of the expert Dell technician or visit the Dell Service Points.

Even though the user sees this error on their screens, contact the official manufacturer (Dell) of this Alienware Computers. Before that, be prepared with all the details and warranty (if any).

You will get rid of this Alienware Command Center issue at any cost.


Final Words: Conclusion

In m final thoughts, I would like to say that Alienware Computer users can play their favorite games. By going through the inbuilt library of the Command Center, we can select our desired games.

We can use the advanced FX of Alienware to change the device colors, such as Keyboard, Mouse, etc.

The intuitive and hassle-free user interface will help the user to work easily.

This post will solve the Alienware Command Center Not Working issue with the basic and advanced steps. As it is categorized as a difficult problem, we listed the best methods.

If anyone hacks this issue with other techniques, share the valuable information with us via the comment section.

Want to fix any other technical issue? Then give the details in the below comment box.


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