Best Cube PC Case: 5 Best Shortlisted (Buying Guide 2021)

Best Cube PC CaseBest Cube PC Case

Are you looking for the best cube PC case? Are you unable to pick the best one from the large list of cube computer cases? Then here we are providing the buying guide to select the best cube PC case that matches your requirements.

Cube PC cases are stylish and occupy less space compared to rectangle or tower-like cases. You can design your own computer with tremendous features using these cube PC cases. You can inject a high-end graphics card, air coolers, and many more.

The Cube PC Case helps the user to manage different system cables, enables the proper airflow, allows you to set up required components, etc.

The cube computer cases are best for the gamers because they can install the extra graphics cards. You can choose the cube computer case based on their unique designs.

We have researched in-depth on the best cube PC cases and provided the below products. Depending upon your budget, requirement, design, and other factors, you can select the one from the below list.


List Of The Best Cube PC Case

Based on the product reviews and considering all other factors, we conclude that these are the five best cube PC cases that place on the top. Read the given details about each cube computer case and pick the best one of your choice.


1 Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX, Mini ITX Cube Gaming Computer Case Chassis View on Amazon
2 Thermaltake Core V1 Gaming Computer Case Chassis Interchangeable Side Panels View on Amazon
3 Corsair CC-9011030-WW Carbide Series Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case View on Amazon
4 NAnidees AI Crystal AR V3 Cube Case Anidees AI Crystal Cube Mesh Front Panel AR V3 Dual Chamber Tempered Glass View on Amazon
5 Cooler Master HAF XB EVO High Air Flow Test Bench and Lan Box Desktop Computer Case View on Amazon


Best Cube PC Case: Thermaltake Core V21

If you are looking for the best cube PC case under your budget, then we recommend the Thermaltake Core V21. Thermaltake V21 is one such cube computer case that offers several interesting features.

One of the best Micro-ATX case that includes more space to build your own system. You can insert any graphics card because it supports to install up to 13.8 inches long card, which is an extra benefit to game lovers.

It comes along with the Mini-ITX motherboard. Moreover, the CPU coolers that are taller up to 7.3 inches can be injected into this cube PC case.

Along with that, the Thermaltake Core V21 offers a pre-installed fan (200mm) on the front side of the case. In order to provide sufficient airflow, it includes the grills at the side panel.

The users of this best cube PC case can insert the motherboard either in a horizontal or vertical position. The entire weight of the Thermaltake Core V21 cube PC case is 14.33 pounds.


Best Cube PC Case: Thermaltake Core V1

Apart from Thermaltake Core V21, it also designs another cube computer case that is Thermaltake Core V1. Similar to the Core V21, this Thermaltake Core V1 is also budget-friendly.

The user can easily afford this lowest and best cube PC case. You can navigate from our site to purchase it. The manufacturers of the Core V1 design it in two different colors, Black and White.

Though the manufacturing units of both of these Thermaltake Core V21 and Core V1 are the same, they differ in their design, size, and features.

It designs the cube PC case with two chambers, one is for ventilation for proper airflow, and another is for PSU and cables.

You can use mini-ITX motherboards on this Thermaltake Core V1. Compared to others, the air cooler height of this cube computer case is high that is 140mm. Coming to the PSU length, it is up to 200mm.

You no need to install any fan because it comes along with the cube PC case that is 200mm. In case if you want to install it, it offers two turbo 80mm fans.

Moreover, it provides sufficient free space to insert up to 4 data storage devices. Coming to the talk about its price, the users, including the gamers, can easily afford it.

Another main advantage of this Core V1 is easy to build your own system because you can remove the side panels easily.


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Best Cube PC Case: CORSAIR Carbide AIR 540

By considering all the factors, such as budget, design, and others, the Corsair Carbide Air 540 is the best option. In less price, you can get the best cube PC case with many top features.

The user can install the graphics cards that are 12.6 inches long on this cube computer case. Apart from that, it supports to install the CPU air coolers that are 6.7 inches tall.

When you compare it with others, the user can satisfy with it by building your custom system. The users who own ATX motherboards can use this Corsair Carbide Air 540.

By default, it comes up with three AF140L fans on this best cube PC case. Even you can install two more fans if you want on the top of the cube PC case.

This Corsair Carbide Air 540 offers various cable management features so that you can easily organize all those cables of your PC. The acrylic side panel enables the user to show others how they build their system.


Best Cube PC Case: AI Crystal Cube AR

The users who want to purchase the attractive cube PC case can opt for this Anidees AI Crystal Cube. It covers the sides with transparent tempered glasses, which are very good-looking.

Moreover, it uses RGB or colorful fans that is another extra attractive feature of it. Compared to other cube computer cases, it is a little expensive.

Like the Thermaltake Core V21, it also offers two different sections for good ventilation and cable management. You do not worry about the tempered glass because it is 5mm in thickness so that it is not so easy to break.

People can easily look at your system design from the transparent tempered glasses. It allows up to a maximum height of 168mm air coolers. When coming to the graphics card, you can install a 335mm GPU.

