Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files: ERROR FIXED (Easy Guide)

Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files

Are you getting Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error on your Windows 7/8.1/10 PCs? Then, you are unable to copy or configure boot files on your computer. But don’t worry! We will help you in fixing  this error.

BCDBoot is nothing but a command-line Windows utility. It allows the user to add the boot files to the PC or laptop. So, when an error occurs while applying BCDBoot for a new Windows image or PC. You come across this Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files.

Simultaneously, the desktop computer cannot boot from the hard drive due to this error.

There are many other benefits of the BCDBoot tool. One can fix the system partition issues or boot menu. Also, it will boot the PC from the virtual hard disk.

This post will solve the Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error. So, follow the below basic & advanced troubleshooting steps to fix it.


Problem Overview

Generally, the user boots their WinPE (Windows Pre-installation Environment) drive through UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). By default, BCDBoot will keep trying to work with EFI & GPT (GUID Partition Table) firmware.

If the EFI Reserve Partition is not created, then BCDBoot will not identify it. In such a case, you will see Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error.

When this problem occurs, the user unable to copy boot files on their Windows PCs. Apart from that, the user will not deploy the Windows Operating System image when they see this error.

This error occurs for different reasons. We have shortlisted a few causes of this problem, and they are:

  • Inactive System Partition
  • Corrupted Boot Files or Damaged Boot Files
  • Failed Windows Operating System
  • Error in Master Boot Record
  • Missing Windows files

Without following a specific technique, you will not fix this issue. So, know how this Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files. Next, use the below tips to fix it & run the Windows OS without errors.


Related Problems

While working with Windows OS, we encounter different types of problems. Earlier, we discussed many such errors, such as Video Memory Management Internal, etc.

Along with the Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error. The user can also see various other BCDBoot-related problems. So, fix those frequently occurred problems using the best techniques. They are:


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Steps To Fix Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files Issue

The users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 can use the following methods. By this, they can perfectly fix the Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error on their devices.


  • Step 1

Rebuild Master Boot Record (MBR)

MBR is the Master Boot Record that works for booting the Windows PC correctly. Your desktop computer will not boot when this Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files. At that time, rebuilding the MBR is the best technique.

Remember one thing because you have to execute each step carefully for rebuilding Master Boot. Follow the below steps:

  1. In the first step, copy the Windows Installation to your Pen Drive or USB to turn it as the bootable flash drive.
  2. After that, plug-in this USB to your computer and start the booting process on your PC.
  3. Within a few seconds, it completes the system boot successfully. Now, you have to click the “Repair Your Computer” option.
  4. You can see the Troubleshoot option in the next window, so click on it. And then, go with the Advanced Options.
  5. For further process, select the command prompt to execute multiple commands.
    Click the command prompt option in the new Window.
  6. Type the following commands one-by-one in the command-line interface.
    1. bootrec /fixmbr
      type bootrec fixboot in the command line
    2. bootrec /fixboot
      type bootrec fixboot in the command line
    3. Then, bootrec /scanos
      type bootrec scanos in the command line
    4. bootrec /rebuildbcd
      type bootrec rebuildbcd in the command line
  7. Eject your USB drive from the desktop, and restart the PC. Thus, this fix Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files are fixed.


  • Step 2

Set System Partition Active

According to our research or user reviews, most system users will encounter this issue with the inactive system partition. When you see this Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error. Check if your PC contains any inactive system partition.

If so, then you have to make that system partition to an active state. For that, you can use the diskpart utility. Follow the guidelines below to active the inactivated partition.

