Guide To Troubleshoot Canon Scanner Not Working Problem

Is Your Canon Scanner Not Working? Read the Below Guide to Troubleshoot Canon Scanner

Canon is a well-established brand in the field of scanners. Canon manufactures top-class scanners. These scanners have modern features with advanced techniques. People around the world trust Canon products. Canon scanners are one of the most sold scanners all over the world. The users also face canon scanner problems from time to time. Problems can occur with any device from any company. Canon scanner not working is a very common issue faced by people. This problem can be easily fixed by reading the guide below. Other canon scanner issues also arise.

Steps to Fix Canon Scanner Not Working Issue

To fix the canon scanner not working let us start with basic troubleshooting steps. Follow the below given guide to fix your scanner.


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Check wires and cable connections

Improperly connected cables can be a big reason for the canon scanner not working issue. First of all, check whether the power cable is properly inserted or not. If it is not okay then that is the reason for your problem. If the power cable is all right then the USB cable might not be properly inserted. Check the USB cable connection. When both the cables are connected properly the scanner should work. If the scanner is not working even now it is possible that any of your wires are damaged from inside. You need to replace such faulty wires and cables. Also make sure that the cables you use are from canon as he canners with work properly only with original cables provided from scanners.

Problems with Glass of the Scanners

If your scanner is not scanning the document properly or there is some other problem with the scanner then it is possible that the glass of the scanner machine is not clean. Other problems with the glass like any technical issue from inside can also lead to the canon scanner not working issue. Whitening agent or glue from papers can get stuck to the glass because of the heat machine produces. To troubleshoot this cause first of all use a chemical agent like Collin spray with a clean cloth and clean the surface of the scanner glass. Applying only gentle pressure on the glass so that it does not gets damaged. Check to see whether it starts to work or not. Another reason behind the problem can be a broken glass surface. Contact tech support at 1877-231-7587 to get technical help if that is the case.

Out of Date Drivers

It is seen that in fifty per cent of the cannon scanner not working problems, out of drivers were the real cause behind the issue. Drivers are the piece of software that enables the communication between the computer and the scanner. If the driver is out of date then the scanner will not function properly. You can check on the canon scanner website if you have the latest drivers or not. In case you do not have the latest drivers you can download it from the canon website. You will need expert help to find the drivers that will work with your scanner. Visit the canon website here to download the latest driver and fix canon scanner not working problem. Alternatively, you can contact our canon scanner support number 1877-231-7587 and our experts will do the rest of the work on your behalf.

Insufficient Memory for Performing a Proper Scan

Sometimes,  because of the wrong scan settings in the scanner, it may require a large amount of memory to completely scan a document. This kind of memory may not be available on a home computer. This may also lead to canon scanner not working scenario. So, in order to get your scanner work properly, you need to change these settings from your scanner to make it work. The color setting on 24 bit or the paper size set to legal large size and the resolution is set to the highest, then your scanner is going to require high memory for various scanning operations. In case you do not have the required memory available on your computer, the scanner will fail to scan. So you need to fix this problem. Just open the setting of the canon scanner and set the scanning conditions to normal from extreme conditions. This should make your scanner work.


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Problems with Skip Blank Page Settings

If the scanner is not scanning the page then there can also be an issue with your document. To some extent, the scanner settings are also responsible for canon scanner not working problem. Scanners have a built-in function to skip blank pages. As there is no need to scan a blank document, thus it is generally skipped by the scanner machine. The condition to judge a blank page is the amount of whiteness on the page. In some cases, this setting can affect the scan function. The scanner will not be able to scan a document. In some cases, it may judge a colorful page as a blank document. To troubleshoot this issue, you have to check the color page set by default for the blank page. There can also be some problem with the detection mechanism of the browser.

Feeder Jam May also Cause Trouble

If you are using a multipurpose scanner or an all in one scanning machine, then there can be another issue. In a scanner cum printer, there is a feeder mechanism that rolls out the paper while printing the document. If the feeder is jam then the scanner will not work. Any other problem with the feeder can also cause trouble for the scanner. This is a common scenario with multipurpose scanner machines. If one part fails, then the whole system will stop working. Similarly if there is a problem with scanning on such a machine, the printing will also not work. To fix this issue, you have to open the rear panel of the scanner and clean the feeder with wet lint cloth. Clean the feeder also from the front side of the scanner. Wait for at least ten minutes for the feeder to try before you close the scanner.

Fixing the scanner using the command prompt

Sometimes Scanner may not work due to windows corrupt system files. We can use the command prompt on Windows operating system to fix the windows corrupted files which may lead to canon scanner not working issue. The command prompt is a very reliable tool on a Windows OS. It is also one of the core components of the computer system. Using the sfc utility and scanow command we can fix the issues of windows corrupt files. Command prompt can not only access core part of the computer, but it can also carry out actions that do not have an option to perform using the Windows graphical user interface. This may help you in fixing canon scanner not working problem. Command prompt let us handle the computer in a very different manner.

Perform the following steps to check for corrupt system files to fix canon scanner not working issue

  1. Press the Windows button on your computer or click on the start 7 start button
  2. Type in the box below – cmd. diskpart-windows-7
  3. For Windows 10 User, Press the Start 10 start
  4. Type cmd in the search that opens.  Fix-Windows-Store-not-opening-or-loading-in-Windows-10
  5. Right-click on the icon of the cmd from the top part of the menu. open cmd with adminstrative on windows 10
  6. Click on Run as administrator option.
  7. Click the yes button when prompted by the system to allow command prompt to make changes. administrative open
  8. Type in the command sfc/scannow and hit the enter key. sfc scannow


By typing the above command will begin the system scan. This is a slow process and it will take several minutes. The scan will show you a report for any integrity violations and corrupt system files which can be responsible for canon scanner not working. if you found a reason here for your scanner not working then give a call to our canon scanner support number 1877-231-7587.

Related Services Not Started

A scanner also runs on a program. The program in itself is a set of different and small programs or processes. The Canon scanner not working may happen in the absence of these processes. If any of the processes are missing, then the scanner will not be able to perform. Here is a list of important processes associated with the scanner without which it won’t start.

  • DCOM Server Process Launcher
  • Shell Hardware Detection
  • Remote Procedure Call
  • RPC End Point Mapper
  • Windows Image Acquisition

To check if above services are working or not open the run box by following above steps

  • Type in the services.msc in the search box.
  • In the Window that opens, locate the above given services.
  • Right click on each of the services and click on properties.
  • Under the general tab check the status of the service.
  • If it is stopped, press the start button.

Contact Canon Scanner Support if Canon Scanner Not Working

Do you still need help with your canon scanner? Are you unable to fix the problem and your canon scanner not working, even after following the above guide, then call our Canon scanner support at toll-free number 1877-231-7587. Our panel of Canon scanner experts will fix your problem right away. Our support services are available for 24 hours and all seven days of a week. Just contact our canon scanner tech support.

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