Since it is expensive, the features are also more. And that’s why it supports multiple motherboards, such as E-ATX, Mini-ATX, Mini-ITX, and ATX.

You can see a colorfully architectured pre-installed 120mm fans on this Anidees AI Crystal Cube with two LED strips. By using the RGB colors, the look of the cube PC case is excellent compared to others.

The drawbacks of this AI Crystal Cube are its price and carefulness due to its tempered glass.


Best Cube PC Case: Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

Finally, we present you with the best cube PC case that is Cooler Master HAF XB EVO. It is compatible with the ATX motherboards, along with Mini-ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards. You can get this cube computer case in Black color.

On the front side of the case, you will see two trifle fans to provide proper airflow. It comes along with a 240mm radiator.

You can easily remove or insert the motherboard because it contains a flexible motherboard tray. The Cooler Master Cube PC Case offers tower CPU coolers up to 180mm tall. You can install the VGA card, which is up to 334mm long.

In order to insert multiple data storage devices, it provides four different HDD or SSD with removable cages. You can connect various external peripherals or components because it includes dual USB 3.0 ports.

Even you can carry this best cube PC case easily because there are flexible handles on its sides.


Things To Consider While Buying Cube PC Case

Experts know the difference between the best and worst cube PC cases. But the beginners who have no knowledge of this cube computer case can’t choose the right one.

For all those users we are providing the basic things that have to consider before buying the cube computer case. If the selected one includes more factors listed in this section, then it is regarded as the perfect one.

Air Coolers:

Air coolers help in maintaining the computer temperature stable while running the applications and games. It throws the hot air out of the PC so that the system can run without any issues.

It starts working only when there is an increase in heat. So, make sure that the chosen cube PC case must include the air coolers.


Budget is the major factor that we have to consider while buying any product. Cube PC Cases are available at a low and high price. The features will differ from low to expensive PC cases.

From the above, you will get in touch with both the cheapest and expensive cube computer cases. For example, the Thermaltake Core V21 costs less compared to the AI Crystal Cube AR.


The design of the Cube PC Cases is different from each other. When you see the Anidees AI Crystal Cube, it uses tempered glasses to show off its inside design.

In the same manner, some other best cube PC cases are totally covered and offer space to install the graphics card, motherboard, etc.

Mainly the design of the cube case varies with your requirements and budget. You can select the best one of your choice from the above-given list.


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Understanding Specification/Technologies

Some users didn’t familiar with the computer language. That’s the reason why they did not understand the product’s specifications or configurations.

You can get a clear idea of the specifications that come under in these best cube PC cases.


Graphics Card:

Graphics Card is the most important component on our desktops or laptops. Without a graphics card, we can’t see anything on our screens. Even we can’t play video games on our systems.The best cube PC case listed in the above sections offers plenty of space for installing the required graphics cards.



The Motherboard is the essential hardware component that allows your system to work properly. Without installing the motherboard, none of the components like hard drive, graphics card, and others, can’t work.
That’s why the cube PC case provides the motherboard trays to install it. You can find the removable motherboard trays on both horizontal and vertical sides of your cube computer cases.


Data Storage Trays:

In order to store the data, videos, documents, and other files, we need hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SDD). For that, the computer case has to provide space to insert the HDDs or SDDs.The best cube PC case provided in this section offers multiple removable HDD cages to install either HDD or SDD. By this, you can save your information on your systems.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are some interesting questions that most of the users search online. Just look into those frequently asked questions in this section.

  • What PC Case has the Best Airflow?

Some of the PC cases that offer the best airflow are as follows:

  • Cooler Master MasterCase H500M
  • Corsair Crystal 280X
  • Corsair iCUE 220T
  • Zalman M3 Plus
  • Fractal Design Meshify C
  • Lian Li 011-Dynamic
  • Are Bigger Computer Cases Better?

In the case of bigger PC cases, it removes the heat efficiently from the fans because it includes higher CFM (Cubic-Feet per Minute) Fans. But if you do not use sufficient fans, the dead air inside the bigger PC cases generates more heat and causes higher temperature.

Thus, there is no use in using bigger computer cases compared to smaller ones.

  • What is the Biggest PC Case?

Some of the biggest PC cases that place at the top are listed below:

  • Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D – It is the perfect one for all categories of users in terms of the budget also.
  • Deep Silence 6
  • Cougar Conquer 2
  • Cooler Master Cosmos C700M



To sum up everything, the cube PC case looks attractive with multiple features. If you buy this cube computer case, you can be unique from all those users who are using normal computer cases.

The user who wants to buy a stylish cube PC case can get it here from our website. Apart from the above five best cube PC cases, there are some more products that take the top position. They are Thermaltake Core X1, Corsair Air 240, Rosewill Gaming Cullinan PX, Cooler Master Elite RC-110, etc.

Buy the best cube PC case of your choice and install the required hardware components, such as graphics card, motherboard, etc.

Hopefully, you got enough information about the cube computer cases. Share or like the post by leaving a message in the below comment section.


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