  1. Connect the Windows Installation Drive to boot your desktop computer.
  2. At the bottom-right corner, you will find the Repair Your Computer option; Click on it.
    Click on Repair your computer
  3. Afterward, go with the Troubleshoot, and then Advanced Options.
    Click on troubleshoot Menu
  4. Now, the Advanced Options allows you to open the Command Prompt.
  5. It quickly opens the Command Prompt window on your screen. Now, type the diskpart command and hit the Enter button.
    Type diskpart in the command line
  6. After launching diskpart utility, you need to execute the “list disk” command to know available disks.
  7. Next, type “select disk 0” to choose the primary hard drive.
  8. Further, type “list partition” list all the partitions of that particular disk.
  9. For selecting the partition where you installed your Windows OS, you have to type the “select partition partition_number” command.
    type select partition in the command line
  10. Type the “active” command to activate the specified partition.
  11. At last, remove the installation drive and reboot your PC. By executing these commands, you fix the Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error.


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  • Step 3

Perform System Restore

One of the best ways to fix any error when you encounter it on your PC is using the System Restore concept.

System Restore helps in reverting the previous configurations. So, when this Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files, use this System Restore.

To perform the System Restore, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Here also, you have to insert the USB drive that contains the Windows installation file. For creating a Bootable USB drive, you can use Windows Media Creation Tool.
  2. Click the F2 key on your keyboard to view the bootable options.
  3. Even you can choose the language to proceed to further steps.
    installing windows 10 interface
  4. Next, select the “Repair Your Computer” option.
  5. To open the Advanced Options page, click the Troubleshoot option.
  6. Now, hit the System Restore to recover the PC configuration.
    Click on system restore menu
  7. After that, follow the basic steps to restore the device to the previous date.

Executing these steps perfectly can fix the Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error. But the only drawback is that you have created the System Restore Point previously on your PC.


  • Step 4

Copy Both UEFI and BIOS Files to the Disk

In case if you did not fix this Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files with the above methods. Then this technique will definitely resolve your BCDBoot error.

Copy all those UEFI and BIOS files to the disk by executing the following command.

  1. In the above steps, you provided guidelines to open the command prompt.
  2. After that, type “bcdboot c:\windows /s S: /f ALL” command and press Enter. Here S is the System Partition.
  3. By this, UEFI & BIOS files get copied to the disk.

Mostly, the BCDBoot error you encountered on your PC is fixed by using this method.


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  • Step 5

Reinstall Windows OS

Many users can fix this BCDBoot error with the above methods itself. Suppose they cannot solve this BCDBoot Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error. Then the only way to resolve the problem is reinstallation of Windows OS.

Reinstalling Windows will solve all kinds of errors, but we lost the data. So, before going to reinstall, recover it through the System Restore functionality. To reinstall your Windows, perform the below steps.

  • After creating the Windows Installation bootable USB drive, connect it to the PC.
  • Now, boot your PC from the USB drive and press the F2 key to enter the Windows Repair Environment.
  • Choose the required language, and click the Next button.
  • Next, hit the Install Now button to start the Windows installation.
  • Choose the required configuration by following the instructions and complete the installation successfully.
  • Finally, it restarts your desktop computer without any errors.


Tips To Avoid Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files Error

  • One of the basic tips that avoid the Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files is installing the original Windows OS. Corrupted Windows OS files can cause this BCDBoot error.
  • Do not make any changes in the BIOS until it is essential.
  • Make sure you shut down your desktop or laptop properly by closing all active applications.


Contact Official Support

Using all the above methods, one can solve the Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error. If anyone can’t fix the issue, they can take help from the expert technician.

So, search for a professional person and solve your BCDBoot error. Since this error occurs on your Windows OS, you can take the help of the official Microsoft team. Through phone calls or live video chat or email, they provide their service to fix the problem.


Final Words: Conclusion

In my final thoughts, the listed techniques in this blog will fix the Failure When Attempting To Copy Boot Files error. All these methods work on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 PC. Our expert team conducted various tests and certified that the above steps will solve this error.

The beginners and professionals can fix the problem using the provided troubleshooting methods. We provided the top best tips and tricks to get rid of this issue. If you resolved it in any other way, please share it with us to help others to fix the issue.

If you like our blog post and support us, then leave a comment in the below box. Also, you can make suggestions to improve our service. Want to fix any other problem on your Windows PC? Then don’t hesitate to message in the comment section.


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